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One of the most common forms of shaming language is “You have a small penis” and all of its derivatives.  Yet, it is missing from the Catalog of Anti-Male Shaming Tactics.  While it might technically be covered by other categories, it deserves its own category because of how often it gets used.  (This is adapted from Eumanios’s blog post about this.) I have also generalized the category of shaming language to cover other attempts at shaming language via attacking a man’s penis.

Charge of Abnormal Genitalia (Code Pearl)

Discussion: While screaming, “You have a small penis!” is arguably covered by other categories of shaming language, it is used so much that it deserves its own category.  In addition, other aspects of the target’s genitalia may be attacked such as whether he is circumcised or not.  Examples:

  • You have a small penis.
  • Your penis is circumcised/not circumcised so there is no reason to listen to you since you obviously have issues from your circumcision/lack of circumcision.

Response: Whatever the issue being debated the state or size of the target’s genitalia is not relevant.  It does not affect the ideas being put forward.  The accuser has (most likely) never seen the target’s genitalia to be able to accurately comment on it.  More than anything else a code pearl shaming tactic exposes the accuser of having no real argument.

  12 Responses to “Code Pearl”

  1. The interesting thing is I have never received such shaming language from a woman who wanted to sleep with me. Penis talk by women is always manipulative. If she likes you, then you are the biggest ever, and if she is mad your small. That can change from day to day with the same woman. Truth is most woman care more about their own breast size than they do our penis size. As long as a man isn’t grossly deformed and makes her tingle because he is rich or powerful or beautiful or some other thing that matters to her, she doesn’t care.

    Truth…Sign of no argument…unless of course the conversation is over penis size or circumcision

  2. Bloody women. Do men make snide comments about the size of their breast (well, negative comments that is) purely for the sake of an ad-hominem attack?

    Although I think I might start; seeing the look in a hot woman’s eyes when you insult her – the sheer shock and outrage that a male thinks she’s an idiot, rather than a hot piece of ass – is sheer gold.

  3. The thing is that there are men who like big boobs (the majority) and men who like small boobs (me), but among women who are sexually experienced, almost all prefer big cocks. So when they use this shaming language, it is really rejection language for many men. I have sidestepped this in my personal life as I have a mid-size edition, but for men who are smaller than me, they probably should be aware that most women hate them sexually.

    • The reason why they need a horse cock is because their vagina is ruined,completely stretched out to the point that even a chronic premature ejaculator could go all night in there without getting a nut off.

      Any woman who complains about the size of a man’s penis (i.e.too small) is revealing something just as embarrassing about herself, she’s worthless for fucking.

      • “The reason why they need a horse cock is because their vagina is ruined,completely stretched out to the point that even a chronic premature ejaculator could go all night in there without getting a nut off.”

        Like throwing a hotdog down a hallway, as they used to say in my ‘hood.

  4. As part of the MGTOW hermaphrodite lizard UN Agenda 21 depopulation conspiracy, I have no genitals that would be recognizable to an Earthling.

  5. My response to such an attack would along the lines of “Obviously you must be in a position to know. Well it just so happens that I’m in a position to know that you have an oversized twat because there is so much noise coming out of it”.

  6. There’s no sense responding with rational ideas to in irrational spewing of irrational hate. The correct response is something like “Your fascination with my dick kinda grosses me out. I’m not saying it’s wrong, I’m just saying don’t get your hopes up.”

  7. How about, “*Points to face* I’m up here?”

  8. I’ve long been a fan of framing responses to this kind of attack using femtard language and paradigms against them, in order to highlight their double standards and hypocrisy (and to set the hamster spinning for one’s own amusement because, let’s face it, once the shaming language starts – and it’s usually straight away – they’ve essentially admitted that they don’t have a rational leg to stand on, and since the debate isn’t going to go anywhere, you may as well have some fun with it).

    So, in this instance, just for the lulz, after pointing out that a Code Pearl attack doesn’t constitute an actual argument (and perhaps thanking them for conceding the point, lol) one could accuse your penis-obsessed interlocutor of the heinous crime of *gasp* sexual harrassment.

    I mean, even a well intentioned compliment can be construed, by a vindictive chick, as ‘harassment’, so a deliberately hurtful comment about someone’s anatomy undoubtedly qualifies as such. A quick visit to wiki tells us that “Harassment can include… other verbal or physical harassment of a sexual nature” and since teh wimminz constantly bitch about how horribly oppressive that kind of behaviour is, one would be shirking one’s civic duties not to call anyone on it.

    Doesn’t matter how ridiculous that may be (on the contrary, the more ridiculous the assertion the better) since participants are not in the workplace or whatever, so long as you stick to the moral high ground as defined by politically correct groupthink, and follow that stance through to its logical conclusions. You want to assume all the privileges and protections all the delicate dearies unthinkingly feel entitled to and throw them all back in their hypocritical faces. Hell, claim to be an ardent feminist, since all you’re doing is calling for equality, and that’s all feminism is, right? Right..?

    This will usually lead to an escalation of shaming attacks, typically of the ‘man up and stop whining’ variety – and this is precisely the desired outcome. Nothing funnier than a public game of ‘shaming tactics bingo’ and nothing better for illuminating feminists’ irrationality and spite. The whole PC discourse is beyond parody anyway, so just go full indoctrinated-retard and watch the fireworks, you cis-privileged asshole…

    Again, once the ad hominems begin, your opponent has ceased to act in good faith, so you’re under no obligation to continue arguing in good faith either, and you may as well troll the fuck out of them if a purpose can be served. That’s what I think, anyway. Like a lot of others, I’ve more or less given up on engaging in civil conversation with fembots and their ilk – and if I do, it’s not for their benefit or to try and change their minds, because that’s unlikely to happen – it’s to potentially influence onlookers by exposing them to the issues.

    If you can destroy an opponent’s credibility, having already dismantled their ‘arguments’ – or, hilariously, manoeuvred them into arguing against their own stated positions – and laugh your ass off while doing it, so much the better. It’s not as if it’s difficult or takes a lot of effort for anyone with a vague acquaintance with logic or a few pertinent facts, since the entire fembot empire is built upon lies, fallacies, contradictions, constant goalpost shifting and hypocrisy. And what are we about if not exposing that truth by whatever means necessary?

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