May 252012

We hear a lot about how the Catholic Church is supposedly anti-feminist.  Except for a few minor matters like abortion, contraception, and gay marriage, the Catholic Church agrees with feminism completely.  Anyone who tries to claim that the Catholic Church is anti-feminist will typically say point out how much feminists hate the Catholic Church.

In the case of feminists hating the Catholic Church, why do feminists hate the Catholic Church since they agree on most of feminism?  Justinian at The Spearhead figured out the answer:

The left’s hatred of the Catholic church mirrors the way women look down on male feminists.

This is what it comes down to.  The Catholic Church is the organization equivalent to male feminists.  Just how male feminists are hated by feminists despite the fact that they agree with each other, so is the Catholic Church hated by feminists.

  8 Responses to “The Catholic Church And Male Feminists Are Similar”

  1. Walking in hell makes an interesting point on how Feminism is really Sharia Law for men

    walking in hell May 25, 2012 at 02:43


    On that blog he makes the case that Western feminism is Sharia law for Western men. I couldn’t agree more.

    “Yet, having a society base its morals and social structure upon the primitive reproductive urgings of one sex alone degrades women, degrades men, degrades civilization and, in fact, turns the western humanist world into nothing more than a ‘secular’ and feminised version of an Islamic fundamentalist state under Sharia law.

    Actually, men in the west are far worse off than women under Sharia, as at least Islamic law does cater for the basic needs of women (which are largely reproductive). This is why feminists are so reluctant to criticise ‘the oppression of women’ under Islam and often appear to even support it.”

  2. They also do hate it because of the abortion issue. Feminists generally hate anyone who says they are a “prolife feminist” or “antiabortion feminist”, whether Catholic or Protestant. This isn’t entirely irrational, because abortion on demand, together with freely available contraception, are the twin pillars of female sexual liberation, which is itself the cornerstone of feminism — i.e., women’s liberation from pregnancy and dependency on provider/beta/dad type men, freeing them up to pursue their own money and sex with cad/sexy/alpha men. Without freely available abortion and freely available contraception, contemporary feminism would be impossible, really.

    • I think its more to do with welfare, child support & no-fault divorce, without those … even with contraceptives … we’d still have slut shaming & a social stigma of single mother parasites

      Giving women rewards & incentives, effectively subsidising being a slut & a whore, is a more destructive & pervasive corner stone of feminism, then contraceptives alone …

      Contraceptives without subsidising being a slut & a whore, isnt anywhere near as destructive on its own

      • Rmaxd, I agree. Take away the welfare state and leave contraception, and women will fix themselves us really quick. Take away contraception and leave the welfare state, and all you get is what we have now but with more demands from women for welfare with the line, “won’t you think of the children?” A lot of the single mother parasites aren’t even using contraception now. They either want kids or want the welfare check that comes by having kids. They wouldn’t even notice the difference if you took contraception away from them.

        • Yep, the only thing which keeps women, chaste & remotely sane is access to resources

          Give them too much resources, & they turn into promiscous sluts, restrict their resources & they turn into burkha wearing puritans … anything to leverage their ridiculous market value ..

  3. Catholics for a free Choice, led by Rosemary Ruether go some way in making out that Catholics … are in favour of abortion.

    At least, her being allowed to name the organisation in such a way and carrying on for some time, seems to show that.

    “Western feminism is Sharia law for Western men.”
    Even Muslim countries are getting feminism force fed to them via Islam.
    The idea that Islam will save the world from feminism is quite fanciful, considering there are Muslim men I speak to who say that at religious marriage counseling they are told that the happiness and wealth of the family is completely dependent on them.

  4. Ahh more religion bashing. The anti religion agenda is a globalist illuminati agenda. Have you noticed how now everything is turned into a Christian-bashing fest? It could be a debate about apple growers and someone would mention how stupid Christians are for the apple and the tree of knowledge etc and it would start from there. The bottom line is, as they’re implementing their Communist world government they need maximum control and they cannot have devotion to something other than the state, especially a God that promotes absolute morality and individual rights, they must have devotion to the state. Thus they demonise religion in the media and popular culture. Don’t let Shills and their globalist agendas disrupt the movement for truth, justice and good.

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