Apr 132012

Ever wonder what really motivates Tradcons?  Bskillet81, the man behind the blog, Christian Men’s Defense Network, explains their motivation:

I think so much of the discussion on TradCons and why they do what they do and why they are so willfully blind and so on… So much of the discussion entirely misses the boat on what motivates TradCons/SoCons.

They are not motivated by actually advancing a policy and cultural agenda and making incremental gains and so on. Look at the history of the TradCon/SoCon movement. Let’s list its successes:

1) Ending partial-birth abortion.

That’s it.

TradCons are not motivated to advance any policies. This is why they vote for candidates who give lip service to their aims, and then vote the opposite way every time, and the TradCons keep supporting these politicians with money and campaign volunteering and so on.

TradCons are the Pharisees of Luke 18:

The Pharisee stood and was praying this to himself: “God, I thank You that I am not like other people: swindlers, unjust, adulterers, or even like this tax collector. I fast twice a week; I pay tithes of all that I get.”

The point of TradCon/SoCons is, they want to be able to look at the destruction of society, and say, “Look at all those debauched evil people! I’m so glad I’m not like them. Look at how much better I am!” This gives TradCons a great deal of satisfaction and personal pride. As such, they want society to go to hell in a handbasket, because the worse it gets, the easier it is for them to point to society and feel good about themselves.

When it comes to MRM, it is easier for TradCons to point at evil men and say, “Look at how much better I am than that evil deadbeat divorced dad!” than it is to point at a woman. No one is impressed if you scapegoat a woman so as to glorify your own perceived righteousness. Doing that outs you as a total pussy. So you have to shame a man so you can still look tough while you’re being a Pharisee.

It’s that simple. The last thing TradCons want is to save our culture.

This sounds right to me.

  21 Responses to “What Really Motivates Tradcons”

  1. Saving our culture would mean having to face our culture and it is much easier to stay in their sheltered communities (be it real life or on blogs) and wag fingers. I do wonder if that is why tradcons operate so many blogs–to bolster their superiority, because being so active on the internet otherwise seems counter to their communities and beliefs.

  2. also saving culture isn’t about them actually doing anything, rather its about getting everyone else to change to become more like them.

  3. as far as the behavior goes, tradcons are identical to any hard left liberal. the same judgmental attitude, the same fearful politically correct beliefs, and the same repugnant actions towards men that you would see from any feminist.

    because they have god on their side, they have carte blanche to shit all over people who have been wronged by women. to a tradcon, women are simultaneously helpless maidens in need of defending, and at the same time super intelligent gentle holy creatures that would abolish war if only we would let them take control. aside from the massive and insulting hypocrisy, it’s also completely backwards. women aren’t helpless, and they aren’t automatically greater than men by virtue of their womanhood.

    that having been said, this comment that dalrock quoted needs to be seen and repeated everywhere, it is the core of the issue all men face: “I was taught that real men fall to their knees in adoration and humility before God,mothers and children.”

    a real man supplicates himself before every other living human around him except other men, that is what he was taught. I dunno about you, but that’s not what I was taught about being a man. I was taught a lot of differing things, but never that. I no longer have any faith in christian or other religious leadership. I cannot go my own way and follow the dictates of the priests and reverends of my former childhood god.

  4. Much as I admire Laura G Robins, I am totally in agreement with this post.

    For the life of me, I cannot distinguish between Joe Biden and Bill Bennett. Both are braying jackasses, despite their different politics. The Marxist feminist lefties never had better useful idiots than TradCons, who, like Muslims, are only interested in making themselves look like the tree stump-stupid white knights they are.

    • I don’t think Bskillet was talking about women like LGR. That’s not how I read it anyway.

  5. Brilliant insight by Bskillet there.

    It’s similar to how Republicans don’t really want government to shrink, as well as how Democrats don’t want blacks to rise out of poverty.

  6. That’s ridiculous. I fast three times a week.

  7. Much of their opposition to abortion is spite. They resent young people for being young and having sex, and want to make them bear and pay for the kids as punishment.
    Much of their behaviour is simply them being mean spirited, spiteful bastards.

    • Oh, the biggest manifestation of this is their insistence on abstinence-only sex ed. They rather the teenagers get pregnant and ruin their futures than give them simple, sane information that might mean they have sex and not feel bad or afraid.

      • Or maybe they realize that contraception and the mentality surrounding it is a gateway to further promiscuity, and therefore more unwanted pregnancies, ergo more abortions.

    • That’s pure speculation on your part without any factual basis to back it up.

  8. This is great – this explains so much about what hate and at the same time could never understand traditional conservatives/ Republicans even though I freaking conservative!! Anyway, I tried to follow the link to read the whole thing but I couldn’t find the article- where is it on there?

  9. Tradcons hate basically everyone who is not them. This is why they want to eviscerate the already-skeletal social safety net and view all young men struggling to get jobs as losers who deserved it. Also IIRC the “welfare reform” of 1996 increased male child support burdens by reducing state support.

    Looking at their history, very little the tradcons or Republicans has done is pro-male. Most of it just increases the burdens on average men. This is the great swindle of the Republican party.

  10. Yep, and if romney gets in we’re in for a huge dose of all that. Even if he were to ‘save’ the country as everyone tries to imply he can, look at what he/we are saving- this hideous system that is nothing more than women as parasites of men and the state, while stripped of all our rights to our children, etc.

    People are so concerned about saving the country- ‘get america back’ – yea, well for men that just means more of the same system that’s been fucking us over for years and makes the idea of marriage and children just so incredibly risky to be even considered.

    It was a Republican that implimented no-fault divorce – Regan. Bush didn’t do men any favors- neither did his father. The modern Republican is spineless and worthless.

  11. I mean look at what is going on at the moment- actually some tiny gains here and there where before MRA issues weren’t even considered to even exist. And all under the most radical commie president- lol.

    Republicans aren’t for men- they double team with feminists to fuck men over.

  12. […] the SoCon/TradCon bashing to reasonable level.  I personally have engaged in it, and sometimes it is necessary.  But the thing about a lot of TradCon/SoCon folks (especially the […]

  13. I thought about it and realized that those posts had too much identifying info in them.

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