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Many of you may not understand why there is such a loathing for the Christian Church in the manosphere.  It’s a combination of factors involving things from pretending to be anti-feminist when they’re actually not to the way that the Christian Church alienates men in general.  The latter goes beyond men who find the manosphere.  I found an article at Boundless, a major Christian website, that shows just how hard the Church is working to alienate men:

They are screened through children’s ministry and youth ministry. These programs remove the ones who are poorly suited to church culture. The final mix of adult churchgoers is heavily female and very short on high-testosterone men.

So if a man manages to stay in the church, he will be accused of being “low testosterone”.

Many of the dropouts are the wiggly, high-testosterone boys who grow up to become leaders, athletes and alpha males. The kind of men many women would love to be dating right now – if only there were more of them following Jesus.

Here we’re getting to the real reason why we see articles lamenting the lack of men in the church.  It’s because there isn’t enough men in church that women find attractive.  (This is confirmed in the author’s second article where he says that more Christian young men are needed for the women in church.)  While there can be some truth to this, its not due to guys in church being “low testosterone”.  It is because the men in church are trying to conform to a feminized environment, plus other problems like the single women in church have been seriously slutting it up.  Don’t hold your breath expecting Boundless to talk about that.

The single men who survive the screening process generally fit one of the following profiles:

1. The Bible geeks. Quiet, studious men who love to study theological tomes. Or verbal guys who love to teach.

2. The musical. They play in the band. Or they stand on the front row raising their hands during the music.

3. The asexual. Guys who are OK with kissing dating (and kissing) goodbye.

4. The predators. Guys who know there are plenty of desperate young women in church and enjoy trying to get them in bed.

5. The social misfits. Strange men who come to church because it’s the only place women will smile at them.

If you’re into these kinds of guys, then the church dating scene isn’t so bad. If not, then you’ll have to fight over the most rare (and for some, the most desirable) category of single churchgoing men: the late converts. These are men who came to Christ in their teens or 20s, bypassing much of the screening process. Many were saved out of terrible sin. They have been forgiven much and love God much. (These guys get snapped up quickly by the best-looking women.)

So if you’re a man who manages to stay in church, you will be thought of as either a nerd, gay (it doesn’t explicitly say gay above but there are veiled references to homosexuality), asexual, a “predator” who is tricking pure women into debauchery, or creepy.  (Before someone brings up the Sunday Morning Nightclub to explain the predator category, there are so few guys knowingly doing that so it wouldn’t come up on Boundless.)  It’s shaming language on overload.

Chances are a man in church will be accused of being all of the above even though it makes no sense to accuse to a man of being a gay, virgin, asexual, creepy nerd who tricks women into sexual sin.  Why is this?  Because the church is feminized and misandrist, it throws everything that women consider to be “bad” at men even though they are physically impossible to all happen at once such as being a gay, virgin, asexual, creepy nerd who seduces women against their will.  It also has to do with hiding the real nature of the women in the congregation.  If you were to compare the sexual sins of the women in church vs. the men, the men on average would be much more “sexually pure” than the women.  If you have spent enough time in the manosphere and/or are familiar with the 80/20 rule, this should not surprise you.  What the church is trying to do is manufacture fake sins (being “creepy”, asexuality, a “nerd”) and transfer the sins the women have committed (like being a slut) on to the men.

If Jesus returned, the Christian Church would denounce him as a loser, gay, asexual, creepy, virgin nerd who was going to church just to prey on women.

What happens is that a man in church is likely to get accused of things that aren’t really sins and actual sins he’s rarely or never committed, but the women do on a weekly basis.  It’s better for a man who wants to stay in church to leave the church in his teens and 20s and bang a lot of women.  If you look at the last paragraph that I quoted above, it’s almost like Boundless is encouraging that strategy.  This means that any pretense of actual Christianity that the Christian Church has is now gone forever.

For a man, why would he stay in the church?  If he stays, he will be accused of sins he never committed and things that women want to be sins but actually aren’t.  He will get more respect from the church by staying away from it as we see here.  Of course, there’s no reason for him to come back because no man wants to deal with this rank hypocrisy and misandry.  Eventually, the only men in church will be married men dragged there by their wives.  All other men will be so thoroughly disgusted with the church that they will never come back.  Even for a man that believes in Jesus won’t come back because the Christian Church is a feminized place that worships women and no longer worships Jesus/God.

Sooner or later this will cause the Christian Church to implode and die.

  21 Responses to “The Church Is Working Hard To Get Men To Leave It”

  1. You forgot to mention that 85% of Sunday church-goers, and 90% of donors, are female. Should anyone be surprised that church policy caters to women?

  2. Good riddance. It doesn’t deserve to survive. Thanks for helping Feminism destroy the country, God botherers!

  3. “Sooner or later this will cause the Christian Church to implode and die.”

    Did you know that when they were in power, the Taliban actually put an (actually effective, nonetheless!) ban on a centuries old practice of abusive man-on-boy pedophilia?
    I picked up the following link from an article in The Spearhead:
    In the article, it infers that Taliban leader, Mullah Omar, actually intervened on behalf of some young boy whom powerful warlords wanted a “piece” of. Meanwhile, here in the US, we saw the Catholic church doing everything in its power to silence and condemn the victims of pedophile priests.

    In the US and other “Christian” countries, we see tradcon and Christian leaders like Bill Bennett and Mark Driscoll constantly berating young men to “man-up” and get married, while not making a damn bit of effort to ensure that these marriages offer them any significant degree of legal protection.

    In Muslim countries, Islamic jurisprudence all but completely assures men that their property, paternal rights, and a host of other interests will be well protected.

    I still don’t trust Islam, and I definitely don’t support the Taliban either, but I now see with profound clarity why Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. Jesus evidently does not give a single fuck about men, but apparently Mohammed does.
    Speaking as an Atheist/Agnostic, I’m really beginning to think that if for some reason, the Muslims somehow do take over, I might as well just convert, pledge my undying loyalty to Allah and just enjoy the view as I watch the once powerful radfems (whom of course, currently write the corrupt family court laws in this country) receive their customary “21 stone salute”.

    If you’re a Christian/tradcon (not you PMAFT, I mean other folks reading this) and you’ve read this comment this far, let me answer some questions and ask one of my own:

    Yeah, I used to be a Christian – a devoted one too.

    Yeah, you’re damn right if you think I’m jaded.

    My question is, whatcha gonna do about it?

    I thought so.

    • I don’t trust Islam either. I think Islam is ill prepared to deal with feminism. Everything that has been said about Islam being anti-feminist was said about the tradcons 20 years ago and look at how that turned out.

      Islam was just off the radar screen before 2001 so it wasn’t going to get feminized. Now that Islam is visible, expect Islam to end up in the same place where the tradcons are now.

      • Well, It already starts. An Islamic periodical devoted five issues to the evils of pornography. It renders you impotent, and turns you into a rapist and sex fiend.

    • And what about circumcision?

  4. I was a high school convert wit some Catholic background. Plenty of women threw themselves at me. I became a convert about the time, I became sexually active, so I had only one intercourse partner, and few others I fooled around with. None of the women I met were as sexually pure as me, and most of them were raised in the church. The woman I married wasn’t sexually pure at all, but she also was a late convert.

    Most of her church friends in our past support her wanting essentially any EPL divorce. The church I was going to was great, but it was in a small town. It was a church that affirmed masculinity. Now that I have moved back to the “city” because that is where my wife moved and I didn’t want to try to split time with the kids at a distance of 45 miles. I have not stepped foot in a church since leaving that town. I listen to sermons online. I find one that I found to be good from the few sermons I here. Then I dig and find the Father’s Day and Mother’s Day sermons. Every one of them attack fathers and husband for not taking care of their wives needs and wants and desires in both sets of sermons. Women are praised regardless of circumstance, and regardless of how they got there. The misandry is rotting the church. It makes me sad. I am still a believer. I have decided that I will probably struggle with sexual sin for the rest of my life, because there are no women that are good enough to convince me that they can be trusted for the long haul. I already thought I had that, and barely lasted 14 years.

    Great post. Let the church die. Perhaps then Christians can build something righteous after the rubble is cleared.

  5. Have you read the lyrics of the songs you are expected to sing? Back in the day, “as the deer” was a common one. But a number of the more, uh, devotional songs – a man cannot sing them without getting real uncomfortable.

  6. Yeah I thought that the end of his article was pretty telling, really. Basically it was saying “the normal guys are the ones who leave the church, engage in sinful behavior and then come back later on and these are the guys the attractive church girls want to marry”. Obviously, in red pill land, we call this “pre-selection” –> that is, the guys are more attractive precisely because they have been pre-selected by other women. It doesn’t matter that the other women were not Christian or that the behavior was “sinful” — pre-selection as an attraction trigger trumps theology every single time.

    A fun game is to ask a Christian woman how attracted she is to a Christian male virgin past, say, age 25. Usually you’ll get one of two answers: (1) a lot of stammering and huffing about how God forgives and so on (so it’s okay to prefer guys who aren’t virgins) or (2) outright lying about this being unattractive. If you want to have even more fun, dial the age number up to 30 and see what the response is. Yet, theologically, these guys should all be abstinent until married — and a woman who was a “moral Christian” would want to see this, correct? Um, nope. Biology trumps theology when it comes to human attraction, every single time.

    • Usually you’ll get one of two answers: (1) a lot of stammering and huffing about how God forgives and so on (so it’s okay to prefer guys who aren’t virgins) or (2) outright lying about this being unattractive.

      That and you will get a lot of attacks on Christian male virgins like they’re lying about being virgins or that there’s something else wrong with them. Or what might happen is that they will try to redefine the issue in terms of “chastity” so they can accuse the Christian male virgins of looking at porn all day which they will treat as being much worse than being a slut even though that’s absurd.

  7. Holy shit. Great point, Brendan. So in other words, the male-female dynamic in Church now revolves around what makes vaginas tingle.

    If Jesus existed, He would be turning over in His grave right now.

  8. Church fathers talked about the church returning to the catacombs, as far as I can see the catacomb is the Internet, there is more righteousness online than the entirety of Chrisendom.

    I’ve told a priest that when he can get his entire female congregation to wear a head scarf (as per the apostles directive) I might consider coming back to the church, the poor sap couldn’t even get his wife wear one. Let alone telling them to stop dressing like sluts.

    It’s an interesting parallel that early Christians were mocked by pagans for their chastity and modern chaste men are now similarly mocked by the church for the very same thing. I guess mystery Babylon is no longer a mystery, the modern church is the whore of Baylon.

  9. Went and read the boundless article and all I can say is, wow, it’s even worse than you described. Betas are even unwelcomed in the church now, I guess the MGTOW and PUAs (modern saints) are right, why would any man belong to an institution that considers him a loser?

  10. […] – “The Saint Anthony Principle”Pro-Male/Anti-Feminist Tech – “The Church is Working Hard to Get Men to Leave It”Elusive Wapiti – “Book Review: Afghanistan: A Military History”Pierce […]

  11. Christianity will not die not doubt. But It will have to start small again. Only the traditionalist enclaves will survive.

  12. Late comment, but I’m wondering if the Church is facilitating a “Revenge of the Betas/Omegas” scenario like we see in many political movements and organizations that attract manginas and male feminists. Low SMV males are quadrupling down on the female pedestaling & making better men feel unwelcome. In an attempt to raise their status among the spinsters-in-training.

  13. I would love to hear men’s thoughts specifically on the Roman Catholic Church
    and women as I get the feeling you are speaking more or less of Protestant or evangelical demoninations? I’d love to hear some input from my brothers on this one.

  14. The missed a category: Mr Leadership Annointing. The occasional alpha or greater beta who will have his own church one day.

  15. Is it really such a mystery?

    Churches went feminist as a whole.

    Church leaders were all weak and impotent male christians pandering to the great golden vagina. Every one of them!

    Every one of them folded under feminist pressure!

    Sometimes I open a newspaper from the local mega church and I might as well be reading It’s my daily dose of “red pill”.

    I’m sure going back to church to find a “nice girl” who’s suddenly out of her “bad boy” phase and who wants a nice man now would be great, but…


  16. Wow, this is a great article. Every bit of it is the truth. I live in a small town, but our church is missing that masculine element. I went to church when I was little with my mother, but we stopped going cause they saw how corrupt it is. So I’d say after age 4-6 is when we left the church. As I grew up I had to face challenges everyday of just being a boy, but now I face the challenges of being a man in this feminist society. I am now back in the church now at 24 as a musician and I now see why my parents left.

    I am attractive to women, and I have my own style. Being a musician increases this, but I do not have any money (back in school though). Women in church, as far as relationships go, I’m starting to turn away from. They seem more messed up, but they at least hear the good words of the bible from going. Even though with this, they are not an exception to female nature and will ride the cock carousel when giving the chance. It’s such hypocrisy to see these women on Facebook being virtuous, however, they do the opposite in their daily lives. They blindside the men. They keep men orbiting, virtue signal, play games, etc. Now that I know this is just typical female behavior, I understand, but don’t be a hypocrite. Since men have not kept females accountable, they run a muck. Last female I believe 100% stalked me after saying she wasn’t interested in me or anybody. I said ok and gladly left then I seen her everywhere! I was going to wait with a female now to have sex with her, but it goes against their nature. If you ain’t screwing her, someone else surely is. There is also a code when guys drop a little bit of red pill, but damn, we need a nuclear bomb red pill. The church is a mess.

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