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Here is a comment from James at The Spearhead on how old men don’t understand what is happening to young men:

This is something I always complain about, as a 27 year old male. The OLDER MEN simply do not understand what it is like to be a young man today.

I will say one thing though- a very big percent of young men of my generation do not believe in this feminism or white knight bullshit, and they have very little tolerance towards it.

Older men will allow themselves to get ass raped in divorce courts, but the younger men of my generation have no such tolerance.

So if the younger women think they are going to treat the younger men with the same level of hatred that the older women do to the older men, they have a big surprise waiting for them.

1. Either the men will just entirely boycott the younger women


2. They will actively fight for their rights, even with force, if it requires it

What I mean by that is, the younger generation of men are much more violent than the older generation. So in plain English, if women think they are going to treat the younger generation of men like shit, then we are going to see a huge increase in violence against women.

In short, the men of my generation are not as willing to tolerate the abuse from man hating women as the older men are. Young women would be very wise to take note of this.

This is something I have noticed as well.  The younger you go on average you will find less tolerance for anything pro-female.  This is not surprising.  Even looking at my own life, I have been dealing with feminism since I was in elementary school especially if we define feminism correctly as feminine-ism.  I remember (female) teachers being pro-female and anti-male going back to first grade.  As bad as I had it, it is worse for men younger than me.  They’re not going to listen to lies about how women are oppressed because all they have seen with their own eyes are the opposite.

The Misandry Bubble talks about 2020 being a point where we will see misandry start to come undone.  There’s more to that than just technological and economic reasons.  By 2020 the balance between men who are currently old vs. men who are currently young will have shifted.  There will be less old men who remember life pre-feminism.  There will be more young men who have spent their entire lives under the feminist jack boot.  There will be more men who are completely fed up with women.  Around 2020 there will be a lot more men willing to take radical direct action against feminism.

Not only do old men in general not get what young men are going through.  I’m not convinced that old men in the manosphere and/or MRM get what is happening to young men.  This can even include men in the manosphere who are currently in the young man side of the old man/young man divide.  I’m not convinced that a lot of the young men in the manosphere (i.e. men in their 20s) understand just how bad things are getting for men and boys younger than them.  Many of you reading this may think you get what young men are going through.  Are you sure you really do?  For example, do you really know just how filthy younger women are getting?  I was surprised by that, and I thought that I had a good handle of what was going on with younger men.

This means that the MRM is going to be two different things before and after 2020.  The MRM after 2020 (which may be called something else) will have a lot more energy and willingness to take action so I’m not sure this is a bad thing.

  30 Responses to “Old Men Don’t Get It”

  1. Troll King has relayed this perspective for years. He has had a lot of incredible things to say.

    Personally, I never encountered anti-male teachers. Maybe I was lucky.

    • I wish he’d set up a blog (really gonna look stupid if he has one already). I’ve seen his comments around (spearhead & avfm??) and was interested in his, and others’, experiences.

      If they are representative of a large portion of the up and coming male generation, then there’s trouble ahead for feminists. But when you sow the wind, you’ve got to expect the whirlwind

  2. Saw this comment and downmodded but on reflection I tend to mostly agree with it.
    I am of an older generations and call out the women folk on their bullshit but that is probably because my son was abused by female “educators” and I have been abused by my wife. I took the red pill. My comment finger moved to quickly as I stated “on reflection” the men of my age are for the most part white knighting manginas.

  3. I guess that at 61 I qualify as an “old man”, but I felt EXACTLY the way James did when I was his age, as I had to spend what would have been my most sexually active years during the hegemony of the Junior Anti-Sex League, and had to experience long periods of unemployment as well thanks to cunts married to men making $150K (or its equivalent) competing with me for $50K jobs.

    It actually was worse back then because most men didn’t think the cuntification of America was a threat to them. I had no fellow travelers and if I shared my thoughts I would have been regarded as crazy and/or dangerous. Most young men today know better and can compare notes with each other.

    I also have felt that there will be rising violence against women when we reach the point that men can be imprisoned only on their whim or say so. If you can spend the rest of your life in jail for “offending” them, then you might as well commit a crime that can be objectively measured and that the state will have to prove that you committed.

  4. Yup.

    Old men don’t get it:

    However bad we think it is? It’s shockingly worse:

    This doesn’t just go for women, either – all aspects of our culture (entertainment, politics, economics) are increasingly turning against men, and the younger you are the harsher it all is. I don’t look forward to watching all of this unravel. We have dark times ahead, and those in charge have their heads in the sand (when they’re not up their ass).

    • Ha, I see you tagged Theory of a Dead man on that blog of yours.

      I am listening to this song right now and laughing.

      I may not know but I don’t think there were that many songs like this back in the 20s or 50s even. I have only seen a handful and they are in blues and some obscure country songs. Not something you would have heard on the radio.

      It seems to me that you can track “misogyny” and anti-female sentiment with the rise of feminism.

  5. I’ve seen an old guy attempt to explain his justification for willfully entering the divorce court grinder more than once. his response was basically summed up by those current feminazi “man up” articles, that as a man it was his responsibility to get married and support a family, no matter how many times he had to be broken down by the state.

    young guys see this as just plain stupidity, and they have a good point. how many times do you allow someone to stab you in the back before you stop trusting them?

  6. I’m over fifty years old and was having a fireside chat with one of my adult teenage boys last night. He suddenly sprung on me that he has come to the conclusion that girls think that they never have to change but that everyone else has to change. His response has been (so he tells me) that he just treates girls like shit these days as it really makes no difference if he treats them nice or treats them bad. In other words he no longer cares about their thoughts or opinions. He is getting it.

    I have a vested interest in “getting it” because I want to protect my sons from going through not what I’ve gone through as my married life has been good, but from what I’ve seen happen to those blokes close to me and not so close to me have been put through.

  7. Ha, thanks for the kind comments guys.

    Yeah, I have been saying this for the entire towish years I have been commenting in the MRM. Just1x, I had a blog but google/blogger decided it was too “hateful” or some shit and deleted it. They deleted and locked it several times, at first just claiming that I needed to put a disclaimer page up on it due to sometimes publishing a nudie pic or two, and then finally they blocked it and locked it and deleted everything and wouldn’t return my emails.

    I think it must have been a feminist or two that I pissed off that complained and complained, maybe even one working for blogger or something. Who knows.

    I do plan on starting another one soon. This time on wordpress.

    As far as the younger generation. Look at reddit or 4chan or comedy centrals tosh.0 to see how teen boys and young guys see women. The “tits or GTFO” comments and “rape jokes” and “sammich” jokes and so on that you see and worse would never have been tolerated in polite company in my fathers boomer generation or my grandfathers generation. Maybe it is a southern thing but I don’t think so. Speaking ill of women has always been a “low class” or trashy thing and was not common outside of the dregs of society.

    I actually learned a really interesting word the other day that describes something I have been saying for years.

    Matricentric. I think you guys can figure it out. I have been saying that women create society/culture, some studies looking at immigrant communities and assimilation bear this out but mainly with regard to religion, and men create civilization.

    If you understand matricentric aspects of society/civilization/culture/laws then it makes sense to see how chivalry and social codes came about.

    I think men my age and younger are getting really fed up with all the social rules that women demand. I see it all the time but that may be due to being a on again/off again college student that is older than most college students so I see how all the 18 yr old girls act just by walking my dog on a friday night when they roam in feral packs shrieking with their high voices.

    Another thing that pointed me in this direction is that I have a younger brother, just a couple years younger, and I have seen how girls and women his age treat him and his friends.

    I can’t say I know exactly how the younger guys get treated but it can’t be better than what I got being born in the 80s. I do laugh everytime I see someone on reddit say “don’t stick your dick in crazy”. Lol. I have even heard a random person say that at a party.

    The real question should be, how many ex gfs do you need that are “psycho” before you realize most women are? I haven’t known a single guy who didn’t talk about having atleast one ex who was psycho.

    • Look forward to your new blog

    • It may simply be that “the gf is psycho” because the gf is one of the women that wants only the top 20% of men … and is angry she cannot get him for commitment.
      So she dishonestly mixes with the remaining 80% of men, while treating them like crap, so that she has the resources of the guy to search for more of the other top 20% of the men that she REALLY wants.
      I would previously have asked “Would a woman treat a celebrity in an psychotic or deranged way?”
      That was invalidated in the relationship between Russell Brand and Katy Perry
      “She screamed, “You’ve met your match, motherfucker!” while throwing a bottle at his head.”

  8. Ok, what is up with the blog? It was all white and kinda cool looking but then I commented and it went back to the older black background. I like both but it tripped me out a bit..

    I wonder how this will all play out.

    Let’s keep in mind that society is matricentric. I just read the article linked from the recent spearhead article about younger women taking up domestic skills. I was reminded of the quote about how if women were in charge we would still be living in grass huts.

    Now many women are returning to a homestead or tribal like subsistance living….lol wtf?

    If you look at matriarchal ghettos you see tribes emerge in the form of gangs.

    Patriarchy seems to be a social construct that elevates groups of human away from being primates. I always liked the anthropological theory of patriarchy which basically means that it was a equalizing force between the sexes to give men as much social status as women had, and sexual status and so on.

    I read a really fascinating snippet on a post about abortion the other day and it has been in my head ever since. If you want to find the article, it was about abortion from a abortion providers perspective, you can find it on feministe.

    The comment came about because the doctor was working in Africa and responded to some comment by saying basically:

    Women trend towards poverty and men trend towards prostitution.

    IF you think about it marriage really is just a form of prostitution meant to keep women from poverty.

    It will definately be interesting to see how things work out in the future. How will men value their prostitutes? Seems we are already heading into poverty.

  9. I started school in 1981 and even then, the bias was obvious. There were about three girls in my class who were picked favourably for just about everything going. It’s not like the outcome that was rigged, either – there wasn’t even equality of opportunity; everyone other than these girls were just marginalised and ignored.

  10. I am in my early thirties. I was writing and talking about some of these issues in High School but I didn’t fully swallow the red pill until I was about 30. I have talked about this stuff with my dad and he gets it. He also works with troubled young men through church, and he even brought up to me how pathetic the church has been getting towards divorce.

    Of course, all this decline is utterly predictable and a planned part of the enslavement of America by the State.

  11. “IF you think about it marriage really is just a form of prostitution meant to keep women from poverty”

    Come on TK that was a comment made from a doctor in Africa.

    Lol. I married for love and sex (and I am sure other women did too) I had a good job which I gave up to have my husband’s children and to keep house.

    We have been married sixteen years now . Have two kids.

    If he left me I would be stuffed, mate. Been out of the workforce( I do work at home for my husband in the business he started) too long.

    I do remember that you had a terrible upbringing from your selfish feminist mother…Very sad.. And I most certainly cannot blame you for your jaded outlook. Your mother has a lot to answer for..

    You have always seemed to me to be a nice bloke. Very intelligent too.

    In spite of your mother’s feminist brainwashing attempts you turned out okay man. 😀

    Best wishes.

    • Come now, let’s not be solipsist.

      We are talking about groups, not individuals. I am also making a argument about sexual dimorphism. Technology harvested by society have tempered this to some degree but if that tech were to disappear tomorrow we would all be facing a much different social and economic and survival role.

      Africa is a great place to look to to see what it may be like, sense they have less in that dept. than we do.

  12. In my experience (college environment), many younger men seem to not get it either. I’ve seen:

    – A lot of feminist-indoctrinated thinking about male sexism and female victimhood, and a cruel, disdainful attitude toward sexually less-successful guys.
    – Limp acceptance of the status quo. One rather tough guy I knew dated single moms because, paraphrased, “so many girls have a kid these days, I don’t have a choice”
    – A lot of just flat-out spineless mangina behavior. One guy let his girlfriend force him to read feminist books because his “understanding of the female plight was lacking.”

    The more tacitly “aware” guys I know seem to buy into female-supremacist traps like social conservatism, and will dismiss my objections whn pressed. I can count the number of guys I know who truly understand the MRA position on one hand.

    The women my age are basically feminist careerists/nightlife-ists, and domestic child-rearing seems to be the last thing on their minds. I’m not sure I’d trust these women to microwave food properly, lol. Of course they regurgitate all the female victim nonsense and how women “still have it so hard.”

    It often seems like I’m the only guy I know who is aware of this stuff. The whole topic just seems to be off most people’s radar screens. They seem to be in feminist la-la land.

    So yeah, I wish I could say it’s just the old men who are clueless. The problem seems to be one of activism – feminists have a Gramscian hegemony over the culture, and they use it to brainwash basically everybody from a young age. So men, young and old, weak and strong, all limp-wristedly accept the feminist dogma without really questioning it. The girls do too, which makes it strongly reinforcing.

    We need to overcome this hurdle with sheer activist might.

    • The thing to remember is that a man who knows the score isn’t going to speak out at random especially at college. A lot of it is about what isn’t said not what is said, at least until they know they can trust you.

      • If you are awash in a field of lies and hypocrisy … and you have a skill where you don’t rely on approval from the raging feminists,
        you can get away with calling them out on it … even at university.
        And even if they’re your lecturers …
        since any GOOD or STRINGENT university cannot allow students to be marked down based on what lecturers FEEL about the students’ attitude towards assigned coursework.
        They can only give you shitty stares in public … if they’d marked me down frivolously – I’d have raised a ruckus.
        And I made real sure they saw some grim determination in my eyes and voice when I disagreed.

  13. Interesting article. I cannot even imagine what the younger generation suffers through. Growing up in totally feminized schools, indoctrinated from kindergarten on.

    I thought young men would be thoroughly brainwashed beyond repair.

    Generation Y, raised on nothing but feminism, will be a nightmare for men

    You think they still can see through the ruse and see the truth. There is hope!?

    • The “brainwashing” really doesn’t work too well. The two biggest weapons are “you’re the only one who thinks this way” and “you won’t get laid”. That’s the basis of feminism’s power over younger men. Both of those weapons are failing. I know from my own life that I knew there was something wrong when I was 6 years old. More and more men who end up here knew there was a problem as early as high school or elementary school. Paul Elam gets emails from 15 and 16 year old boys who are already fed up with women.

      While they may not have a complete picture yet, young men on average are far from brainwashed.

    • Look at the success of guys like Tucker Max.

      He has made millions by doing nothing more than treating women like crap.

      Who buys his books? Mostly teen and young adult men and some women.

      I know that I tend to keep my head down. I will bring up a subject or two here or there but I only question and never identify as antifeminist or MRA in social circles.

  14. Girls have lost respect for others and for themselves. Therefore, they are not going to get any of it till they change their minds. Simple like that! Younger guys now realize girls are no ladies but actually their worst enemies who deserve what they are going to get. Guys can see clearly the feminists’ speech does not match reality.

  15. Wow. You guys really don’t get it. Women don’t hate men. Even feminists don’t hate men. Well, maybe some do. But saying feminists hate men would be like saying Christian terrorists (the ones that blow up abortion clinics and protest Iraq veteran soldier funerals) are good Christians.
    I know that this is not going to affect what any of you think or say, but the feminist agenda (coming from a politically moderate person who has studied feminism) has nothing to do with women squashing men and making them their cowering slaves as you seem to believe. Nor does it have anything to do with a vendetta, or grudge against men from centuries of oppression. All that feminism wants is a discussion about how gender affects how we treat and communicate with people of different genders, and wants to analyze the ways that socialized gender norms affect the mistreatment of women. I’m not saying “Down with men! You swine!” I respect my father and husband and love them. I’m saying, why is there still unequal pay? Why is there still disproportionate amounts of female spousal abuse? I think if you all listened to REAL feminists, not the charicatures that you’re afraid of, then you wouldn’t disagree that much. Or at least I hope so.


      SO WHAT ABOUT THE FEMINIST TERRORISTS, who murder unborn babies in the millions, every gddmn year?

      SO WHAT ABOUT THE FEMINIST TERRORISTS, who DRUG & abuse boys in the millions for being masculine?

      Then theres the feminist terrorist courts who imprison & destroy mens jobs & lives, in false rape calls, & screw over men for kids they never gave women permission to have

      What about the feminist terrorists, who implement sexual harrassement laws, specifically designed to terrorise men & destroy their jobs & workplaces?

      REAL FEMINIST TERRORISTS IN ACTION … take your ignorance & man hating terrorism back to your radical feminist hell holes, where they belong feminist whore…

    • If you use terms like “Christian terrorists” then you are not a moderate.

  16. I am 59 and yes as an older man I do get what you younger guys are going through!
    I went through enough hell with women also
    I finally have decided that I’m better off on my own
    I have a great income and enough assets that I don’t need a woman in my life to validate me
    I wish all you young men the best and stay strong and think of yourselves before any woman!

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