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Recently, there was a new show on TV on the Bravo channel called Shahs of Sunset.  It’s basically Jersey Shore on the West coast in the Beverly Hills area with Persians instead of Italians, and the Persians are in their 30s instead of their 20s.  Just like with Jersey Shore several things happened on Shahs of Sunset that are interesting.

There were six main Persian guidos that the show followed:

  1. Gay Dude – A 38 year old residential real estate agent who is gay.
  2. Jersey Shore Dude – A 33 year old commercial real estate agent who looks like one of the guys on Jersey Shore.
  3. Balding Dude – A 37 year old real estate developer who is balding, looks a lot older than 37, and always wears hats to hide that he is going bald.
  4. Hipster Artist Chick – A 35 year old “artist” and singer who makes really strange art and writes really strange songs.
  5. Fat Chick – A 34 year old residential real estate agent who is overweight, and says that she isn’t interested in marriage because of how her parents’ marriage failed.
  6. Never Had A Job Chick – A 30 year old woman who has never had a job of any kind and has “anger issues”.  Her parents pay all of her bills which are considerable since she goes shopping every day.

All the Persian guidos have a lot of expensive junk from expensive clothes to cars.  It’s obvious that either they’re living off their family’s money or on credit to look richer than they actually are.  That’s part of the reason they are all (except for hipster artist chick and never had a job chick) in real estate.

You might think that since these guidos are Persian with the female guidos being Muslim (the guys are Jewish) that the women might act differently.  They don’t.  Here is an examples of that.  Fat chick, gay dude, and fat chick’s mom are celebrating fat chick’s birthday.  Gay dude starts talking about how he has been estranged from his father for 15 years due to his parents’ divorce, but he has reconnected with him and is going to visit him in New York.  One of the things that led to gay dude’s parents divorcing was that gay dude’s dad was a real player and cheating on his mom.  Fat chick’s mom says that its no big deal and that gay dude should get over it.  She also says, “Why do you want to put him in a cage?” and “Why do you want to limit him?” and “He wants to be free”.  If you have wondered if there really are women who are fine with their men being with other women, now you have proof that such women exist.  Fat chick’s mom has to be in her 60s and lived at least half of her life in Iran.  Plenty of women think this way even ones who come from places outside of Western civilization.

You might think that with the Muslim religion behind him that Never had a job chick’s dad would the guts to control her spending and behavior.  That is not the case.  We see never had a job chick and her dad have lunch where the dad tries to get never had a job chick to stop spending so much money and get a job.  It was a very weak and limp attempt to change never had a job chick’s behavior.  It ends with the dad “losing his appetite”, and nothing actually changing.

The women are also running into problems finding men as they get older.  Never had a job chick realizes by the end of the season that she is interested in jersey shore dude.  It’s obvious that jersey shore dude does not want to go there.  He really does not want to go there.  We also see never had a job chick go on a blind date.  It’s disastrous, and you can tell the guy she was set up with wants to get out of there.  During the lunch where never had a job chick’s dad tries to get her to stop spending so much money, he says to her that he needs to find her a prince charming (obviously to dump never had a job chick and her spending on some other guy).   She says, “I have been looking”.  It’s pretty obvious that never had a job chick is having trouble finding a guy for something other than sex.  The guidos travel to Las Vegas one weekend, and never had a job chick calls up this guy in Vegas she knows, but it was just for a couple of one night stands.

Fat chick has the same problem finding a man that never had a job chick does but more so.  Balding dude and fat chick decide to do a double blind date where they each find someone for the other person.  Balding dude brought one of fat chick’s exes for fat chick instead of an actual blind date.  Fat chick’s ex was obviously a total loser.  Later we find out the reason why balding dude brought one of fat chick’s exes instead of a guy she didn’t know for fat chick was because any guy he talked to knew or heard of fat chick and was familiar with fat chick’s behavior.  Fat chick’s behavior created such a reputation for her that balding dude couldn’t find any guy to go on this blind date except for fat chick’s ex.  Apparently, fat chick has thrown up on a lot of tables and things like that because she drinks a lot.  It’s not clear if fat chick is an alcoholic or not, but it’s clear when fat chick drinks, she drinks way too much.  That’s probably nowhere near the extent of her atrocious behavior, but its more than enough to convince a lot of guys to avoid her even if they don’t know about her weight.

The Persian chicks also engage in a lot of typical female behavior that would take too long to document.  All in all this is just another example of how women are the same everywhere.  Neither Islam nor Persian/Middle Eastern culture makes women any different at all.

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  1. I wish you were not so disrespectful of women. And calling us “chicks”. My son uses that word, although I have asked him not to. I hope he never reads your site. It is bad enough some of the stuff I catch him looking at. He now has a huge poster of a naked woman on his wall. It embarrasses me every time I see it.

  2. Uptight chick brings up son for the last decade but truth telling dude upsets uptight chick because uptight chick can’t control her own son. Odds on bet that uptight chick runs a single chick household.

  3. If you are talking about me, first of all I am not uptight. I just think a picture of a half-naked girl is not something I want him having. He told me he likes her big “jugs”. Sexist stuff he gets someplace.

    I am not a “single chick”. I am a single mom who does her best.

  4. I want not to be called a “chick” with “jugs” or a “rack” and so on. I want my son to be respectful of women. Is that too much??

    So you are saying I should just not care and leave the poster?!

    I think you are the asshole here.

    Take back the chick thing.

    • Penny wrote:
      I want not to be called a “chick” with “jugs” or a “rack” and so on.

      If you’re fat, ugly, and menopausal, I’ll gladly refrain. If you’re not, enjoy the attention while it lasts.

      I want my son to be respectful of women.

      Kind of hard for him to do so when you have so little respect for him as a man, and disrespect men in general. You didn’t even respect him enough so that he could have a proper father.

      Is that too much??

      Yes it is. You made your bed. Now lie in it. Whether you do it alone or with someone who’s willing to make the minimal effort to get into your pants isn’t of much concern to me.

      Take back the chick thing

      I’d write you off as a troll but I’ve known of too many emptyheaded women who think just like you,.

    • I want not to be called a “chick” with “jugs” or a “rack” and so on.

      There’s nothing wrong with the word, chick. If you’re flat chested then no one will talk about your “jugs” or “rack”.

      So you are saying I should just not care and leave the poster?!

      Yes. Your son is growing up. As a heterosexual young man he is attracted to attractive women. If you want grandchildren, then you better hope your son is interested in women and their “rack”.

  5. Panties-in-a-bunch chick has her panties in a bunch.

  6. Penny, telling a different version on CMDN _”I have a 14 year old son. His Father died when he was six. I am worried about how he will cope in a world of women. You make it sound dangerous. I want what is best for him. What should I tell him, warning him about girls?
    A question I do have too. I don’t want him to turn out sissy. I would like him to know his way around a woman. I know one mom who bought her son some magazines and posters, nudes, for his bedroom. Should I do this?”


    I’m guessing that you weren’t aware of this, but these forums on the “Manosphere” have a lot of cross-over. If you tell one version of your “story” on one, then another version on some other forum, you’re going to lose credibility rather quickly.

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  8. Apologies for being off topic on the article,but have to mention something about your troll.
    This is what they are educated to do in wymyns studies:
    Divert male attention away and onto female attention.

    This ensures no male matters ever get attended to, good cause for male only meetings,they HAVE to attend those too!

    Men need to wake up about this tactic and meet in secret if necessary.

    • freebird wrote:
      Apologies for being off topic on the article,but have to mention something about your troll.

      I figured she was likely to be a troll, but still didn’t mind lobbing some rotten tomatoes in her direction anyway.

      This is what they are educated to do in wymyns studies:
      Divert male attention away and onto female attention.

      Women need no such ‘education’ to invade male spaces. It’s a tendency that’s hard-wired into them.

      Men need to wake up about this tactic and meet in secret if necessary.

      It’s actually well-known in MRA circles. Jack Donovan wrote a piece in the Spearhead about how his formerly men-only physical fitness class was ruined after some women got involved

      On Youtube, Stardusk and Girlwriteswhat discuss what they call ‘female hypoagency’ and how it leads them to infiltrate or disrupt male activities.



      And I’ve seen the same thing play over and over again in male-oriented groups such as open-source software, video gaming, etc. The real damage isn’t so much going off topic but when they manipulate white-knights who side with them against other men in the group. Note that ‘Penny’ was unable to acquire any male allies before she was booted off by PMAFT. So it’s fair to say she’s failed in her primary mission.

    • Yes, exactly!

      They will come into a discussion, and lay out THEIR issues, and well-meaning men will take their time to offer well-intentioned advice (Penny got a lot of attention on CMDN, with poor little widow trying to raise a teenage boy bit). Quite similarly, another poster on Dalrock’s site, Jennifer (not to be confused with jennifer, who routinely makes a pest of herself on Dalrock’s site. mind you), interrupted the discussion to lay out HER back-story/issues, and also managed to garner a bit of male attention to herself.

      It happens again, and again, just as freebird notes – they seek to divert male attention from male-related issues and topics of discussion towards female issues (usually, their own).

      I like the 48-hour rule (or is it 72?) in regards to responding to/taking the bait of newly arrived commentors who either self-identify as women or who appear to have a discernibly gynocentric bent to their posted comments. But, if one wishes to engage them, it might be best to just politely note that they’re situation (as claimed) is certainly a terrible personal tragedy, and then note that it doesn’t seem the least bit germane to the topic at hand. If they are unable or unwilling to provide a relevant response, then the 48-hour rule should be observed. [I’m not claiming to have ever been particularly able to restrain myself for 48-hours, but I did manage to contain myself with regards to both Penny and Jennifer in the past two days (Penny’s obvious duplicity being a great help in quenching any White-knighting urges)– so I may finally be getting better]

    • Apologies for being off topic on the article

      Normally being off topic is ok here. In “Penny’s” case putting aside that she was a troll, she was doing the typical woman thing of turning a conversation on one subject into something about her. That’s more than just being off topic.

  9. All in all this is just another example of how women are the same everywhere. Neither Islam nor Persian/Middle Eastern culture makes women any different at all.

    It sounds like they were are brought up in America, LA no less. That makes a huge difference.

    • It sounds like they were are brought up in America, LA no less. That makes a huge difference.

      The Persian guidos were, but their parents weren’t. It’s proof that Islam and Middle Eastern culture are impotent in the face of feminism. Anyone who thinks that Islam will be a bulwark against feminist is in for a rude awakening.

      • I keep saying that too (Islam WON’T stop feminism), and nobody seems to listen.
        I knew a Persian Baha’i/Zoroastrian girl …
        crazy as a froot-loop, also training to be a lawyer.
        Tries to talk guys to death in an argument, wins by tiring out guys. I told her to shut her trap, she was shocked as if nobody had said that to her before.
        What scares me is that she’s trying to build a career in the media/government.
        If she graduates, she’ll be even more insufferable.
        She’s also been so-called “engaged” since 2008. And early in that year, celebrated a 1-month anniversary 😡

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  11. Several things to remember about the Persians of Southern California. First, they are the descendents of the liberals who fled Iran during and following the revolution of 1979. They were also from the wealthy classes. Second, many of them are Jewish, not Muslim, but still are more into their ethnicity culturally (which is Persian) rather than their Jewishness. This is true for almost all Persian jews. Third, Persian women (especially those from Tehran) have a reputation for being real ball-busters. Ask anyone from the Middle-east and they will rant and rave about Persian women. Lastly, Persians are not like other middle-easterners, especially Arabs. They are the “Aryans” of the Middle-east and they will not let you forget it.

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