Jun 152012

When I predicted that feminists would start saying that potty training oppresses women, I didn’t think my prediction would come true so soon.  However, it has.  I found an example of a feminist saying that potty training oppresses women:

I re-picked up a book that I bought as a freshmen in college.  I can’t believe I read this whole thing!  It is called the Power of Beauty by Nancy Friday.  Here is a quote from the book, this particular quote is from sex educator Judith Seifer.  This is just yet another thought exercise to show how nutty and departed from reality feminists are.

“Girl babies are plopped on a toilet, they’re not to look at themselves, they’re not to touch themselves, but they are instructed that this is a body function they must manage, control…. Girl babies are given a consistent message of contamination, that what you have down there is dark, it’s dirty, you don’t touch it.  After they do urinate the next thing they are taught to do is to wipe themselves clean with lots of toilet paper, and then to wash, wash their hands until clean.  Boys, on the other hand, are taught to hold their penis, to aim it, and we give them great praise when the stream of urine hites the toilet bowl.”
There you have it.  A feminist is saying that potty training and cleanliness in general oppresses women.  When we say feminism poisons society, that isn’t meant just figuratively anymore.  It’s now literal since feminism is against potty training, cleanliness, and sanitation.  The greatest public health achievement of the last 150 years isn’t vaccinations or any other advancement in medicine.  It’s sanitation because the best way to keep yourself healthy is from not wallowing in your own shit.  Feminism want to undo the great achievement of sanitation.  If you don’t want to be living in a three feet deep pile of filth, feminism has to be defeated.

  15 Responses to “Feminists Really Think Potty Training Oppresses Women”

  1. “Girl babies are given a consistent message of contamination, that what you have down there is dark, it’s dirty, you don’t touch it.”

    LOL … no, we tell ALL children that WASTE is dirty and you don’t touch it because of the dangers of contamination.

    This moron Nancy Friday actually thinks boys aren’t taught not to play in their poop?

    • I guess that she thinks that boys play with poop.

      Since feminists think a world without cleanliness and sanitation is a good idea, we should send them to a filthy part of the world and see how long they live in close contact to their own waste.

  2. I am very sure Borat is looking forward to women going to toilet in public.
    “Is nice, I like!”.
    One can only hope for a sequel to that movie when women begin to publicly “express themselves”.

  3. Of course boys are never taught to wash their hands after peeing. Everyone knows that! /sarcasm

  4. feminism is on borrowed time as it is. men are casting off their romantic notions of the “fairer sex” more and more, the silent majority of boys are simply going to step away from society and let the ladies fend for themselves. without us, women will last maybe a day.

  5. That’s not what she meant, you dragged it out of the context. What she wanted to say is women are taught that their parts down there are somehow dirty which is why they shy away from sex.

    She wrote this when.. in the 80s? That’s not the situation anymore cuz most of them nowadays are huge sluts they have no decency whatsoever.

  6. This has several feminist implied arguments that we should be aware of.

    First off, she’s implying that female sexual exploration is being blocked. We have 2 counter arguments: 1) of course it’s being blocked at this particular moment…teaching a child to go to the restroom properly has nothing to do with his/her sexuality 2) the teaching of sanitation is pro sexuality because it allows the cleaned parts to be disease free which allows for better sexual health AND general health.

    Secondly, she talks about how little boys and girls are taught to use their different parts in different ways. Response: They’re different parts with different methods of operation. Get over it.

    Then she goes on to emphasize how boys are praised while girls are scolded. Response: Load of bull used to create a false double standard. Carrot and stick discipline technique applies to both boys and girls.

  7. Antigrrl from Dalrock got bitchslapped for saying something similar …

    “Women are likely to be safer in the woods than they are in the average town because most predators like to hang out where they have more prey.”

    MackPUA says:
    June 16, 2012 at 3:39 pm

    I think you’re undervaluing the safety of something called civilisation, & downplaying the dangers of taking a crap in the woods …

    Last time I checked wild animals didnt pay child support, or give you free houses & most of your pacheck & life-savings, without biting your head off first in a rage of furred fury ass shaking …

    Maybe you should re-read your feminist manifesto & cross taking a walk in the woods, off your not a misogynist activity …

    Bears eat lesbians & feminists … food for thought … lol

    Maybe we should demand alimony from bears for every lesbian they eat …

  8. Uh, reading comprehension? The writer concedes that girls are taught to clean themselves. Whether she likes that teaching or not doesn’t change it. Someone could hand you a greeting card and you’d get War and Peace out of it.

    • You missed the point and failed reading comprehension. The feminist who wrote that is against cleanliness, period.

      • No she didn’t write that she was against ALL cleanliness. Only the differential treatment that allows for gusto in peeing functions for the blue baby and teaches ickiness and fear of peeing functions to the pink baby. She didn’t even cover the topic of excrement. Did the writer say she was against bathing? Against launderd clothing? Against mopping the floor? Against washing the dishes? Against having clean hands while cooking? She’d have to be against all of those things and many more to be against ALL cleanliness. You read a lot into things.

        • “Only the differential treatment that allows for gusto in peeing functions for the blue baby and teaches ickiness and fear of peeing functions to the pink baby.”

          you utter prat

  9. It also gets more ridiculous:

    Standing and peeing for men is gonna be illegal in sweden if they get their way.

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  11. […] have already seen women become filthier and filthier. Feminists have been saying that potty training oppresses women.  There are an increasing number of examples of women pissing and taking dumps anywhere but a […]

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