Jun 212012

It’s important to do real things in the real world in support of mens rights.  A commenter is informing us of an opportunity to strike back against the false rape industry:

Kickstarter has a Brian Banks documentary (Brian Banks being the man falsely accused of rape, which cost him an NFL career and much more):


For those of you who don’t know how Kickstarter works, they seek crowdsourced donations to fund projects (a documentary, in this case). If the amount requested is not raised, all donations are returned.

About $9000 more is needed, and just 8 days remaining.

If you were wondering about new ways to have an impact, this is where you can. If MRAs can’t scrape up the mere $9000 needed to reach the funding threshold, that is a total failure of the MRM, and of the entire androsphere.

Five people have donated $1000 or more (and there is a good chance none of them are MRAs), but even donations of $5 or $10 can be accepted.

Come on! You can do it!

I fear that this is a time where the absence of Ferdinand Bardamu will be strongly felt…..

Go and donate.  Do something for mens rights. Fight the false rape industry.

  16 Responses to “Support The Brian Banks Documentary”

  1. Just over $2,000 to go, as of this morning. Thanks for alerting us in time to help out.

  2. it’s good to know that the truth will be made available at last, but this wouldn’t even be necessary if women didn’t lie about rape.

  3. I pledged $10.

  4. I just found this article. Please keep us updated on this movie.

    If they make a good one, I’ll want to watch, and share it with friends and family. I might wind up buying multiple copies, which I would think would help to fund future movies of similar sorts.

  5. I will say that many so-called MRAs did nothing, and did not even mention this project on their blogs, and this further proves that many of them don’t really care about activism of any sort.

    I have been taking a hard look at the lack of activism among a lot of so called MRAs, and it paints a poor picture of them. I have seen some of them try and give excuses for their lack of activism such as “that’s what the government wants so that they can crackdown on us”. That’s just stupid because how is donating to a documentary and/or talking about it going to lead to a government crackdown? Beyond that, its just plain cowardice and laziness. That’s really what this is about. Fighting feminism takes work, and too many so called MRAs don’t want to get off their asses and do something.

  6. The worst of all, is Rob Fedders.

    He *opposes* all activism, and spends all of his time attacking both me (for the URLs @ Urinals campaign), and Paul Elam. He spends 100x more time attacking men who do activism, than actually battling any misandrists.

    Rob Fedders is definitely one of the worst, but he is by far not the only one. I have noticed that there is a great deal of overlap between being a conspiracy theorist and opposition to activism. (Rob Fedders is a good example of this.) This is not a coincidence.

  7. ”The other problem is that not only is register-her.com no longer being updated (maybe Paul Elam got disenchanted from the lack of activism of others, and I don’t blame him).”

    That particular disenchantment is a two-way street.

    At one point, they had a submissions page, where user could input the info on woman who we believed should be registered.

    I submitted a number of entries, complete with documentation/links to their crimes, and even included (internet/public domain) pictures of them. These supposedly went off for some sort of review prior to be included in the registry.

    Not only did none of my submissions (all for proven false rape accusers) ever get accepted/posted, I never even got any notification (email, or otherwise) with either status up-dates nor even any info as to any possible issues with my submissions.

    I truly wished to participate, but, despite making earnest efforts, I was never allowed to do so. Thus, I too became disenchanted, and gave up on RegisterHer.com.

    They made some early efforts, even getting Jessica Valenti into an uproar, them they seemed to degrade into registering more women for socio-political reasons, than for actual crimes and misdeeds against men.

    I think they had a large part in driving the ultimate disinterest of men for the well-intentioned RegisterHer.com.

  8. I got here via the spearhead and have been reading Fedders latest personal attacks. He has been doing this for years. It would be tempting to think that Rob was motivated solely by psychological problems, but his long history of this behavior suggests something darker. It is possible he is a feminist plant.

    Either way, I strongly feel that intelligent people should ignore, and not engage him. I do find it very curious to note that he makes the spearhead his home.

    As for register her, I too got discouraged at the turn it took, singling out individuals of no particular consequence, while ignoring much bigger fish. I think that it’s sad to see such a great resource fall by the wayside, and hope that it is picked up again.

  9. I, too, am quite disgusted by how much energy Rob Fedders expends in preventing the activism of others.

    dkirsh’s point about Rob being a feminist plant might not be right – he has been around too long. But I have never seen Rob actually attack a feminist or a mangina in any comments section. All he does is attack MRAs..

  10. GBfM is weird, and the one line of ‘gem’ is not worth wading through the rest of his unintelligible text. But I don’t think he tries to stymie other MRAs or antagonize anyone else directly.

    Rob Fedders does that, and apparently does nothing other than that. If feminists wanted an ally to obstruct the MRM, they have no better ally than Rob Fedders.

  11. Does anyone know what really happened to Register Her? It can’t be as simple as Paul Elam and co getting disillusioned with a lack of action among MRAs because as we see here slwerner was submitting women who deserved to be listed with documentation.

  12. I also doubt Rob is a feminist plant because he has been around too long. That being said you made a good point about how Rob never attacks a feminist or a mangina in his comments. I have noticed the same thing with that Great Books For Men moron. He never attacks feminists or manginas in his comments, and his comments are all about Federal Reserve crap. I doubt he’s a feminist plant either, but you have to wonder what their real goals are.

  13. I agree that GBFM isn’t trying to intentionally antagonize anyone, but anytime I come across a comment of his I skip it now. For all intents and purposes, he’s a waste of space.

  14. Hello Brothers:

    I believe that the “feminist plants” which are most effective do not attack the men’s rights movement directly. They burrow inside and gain the confidence of legitimate activists, so that they can quietly get personal information and pass it on to their handlers. At the same time they spread rumors, and incite good people to waste time, money and effort fighting among themselves.

    This is an old tactic and it has been used for years. Google COINTELPRO for the back story. Anyone who doesn’t believe that the MRA has aroused the attention and ire of the feminists and the establishment needs only look at other current events in context. We are at least as threatening as many of the peacenik movements of the 1960s.

    Whether or not Fedders is an official feminist plant, his harassment of the people who are actually doing positive things in the real world points to him serving their interests, and being a sympathizer of their cause. I’ve been to his site, it’s silly (with Al Bundy front and center) and tends to paint us and our movement as idiots. He does nothing but try to demoralize those who are working for positive social change, and never does anything in the real world himself. For this reason, I believe that discussions with him are about as useful as discussions with any other feminist. He is your enemy. He acts like it and takes pride in it. His behavior is proof of that. Please keep concentrating on bringing the message out and don’t take his insults seriously.

  15. So what can be done about this? Beyond my skepticism that this is happening right now, this seems to be an excuse for inaction (which means they win by default) or paranoia. If this is happening then there are individuals in our midst working for the government or feminism. Who do you think they are and why? Is this just another circular firing squad.

  16. It definitely shouldn’t be an excuse for inaction.

    It is always at the front of my mind, when someone, from out of nowhere, jumps into a conversation and derails it, or when an obsessive looney starts harassing people on an MRM message board. There are a few different characters who do this, and whatever their motivation, they are working for the enemies of the movement.

    This is why I originally posted my response here. When one of the usual suspects compels a solid man to waste time and effort flaming with him, he is victorious. Why? Because he came for the purposes of lowering the morale and spirit of the whole, and specifically for discouraging his target from going out with a clear mind and doing what needs to be done.

    Rather than flame back at people like this, the proper thing to do is ignore them. Don’t give them any information about oneself or others. Don’t believe any of the rumors they spread about other men, and trust that other men will not believe any of their lies about you. By all means, don’t respond or fight with them. That is his goal: to disrupt the movement and demoralize people, and to get people fighting among themselves.

    Just ignore, ignore, ignore. They are of no significance, either here or in the real world, until we play their game with them. Keep doing exactly what you’ve been doing. Post leaflets, spread the word, and never mind the feminist trolls.

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