Sep 062012

It’s time to talk about filthy sluts again.  A recurring theme with filthy sluts is that the piss and take dumps everywhere but a toilet.  There have been plenty of examples from Snooki of MTV’s Jersey Shore pissing outside like a pet to college chicks taking dumps in showers.  The latest example of a filthy slut come from the Bad Girls Club Mexico.  Follow this link to watch a clip from that show.  In that clip one of the bad girls really has to piss.  She’s in a limo with the other bad girls so she finds a bucket, pulls down her skirt, and pisses into the bucket.  Later, when she exits the limo, she gives the piss filled bucket to some guy to deal with.

That last part is a very apt metaphor for how men have to clean up after women.  Whether its men building plumbing systems to efficiently deal with waste, or having to deal with a bucket of women’s piss, it’s all the same.

However, that is beside the point.  Here we have another example of how a toilet is becoming a completely foreign object to women.  Eventually, women will have no idea what a toilet is.  We’re going to need litter boxes for women in the future.  Women litter will be next to kitty litter in the grocery store.  This is the result of feminists saying that potty training oppresses women.

  9 Responses to “We’re Going To Need Litter Boxes For Women In The Future”

  1. Let’s also not forget that plenty of women don’t even ask guys they’ve just met to put a condom on first before sticking it to her.

    Filthy, filthy, filthy.

  2. This is just the natural consequence of an ideology that regards any restraint whatsoever on the behaviour of women as brutal oppression by the Patriarchy.

  3. Women without the firm moral guidance of men who are the primary arbiters of morality turn into feral animals.

  4. Dunno where to place this…so Ill just leave it here:

  5. Uhhh… what? I’m pretty sure pissing and shitting outside is not a recent trend, and not one solely “practiced” by women. Find it hard to believe that nobody on this site has done it – have none of you ever gone camping? Or been on a long road trip and had to pee with no toilets for miles around? FWIW I’ve never actually seen a woman urinate in public, but I did see a man pee against the wall of my house once, in broad daylight and in full view of all the windows.

  6. Doh, got deleted. Looks like some feminist just crossed that site. Anyway, it is also a good metaphor of how men have to deal with women’s drama in a relationship. Just saying.

  7. […] Microsoft is at it, they should also create litter boxes for women because feminists have been very successful convincing women that potty training and basic […]

  8. […] I mean that literally). Feminists have been saying that potty training oppresses women.  There are an increasing number of examples of women pissing and taking dumps anywhere but a toilet.  (And that includes everything from women taking dumps in showers to women pissing outside like a […]

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