Mar 152012

When I wrote my post about filthy sluts, I thought it would be more of a future prediction of where women are heading.  Instead, I got a lot of stories about how widespread the filthy slut phenomena currently is.  Slagmire’s comment is a good example:

I became friends with one of my university janitors recently. We shoot the shit early in the morning while I’m doing a little studying in my dorm lounge before class, so he tells me all kinds of crazy stories that the janitors share between each other when they all clock in before work.

He said a hefty chunk of the female janitorial staff is on the verge of quitting because the girls have taken to shitting in the showers when they’re drunk/hung-over, and it’s not just isolated incidents either. It’s gotten so bad that they’re pressuring the university to address the issue directly, and this is a “progressive” West Coast school too, so there you go.

Odd that the stereotype of the ogre man and the neurotically cleanly housewife is completely reversed for young men in their twenties like me.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to take my girlfriend outside before she poos on the rug again.

That last sentence had me ROTFLMAO.

Even being drunk, what makes a woman think that taking a dump in a shower is a good idea?  I think this is the end result of feminism.  We have women effectively thinking and acting as if they’re exempt from basic hygiene for being women.  Feminists attack basic health facts like being overweight or worse yet obese is bad for your health and claim that being thin is a patriarchal system of oppression.  Soon we will see feminists talking about how basic hygiene and using toilets for urination and taking dumps is part of a patriarchal system of oppression that keeps women down.  In other words, feminists will be saying that women are oppressed by potty training.

  20 Responses to “Filthy Sluts Are Everywhere”

  1. “The Rise of Women!

    Women are becoming shit. Absolute shit.

  2. This is no surprise to anyone who’s hung out with hippies. Go to a hippie gathering, and one sees filthy hippie sluts everywhere.

    Some hippie females are even known to forego sanitary napkins when they are moonsurrating.

  3. A visit to any public woman restroom always has at least one (usually more) stall that is pure filth. If its not poo that doesn’t flush, bloody tampons in toilet, pubic hairs on seats…..all common enough.

    • It’s comments like these that make me glad I’m not a janitor or otherwise involved in sanitation. Women’s restrooms sound like a toxic zone.

      Most guys I know (including myself) aren’t paragons of cleanliness, but we know how to wash ourselves, and we pick up after ourselves at least. I still can’t believe it’s so different for women.

      • And yet some people claim that VR Sex would not have enough appeal to gain traction……

        The VR girl would not poop, fart, or have ass hair.

        • or leg hair or underarm hair, and her personality would be always set to “nice and polite/submissive”

          unless you set her to do all those things men don’t normally want, so the manginas and white knights can enjoy their VR women as well

        • That’s right. What most people don’t get is that VR sex isn’t just about the quality of VR tech going up. It’s also about the quality of women going down which makes VR sex more appealing beyond the technology getting better.

  4. Since its a progressive school my initial reaction is that one them has read an article in some rag ( ) about how people in India squat to shit and wash their arses, rather then use toilet paper, and the collective has unanimously decided that the most natural way to shit is to do it in the shower whilst squatting, since its the natural healthy way to shit.

  5. Since they have the habits and mores of alley cats anyway, maybe these skanks should have to use litterboxes instead.

    This is the first that I have heard of this; but I’ll bet that if the gender was reversed, the MSM would be on the story like stink on … well, you know … and broadcasting the story for at least a week, and also likely demand that the government intervene ‘in the interest of public health’!

  6. A couple of decades ago I was teaching in a third world secondary school. The girls loos blocked up from the girls throwing “you know what” down the pipes.

    The guys got to and cleaned out the tank. A month later it blocked up again. This time the girls had to clean up their own mess. I went and took pictures.

    We had no problem after that.

  7. Same bloke, different email.

  8. low life pieces of SHIT WOMEN are everywhere nowadays, and the FILTH that they have become is spreading. then they wonder why us good straight men can’t seem to find a decent normal woman anymore, especially one that doesn’t CHEAT.

  9. oh boy, GOD certainly created SHIT nowadays.

  10. […] of women pissing and taking dumps anywhere but a toilet.  (And that includes everything from women taking dumps in showers to women pissing outside like a […]

  11. Even God makes mistakes too you know.

  12. Whores are a dime a dozen today which it is real fact.

    • They’re only a dime a dozen … if you’re the guy they are attracted to.
      A guy Texas_Tryhard • a day ago

      It’s not that simple. I’ve never hired a prostitute, but I’ve made friends with brothel owners in the AU/NZ region and it’s turned me right off. All too often I’ve seen guys come in, get turned down by everyone, then leave even more frustrated than before. These weren’t hideous quasimodos, they were just normal guys, except they were maybe a bit short or too black. The entitlement culture is insidious and infectious.”

      Even prostitutes can and do refuse custom from guys. Maybe that is why we can expect more violence in the future, women saving it for Chad … leave a lot of regular/ugly men frustrated.

  13. Today unfortunately most of the women are like Public Toilets.

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