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Sluts over time increase their slutiness.  Eventually there gets to a point where a slut has reached maximum slutiness.  Or is there?  Is that point just an inflection point to a new frontier of slutiness?  I think the answer is that there is a new frontier of slutiness coming, and that frontier is being filthy.  I don’t being filthy in a good way as in sexual filthiness.  I mean literal filthiness as in sluts who don’t regularly wash themselves.

I came to this conclusion last night when I was watching Jersey Shore on MTV.  I was watching both last week’s episode (which I didn’t get a chance to watch last week) and this week’s episode.  Last week’s episode featured Snooki being very filthy.  (Beyond everything else I’m going to talk about, this episode is very entertaining because it has Deena and Sammi trying to figure out electricity unsuccessfully, and the Situation having his fly unzipped and dick sticking out for a long time without him realizing it.)  It starts out with Snooki pissing on in her pants in a club.  Does Snooki go home and and take a shower?  Of course not.  She takes what she calls a “shore shower” and just sprays herself with a lot of perfume.  Snooki doesn’t even remove her piss soaked panties until the next morning.

It turns out that Snooki has a urinary tract infection.  She says it’s because of all the sex she’s having, yet most people have sex without ever having a UTI.  Clearly, it has to do with her lack of hygiene.

Later in the episode she has to piss, but all the bathrooms in the house are occupied.  So what does Snooki do?  She pisses outside, and those of us who watched the episode get to see her piss outside.  One of the other roommates says, “She drinks out of bowls and pisses outside.  We don’t need pets.”

If you read any message board about Jersey Shore like board at Television Without Pity, one thing that comes up from time to time is the lack of hygiene of the Jersey Shore cast.  This isn’t atypical for them.

I’m convinced being filthy is the next frontier of slutiness.  Increasing slutiness is basically increasing bad behavior by women that they expect men to accept.  A failure to adhere to standards of basic hygiene would be consistent with this.

In the future, this is going to be something I’m going to have to watch with my women.  I naturally assumed that any woman I get now or in the future would know how to wash themselves since they are presumably functioning adults.  This is no longer an assumption I can make.  As soon as this starts being a problem, I’m heading back to being celibate.  I’m not a cleanliness freak by a long shot, but this is seriously disgusting, and I don’t want to know what organisms are growing on these filthy sluts.  I knew there would get to a point where I would be heading back to celibacy, but I didn’t think it would have to do with women having a lack of hygiene.

This will add another reason for guys to use alternatives to women such as porn now and VR sex in the future.  All of those “virtual women” know how to wash themselves.  If things are going the way of women getting increasingly filthy, then it’s another reason that virtual women will be superior to real women.

  27 Responses to “The Next Frontier Of Slutiness: Filthy Sluts”

  1. http://www.inmalafide.com/blog/2010/11/23/how-to-know-when-your-civilization-is-on-the-skids/

    “I started hearing of girls with smelly asses from poor wiping jobs. Guys were getting a whiff of it. The unspoken horror of doggy style. I scolded one girl for leaving a small shit stain on my sheets. I let her know just how disgusting I thought it she was. At least she was embarrassed.”

    • At least she was embarrassed. Snooki wasn’t embarrassed about pissing outside AND IN FRONT OF CAMERAS.

      Fortunately, all of my women know how to wipe themselves and wash themselves, but I’m dreading the day when I meet a woman who doesn’t know those skills.

  2. Women oppressed by potty training … great if not worrying post pmaft … lol

  3. My blog (Snark) is no longer defunct


    I don’t know how regularly I will update it though.

  4. Hahahahaha.

    Bro, you are a few years too late on this one.

    I actually find it kinda amazing, you and others in the MRM are like anthropologists describing my life.

    Do you have any idea how many girls I have hooked up with, hung out with, or been friends with who were filthy?

    Do you have any idea how many times I went out on dates with girls a few years ago and ended up at house parties and they squat in the front or back yard infront of everyone and just took piss?

    Equality y’know, if men can piss outdoors then womyn can too. The only difference is that guys tend to be modest and go behind a tree or shed or somethin.

    This one girl I was fucking for awhile took me to a friends house party, there were about 200 people and several kegs, and she had to piss. She just squated infront of the garage and pissed all over the driveway and then complained loudly about how she got some on herself. Ugh.

    She was a stoner chick who drank way too much(and I am basically a drunk, so lol) and she was FILTHY. The few times I hooked up with her, and this was about four years ago, I actually made her get in the shower with me.

    I saw her on my facebook feed the last time I logged on, I hate facebook, and she is now apparently getting a masters in sociology with a emphasis in childcare and womens studies.


    She is far from the only FILTHY slut I have known. Hell. I live right off of campus and I see them on a daily basis. Especially on thurs, fri, and saturday nights. They are walking around screaming and tripping over themselves while drunk. They start fights. They piss on the streets and sometimes even fuck their boyfriends or random guys on the streets.

    I literally live so close to the bar district that I could hit most bars with a baseball if I threw one. I see them everywhere. Especially coming home from the bars.

    The bad part is that the worst of the worst are the ones who are under 21 and can only party at houseparties. These girls are puking on themselves and pissing in other peoples yards and then walking down the street and going to another party.

    I don’t know what is filthier. The girls or the few guys who will still hook up with them.

    Filthy fucking slut. PUKE.

    • shitdick wants to fight pikIe one punch tony coz shitdick hates shane brannigan. another low iq yank jooo wants english visa, JUST YOUR INFO SHRINK SAID I WAS WELL ADJUSTED FIT CLEVER WOMEN. THAT COUNTS HIS ALPHA WHITE MALE, NOT JOOOO. I WANNA SUCK SHANE BRANNIGANS MASSIVE COCK.

  5. […] women, women are doing less.  First, women stopped learning basic life skills like cooking.  Now, many young women are giving up on showering and basic hygiene (like I talked about recently).  I imagine that the many boys in the next crop of teenagers (if not current teenage boys) are […]

  6. Two different chicks I work with (early twenties here, as are they) have come in after very late nights fucking stinking. They drank all night, getting to smell of sweat, BO, and just dirtiness, wearing the same clothes and possibly cum soaked panties, woke up 20 minutes before work and didn’t shower or even change the clothes which they obviously slept in as well as spent the previous day and night in. On both occasions they smelled so bad I had to tell them to not come too close to me. These are just regular chicks from relatively high-income families in Toronto.

  7. I’m 41 and I saw this behavior in college 20 years ago. Women are the pigs now. Quote me.

  8. I became friends with one of my university janitors recently. We shoot the shit early in the morning while I’m doing a little studying in my dorm lounge before class, so he tells me all kinds of crazy stories that the janitors share between each other when they all clock in before work.

    He said a hefty chunk of the female janitorial staff is on the verge of quitting because the girls have taken to shitting in the showers when they’re drunk/hung-over, and it’s not just isolated incidents either. It’s gotten so bad that they’re pressuring the university to address the issue directly, and this is a “progressive” West Coast school too, so there you go.

    Odd that the stereotype of the ogre man and the neurotically cleanly housewife is completely reversed for young men in their twenties like me.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to take my girlfriend outside before she poos on the rug again.

    • WTF? I thought we were at least a few years away from this sort of thing. Even when drunk, what is going through their minds that makes them think they should take a dump in a shower?

      Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to take my girlfriend outside before she poos on the rug again.


  9. […]  Instead, I got a lot of stories about how widespread the filthy slut phenomena currently is.  Slagmire’s comment is a good example: I became friends with one of my university janitors recently. We shoot the shit early in the […]

  10. why in the world are there so many FILTHY LOW LIFE WHORE WOMEN today? they just do not know how to act with men anymore. years ago meeting women was certainly a lot easier than today. now most of them are garbage now. cannot blame us guys, for the very dysfunctional women that we have today.

  11. […] fonte: http://www.antifeministtech.info/2012/02/the-next-frontier-of-slutiness-filthy-sluts/ Imprima este artigo em PDFCompartilhe isso:FacebookEmailArtigos Relacionados: […]

  12. […] recebi um monte de histórias pessoais sobre como o fênomeno das vadias imundas está atualmente. Um dos comentários do artigo é um bom exemplo: Eu virei amigo de um dos faxineiros da minha universiddade recentemente. Eu estava conversando com […]

  13. […] Mesmo bêbada, o que faria uma mulher achar que cagar no chuveiro é uma boa idéia? Eu acho que isto é um dos resultados finais do feminismo. Nós temos mulheres pensando e agindo efetivamente como se elas estivessem isentas da higiene básica só porque são mulheres. Feministas atacam hábitos saudáveis básicos como evitar ter sobrepeso ou mesmo obesidade para não ter problemas de saúde e falam que ser magra é uma imposição do sistema patriarcal de opressão, é machismo, etc. Não demorará muito  para vermos feministas discutindo sobre como a higiene básica e usar o banheiro de forma correta é parte de um esquema machista que diminui o poder das mulheres. Em outras palavras, feministas dirão que mulheres são oprimidas por serem obrigadas a usar o banheiro corretamente. […]

  14. Are you literally judging all women by Snookie?!

  15. So will elasticated sheep & blow up dolls, be hailed as pre-cursors to VR sex by MRA’s in the future ?

    Used by men in response to std infested & modern womens aversion to potty training & faeces leaking into their vaginas, turning their vaginas into bacteria infested cesspits …

    In the future womens vagina’s walk around with yellow hazard signs & traffic cones, to ward off beta’s & horny adolescents

    & everytime a man has sex with a woman, hazard suits as well as condoms, & hazard back up lights, as well as a valid commercial license are required

    Having sex with women, will become a hazardous construction site

    Men will have to construct scaffolding with poor health regulations & hazardous pay, just to have sex with women …

    With many mens penises falling off on the job …

    In the future construction workers will no longer work on construction sites, they’ll work on womens vagina’s, navigating their hazardous but deadly terrain

    Men will stop mining for gold, & start mining womens vagina’s for the sake of mining for none-toxic, none std infested ovaries

    Not much different to what men have to endure today … minus the trendy traffic cones & heavy machinery ….

  16. it seems the FILTHY WHORES are taking over now, and there are much more LOW LIFE GARBAGE WOMEN now than ever before. so very sad for us STRAIGHT MEN that are hoping to meet a GOOD WOMAN, if there are any left. it certainly has become so DIFFICULT to talk to a woman these days, since many of them today have their SHIT DON’T STINK OF AN ATTITUDE. women years ago were certainly much more EDUCATED, unlike now. we can’t BLAME us men, now that there are not that many good women to meet anymore.

  17. […] is that the piss and take dumps everywhere but a toilet.  There have been plenty of examples from Snooki of MTV’s Jersey Shore pissing outside like a pet to college chicks taking dumps in showers.  The latest example of a filthy slut come from the […]

  18. i never realized that GOD created so much SHIT nowadays, very sad.

  19. Hmm… First, shit on the inside… and now shit on the outside. Wow! Modern women have really become such well-rounded shitty individuals!!

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