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The votes are in for the April 2012 Entitlement Princess Of The Month, and the winner is Amanda Clayton with 51% of the vote.  She is the woman who was on welfare and won the lottery but failed to notify the Michigan welfare office about her new assets as required by law.  When asked if she felt she had a right to the welfare money she was getting after winning the lottery, Clayton said, ”I kind of do.  I have no income, and I have bills to pay.  I have two houses.”  Remember to keep submitting new entitlement princesses on the Entitlement Princess of the Month submission page.

While we have submissions for this month, I am rolling them over to next month as there is an entitlement princess out there who clearly deserves the award this month.  She is none other than Susan Walsh of HookingUpSmart.  She is arguably one of the founders of “game 2.0” which is that men should only run game for the benefit of women.  Walsh has made increasing demands that men adopt and obey women’s demands no matter how absurd from banning men who speak the truth on her blog to supporting accusations that various MRAs (including myself) work for the Illuminati to deleting comments that just mention various androsphere/manosphere individuals to demanding that everyone believe that women only divorce men who cheat on them to deleting posts that referenced androsphere/manosphere men she used to agree with.  (That last one was recognized for being reminiscent of the Soviet Union.)  Those are just a few examples.  Documenting all of her entitlement princess behavior would take weeks.  All of this speaks to Susan Walsh’s massive entitlement complex which makes her the clear choice for May 2012 Entitlement Princess Of The Month.

  31 Responses to “May 2012 Entitlement Princess Of The Month”

  1. Methinks Susan Walsh sees Orwell’s book, “1984” as an instruction manual rather than a warning.

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  3. Sad. I used to be one of the guys who commented on Susan’s blog on a daily basis. But something changed. I realized that Walsh had become the most enthusiastic supporter of female supremacism and normativism and she couldn’t give a damn about men as long as they were not useful for female purpsoses.

    I pointed it out and left without reading the answer. I guess Susan would have me banned if I stayed but I didn’t want to stay anymore.

    • Nothing changed, Susan Walsh (like most people) isn’t capable of lying forever so over time the real Susan Walsh came out.

      • Yeah I was giving her the benefit of the doubt until she started banning and deleting people who I like to read and respect. That’s pretty much endgame for me, as it was with the ladies at the TC blog as well. I don’t cotton censorship based on substance at all really.

        Sad, as it could have been a better place for women to understand the red pill better, but in effect it’s become a place where the red pill is being construed as being legitimate only when used to benefit the interests of certain women, which undermines the whole idea of the red pill to begin with. It’s a kind of “Man Up 2.0” at the end of the day, really.

        • The Red Pill is not for women anyway.

        • If Brendan has problems with Mrs. Walsh, then there are PROBLEMS with Mrs. Walsh! He was a moderate, respected, admired, and loved commenter over there. The fact that HE is ready to bail tells me all I need to know…

        • You have been giving her the benefit of the doubt for a very long time then, Brendan. You have been commenting often on Walsh’s site. Recently here on this thread, a few days ago. You seemed pretty happy then?


          That blow up with Yohami and Rollo , happened way before then. And the Dalrock stoush even further way back. So this banning business was not a recent occurence.

          I liked the way you politely engaged with Walsh and the other commenters. Walsh even agreed with you.. 7 comments I think you made. PFFT!

          Now you come over here to bitch and moan?

          And for all those interested.. I went and checked a recent thread on Walsh’s site. Two commenters, Anacaona and Obsidian, mentioned Dalrock’s name in their comments. Walsh never banned them.. In fact she never even mentioned it!. They are still merrily commenting over at her blog.

          I may not agree with much of what Walsh says, but I will tell you this much. She conducts herself in a polite manner when engaging with commenters over at her blog, even when she disagrees with them, provided they are not rude and obnoxious. She does not bother with making posts deriding male bloggers and putting them down, either.

          Remember, she had no beef with Dalrock. It was he who cherry picked a random comment of hers (from her own blog) and quoted it out of context. He started that stoush.

          Have you people nothing better to do?

          Then we have that puerile post over at Patriactionary from Matthew, urging men to go around to Walsh’s blog and mention the names of Rollo ,Dalrock and Yohami, just so they can be banned.. *rolls eyes*

          Nobody took him up on it.

          And, ironically, regular commenters(as mentioned above) mentioned the name of Dalrock and have lived to comment another day..

          Lol.. I’m finished with this juvenile nonsense.

          Brendan was the icing on the cake for me.

          As a wise man recently said to me..” Keep away from all of this stuff, it’s bullshit!

          It’s less than edifying “(you listening Brendan?)

          Finally, I am starting to realiize this.

          Best wishes PMAFT.. As I said once before, you are always consistent, and honest, even if I do not always agree with you either.

        • She conducts herself in a polite manner when engaging with commenters over at her blog, even when she disagrees with them, provided they are not rude and obnoxious. She does not bother with making posts deriding male bloggers and putting them down, either.

          Susan Walsh is a woman who supports the idea that myself and other manosphere bloggers are working for either the CIA or the Illuminati or the super rich to destroy male-female relationships. No one buys your defense of Susan Walsh because the facts speak otherwise.

        • Kathy —

          I honestly had not focused on the bannings and the deletings until recently. Once I looked into what had been done, I finally changed my mind about participating at her site. I did the same thing when TC started to rewrite history, and I’d do it again at any blog where decisions are made to delete and rewrite history for posts that are not obvious trolling or abuse. It’s just how I roll.

          As for you, how is that you managed to become such a thoroughly insufferable troll? Don’t you have an abusive, harrassing email you need to be writing to CL? it’s likely that would provide you with more entertainment than your pathetic attempts to troll my comments on several blogs over the past month.

        • & Kathy delivers her usual facepalm inane comment …

          So banning commentators & stating anyone who mentions Dalrock or Rollo is banned, as calm & polite?

          Get a clue inane hag …

        • “Best wishes PMAFT.. As I said once before, you are always consistent, and honest, even if I do not always agree with you either.”

          Funny thing to say for one who tried to talk me into taking PMAFT off my blogroll.

  4. I didn’t know Walsh was so fat.

  5. *****OT*****

    Calling all MRA�S, calling all MRA�S we need an emergency blog invasion @ http://www.smh.com.au/executive-style/culture/blogs/all-men-are-liars/the-no-problem-problem-20120523-1z51y.html

    Sam the SELLOUT is at it again throwing men and boys under the bus, this is not a drill, this is not a drill.

  6. susan looks like a middle-aged amanda marcotte.

  7. you could make TWO normal-sized chicks out of all that

  8. Talking of Alte … she calls it a tradition …

    Alte deletes entire threads, calls it a tradition … batshit crazy loony tunes …

    Deleting entire threads, & banning ppl’s entire posting history, isnt moderation or a tradition, its all out nazism

    Of course batshit loony tune bitches, cant see the difference …

    As I’ve said before, Alte’s a reformed, toxic born again virgin, whats even worse she’s your typical toxic black chick

    She calls herself a black traditional catholic chick …

    Alte in action …


    May 25, 2012 at 10:35 pm | #76

    Censorship is a tradition at TC. … The comment threads are moderated, as they are here.

    Yea right … since when has censorship been called a tradition … crazy bitch

    • Cecilia/Black&German/Alte/Vanessa is another TradCON.
      Having been married for 10 years and with a son nearing that age, she still carries both racist and stupid/hateful ideas
      e.g. “The Chinese will hack our system to make money worthless” (Erm… most of the money is OWED to the Chinese … and they have sizeable interests in the US.)
      e.g. “Men who are virgins are basement-dwellers” (Erm… they may be the men who do not want to deal with the crazy women, who happen to make up a majority of women)
      So much for “traditional Christian”, she had sex before marriage with someone other than her husband, and probably has not told him her real partner count.
      She goes on to say she was a software developer … but then later clarifies all she did was “code review”. Another glorified manager from the ranks of “diversity hiring”.
      There’s a reason she’s a SAHM. Not many people will hire those kinds of women (with child, out of workforce 10 years, very likely zero REAL technical skills).
      During her outbursts, Terri@breathinggrace/Elspeth claimed that while at TraditionalChristianity … she had “never seen any of the moderators say anything bad about anybody in the past 8 months I’ve been there”.
      Lot of enablers on that site.

  9. Posted this one on the submissions thread, but it’s humorous enough to repeat here:

    This one might be hard to beat.

    Amanda Bynes Charged with DUI, Wants Officer Fired

    “Amanda Bynes was charged on Tuesday with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs – then took her case directly to the White House.

    “I don’t drink,” the actress, 26, said in a Tweet to the Barack Obama presidential campaign. “Please fire the cop who arrested me.””

    Sort of a super-hyper-entitlement complex to think that the president should act to have a man fired from his job for doing the right thing in giving a presumably drunk-driving entitlement princess the DUI charge for refusing to submit to a breathalyzer and to a drug test.

    Now, even assuming she wasn’t intoxicated, the very idea that she believed that she shouldn’t have to be subjected to the same testing as “all those other people” demonstrates her princess-side all too well.

    And, not one to learn one damned thing from her mistakes, Amanda bravely continued doing things her way:

    ” About a week after her arrest, she backed over a curb while texting, right before going to a West Hollywood nightclub, and a week later was spotted holding up traffic while making a slow three-point U-turn.”

  10. I gave her the benefit of the doubt for a long time. But I gotta admit PM/AFT, you were right about her all along.

    Too bad really. HUS was a very interesting place for a while, back when Susan seemed (superficially anyway) to be more open to the male point of view re: sex and relationships. She was still wrong about a lot of things, of course, but she was at least willing to discuss the issues openly, for the most part. Not anymore.

  11. The problem with this article is that there are no links to HUS itself.

    Links to HUS will force Susan Walsh herself to see this damning indictment of her, and silently fume even if outwardly pretending she did not see it.

    • There are links to HUS on the pages I linked to. Susan Walsh has already been deleting old comments and posts from HUS. The posts I linked to contain a copy of what she wrote and a link to the original so that you know what she wrote even if she deletes them.

      • Congratulations on giving Susan a place.
        She is another one of those women who thinks that men are still stupid to the realities of female hypergamy, and that shouting at them will make them return to the bad and aging deal of a cockhopper looking for a lifetime paycheque.

  12. Wow, I had not seen Brendan’s comments on this yet. Ditto MarkyMark, if he is concerned there’s something to be concerned about.

    I myself was a victim of Susan’s turn to the McCarthyist direction; we used to be warm and genial blog compatriots, then one day she flew off the handle in response to a comment of mine and declared me a purveyor of dark asshole game (which wasn’t true and everybody knew it). It didn’t matter that I had carried water for her in several dustups with other bloggers – I was saying unspeakable things by not toeing her line. I left before she could ban me and haven’t been back.

    I think she’s become an example of the adage “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing;” she’s interested in the overall discussion, but lacks the in-depth game knowledge and current marketplace experience to really advise men or comment on their situation. She seems to think her loyal focus-groupers are giving her the unvarnished truth at the dinner table, and that excuses not seeing the singles scene up close or talking to men of that age.

  13. While what you say is true, you are giving the ‘Game 2.0′ meme far too much importance.

    No, I’m not. Any space where men assemble with few or no women (whether its a physical space or an online community) will get invaded by feminists sooner or later because any male space or male ideas are a threat to women’s interests. Feminists will take male ideas and spaces and try to twist them to serve a pro-woman purpose at the expense of men. We see this with video games and science fiction. Game is in no way immune to this. We have to constantly be on guard against this sort of thing.

  14. True, Walsh doesnt offer any specific game techniques, the only ppl who come close to defining Game 2.0 are Badger & Yohami … & even they dont offer anything specific to creating a watered down game 2.0

    Women will never understand game, as they havent got a clue how their biology works … a womans mating strategy depends on women denying how they really work …

    Guys who omit masculinity, like Badger & Yohami, will never understand game enough to subvert it

    The same applies to women, as long as they deny the foundations & roots of game, they’ll never subvert it …

  15. Rmaxd,

    “Guys who omit masculinity”

    WTF are you talking about

  16. How and why is my stuff Game 2.0 – elaborate.

  17. Havent got time to pick your posts apart, but FYI PUA’s define game, you cant have game without implementing some form of PUA approach or technique, trying to advocate game without a PUA framework, is textbook game 2.0


    They hate the PUAs however and shun them.

    Yohami : I hate PUA myself.

    & note this ridiculously naive description of NAWALT by yohami … lol

    Yohami: These women you mention dont live in the rush of the moment, are long term oriented and care about developing character. So of course the high adrenaline bad boy, while tempting, doesnt cut it for them. … yea right yohami …


    anon: I find your anti-pua posturing silly. I’ve seen enough success online for me to try out a variety of techniques myself.

    Yohami : PUA is the wrong frame, go alpha instead.

    Yohami’s blog & most of his posts, pretty much state the above, repeatedly multiple times, pretty much the entirety of what he states is a repetition of the above …

    FYI Yohami, being alpha is inner game, inner game without the requisite outer game traits of PUA, is mental masturbation, pretty much useless

    Unless you actively pickup chicks, even in a LTR, you can have all the inner game in the world, unless you’re actively picking up chicks, it’ll never develop beyond being mental masturbation

    Game 2.0 is extreme mental masturbation, it’s designed to lull mangina’s into thinking they can bag the girl of their dreams, just by being more alpha & knowing some theories about women

    WITHOUT the change’s needed by a PUA or a real gamer …

    Game without a PUA context is Game 2.0

    You cant be alpha with women, unless you’re actively picking up chicks, you have no frame of reference & you’ll never know what works or doesnt work, unless you’re actively picking up chicks

    FYI the average man shouldnt be looking for LTR’s, unless theyre in multiple LTR’s or actively know how to handle multiple LTR’s

    Unless they enjoy being emasculated & getting shit tested to death, advocating LTR’s without knowing how to handle multiple relationships as in a PUA framework, is Game 2.0

    BTW I dont expect you to get the above, as you clearly hate PUA’s …

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