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There are so many technologies that we use everyday that we barely think about.  That’s because these technologies “just work”.  They don’t “just work”.  Instead it is the result of the labor of many men from the men who originally invented the technology to all of the technicians and other workers who keep these technological systems working.  HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning), and Rof L Mao Esq on the Anti-Misandry forums had something to say about HVAC:

HVAC – Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (sometimes called HVACR to include Refrigeration)

This has been sticking in my craw for some time. In virtually every university around the world there is a complex of highly developed climate control systems that make it possible for students and teachers to examine topics of relevance and contemplate conditions of a future world while enjoying clean, breathable air that is maintained year-round within a narrow range of temperature and humidity. Without these systems, the entire higher-learning process would be made much more difficult, and yet the array of technologies and innovations making these conditions in indoor environments is something hardly anyone outside the HVAC industry ever has to think about.

And yet in many ways, HVAC as a whole is the pinnacle of human technological achievement. Without it there could never have been human space travel, underground research facilities in a number of fields, air-conditioned cars, not to mention the comforts in our homes most of us may take for granted.

In light of the cynical new feminist theory, promoted by Hannah Rosin and others, to the effect that economic recession represents an opportunity for women to rise economically at the expense of men and our role in modern society, I can foresee certain mundane mechanical obstacles to seeing this through long-term. It occurs to me that without climate control and HVAC systems continuing to function, the indoor environments making it possible for one sex to contemplate in safety and comfort the obsolescence of the other would no longer be available.

HVAC is not just held together by school janitors with wrenches and screwdrivers. It is the result of centuries of (male) developments in science and technology, analog and digital control systems and instrumentation, health and wellness research, integrative engineering drawing on knowledge from a wide spectrum of fields, as well as a vast system of manufacturing and research/development that continually strives to make HVAC systems more effective and efficient.

With the oft-discussed dilemma of female students showing little desire to enter into the STEM arena as a career track, one wonders how a world short on highly trained scientists, technologists, engineers and mathematicians – all of which are required to keep the HVAC industry afloat – may continue to enjoy safe, comfortable indoor spaces, such as the classrooms where Women’s Studies courses are taught.


Saying that HVAC is the pinnacle of human technological achievement is not an exaggeration.  HVAC has led to massive drops in mortality rates and large economic gains.  During the 2003 European heatwave, over 14,000 people died in France alone due to a lack of air conditioning.  HVAC enables many other technologies.  It is impossible to overstate the importance of HVAC.  Like with anything that is this important, it is almost completely handled by men.  When was the last time you have seen a female HVAC technician?  Most of you will answer, never.

Women will not be getting involved in the HVAC trade despite that a myriad of full scholarships for women studying the HVAC trade go completely unused.  It’s too dirty.  It’s too “blue collar” despite the fact that it is a trade where good money can be made.  Most importantly, it’s a line of work where results matter.  A HVAC system has to work and accusing it of sexism won’t make it work better.  For that matter, most women have no familiarity with the necessity of HVAC.  For all they know, HVAC is done by heating and cooling fairies.

What will happen in the future as men see no point to working more than the bare minimum they need to survive?  HVAC systems will start falling apart due to disrepair.  This will also cause a chain reaction to other technologies that are dependent on HVAC.  There’s is more to this that keeping your house cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  For example, your computer can generate a lot of heat.  HVAC systems are needed to keep it cool.  Imagine the same thing at the datacenter scale.  Datacenters are places where despite using the best HVAC systems out there, the heat generated from the racks of computers is still an issue.  If HVAC systems don’t get their needed maintenance, then datacenters will not be able to run.  There are plenty of other examples where keeping something climate controlled is very important.  Without men working in HVAC, a lot of our technological infrastructure becomes non-viable.

If you want to save our HVAC infrastructure (and unless you want to live in a mud hut, you probably do), then you need to work to defeat feminism.

  8 Responses to “HVAC”

  1. If it can’t be Googled, a feminist cannot comprehend it. That would require actual “research.”

  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yCYZZPwJr_c

    Here’s another example. Of course, the producers of the video pretend that “people” do this job.

  3. It is impossible to understate the importance of HVAC.

    You mean “impossible to overstate”, I think.

  4. I always say that I’d rather do without teachers than garbage men. I can teach my own kids(if I had any) quite easily enough, much easier than I can haul my garbage out and compost or get it far enough away from my home to not be a hindrance.

    I also say that yes the internet is a great invention, but it’s got nothing on refridgeration. The ability to save and store food versus improved instant communication, it’s a no brainer.

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