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Apparently, when Paul Elam isn’t taking orders from the Jews that run the MRM, he is on the government payroll and works for the Illuminati:

“who do not understand the history and politics of the situation.”

And I guess we have to be on the government ABC agencies payrolls to understand the situation, right Paul?

(I’ve heard evidence that Paul Elam is on the payroll of the government).

To all the men here? You really think the MRM wasn’t infiltrated and subverted, just like the Illuminati has done to every other movement? It’s called CONTROLLED OPPOSITION.

Paul Elam is the Alex Jones of the MRM. They are both disinfo agents.

The author of this comment has “heard” evidence that Paul Elam is on the payroll of the government.  By “heard” I’m sure he means the voices in his head told him.  The part in quotes was written by Zed so I guess this guy thinks Zed is on the government payroll too.

This sort of comment shouldn’t be a surprise to readers of this blog.  Lots of conspiracy theorists believe the MRM is run by the Jews/Freemasons/Bankers/Reptile Aliens/Rockefellers/the government/boogeyman of the week.

The author of that comment is John Rambo.  He is the man whose entire contribution to the MRM is pissing MRAs off by spamming the same comment about boycotting American women over and over again.  The difference between John Rambo and Paul Elam is that Paul Elam is about action, as in getting things done.  John Rambo is about spamming other people’s blogs and making conspiracy theory accusations against men like Paul Elam who are taking action to improve the lives of men and boys.  It’s no surprise that John Rambo supports another conspiracy theorist who doesn’t do anything except spam (and pretend to declare war on the governments of Ireland and Australia), Peter Nolan.

What this is really all about is substantive action to advance mens rights which Paul Elam and others do vs. pretending to do something to advance mens rights like Roosh, John Rambo, and Peter Nolan do.  This is why I reluctantly agree with Paul Elam saying goodbye to the manosphere.  There’s way too much mental masturbation going on from conspiratorial accusations like the one above to whining about how the MRM is really “feminist”, to whining how the MRM doesn’t have a definition of masculinity.  The MRM needs to focused on substantive action that rolls back feminist policies that hurt men and boys.  That’s what Paul Elam and the rest of the crew of AVfM (in addition to many other MRAs) is all about.  The reason why Paul Elam and the MRM is a focal point for attacks like the absurd attack against Paul Elam above is because anyone who just wants to pretend to so something & engage in mental masturbation is (by definition) opposed to substantive action and those that engage in substantive action.

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  1. Haha, another whiny hit piece full of misinformation from a mangina.

    I suggest everyone read the last two pieces the OP linked, which are extremely well written and have nothing to do with “conspiracy theories”.

    They demonstrate quite clearly that Paul Elam and his ilk are do-nothing inactivists who just want feminism for men. You can start right here:

    Long live the manosphere!

    • By the way shame on you OP for obfuscating the issue by lumping in unrelated material just so you could bash Jack Donovan and GROIN for stating the truth while completely brushing over the arguments they made and falsely associating them with the conspiracy theory nonsense. That’s a cowardly, unmanly thing to do. You lack integrity. I’m sensing a pattern here.

  2. Wow, that Jeremiah guy seems utterly insane.
    Apparently wanting fair trials in rape cases makes you the same as a feminist!
    Who would have thunk?!
    I don’t envy you your trolls, PM.

    • Yet more gibberish, more logical fallacies, more character assassination, without any content whatsoever. You lack integrity.

    • Clarence wrote:
      Wow, that Jeremiah guy seems utterly insane.

      It’s just one of those bipolar phases where some guy has decided that some successful bloggers with a following have ‘sold out’. For reasons known only to himself,they ‘lack integrity’ or are ‘insufficiently pure of heart’.

      So just let it pass; eventually the mania will move on to depression. Better yet, he might even remember to take his meds.

  3. Isn’t it interesting that this piece reads much the same as a Manboobz article? Misinformation, distortions, readers who call those who stand up to the lies “insane trolls”?

    When you behave exactly like the Manboobz crowd you aren’t any different. You’re the same. I guess you really are promoting feminism for men.


  4. If the traditional “manly man” was so awesome, the leftist sellout of the West would never have happened. These guys can’t accept their forefathers, their church, and their women have all sold us out.

    • If the traditional “manly man” was so awesome, the leftist sellout of the West would never have happened.

      Do you not see how this is a fallacious statement?

      • Social movements that survive and grow (Leftism and feminism) are demonstratably superior to those that push their own sons off cliffs to privilege their daughters (traditionalism.)

        Men need to create a NEW social movement that does not buckle to a few Ivory Tower Marxists in a few decades. Because the “manly men” dropped the ball.

        • Here’s a quote from someone else from a comment thread it won’t let me link to without being spam filtered:

          As for the MRA movement, the problem I have is that it attempts to use the methods of its enemy — the system of “social action” that was INVENTED to destroy MEN.

          And they wonder why men can’t gain any traction with it.

          The mainstream media, protests, activism — these are all Leftist methods that were consciously designed and refined over the last 150 years to promote socialism. Feminism is merely the non-economic, social wing of the socialist movement. Its purpose and function is to destroy the patriarchal, nuclear family, in order to replace it with the almighty State.

          You can’t use collectivist methods to undo collectivism.


          My own comment: Traditionalism was about doing what was best for society, and it gave both men and women what they needed. Leftism on the other hand was merely about rewarding individuals for their hedonism while doing nothing to sustain society or give people what they actually need to survive, thrive, and be content. There’s a reason we use so many antidepressants and drugs these days.

        • That last comment is from me, Jeremiah, by the way. Apparently PMAFT doesn’t like me posting hard truths.

        • Yes, my blog software decided of its own free will that you’re full of shit. That’s how full of shit you are.

  5. You know, I agree that the MRM and its goals are feminist, if you define feminist as “men and women should be treated equally under the law”. And I support that.

    The problem is that mainstream feminism doesn’t want men and women treated the same – they want women treated better, due to some mistaken notion that women are oppressed by the patriarchy. eg. presumption of innocence is fine for the whole legal system, but should be tossed out when men are accused of raping women (because women are oppresed, I guess).

    That said, there are two major factions in the MRM. People that want men and women treated the same, and simply think that men’s issues need to be taken as seriously as women’s issues to make this happen. And traditional conservatives that want a return to traditional gender norms. Both groups oppose most modern feminist initiatives, so they are natural allies in the short term. But if the MRM ever starts having serious success changing legislation, these disparate groups will eventually chasm.

    • “That said, there are two major factions in the MRM. People that want men and women treated the same, and simply think that men’s issues need to be taken as seriously as women’s issues to make this happen. And traditional conservatives that want a return to traditional gender norms. Both groups oppose most modern feminist initiatives, so they are natural allies in the short term. But if the MRM ever starts having serious success changing legislation, these disparate groups will eventually chasm.”

      They already have.

      You could also break it down by people who believe in the lie that everyone is equal and those who believe that the pursuit of truth is the most important goal.

      I never set out to support traditional roles and conservatism. I just did my research and found that the alternatives were far worse. If you’re smart enough, knowledgable enough, honest enough, and dedicated enough to really search for the truth even if you don’t like what you find, it’s the only conclusion you can come to.

      I’m still waiting for someone to present to me a world that makes sense, where a thriving stable society can exist where we aren’t all slaves, that doesn’t involve traditionalism. Arguing for a Brave New World is what the feminists/Leftists do. That’s a world of slavery and meaninglessness. Yuck.

      The one flaw I see in older forms of traditionalism is they are susceptible to infection by the Leftist virus. So an important debate still to be had is whether we can stop this virus or if it is just inevitable that traditionalism will lead to prosperity which will lead to r-selected people dominating which will lead to Leftism taking hold and eventually destroying society. It may be impossible. At the very least, we could find better ways to ensure traditional societies last longer before they are inevitably destroyed by Leftism. There have to be ways to put control on Leftism’s ugly spread.

  6. […] Tech,” recently pulled his lips off of Elam’s scrotum long enough to join the chorus of whining (hat tip: Jack Donovan):What this is really all about is substantive action to advance mens rights […]

  7. I got an e-mail from one of the “Traditional Christian” Mark Driscoll men over at Dalrock. It was a diatribe about being a wealthy Italian. I guess he assumed I was a member of the Vatican Secret council to keep the secrets of Jesus’ holy bloodline secret and cull the humans so we can rule the world.

  8. Don’t you get tried of stacking the deck?

    Lots of conspiracy theorists believe the MRM is run by the

    Jews/Freemasons/Bankers/Reptile Aliens/Rockefellers/the government/boogeyman of the week.

  9. I don’t agree that Paul Elam is working for the government. I do however believe that Paul Elam has a lot of women around him who are advising him and writing on One such woman, Girlwriteswhat has posted a video on YouTube which describes the very reason why women should not be setting policy or creating theory as regards to men.

    I don’t have the exact link to the video but I’ll paraphrase. Simply put, there are no institutions created by men that women have no infiltrated and once infiltrated women have not turned that institution primarily to serve their interests. Government, education, health care, even the military all cater to women and pay lip service to the needs of men.

    Now women are getting an equal voice in the MRM. That’s fine in the short run but when there are enough women in the MRM the discussion will turn away from shared parenting, equal property and reproductive rights and instead to whatever pet issue women have for the day.

    And how will Paul Elam stop such a thing from happening over at AVFM? He can’t do anything about it because he’s already set a tone that there will be no dissent when the women speak. That anyone who voices a concern, a doubt, or mistrust towards the female commenters shall be vigorously attacked and slandered just as every mangina and white knight has done to MRA’s on feminist leaning sites.

    So long as women feel that men should have no business to tell women what they should do or be then so too should women have no business telling men what they should be or do.

    Women are genetically programmed to serve their own interests. Men are genetically programmed to defer to women. Any women in the MRM is too many and sooner or later it will be corrupted by them and turned to their own ends.

  10. paul elam is of kosher stock….nothing else need be said…..

  11. Good lord man, get informed, learn a bit of true history…Understand a least a little about the power structure you live under in the western world. You will be offended by the following, but it isn’t my intention, this is sincere: For centuries men, at least Western men, for I don’t know what is necessary about other cultures to make an informed comment about their men, got up and did things. They were engaged in reality. They explored and colonized the world. They invented almost all industry that drives the globe today. Now, our “self appointed leaders and enlightened ones” spend days and years at a time hen-pecking behind keyboards and gossiping. It is not hard at all to see why a bunch a stupid women are dominating and kicking the western man’s ass. I am starting to cheer them on…….Men like this don’t deserve freedom and rights. They have pissed all over them. These things have to be earned, as they were in the past.

  12. Don’t know if I am the only one with the problem, but just an FYI, your comment box is behaving poorly for me. I have to play with it for a while before I can even type.

    Anyway, it has all gone completely over your head. You seem to be a bright guy, probably just very young and naive, and at one time I was just like you….oblivious to the reality of our society. So I can’t be too hard on you, and after all, we are “not allowed” to speak about this subject, so most of this ignorance isn’t your fault. But seems how you have asked, here you go, and now you won’t have any excuse if you don’t see what the hell is really going on…..this is, like I said, assuming you are indeed a “bright guy” and will do the homework necessary.

    If you truly look into the issue according to Jewish publications themselves, which no one that isn’t Jewish really looks at, American society has become Jewish in substance. They claim this themselves and bragg about it. What this means is basically we are now a giant episode of Seinfeld where the majority stand around idly trying to entertain themselves and complain…..but we don’t set out to work and be industrious any more. Now we get out sustainence fromMexican labor and sweat shops overseas. This is what has comprised Jewish culture for 1000s of years and is why they have been expelled from over 100 countries. Refusal to pitch in and extracting from others. Your recent post on Jersy Shore proves this. You find this filth “entertaining”…. to use your own words, as do most modern Americans….just like Jews do and always have because they are bored with not having to work and as such sink into depravity to get some kind of thrill out of life. Look no further than the Jewish ritual of circumcision where the rabbi sucks the baby’s bloody member in front of all to see. I’m sure you dont’ know about that. And it just gets worse from there.

    This domination of filth in our culture is a relatively recent development. It has happened over the last century during what the Jews themselves call “the Jewish century”. Why do they call it that? They will tell you themselves….they have come to completely dominate all social discourse and policy in the western world over the last 100 years, especially in the US. Read Joel Stein’s aricle in the LA times from a few years ago where he brags of how Jews completely dominate Hollywood and he couldn’t even get any non- Jewish executives in Hollywood to give him an interview when he brought up the subject out of fear of reprisals. Look into AIPAC, the Talmud, the 1000s of Jewish social change organizations in this country where there are only 6 million Jews in total. Do you know about any of this?

    So are you getting it yet? This is what the MRM has become and perhaps always was. Just guys sitting around “entertaining” themselves bitching and moaning and asking for donations. Just one more societal change movement out of 1000s, Jewish and no, that get notbing done. What have you seen improve over the last 50 years man? And yet we have millions of people working for the bettement of society….it is an idustry now. Nothing has gotten better is the answer…..this is the plan. Let the people bitch and bitch….turn it into entertainment and a job….and that way it can be monitored. When one crosses the line and really does want change, the others will shut him down quick, because he will be a “threat to the stability of the industry” and their pay check.

    A quote for you from a former president of the World Zionist Organization, Nakum Sokolow. “I do not exaggerate. Jewish life consists of two things: Extracting money and protesting”.

    Take a look around you buddy. That is American reality today. Send the troops to another land to steal their shit, take the money and get into investment or day trading, maybe an internet site, then go join the latest cause, like the MRM or feminism or a OWS protest, animal rights, environmentalism, you name it…..but heaven forbid, don’t sweat….that is what the Mexicans are for. Why do you think Americans are the fattest fuckers on the planet?

    And it’s probably is safe to say that Paul has the most formidable site in the MRM with the largest following. Could one write this over there? You probably won’t even post it over here.

    So if men in the MRM are so keen on getting men to be men, where are the trade’s programs? Where are the conferences and where is the networking? I have reached out many times over the last few years….nothing. No, this movement has become, perhaps always was, Jewish……don’t work, just whine and make it look like you are doing something. I thought perhaps Price was different over at the SH….wrote him off a few weeks ago. You see him write posts now groveling to the Jews, promoting queer marriage and censoring comments now so he “doesn’t offend” others in the movement, as he claimed himself. He used to get quite a few comments along the lines of the one I am writing here. Not anymore…..Paul probably dropped him a line and told him “us Jews don’t like that”……And just like Helen Thomas found out, if you don’t do what they want in this country, you’re done. Do you even know who she is? Or are you too busy watching reality TV? And so Price continues to ask for money while he censors comments and talks about childish Jewish endeavors such as are the MRMers going after the Gamers or PUAers or what? Come on man…..This dialog is going to fight the gynocractical dictatorship that is destroying us? What a joke…..

    There have been some that have called for action, like Nolan. The “Jew-do-nothing-MRM- culture” ran him off. Yeah, he ranted and was extreme….but he wanted to take steps. And we need to be exteme and rant under the circumstances like he did. Like the western man used to be. We didn’t used to tolerate black flash mobs killing and beating us or our women stealing our own children. We put an end to that shit quick. We had a pride and backbone and sense of justice that we acted upon.

    That is what my post was about brother. Nolan wanted to do something like the men of old, and he was treated like the plauge and ran off and banned. I reached out to Price about him to get in contact. I may of found that he was a nut job, I don’t know, but I didn’t get the chance, cause I got nothing. Not even a response. The western man before he became Jewified would have the decency to respond, at least with a “fuck off buddy.” But when I inquired a couple of months ago about how to donate to the SH, shit……I got a response from Price in 24 hours. Doesn’t get much more Jewish than that.

    Gonna wrap it up, although I could continue for pages. Look what is going on over at a VRM like another poster stated. He has brought in women and set a tone that you can’t contradict them. Hasn’t it been said 1000 times that letting women into men’s organizations has never once lead to something solid? I’d say its been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt. One hundred years ago there were scores of exclusively men’s organizations and we didn’t have whores running us around, we ran them around. So what is the most promiment MRA doing acting like this? You can’t put it together? And if you can’t see any relationship between that behavior and Jewishness even after doing some homework on the subject, and although this senario has played out 1000s and 1000s of times over the last few hundred years, you aren’t the bright guy I assumed you to be in any way and you will deserve what you get, as I stated in my original post.

    And with all the time that his site has now, all the resources, donations….who have they ever sued, just for example, to make things really better for men? What trades programs do they have going for male youth to restore the next generation to a position of competency and self-sufficency and self-esteem? To my knowledge…none…..just a bigger and better page all the time….entertainment….like Hollywood….like your Jersy Shore my man. Hours and hours everyday, writing and talking……writing and talking….year after year after year…….What has gotten better?

    If you don’t get it after this, don’t think you ever will.

    • This doesnt answer the fundamental question of WHY the mrm is being used. What s your end game scenario and why does it depend on the western man? I probably already have an idea why, but I’m engaging you on an equal level. Please do give me enough respect to flesh out your scenario to it’s ending, and explain it’s motive.

  13. Interesting post Aservant. I tend to think of these Leftist males as manginas who are feminized, they behave like women, not men. Leftism = feminine emotional and immoral, whereas conservatism = masculine rational and virtuous. But I suppose you could also call it “Jewified”, as Jews tend toward the feminine, emotional, and immoral as well.


  14. Well, I was where you are a few years ago, and after much investigation and honest observation and analysis of reality, I have come to the conclusion that the variety of liberalism that we have today is a Jewish invention. It is secular Jewish culture super-imposed on our fractured, once Christian society. All you have to do is understand the deep involvment of organized Jewery from the begining in Marxism, communism, socialsim, and “progressvie culture” to come to this conclusion, and there really can be no logical other. Freud and Boas come to mind immediately, but there have been countless others, from Bolsheviks to feminists, etc.

    What has been completely dropped from the modern cultural conciousousness is that up until about a little less than 100 years ago, the conflict and contradictions between Christian and Jewish societies was openly spoken of by both sides and was considered common sense, not taboo. Now, due to forced social engineering by such Jewish organizations as the ADL, we are now told that we come from “Judeo-Christian heritage”. This is a complete farce, and you don’t have to be a religous scholar to understand that. The whole reason there have been Christians and Jews separately for over 2000 years is because the Jews so fiercely hated the doctrine of Christ, which of course is what Christianity is based upon, that they not only rejected him and his message, but killed him. Christianity probably has more in common with almost every other faith in the world than it does with Judaism. And whether one is religious or not, there is no doubt that what we suffer from today is an abandonment of the Christian superstructure that was woven deeply into our culture, laws, etc. for 1000’s of years. Best example is by Jewish culture, if mom is a Jew, you are a Jew, forget dad. Christian culture not so. And what is happening today? You guessed it……forget dad wholesale across our whole culture, even now woven into our laws. Coincidence?

  15. Should read 100s of years…not 1000s….

  16. I’ll respond soon Ybm, swamped at work for the time being…….

  17. The problem with the manosphere is that it doesn’t know what it is. About half of the people, having glimpsed a life outside of the Official Narrative, just want to pull the covers back over their heads and pretend that carping for male “equality” is going to change the situation. Equality got us to this situation and history will repeat itself. You need to think outside of the box.

  18. So, is it PMAFT that is waiting for my reply or Ybm, or are you one and the same?

    The inquiry from Ybm is “what is the endgame of my senario” and “why is t MRM being used and for what motive.”

    First, let me say that the way Ybm’s statement to me is written smells like a very common liberal tactic of obfuscating the issue. I don’t know this to be the case, that is impossible to prove, but all the red flags are there. Let me explain…..

    I stated that Paul Elam is of Kosher stock, so nothing else need be said…..that was it. I was asked what that had to do with anything. I explained in detail what it had to do with the issue/person in question. Now it is stated that I still haven’t clarified why the MRM is being used. It is then stated I am being engaged as an equal and then please give the respect to finish my senario to its end.

    Well, I never stated that the MRM is being used…..I guess you did, or someone did, or maybe no one did……or it is something in your mind….Maybe you are referring to the original post by John Rambo that seemed to say that Paul is some kind of “planted agent”……I don’t know. I made a case as to why you should care if Paul Elam is Jewish and what the effects of Jewish culture have done to our society. So why am I being asked to clarify a position that I haven’t taken in this discussion?

    It is then obvious to me by throwing in phrases like “engaging me as an equal” and “giving respect” are attempts to sentimentalize the conversation and therefore manipulate me to respond in a manner that will frame the debate for soley a position Ybm has taken. These things are supposed to pull at my heart strings……”Wow, he has engaged me as an equal…….and he wants me to give him respect… it possible I have disrespected him?….oh no….couldn’t have that, I better respond in kind to this “stand up guy”….after all, he is engaging me as an equal.”

    It is possible that I am mis-reading you Ybm, and it is also possible that you, like most men nowadays, have been indoctriated to discuss issues with a feminine mindset, which is what this sentimentalizing is. If the later is the case, it isn’t really your fault, I can’t be too hard on you, for I was once just as emasculated. But, I woke up….and now it is my duty to wake others up….and this is what I am doing here by addressing this manner of debate. It needs to be done away with completely amongst men. It is impossible to rid women of this tendency, it is their natural way, and that is why for centuries they have not been permitted to engage in many endeavors. This was wise and right.

    But there is another option as well, and that is that the rsponse of Ybm is framed in this manner on purpose because he really doesn’t want to talk about the issue directly cause the betterment of society doesn’t interest him. If this is the case, and I don’t know if it is, but if it is, then Ybm, or PMAFT,or whomever is taking this position, has become a willing, happy participant in this giant “Seinfeld” episode while all that is good and decent is corrupted to shit. And this of course is evil, wicked character in every way……so there is your motive that you asked for. Most times when people are running things into the ground overtly and for extended periods of time you don’t need to look any further than they are just fucking bad….corrupt…worthless sacks of shit. Nothing else.

    But let’s get a bit further into this motive business. Again, I never stated the MRM is being manipulated. I said it behaves the same as most Western culture does these days…..Jewish….talk, talk, talk….bitch, bitch, bitch….and do very little while everything goes to shit. This is what it is, it isn’t some “side manipulation”….just like most of America has become a freak show and circus. This is its essence. This is just Jewish culture superimposed on a fractured Christian culture as I already stated. Perhaps there is an “agenda”, there very well could be. Perhaps there is a secret motive, a plan in the works so to speak……but who cares? What does it matter really? We have seen enough of the effects of this shit culture on our society to know that it has to stop….period. It is that simple. Wasting time sitting around trying to create fascinating senarios about “what are their motives”, “who is doing it”, “how will it turn out” is just solipistic drama……like I said in my first detailed post. It is acting like a bunch of women….and not just any women, but the most useless, trouble making variety.

    This is the same type of “understand the criminal” mind rot that dominates our leftist society in every aspect. Now, you almost can’t be a high performer that strives for perfection….no….you are now a defective weirdo for not being a loser and you must suffer from “anal retention”, courtesy of our good Jewish pervert friend, Sigumd Freud.

    A guy rapes and kills 3 women, people, whomever…….. And all the experts want to study him and find out “what made him do it”. Who gives a fuck? They tell us that they want to do this is so they can understand the mentality to stop it from happening again……well…it this approach for the last 100 years producing results? Not in any way. Fry the motherfucker in public quick…..I believe that will produce way better results of prevention.
    All these “experts” and “shrinks” are really doing is justifying evil and glorifying wickedness….nothing else.

    “Oh, he was molested as a kid”….”His dad beat him”…..Well, I can show you thousands of others that were molested and beaten that come out to be great, compassionate do-gooders because of the trama they suffered. So this doesn’t fly. No, we need a norm, a standard, and that is it….you rape and kill women, kids, people….your done…period…No discussion, no worming your way out, no “oh poor me”……no….poor victims and fuck you. We had a standard like this one time in our society and if we could implement it again, we would see the majority of our social ills decrease drastically and immediately. It could be true that one rapes because someone else traumatized them, so what? It could be equally as true that someone rapes because they are pure evil and enjoy hurting others. Deal with it and don’t ever act on it if you want to live….period. And if you can’t deal with your problems, we as a society will deal with them for you. When you don’t exist anymore, problem solved.

    So I don’t know if you have been able to put it together, but to wrap it up, here is the summary of my response. I was asked to explain why the MRM is being used. I never said it was. I said it is useless for any change because it is Jewish in character, although it could be being used, but that wasn’t me that said it, it was Rambo. I don’t care if it is being used or not, either way it is completely ineffective, unless you count years of talking and soliciting donations as effective. If you have a Jewish mindset, then you would say that the MRM has been an over the top success, for in their culture, and now American culture at large, this is the definition of success. I was then asked about the endgame senario and why it depends on western man. Well, the endgame is pretty obvious, and this is testament to the validity of everything I have stated here. In the three years that I have been reading MRM blogs it is stated daily that we are headed for a cliff as a society by practically 90 percent of posters. I don’t know why I would have to state this again, but I will anyway. If things don’t turn around drastically, we are looking at either a complete collapse of modern society, a national police state, or a world police state with no freedom of conscience whatsoever or any quality of life for free thinking, strong men. Isn’t this the whole reason that the MRM exists? To stop this from happening? Well, this is what is claimed anyway…but here I am again, saying to someone the same thing that has been said at least 10 thousand times before….like I said in the begining….just entertainment this movement is……say the same shit every week, month, day, year, minute….damn are we bored….let’s order pizza.

    And I never said anything depends on western man. What I said was I am familiar with western culture and history being that I am from this culture for as far back as can be known in my family, and I would like to revert back to the strong values that we once had when we were inventing, exploring and civilizing much of the world. Obviously I beleive that by just doing this we would solve most of what ails us today, but it could very well be that if these problems are truly confronted one day, it won’t come from western men or culture. More likely candidates are the Chinese or Arabs that haven’t been so completely emasculated.

    • FYI, theres no point in replying to ybm, hes a bona fide idiot, along with alek novy & the rest of the anti-gaming cult members

      These guys pretty much hate men trying to better themselves for the common good

      ybm is a regular on anti-male websites, like black pill, where they put down men who try to master their families & relationships

      These anti-game cult members have been trying to co-opt the MRA for quite a while

      Which is why ybm spams the manosphere & blogs like this, as well as dalrock etc., he’s trying to idiotically co-opt the mra & obviously failing miserably …

      • Holy shit my very first cyber stalker! I’m honoured. Can you accuse me of being a sock puppet too?

        And the mra is not the manosphere, as much as you wish it was.

  19. I am not PMAFT though I am complimented by the favourable comparison.

    I think my attempt at being polite went over badly, perhaps my attempts at using English nuance are not as good as I believe them to be? English is not my native language, as in fact it is the third language I learned.

    You spoke much of ‘modern cultural’ and I made an assumption you were referring to anglo-american culture. In most cases, English speakers usually call this culture “western” as I am not an anglo this grates me somewhat, not a debate for this place though. This assumption was incorrect? Then which cultural consciousness were you referring to in timestamp “09/17/2012 at 7:17 PM”?

    The impetus of my inquiry was the line “power structure you live under in the western world.” I am always curious about this sentiment. Some around here know my background, others do not. Yet I am often included in this ‘power structure’ if you were to observe that, aside from my religion, I grew up in this often invoked ‘power structure’, elites, or 1% or whatever analogy is currently vogue.

    I read your post with judicial help of google translator, so I don’t think it is useful for a point by point rebuttal. These points:

    1.) There is no conspiracy my friend.
    2.) You cloud the issue by removing agency from women, their decisions are 100% their own. See point 1.
    3.) The things you are pissed off about are totally irrelevant to the MRA, and men’s rights in general.

    I have nothing further to add, I tried by best to write this in the most perfect and clear English I could.

  20. […] the same person look even more insane.)  How do we know that PMAFT is successful with women?  He rejects the so called manosphere, but more importantly, he doesn’t act like the keyboard jockeys of the so called […]

  21. I will admit that suggesting that Elam is on a government payroll, or a reptile, or a jew banker is silly, but…

    Is it possible, that some people might see something called the “Men’s RIghts Movement”, and use it to enforce their own political agenda – with such an agenda being irrelevant to the initial intent?

    Couldn’t one argue that such a thing happened to feminism – i.e. “Who Stole Feminism?”

    Sorry, I just do not like what AVFM has become – a playground for women – more specifically – a type of woman.

    That type being akin to the leaders of feminism – sexually traumatized at a young aged (molested or raped) – in many cases, lesbians etc…

    I see the same women who led the more foul versions of feminism infiltrating AVFM.

    no – that is incorrect – I see the same women as having already INFILTRATED avfm.

    • Is it possible, that some people might see something called the “Men’s RIghts Movement”, and use it to enforce their own political agenda – with such an agenda being irrelevant to the initial intent?

      It has been attempted by the tradcons (which you do not believe to exist), the “alt-right”, white nationalists, etc., and all of them have failed. It’s possible, but the MRM has been resilient against such incursions.

      Sorry, I just do not like what AVFM has become – a playground for women – more specifically – a type of woman.

      That type being akin to the leaders of feminism – sexually traumatized at a young aged (molested or raped) – in many cases, lesbians etc…

      I see the same women who led the more foul versions of feminism infiltrating AVFM.

      no – that is incorrect – I see the same women as having already INFILTRATED avfm.

      What are you talking about?

  22. […] last post has certainly stirred the pot.  Bill Price over at The Spearhead provided a thoughtful […]

  23. Jeremiah is not Fedders, but I can’t understand why Jeremiah would spend so much energy on people he doesn’t like.

    There are places around these parts that I don’t much like, but I just simply don’t frequent them. It wouldn’t even cross my mind to attack their hosts or try to make them feel bad about themselves.

    Jeremiah, what are you doing?

  24. Lots of conspiracy theorists think like Rob Fedders so that makes sense.

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