Jun 232012

The false abuse industry never stops expanding.  It even creates new categories of fake “abuse”.  This doesn’t stop at the doors of the church.  Laura Grace Robbins uncovered a new form of the false abuse industry, “spiritual abuse”:

Taken from their “about” section:

“Joel became skilled at mental, emotional, verbal and spiritual abuse.

In 1991, Joel’s abusive treatment of Kathy culminated in his committing adultery. By this time their first son, Chris, was 2 years old and daughter Jenifer was 1 year old.

They left the ministry to travel on the road in full time secular work with the intention of restoring their shattered marriage and save the family. Things got worse. Three years of struggle ensued. Finally, they attended a one week set of classes that were designed to teach couples how to minister to severely abusive marriage relationships. Joel and Kathy realized that Joel was an abuser! Joel accepted this “verdict” and began to transform into a loving and kind husband.”

Spiritual abuse is a new claim to me and would make a good post. When a man isn’t loving woman in an acceptable way, call it spiritual abuse! Naturally, the husband is always the abuser!

Spiritual abuse is the perfect form of “abuse” for the false abuse industry.  Real abuse, that is physical abuse, produces actual evidence of abuse.  Thus for a man to be convicted of abusing a woman, there theoretically has to at least be some evidence of the abuse.  (In practice, the false abuse industry is powerful enough to bypass this, but it does leave questions.)  The false abuse industry prefers forms of “abuse” like “emotional abuse” and “verbal abuse” because they have less of a basis in reality.  It’s easier to make false accusations of such forms of abuse with impunity because there are few to no metrics for it.  It’s mostly based on a woman’s feelings.  “Spiritual abuse” takes this a step farther.  While “verbal abuse” and “emotional abuse” may have some connection to reality, “spiritual abuse” does not.  Thus, man can be accused of it without them fighting back with inconvenient questions like, “where is the evidence?”  There is no objective metric for “spiritual abuse” so women can use it to club men whenever they want.

I have been developing a theory that for every aspect of feminism, the tradcons will invent their own variant of it.  “Spiritual abuse” supports my theory.  The tradcons took the false abuse industry and added their own variant of it, “spiritual abuse”.

  8 Responses to “Spiritual Abuse: The Next Frontier Of The False Abuse Industry”

  1. Next, false soul rape accusations?

    “On our honeymoon, my husband said our spirits connected. I screamed ‘No’ but, it happened…”

    • Raise a victim culture in a grievance society, and the possibilities are endless. I await a lawsuit for my dispensation of “evil humours” to all of the crybabies of this doomed civilization.

  2. I’ve often heard accusations of “spiritual abuse” or “spiritual rape” from homosexuals directed towards those evil Christians who say they’ll pray for them. The monsters.

  3. Thanks for covering this.

  4. Off-topic: hilarious complaint of a divorced woman that she didn’t get enough booty.


  5. And at this we come full circle, back to the Salem witch trials and “spectral evidence”.

    Pro tip: whenever you read the word “spiritual”, substitute in the word “imaginary”. It clarifies the meaning enormously.

  6. You’ve got to feel sorry for teh femmies. Here they are redefining the boundaries of farce and we stll say that they have no sense of humour…there ain’t no justice

  7. Witch hunt in reverse.

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