Jun 172012

There’s a TV show called Hotel Impossible on the Travel Channel.  It’s about this guy, Anthony Melchiorri, who is a specialist in turning around failing hotels.  Each episode he turns around a struggling hotel, and these hotels usually have a lot of problems.  A typical problem that these hotels have is cleanliness.  Cleanliness was a big issue in this past week’s episode.  Melchiorri inspects a room at the hotel he is turning around, and this room had an extremely FILTHY bed.  There were puke stains, piss stains, blood stains, and shit stains on various sheets and the bed.

While the hotel in question was falling down on the job in cleaning their rooms, how did these beds get so FILTHY from body fluids?  From my previous post, it’s obvious that it’s the result of several women (or maybe just one woman).  Think about that next time you’re staying in a hotel, particularly if the room is filthy.

  5 Responses to “Hotel Impossible”

  1. Uh, the term “skid marks” was not invented re: women. I’m just saying.

    • Wyman do skidmarks too, and blame them later on man. The term “skid marks” was invented by white knights who tried to save they illusions about wimminz. Skid marks must be called “wo[man]fe[ces] marks”.

      • I’m sure men never wet-fart, throw up, sweat, or have a scab that breaks open and bleeds either. Riiiiight.

        • You need to stop relaying your repulsive mating habits …

          Keep your reproductive mating calls to yourself …

  2. lol an equal opportunist for potty training … good to know …

    The guy in hotel impossible uses, logic quantifiable techniques

    Also most hotels are over-priced bunk-beds, you’re better off hiring a caravan or hiring an apartment for the weekend, instead of a hotel

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