Mar 212012

Since I wrote about Code Ivory shaming language yesterday, I thought I would write up an entry for the Catalog of Anti-Male Shaming Tactics for the opposite form of shaming language, being accused of being a racist.

Charge of racism (Code Ebony)

Discussion: The target is accused of being a racist in some manner.  Examples:

  • You’re a racist.
  • You hate black people.
  • You’re insecure that minorities may have a large penis size than you.
  • You are using anti-feminism to promote white supremacism.

Response: Feminists do not care about non-white men.  “Women and minorities” is nothing but a trick to gain the support of non-white men to hide the fact that feminism hurts non-white men as much as white men.  Some of the biggest victims of feminism have been non-white men (mainly due to poverty).  The first false rape industry was the KKK that lynched black men on the word of a white woman who lied about being raped by a black man.  These facts make it clear than cries of “racism!” are often just a cover for misandry.

  10 Responses to “Code Ebony”

  1. An entirely necessary category. However it’s worth pointing out that “Code Ebony” shaming is far less common than “Code Ivory” shaming because the manosphere is largely white and a sizable contingent are white nationalists.

  2. “However it’s worth pointing out that “Code Ebony” shaming is far less common than “Code Ivory” shaming because the manosphere is largely white and a sizable contingent are white nationalists.”

    I would agree with the “largely white” assessment, but would point out that there are probably far more black men who agree with our position than you think and who may actually be lurking around these parts, they just don’t get on the internet and blog about it, probably because they think it’s “nerdy” to do so. I disqualify white nationalists as making up any part of the MRM. They are mostly unwelcome around these parts. All MRA’s, that is, those hoping to make an actual change,understand that racism will not help men in the slightest. It’s just another method of keeping men,as a group as opposed to individual men,from wielding political power.

    These are welcome additions to the catalog of time-honored shaming tactics,though we will probably see both code ivory and ebony on a more infrequent basis than “You’re gay,have a small penis,and can’t get laid because you hate women and live in your mom’s basement.Your bitterness is scary.”.

  3. OT: hilarity continues on HUS:

    “This is not pie in the sky stuff. There has been a great deal of study and research on this. Devlin doesn’t count. You and I don’t get to make shit up.”

    “Honestly, I feel like the Game bloggers and their readers are getting more and more strident, more and more negative about women. The animus has skyrocketed in the last year or so. I am not sure why. Roissy used to be the most cynical, and he’s a pussycat compared to Rollo or Dalrock.”

    This woman is just nasty.

  4. Wait, it gets better:

    ” If you want to opine on female sexuality, back up your claims with credible sources. I can cite a source for every claim I make. You should do the same. And as Escoffier can tell you, by credible I don’t mean misogynist sociopath.”


  5. Wouldn’t these accusations fall under the CODE BROWN category of the original article?

    • Sort of. I suppose code brown technically covers it, but there are examples of shaming language where they get used so often they become their own category regardless of the fact that it’s covered by other categories. For example, “You have a small penis” is probably already covered by code lavender and/or code tan. However, “You have a small penis” gets used so often that I intend to create a separate category for it. The same principle applies here.

  6. @Hollenhund

    HUS is a feminist backwater, even feminists hate Walsh

    Not even Dalrock links to her …

  7. Who is Rollo? I have to start reading him . . .

    As for Dalrock, She doesn’t like him because he used facts to beat down all the nonsense over in HUS.

    Her line about loyalty and helping an elderly woman making women tingle reminds me of something another person wrote that went basically: “Anything that inspires an ‘aww, isn’t that wonderful, cute, adorable’, reponse, like the one given for kittens or children acting cute, elicits the same kind of sexual response the woman has for cute children or kittens: none.”

    The same way a man can look at a beautiful woman and know she’s trouble and avoid her, a woman can look at an attractive man and know he’s trouble and avoid him, but that’s a decision of the head over the tingle.

    Beta traits are not attractive, they reassure a woman, just as a sweet and feminine disposition doesn’t inspire lust, but it is a factor in whether a woman is a “keeper” or not.

  8. Black men are well represented in the anti-feminist movement.
    The reason for their lack of visibility is simple: the tendency of race to subsume all other conversational topics (when applied to Americans, mainly.) When “out” black MRAs begin conversations in the Manosphere, its literally a matter of minutes before some White Knight WN begins blathering about inner city crime rates, fast twitch muscle fibers or “muh dik” innuendos (even in situations that have nothing to do with race.) So, we either hide our background or make our own spaces.

    If anyone is truly interested in seeing what the average black MRA has to say (anti-feminism, decrying the glorification of street culture in the media, unnecessary crime/embrace of negative behaviour due to maternal malfeseance), that site is the best place to start.

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