Jul 142012

This week was the 50th anniversary of the first broadcast from Telstar, the first commercial satellite in orbit.  This was the beginning of all the satellite communications technologies from satellite phones to GPS that we use today.  It’s also an example of some of the things that men do such as solve problems and advance technology.

Telstar was built in an era when there weren’t any government imposed roadblocks to men getting involved with science and engineering.  The men who produced Telstar didn’t have to worry about leftists like Obama using Title IX to impose quotas to limit the number of men who can get science and engineering education and bragging about how fewer men than women get college educations.

Obama has said “Title IX isn’t just about sports,” but also “inequality in math and science education” and “a much broader range of fields, including engineering and technology.  I’ve said that women will shape the destiny of this country, and I mean it.”  Women shaping the destiny of the US in science and engineering means that less science and engineering will happen in the US.  Science, engineering, and technological advancement will more and more happen elsewhere or not happen at all.  I don’t know what the next Telstar will be, but whatever it is, it will be created outside the US (and the West) or not be created at all.

This should not surprise anyone.  Feminists have called Issac Newton’s Principia Mathematica, a rape manual.  That shows how much feminists care about expanding the body of human knowledge.  In other words, they don’t and effectively want us to return to the stone age.  The future will always be developed by men, and if you want a future where people are doing something more than living in caves, feminism must die.

  12 Responses to “Telstar”

  1. …feminists must die.

    You are my new God!

  2. “I’ve said that women will shape the destiny of this country, and I mean it.”

    The epitaph of the United States right there.

    I hope historians in the future have enough sense to put that as the opening of any volume about what happened to this country

    • I hope historians in the future have enough sense to put that as the opening of any volume about what happened to this country

      If they do, perhaps it will be titled “The Decline And Fall Of The United States”.

  3. That’s pretty funny, considering Newton is said to have died a virgin.

  4. I wonder what will happen to the bright young men, probably in elementary and junior high today, who will be denied entry into science and tech courses because of the caps on male participation. I’m guessing that if they can they’ll expat to a country that values their knowledge and skill and doesn’t hate them for having penises.

    A civilization that pisses all over those who build and maintain it cannot long survive, and doesn’t deserve to.

  5. I thought the idea that anyone called principia mathematica a “rape manual” was too over the top to be true. Then I put it into google.


    LOL! Unbelievable how stupid these sluts are.

    Principia, for those who haven’t read it, is a dry but groundbreaking philosophy/mathematics treatise. It has nothing to do with women or sex. It basically packages all the stuff we learned as “calculus” in one book.

  6. Perhaps young men studying STEM will have to do it in secret.
    The forbidden “master’s” books taken and studied in basements by candlelight.
    Those caught with forbidden knowledge would be prosecuted.
    Much like Christians in commie nations..
    Yep, there is a tie-in there,isn’t there?
    “They hate us for our freedoms”
    “They hate us for our superior intellect”

    • This isn’t as silly as it sounds. One of the problems with STEM subjects is that men can study a lot of it on their own. When it comes to computer science/software engineering, this is extremely true. It’s possible to get an education in the subject completely through self study since the tools are either cheap or free. All you need is a computer, and there is a lot of free software out there that anyone can use. Many men have actually done this and gone on to get careers in this area. Imagine what happens when feminists discover that men who have only self studied are getting hired for STEM jobs over women with college degrees. The only next step for feminists to make self study of STEM illegal.

      • I’m thinking they’ll try to mandate that only people who hold expensive pieces of paper can get the job, regardless of qualifications. But I think that will still ultimately fail.

        What will be funny is that if they DO pass title ix for STEM, then they will drive out probably the last bastion of production and success out of colleges. Thinking about that for a minute, in the future with dwindling tax revenues (as Men by and large drop out of society or only put in the minimum to get by) there will be no more “make work” jobs for women since the government cannot afford them. With this, there will be no demand for make-work degrees that women always get, but the colleges will have abandoned STEM and there will be no one to bail them out. Their oppressive academic regime will come to an end.

        Men can take care of themselves, especially in self-studying STEM. women actually have to have their hands held through anything and everything.

  7. @zorro:
    Twisting a quote to say something altogether different isn’t cool.

  8. “Feminists have called Issac Newton’s Principia Mathematica, a rape manual.Feminists have called Issac Newton’s Principia Mathematica, a rape manual.”

    …Well for full disclosure that was actually someone going undercover as a feminist to see how much rubbish he could get away with publishing. But the point is still valid in that he got away with publishing it, many thought it was real, and no one questioned it or its “validity.”

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