Aug 092012

I didn’t think I would be mentioning Susan Walsh again, but Anonymous Reader had a good comment on why she gets angry at the androsphere:

This is what the HUSsies are all about – clinging to their “right” to ride the carousel, or a carousel-lite version of “only” 5 dicks prior to “settling”. This is why SW gets so worked up and angry at the androsphere – her Beta didn’t mind that she’d ridden the carousel-lite, so how dare younger Betas become choosy, just because they weren’t among the 5 (or 10, or 15…) ponies ridden. How dare men decide they get to be gatekeepers of commitment! The idea!

In aviation there is the concept of being “behind the curve”, i.e. trying to fly the aircraft as it was a few minutes or seconds ago vs. how it is. Falling behind the curve can lead to a stall-spin, at low altitude that breaks your airplane. The 2nd stage feminists are way behind the curve, because they never conceived that men would react to their actions, ever, and can’t come to grips with the fact that we have reacted, and we continue to react.

If you know this, then you won’t be surprised by Susan Walsh doing things like deleting posts that mention various androsphere individuals and the rest of her behavior.

  21 Responses to “What Gets Susan Walsh Angry At The Androsphere”

  1. Walsh is emotionally invested in the idea that she is helping rebuild the traditional family.

    Guys like us are logically and persuasively arguing that the concept of modern woman as devoted wife and mother is basically laughable, and as a result, men throughout society are forswearing marriage. We are preaching an inconvenient truth, so we have to be shunned.

    There is another anti-feminist traditionalist female blogger and writer, similar to Walsh, who I’ve corresponded with. She at least admits that women have jumped the shark on marriage and she doesn’t blame men like us for our thoughts on the matter.

  2. Women and government expect a static state universe.

    The buddhists are right, nothing in this universe is constant, ever.

    You called the Hussie behavior long before any other one in the sphere did.

    Watching it play it is amusing.

    It looked like even Obsidian and her fell out (I don’t really know for sure I saw his blog post headlines, but I don’t bother going to either site.)

  3. I suppose you saw the comment in which she said she couldn’t even remember her number?

    Complicated for a hamster.

    Well, to be fair, I have had a few college women tell me their number is around 30 (and they’re not done yet). And I wouldn’t say they necessarily have self-esteem issues, but they do take pride in being a bit outrageous and having a good time.

    By the way, what is this fascination with the number? I never kept track of this — notches on a bedpost. Women focus on this a lot, and I’m not really sure why. I’ve never been asked for my number, and I don’t really know what it is. For better or worse, I think some of them went pretty much unnoticed, haha. Today’s generation is, however, keenly aware of this and keeps track.

    I think the real issue here is the question of promiscuity. Is it wrong? What does it mean when a woman is promiscuous, and may even consider it part of her identity? If men are instinctively repelled by a promiscuous sexual history, should that influence the behavioral decisions of women, when we know that’s the patriarchal sexual standard rearing its ugly head?

    This is complicated stuff.

    • Actually, I did not see that. It figures. You can tell that she hates to have to take the male perspective into account for anything.

      • I have had debates with women over promiscuity, and what I say is “You have a right to sleep with who you want, but men also have a right to judge you for it.”

        They want the former, but not the latter. Yet they still rationalize the colossal expectation lists that women judge men on.

  4. I find it odd that a woman does not know her “number”. A woman — anyone really — should be able to pinpoint his/her number with laser-like accuracy.

  5. She’s also becoming paranoid:

    “I agree with you about soft harems. Not gonna happen. That prediction is also a form of the desire to see women pay, based on an inflated view of the LTR appeal of alpha males.”

    Yup. You see, some men predict the future proliferation of soft harems, but they only do so because they want to see women suffer. Makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?

    Plus she’s singing exactly the same tune that tradcon useful idiots have always done:

    “I recently commented that some of the MRA blogs are every bit as demented as Pandagon or feministing. It’s the exact same mindset, with crazy shaming of anyone with a question, much less a dissenting view. The tone is mocking and self-congratulatory.”

    It’s the same old, same old – the promotion of the false equivalence between MRAs and feminists while falsely claiming to be in the “sane middle”.

    She actually has the cheek to claim that she promotes the fight against misandry:

    “You’re just part of a big MRA circle jerk that knows how to win enemies and alienate people. The more you come around, the worse you look, and the more misandry you’re likely to breed. For the sake of your movement, crawl back to obscurity. It’s impossible to fight misandry with guys like you getting in the way.”

    It’s impossible not to notice that female bloggers who want to leech off the growing popularity of the Manosphere are very manipulative and shrewd. They always sing the same tune.

    “I want to support men’s rights. I really do! The injustice men have to suffer is deeply worrisome. But I just can’t bring myself to do so as long as some creepy, bitter dudes have a voice among MRAs. First they need to change, otherwise they’ll lose a supporter in me and other women!”

    The same old declarations of false allegiance. Needless to say, it’s all bunk. They never supported the concept of men’s rights. They’re simply looking for attention. They engage the Manosphere because they know it’s gaining traction.

  6. I think “behind the curve” means that your airspeed is so low you cannot maintain altitude by lifting the nose even with 100% of engine power. The “curve” refers to the graph of airspeed/power/max climb. Only way out is to dive for a bit and regain speed.

  7. The one time I went over there I saw Walsh challenge the notion that the family courts favor women. NO, SERIOUSLY.

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