Jun 122012

I haven’t reported about the Sunday Morning Nightclub for a while.  It’s not for a lack of willing chicks. I have been going to various churches and their singles groups. There are the fat chicks, the single moms, the divorced chicks, and chicks who are a combination of two or more of those. Those chicks are super desperate.

Even the thin never married & no kids chicks are still working pretty hard to get a man. One thing I have noticed is how much cleavage these chicks are showing. You might think that chicks at a Christian singles group would cover up a bit, but you would be wrong. And this was before the weather got really warm. Now, the chicks are showing even more cleavage.

I recently picked up one of these cleavage displaying church chicks. (Let’s call her, Christina.) Every time I have seen Christina she has been showing her cleavage. She has a great pair of boobs, and it’s better than trying to say that she was a born again virgin like Molly did. Needless to say Christina isn’t waiting for marriage either.

The Sunday Morning Nightclub can be a great place to view cleavage.

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  1. Yeah this phenomenon starts way back. When I was a high school churchgoer I noticed the Churchian chicks basically wore all the same stuff as the non-Churchian chicks.

    OT – I’m in a quandary right now, because there is a single mother at work who is really interested in me. I like her too. She’s attractive, cultured, has goals for her life, and smart. Problem is she is 1. a single mother and 2. a co-worker which are two deal-breakers for me.

    • Don’t do it. My field of employment is predominantly male so this isn’t usually a problem for me, but it’s a bad idea to pick up chicks at work. Single moms doubly so.

    • Theres nothing smart about a single mother …

      Stay off the kool aid … lol

      • I’ve frequently mistaken women for being intelligent when, really, they were just agreeing with whatever I said.

        • Women mirror everything, its how they make beta’s feel like theyre the one …

          Its when they start mirroring your wallet in their bank balance, you know you’re screwed …

          Of course beta’s go around whining, but i was the one …. yea the one who funded the lifestyle of the dead-beat & socially accultured …

          It’s always hilarious seeing a guy pay child support with glowing pride, as if he was a real dad …

          Erm no, the electronic tag & your parole officer, & the thug on the side says otherwise …

    • I married a single mom back in 1975. My step-daughter is by far the best single thing that ever happened to me in my life.

      Do not take this as MY suggesting anyone else marry a single mom. I am not!!

      As part of my public activism, for some years, I supplied counseling to divorced fathers. I never met another man, and I had contact with many men, who found his marriage to a single mom to be anything but TOTAL DISASTER.

      In fact, I also noticed that 100% of men who adopted step-children ended up paying child support. So, if someone is stupid enough to marry a single mom, and she urges you to adopt her nasty little kids, you can be sure she is setting you up to finance her next life change via child support.

      So, I was blessed by God! The odds are like a billion to one against you. DON’T DO IT! RUN! RUN! RUN!

      Do not even date single moms. They pretend to be so hot, and so good in bed. If they get their hooks in you, it’s all over. You are going to be wanking.

    • Do you like your job?

  2. Pro-male/Anti-feminist Tech, I’ve read now quite a few of your posts. I have a request: can you name one woman that you think lives (lived) an honorable life and that you think is worthy of respect? If you don’t know any, can you say what would be the characteristics of such a woman, what do you think she’d do with her life? (I’m not trying to provoke anything, it just occured to me that you’re usually very negative and I’m curious about the stuff you do like in a woman if there is any such thing.)

    • You need to readjust your criteria for negativity …

      PMAFT isnt negative about women, he’s realistic

      Get your head out of your mangina …

    • You’re an idiot and can’t figure out what negative means, but to answer your question here is a short and incomplete list:

      Laura Grace Robbins
      Helen Smith
      Tara Palmatier

      • Thanks, I will google them. By negative I meant that you write a lot about the stuff that you don’t like not that you’re not being realistic. A positive person would still concentrate on the good however little he may find of that in a situation.

        • No you’re desperately looking to find retarded excuses for women, again either you’re a retarded fuckwit or a chick …

          Not much difference … reality trumps feel good bullshit everytime

          Again, Get your head out of your mangina, women need to be criticised, finding the good in a bitch is a lost cause …

    • ” I’m not trying to provoke anything”> (Yeah, right!), it just occured to me that you’re usually very negative and I’m curious about the stuff you do like in a woman if there is any such thing.”

      You misunderstand the point of PMAFT’s, as well as most other Manosphere blogs – to point out that women, too, have faults. It’s something that most of the rest of the pseudo-journalistic world (a.k.a. The main-stream press) is loath to do, preferring to sweep any and all examples of women behaving poorly under the rug, and to pretend that such are not examples of typical women, but so rare aberration.

      I was rather bemused by what one other women, Clare, had to say over on the “Entitlement Princess Of The Month Submissions” Thread:

      ”The women you have nominated as your Princesses are wrong in their actions but why do these women seem to stand as representatives for all females? It is fundamentally wrong. I resent being pigeonholed with these women.”

      She rather mistakenly believes that pointing out any woman’s bad behavior is tantamount to tainting all women with the acts of a few [as a man, all I can say is, “Welcome to the club”! We’ve been relentlessly and unapologetically smeared via undeserved association with the very worst of our gender for decades now.]

      There are countless outlets (main-stream, alternate, and blog) where you can find endless streams of praise and pedistalization for women (even some who do rather questionable things, like slutting it up with hundreds of men); but there is a dearth of sites which would dare call the bad examples of women’s behaviors into question, let alone point out that the worst behaving women are serving as examples for younger women and girls to emulate.

      The point of this, and other Manosphere blogs is not to join the parade of praise for whatever women decide to declare as being “empowering”, but to showcase the examples of bad female behaviors, forcing them out into the light, and focusing attention onto them so as to provide a chance for all to come to a better understanding of the nature of the gender that has for far too long been give a pass on scrutiny, and revered as only ever honorable and Holy.

      If it troubles you that bloggers like PMAFT would dare to speak their minds and tell the truth, perhaps you’d be happier to do your blog reading in safer echo-chambers. May I suggest that “Jezebel.com” might be the place to only read things that you are predisposed to want to see.

      • “find endless streams of praise and pedistalization for women (even some who do rather questionable things, like slutting it up with hundreds of men); but there is a dearth of sites which would dare call the bad examples”

        That’s why I asked for good examples. :)

        • He already told you where to look for plenty of good examples , you fuckwit…

          I suggest you go there …

  3. This “Sunday Morning Nightclub” concept is intriguing. I may need to see if some local church girls have a taste for heathen meat. One of the hottest (and freakiest) girls I’ve ever banged was a supposedly devout Mormon, so it couldn’t hurt to rack up a few notches in the name of Jeebus.

    Are you sitting through the sermons or just attending the singles groups?

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