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I found this blog post about the need for a Jewish manosphere.  I agree.  As the post points out, just as feminism as infected Christian churches, feminism has also infected Judaism.  And like with the feminist infection of Christianity, the post points out how feminism has infected all forms of Judaism including orthodox Judaism.  The post even points out there is likely a problem with women frivolously divorcing even in orthodox Judaism (just like how frivolous divorce in prevalent in the Christian church) although there is no data on it right now.

Feminism negatively impacts men from every religion out there and atheists (remember elevatorgate).  It’s not just an attack on Christianity despite what various Christian tradcons say.  To say otherwise just divides men who should be united against feminism and provides fodder for conspiracy theorists to say that the Jews are behind feminism.

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  1. Given the enormous role of Jews in creating the feminist bacillus and spreading across the USA and the West – Friedan, Sontag, Dworkin, Wolf the list is practically endless – that’s pretty rich.

    Jews can look in the mirror on this one.

    • Jews are also accused of being behind pornography and prostitution, so that cancels out.

      I once attended a meeting in which an organization promoted itself that tries to make divorce easier for “Orthodox” Jewish women. This meeting was hosted by the official Zionist organization of my country. Yeah, I really get the idea that George Soros uses official Zionist organizations to undermine Israel and Judaism.

  2. There is also a need for one to counter act the antisemitism that unfortunately appears in the manosphere. It really stuns me sometimes how certain MRAs find the jewish religion threatening.

    Disclaimer: Not jewish at all

    • MRAs are increasingly aware of the enormous role played by Jews behind nearly all the -isms that have destroyed our culture, not least feminism.

      Taking the Red Pill means really opening your eyes to see things you’re not supposed to – in all spheres of life.

      I do not find the Jewish religion “threatening” (in your words); however, I find the motivations of more than a few Jews to be highly threatening to me as a heterosexual white man and father of European and Christian heritage.

      Look at who’s massively overrepresented in the media and those who manufacture ideas and consent, you’ll find it revealing.

      • If you think that is what the red pill means, then you should have seen that Jews are being used as scapegoats for the actions of women. If you can’t see that the biggest threat to the white race is white women, then you are just a white knight nationalist.

        • I’m a white night nationalist? Good one.

          I’ll be sure to share that with the five lovely white women in my harem.

          I’ve been called a lot of things in my time, white knight ain’t one of them.

          Nice try.

          I have zero interest in personally saving anyone, except myself and my children, and to hell with all women, white or any color, who have gotten in bed – literally as well as metaphysically – with misandry,

          That said, we need to take a strategic, not merely tactical, view and comprehend the cultural, financial, and social influences since the early 20th century which have made women – especially American women – the entitled sluts they are today.

          Women are lacking any sense of justice, per Schopenhauer, and they do what “feels right” and they are shaped by the Zeitgeist (ie what the mags, idiot tv shows, and cool chick sites dispense as “wisdom”), and they are herd creatures in a way few men understand.

          You need to graduate to the level of asking the hard questions, ie Who is behind all the cultural pollution (hint: Frankfurt School)? Cui bono? Who makes money off cultural filth and family disintegration (hint: banksters)?

          You cannot talk about any solutions to the Woman Problem until you answer basic questions about what is really going on.

          You’re indulging in tactics, nothing more. That’s fine if you want to stay inwardly focused, but it’s far from sufficient to change anything except, perhaps, yourself.

          I want to defeat feminism tout court; you apparently do not.

        • The only hard question I need to ask is how full of shit you are. You have a harem of five women? Bullshit like everything else you say.

          Yes, you are a white knight nationalist. You are white knighting for women by trying to distract us with bullshit about the Jews and bankers. We’re not falling for it.

        • Whatever you need to tell yourself …. :)

      • PMAFT’s a coincidental theorist … presenting him with facts is pretty pointless … lol

        Also theres no such thing as anti-semitism, as semitism is a language … not a race

        Race is just one of the ways, alot of MRA’s are trying to water down the movement, along with criticising game & criticising women … ie the massive downvotes over at the spearhead if your critique a woman, or bring up game …

        MRA is obviously right, a large majority of the media’s owned by the Jewish military complex

        Rupert Murdoch for example is a jew …

        ” For some reason, Murdoch has always tried to hide the fact that his pious mother brought him up as a Jew…

        And that, as I am sure you know, makes him a Jew according to the law of the Talmud, and indeed according to the present laws of Israel. ”

        Fox, CNN, Times etc., the list of Jewish holdings in American & european media, is abnormal & obvious

        Except to coincidental theorists …

        • I’m not a coincidence theorist. I’m a reality theorist.

          As for the term, antisemitism, open a dictionary.

          If feminism is part of some sort of a “Jewish military complex” then so is the MRM. Given what I do for a living, you have just said that I’m an agent for your “Jewish military complex”. Is that what you think?

  3. Jew here. My only guesses as to why there aren’t more Jewish manosphere sites are the following:

    – We’re less than 1% of the population, so it’s not surprising that Jews are seemingly underrepresented here. It’s true that feminism has infected Judaism, but I’m so far removed from active Judaism that I can’t say with any certainty. I can only base my observations on the Jewish girls I’ve been with – most are on the wrong end of the “shitty effects of feminism” bell curve.

    – I’ve dealt with the bullshit above my whole life in the real word; I’m not too anxious to start a blog and have to deal with people like “MRA” above in the online world. It’s just exhausting.

  4. Most Jewish men seek non-Jewish partners now(you’ll probably guess why.) The tiny Jewish population is growing tinier. Anti-Semites will need to find a new thing.

  5. […] You can try to tell me that feminism is an invention of the Great ZOG and those poor, misandric white women are just brainwashed idiots, but that doesn’t really make sense when you consider 1) white women are grown adults who make their own decisions, and are accountable for making bad ones, and 2) Judaism itself is becoming increasingly feminized. […]

  6. @MRA

    Yes, Ashkenazim Jews are overrepresented in feminism, communism et, even whisky won’t deny it, the thing is going on and on and on about Jews this and Jews that doesn’t accomplish anything and is unnecessary divisive .

    Did you know that blacks are overrepresented in crime? You did? Well congrats, everybody else does too. Bringing it up at every opportunity is pointless.

  7. Vin .

    Jew here.

    *rolls out red carpet* Yes master?

    My only guesses as to why there are not’t more Jewish manosphere sites are the following:

    -We’re less than 1% of the population, so it’s not surprising that Jews are seemingly underrepresented here. It’s true that feminism has infected Judaism, but I’m so far removed from active Judaism that I can’t say with any certainty. I can only base my observations on the Jewish girls I’ve been with – most are on the wrong end of the “shitty effects of feminism” bell curve.

    It’s the small % of AJ’s, combined the ideology/worldview of AJ’s; the vast majority of Ashkenazim are left wing authoritarians(feminist, reds, Marxist), the rest basically right wing authoritarians(pussy worshippers, pedalizers). Your left with a fraction of libertarians(most likely anti-border, you know how you peaple are).

    Basically, the % of Jews that don’t take to feminism like a fish takes to water is tiny and the rest are blue pill types.

  8. The zeitgeist of the day groups many causes together — feminism, minority rights, immigration advocacy, etc. — but this is a very loose coalition, with different parts often at odds with each other. It’s not so obvious that feminism, as it was traditionally understood, belongs in the same camp of the new post-left identity politics.

    Not all races of women are the same and race cuts deeper than gender.

    Feminism is a product of females of Northern European ancestry. As argued by the Roman historian Tacitus, Northern European women have always had more liberties. This tend goes back thousands of years and there are probably sociobiological reasons for it, such as the particular type of monogamy that evolved among Northern Europeans. But these liberties are under fire — not from gun-toting white males from the South but from the hoards of Third World people coming to the United States.

    The new multiracial empire forming in the United States will eventually and undoubtedly be hostile toward white women. As noted by Brenda Walker, Third World immigration will hurt women. Just look at the treatment of white women by blacks and mestizos. Listen to some rap music or look at some crime statistics on Hispanics. Or look at these statistics on interracial rape in the United States:

    “In the United States in 2005, 37,460 white females were sexually assaulted or raped by a black man, while between zero and ten black females were sexually assaulted or raped by a white man. What this means is that every day in the United States, over one hundred white women are raped or sexually assaulted by a black man.”

    While short-sighted feminists have declared war upon Darwinism simply because it does not conform to political correctness, Darwinian insights can provide realistic survival goals for European females. The first thing white females must realize is that race cuts deeper than gender.

    A recent example. For all her talk of a “trans-racial feminism,” Oprah Winfrey dropped the real feminist (Hillary Clinton) in a heartbeat to support her co-ethnic Barack Obama (who’s a lukewarm feminist at best). As did nearly all other black women. You see, non-whites are not as naive as whites when it comes to identity politics; whites too often believe in abstract universals (which works for mathematics) but can be detrimental when it comes to politics.

    Another example that comes to mind is the OJ Simpson trial. Feminist prosecutor Marcia Clark tried to pack the jury with white women, and Johnnie Cochran tried to pack it with black men. They compromised with a jury of mostly black females. Well, we know the end of that story.

    In terms of IQ (intelligence), the IQ differences between genders is minimal and IQ largely tracks by race. For instance, the average white female will have significantly higher IQ than both black males and black females. Regarding trans-racial bonding, white females, intellectually, have very little in common with black females. Why would we want to be grouped with them?

    I could give many more examples of race trumping gender but a greater insight is the realization that throughout human history nearly 90% or more of all wars have been ethnic conflicts of sorts. Even many religious wars were truly ethno-religious wars. History has yet to demonstrate a gender war. The very idea that men and women would divide by gender and then attempt to exterminate each other is ridiculous from a Darwinian perspective because it would reduce everyone’s inclusive fitness. If “war is the great clarifier,” as they say, then the very absence of armed “gender wars” clearly demonstrates the primacy of race over gender.

    People sort by race. They always have; they always will. A white man and a white woman can pair up, have a child, and each will increase his or her inclusive fitness. Not so with a white female and black female teaming up, for even if they adopted, say a “mixed-race (black-white) child, each female would be around 55x more closely related to her co-ethnics than to the adopted child. Their inclusive fitness would be diminished.”

    Once again, race trumps gender. A lesson that all feminists today need to learn. A reality that Margaret Sanger knew very well but many feminists today seem to have forgotten.

    • Racially correct marriage wont fix anything …

      The jews are fucked because …

      Feminism is caused by monogamous marriage

      Monogamous has NEVER worked in a none technologically society, as monogamous marriage requires HUGE amounts of wealth to support an unfertile barren woman

      Feminism is caused by monogamous marriage transferring huge amounts of wealth from working husbands to stayathome useless INFERTILE women

      Male disposability is caused by giving women rights, as women are so useless millions of men have to die, just to make up for the complete uselessness of women

      When 50% of the population ie out of 9 billion people, 4.5 billion women refuse to work, this causes millions of the remaining 4.5 billion to die as a result of doing twice the work for women

      Because women refuse to work in sewers & high rise construction sites, millions of men have to work twice as hard to make up for the lack of women

      Leading to massive deaths in the workplace & suicide

      Combine monogamous marriage & women refusing to work, & you have a system which creates a massive political system designed to put millions of men through a meat grinder on a daily basis …

      This is why Jews & Christianity are dead, they refused to follow the biblical traditions & started practising pagan monogamous marriage

      Instead of the old testament of polygyny & polygamous marriage

      When will the Jews & Christians realise, women DONT want any rights or protection from men

      If women wanted protection from men, why do they go after the most dangerous men they can find?

      Women WANT to be subjugated, women WANT to be oppressed

      Women WANT to be forced to work

      Get THAT through your skulls & you’ll be alot closer to understanding how to defeat feminism & finally defeat male disposability

      • For those who DONT get it …

        Its women who should be working sewers, coal mines & as dustbin operators

        Not men

        As women are experts in boring repetitive labour, case in point ironing hoovering, dusting, buying curtains, collecting shoes, handbags & other useless boring repetitive crap, women are experts at …

      • Polygamy – under normal gender ratio circumstances – means there aren’t enough women to go around for each man.

      • “Women WANT to be subjugated, women WANT to be oppressed”

        So do men. They keep voting for warmongers, whether Bush or Obama. Legalize drugs, cease U.S. military action, and you’ve drastically reduced male deaths.

  9. I’m a philo-Semitic gentile.

    Unfortunately, Jewish women can be viciously misandrist, and MRAs can be viciously anti-Semitic.

    The anti-Semitic MRAs at reddit.com/r/MensRights manage to frequently drag in demonisation of Jews and Israel and rabbis fondling penises. You’re welcome to check out my responses to them under reddit.com/u/Mens-Advocate.

    The board mods refuse to screen out anti-Semitism. Nor do I see any support there for Israeli or Jewish MRAs.

    So a Jewish manosphere would be a great idea. How about a board or sub-reddit dedicated to Jewish Men’s Rights?

  10. On may way over to make a donation just as soon as I post this reply.

    Thanks for the heads-up. It was the first I’d heard of the effort.

  11. “If MRAs can’t scrape up the mere $9000 needed to reach the funding threshold, that is a total failure of the MRM, and of the entire androsphere.”

    I’d have to say that it seems to me that it has been as much a failure to spread the word as much (or moreso) as it has been a failure on the part of self-identified MRA’s to bother to donate. I’m only one such man, but I donated as soon as I finally learn of the existence of of the project to document Brian Bank’s FRA-to-prison experience via private funding.

    I’m going to be passing through a number of public building today, so I’ll print out some flyer’s to post above some urinals.

    I’m also going to make not of it over at The Community of the Wrongly Accused – a place where it ought to best resonate. Why it wasn’t posted there prior to this point, I cannot understand.

  12. Made a donation earlier today.

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