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I have been skeptical of the idea that Islam would be any sort of anti-feminist force.  The belief that Islam would be anti-feminist is based on the same myth that the tradcons are anti-feminist.  If anything Islam will end up on the same path of feminization that happened to Christianity and conservatism.  The only reason that we haven’t seen Islam become outright feminist yet is because Islam was really off the radar screen.  Now that Christianity and Judaism have been feminized, Islam is now a target and ill prepared to fight off feminism.  The end result is that Islam will become like the tradcons where they insist that they are “anti-feminist” all the while being feminized and pro-female in everything they do.

We will start seeing examples of the feminization of Islam.  One such example is how the conservative Islamic political party in Malaysia is telling (Muslim) men to marry single mothers.  They are claiming that Islamic polygamy which allows a man to have up to four wives was only to “protect widows and orphans”.  That may be correct, but from what they are saying, such a concept is being stretched:

Malaysia’s conservative Islamic party has urged Muslim men to marry single mothers as additional wives instead of “young virgin girls”, a state official said.

Wan Ubaidah Omar, a cabinet minister from northern Kelantan, which the party controls, said the proposal aired in state parliament this week was needed to help single mothers and widows in the under-developed region.

“Muslim men usually like young girls or virgins as their additional wives, so I suggest instead of taking these young virgin girls, why don’t they marry the single mothers as their second or third wife?” she said.

“This will ease the burden of the single mothers as the men can help them to take care of their children. The single ladies have no burden,” said Wan Ubaidah, who is in charge of women, family and health affairs in the state.

We now have a Muslim woman telling Muslim men to not marry virgins.  For now, only a Muslim man’s first wife (and most Muslim men will only have one wife) can be a virgin, but soon enough even that will fall by the wayside.  Some of you may think this is only about helping widows.  Think again:

Wan Ubaidah said her call was not meant to encourage polygamous marriage but as a way to help at least 16,500 single mothers aged under 60 in Kelantan, a state that has one of the highest divorce rates in the country.

It’s a call to force men to marry divorced women, not widows.  These same people defend this as being necessary for the “welfare of women”:

The minister also called for husbands who leave their wives without good reason to be whipped under religious laws.

“Some of these husbands just go missing in action suddenly, and leave the wives without any food or money. These kind of men should be whipped, they deserve it,” Wan Ubaidah said.

“This punishment is not in the state sharia law at the moment, but we can make it a law to make men more responsible; there is a lot of room for improvement in the legal system to protect the welfare of women,” she added.

The Muslims are now on the verge of adopting all of the feminist myths that divorce only happens because men are abusive or vanish.  It’s also clear that they are only a step away from promoting deadbeat dad myths.

Islam is well on its way to becoming as feminist as the tradcons are.

  21 Responses to “Conservative Muslims Want You To Marry Single Mothers”

  1. Surprising. Good find.

  2. Good point. There is nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. We ether stand up for due process and human rights or we perish.

  3. *either*


    “Party Legislator Chang Show-foong (張曉風), a noted female novelist, suggested that the government should provide aid to women “who should have married, but have not,” and that Taiwanese men should marry local women rather than foreigners.”

  5. I’m glad to hear that the soul-rot which infected our culture is spreading to the barbarians at the gate.

  6. It sounds like the ruling class is using religion to get men to bear responsibility that the State doesn’t want to have to deal with anymore.

    Gee, where have we seen that before? I’m looking at you, Christianity.

  7. Soon, there will be no refuge. As the world “modernizes,” expect to see more and more of this junk.

    Avoiding marriage was a very good counter-defense, but of course they’re trying to work around that, as can be plainly seen. Increasingly the only sane option is to be a loner ghost. Not a very bright future if you’re into human interaction with women.

  8. Not that I would be happy about Muslim rule, but at least they used to keep feminism in check.

    Now there is no hope left.

    Have you read my articles about Brazil? The Latin macho bastion with a woman president giving women special rights.

  9. I am not going to touch the Muslim issue with a ten foot pole. Due to Muslim country laws, marrying an unwed mother may or may not be as bad as doing so in the Anglosphere. While I have a theory, I have no evidence to support it.

    However, I do have a comment on the oft held belief that feminism is taking over the world. Not everyone understands from whence feminism gets its incredible power. For feminism to take over a nation, as opposed to having laws that look scary as hell but are impotent, that nation must have the substitute husband (for sluts) in the form of an automatic government check. Dearies must know they can do whatever they want, and still get a check in the mail.

    When that does not exist, you can have all the laws the dearies want, but the women do not use them, because in the end they need a husband, a real husband, to provide support for the kids.

    Here, in Mexico, my best friend, a woman, tells me they have the usual DV laws here. And, once in a while, a very stupid woman who gets slapped by her husband will run to the cops and show her bruises. They obediently go out and put the cuffs on, and trot him off to jail.

    About three days later, she suddenly realizes no one is earning money, and the kids are hungry. She runs back to the cops and begs them to let him go, and then runs home and hides under the bed, because she well knows his first order of business after the cops let him go. After he is done with her, she never again calls the cops when/if he slaps her again.

    In the USA, studies show most male DV happens right after Cupcake hits him first. In Mexico, both men and women tell me most DV comes when the man is drunk, and his wife screams insults at him. I have seen a woman with a busted lip, cause obvious, and the woman who i asked about it had no sympathy for her. You don’t cuss out a drunk husband.

    Let me add that Mexico uses Pemex income for all social purposes, there is no more money for a substitute husband, and there is no way to get that much money in the future. Women see other women with their kids begging on the street, and do not file the usual charges nor no fault divorce.

    Ditto for other poor countries who do not have resources to pay women to be sluts. Just don’t take a woman from those countries to the Anglosphere.

    • Interesting perspective. On the other hand, men with controversial views also have trouble getting or holding a job, and come to depend on the welfare state.

  10. Excellent post by Anonymous age 69. I agree fully that feminism loses its teeth without the welfare state to support it.

    I have plenty of Muslim friends who have gotten married or wants to get married. They ALL insist on a virgin wife! They will marry someone from the old country if they have to to fulfill their chastity requirement. Yes they will fuck around as much as they want and when the issue of double standard is brought they will tell the girl to simply can it. No if or but. I have seen the same thing in Indian culture. There is something particularly vile about anglosphere culture that makes feminism here so vile.

    • This is a source of much anger among WNs, as the girls the Muslim boys sleep with, are non-Muslim girls. WNs say White girls, but they mean of course non-Muslim White girls. To which extent do Muslim boys sleep with non-Muslim Black girls? WNs always do as if Muslims and Whites are the only people in Europe, and mutually exclusive, while Muslim is a religion, and White is a race.

    • This is the thing that men in the west need to relearn.

      We, generally Gen Y and X but maybe also boomer men, have been taught that we aren’t allowed to have standards as far as relationships go and we should settle. Even worse, we are often shamed for any standards we might have and I thiink many men internalize this.

      Men need to learn to simply walk away and turn women down if they are sluts and even more should make it known why they are turning down women and rejecting them.

      If she is a slut, or a single mom or a divorced woman or a bac boy chaser or a feminist then she should be publicly shamed for her actions.

  11. I am glad to hear this new system.

  12. I wouldn’t think that conservatives are becoming feminists. Instead: they have always been feminists to begin with.

    Conservative societies are built around protection of women. Feminist societies are no different – the only difference is that they’re optimized for peacetime male gender role: rather than men waging war, they pay alimony and child support, and are forced to “take responsibility” on something they had no right to control (abortion is the woman’s privilege). Or at the veryt least: pay taxes so that the society can replace the role of a father.

    If you can some how prevent becoming forced into fatherhood by avoiding all sex (which is too much to ask, if we ask it from women), the government will help the woman and men also have to contribute. And what’s with the “if you don’t want to become a father, don’t have sex” thing? Why isn’t same applied to women?

    And the ironic thing is, I’m “pro-choice”. But I’m also pro-choice for men. Not necessarily for father to have power to force abortion but at least refuse child support. And the f’ing “what is she was raped” argument. What if a woman rapes a man? Why on earth must the man be forced to pay his rapist? Also, if a woman is raped, even if she didn’t abort the fetus, she can still give the child to adoption and be free of obligations to a rapist’s child. But if a man is raped, he pays child support and can’t force the rapist mother to give the child for adoption for the rape victim father to get rid of obligations he didn’t agree to.

    But, I don’t consider conservativism that much better than feminism. In some way, it is, because extra obligations to men give extra rights to men. I support “true equality”, which neither feminism nor conservativism can offer. Islam especially is even more evil than Valerie Solanas herself.

    (Gender) Feminism: men are worthless.
    Conservatives: men are worthy to die to protect women.

    So, do they actually have anything concrete to offer me? Either one?

  13. If you think about it from a different light, Islam has gone down this path long ago. The concept of a harem — not a fuck palace that many in the West thing — is a special place where only the women of a man can go and congregate. Men are verboten to go into them, so there is little that they can do to “supervise” such a social construct.

    Granted, back in the day it did have a practical purpose, but Muslim men did bend over backwards for their women back in a day that we think is some sort of ancient and dark period in history.

  14. Hello, I am Muslim and I have to tell you this:

    Marrying divorcees and widows is one of the oldest traditions of Islam and is considered righteous, something we got from the prophet and the prophets before him. It is because we believers are taught that men are the sustainers of women and we have no shame about having sex with each other within marriage. Unlike Hinduism, Sikkhi, and some more conservative forms of Judais, amd Christianity, we don’t consider divorce an inherrently shameful thing if all the parties involve behave themselves. It’s not a good thing, but it won’t make an outcast. Marriage in Islam is as much about sex as it is about the community taking care of its own. You take care of your wife, she gives you sex, makes you nice meals, is your companion, and accompanies you to mosque. When your wife marries you, you give her shelter, companionship, sex, and money. It has been this way for nearly 1500 years and is not going to change.

    I would call of Islam a very red pill religion — no Feminist bullshit WAW NAWALT NAM YAW. Allah let us know we all can do good and evil, men and women too. The religion tells us we are different by nature. We are like garments to each other, meaningless and sad alone. It makes us men the minders and masters of women, but we must be kind and considerate of them — they are fellow human beings, not dogs you can make babies from.

    Islam is not changing. Islam is very stable. Our traditions from the prophet, our prayers, out beliefs, out scripture, they are stable. There will never be an any pill Islam — Islam is the Green Pill maybe, but there will never be a Blue Pill Islam or a Red Pill Islam. We between us are Shia, Sunni, Sufi, Ibadi, Ahmadia, Momen, and Quraniya. No Feminist, no Dworkin, no Beauvor, no Solanas.

    I hope this be of teach to you?

    Forgive me of my bad English, I am from Azerbaijan

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