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I found a link to this post from a comment at Dalrock’s blog about some “Christian” woman who is decrying the manosphere as a haven of sexual sin.  There are so many things wrong with this post that I don’t know where to start.  If you read the post, she sounds like a feminist.  She talks about how “angry” the manosphere is (which we know is code orange shaming language).  Since she doesn’t seem to be any different than a feminist, what’s her reason for claiming to not be a feminist?  It is:

I cannot offer an apology for feminism. I have not been able to align myself with the women’s movement because my sexual ethics, which are informed by my Catholic faith, are incompatible with the feminist stance on birth control, extra-marital sex, and abortion.

That’s it.  So what about the other 99.999% of feminism?  Clearly, she agrees with that.  When it comes to things like birth control and sex outside of marriage, there is nothing really “feminist” about it.  There are plenty of pro-life feminists so abortion isn’t particularly feminist either.  This woman’s three examples of how “she’s not a feminist” have a very limited and tenuous connection to feminism at best.  She has nothing to say about things really caused by feminism like paternity fraud, men who are forced into corrupt divorce courts and have their children stolen from them, the false rape industry, the false sexual abuse industry, the false sexual harassment industry, affirmative action, etc.

This woman is just another AFINO (anti-feminist in name only) and an example of conservative female supremacism.

  11 Responses to “So What About The Other 99.999% Of Feminism?”

  1. She believes in all the common myths and delusions of our age (Feminism being just one of them), yet still considers herself a Christian. Astounding, in a way. What’s her stance on Democracy? On Slavery? Uh-huh? What does the Bible say about this, sweetheart? Do you have a valid reason behind this cognitive dissonance, or just half-remembered platitudes from your minister when you were growing up?

    People like her make me look forward to the economic apocalypse.

  2. Considering one of the few things that all mainstream feminist organizations agree on is access to reproductive medicine including abortion and that not recognizing the abortion right is one of the few things for which most “mainstream” feminists will expel you from their temple (10 percent or less of self identified feminists are pro-life) I find this analysis unworthy of you. The fact is while this Christian lady has almost certainly inbibed many feminist memes and is a practitioner of female privilege has nothing to do with how important abortion is to the feminist movement. As shown by the Komen thing the Powers that Be in feminism (and probably most of the foot soldiers) take it very seriously indeed.

    • Abortion is, in fact, the biggest difference that “Christo-Feminism” can point to in order to try to distinguish themselves from “all those other bad feminists”. Outside of the few “Pro-Life Feminist, it does tend to appear as the primary distinction between the collective of self-identified feminists and those who self-identify as anti-feminists (or, more accurately, anti-feminists in name only).

      And the Christo-Feminism will also tend to hold a different view of sexuality (basically, for most of the non-Christo sphere, that means what ever a women (and, to some degree, gay men) wish to do is alright with them).

      Duffy notes the prohibition on sex outside of marriage, which most Christo-Feminist will pay lip service to as well, but the main difference between the Christo-Feminism and the others is that whereas Christo-Feminism frowns on (but still tend to be accepting of) non-marital sex, the other feminists tend to be encouraging of it (unless it comes to the matter of heterosexual men wanting sex, at which point the spectre of “RAPE” quickly enters the conversation).

      But that’s not really a very distinct separation of the two sides of feminism. Just because Churchian women join with their Christo-Feminist peers in their vocalized refutation of sex outside of marriage, they never-the-less still engage in quite a bit of it themselves.

      In the most basic analysis of the differences over sexuality, the main (socio-political) arguments between the two sides of feminism will be over same-sex marriage.

      And, beyond the divisions over abortion and same-sex marriage, the multitude of those who reject any feminist label (i.e. Christo-Feminist) and even identify themselves as “Anti-feminists” begin to appear to be little different from the feminist they claim to oppose.

      Other than either the issues of abortion and what might be termed “sexual & sexual identity politics”, the only other point of demarcation between the two sides of the feminist sphere is in the exact role of government in forcing men to be subservient to women. But, after you get past issues of taxation and government entitlement, in which you will still find some disagreement (less with each passing year though, it seems), if you make a list of all other issues relating to government intervention on behalf of woman over men, no matter how they label themselves – gender-feminist, Christo-Feminist, or anti-feminist, they all basically agree, and fight to keep the (anti-male) legal status quo, if not to expand it (anti-feminists and Christo-Feminist are just more concerned about how they appear to their white-knight loved-ones and supporters than are their more loud and obnoxious man-hating gender-feminists allies, and thus the former will try to pretend that anti-male legal “enhancements” are really just about law and order and protecting women & children). And, then, of course, they try to shame men and the Manosphere by calling us angry for not getting in-line with their goals instead of those which would benefit men (selectively, but hardly exclusively, as what benefits most men will generally benefit society as a whole as well).

      Gender-feminsts, Christo-Feminist, and anti-feminist Churchian woman all refuse to acknowledge is that what is ultimately best for society, civilization, and ultimately Christendom will often “inconvience” some number of women. They all tend to vote together to as “Team Woman”.

      And, just to add my own bit of snark, I’ve often noticed that even the seeming disagreement between the sides of feminism over abortion and same-sex marriage (sometimes) rely on a rather femo-centric constructs – gender-feminist argue that abortion and same-sex marriage benefit women, while the other side argues that abortion helps men (the playa’s, PUA’s, and lotharios anyway – they are certainly not immune from male apex falicy’s) and hurt those poor innocent, mistreated and abused women who are “forced” to abort their babies for some man’s convenience (and actually, I’ve heard that shit quite a bit from Churchians), and that gay marriage will hurt women by undermining the cash-cow that is Marriage 2.0 (I’ll bet you’ve heard that one too?).

      • After I finish posting all that, I find this gem:Christo-Feminism is Oxy-moronic over at Traditional Christianity.

        Looks like I could have saved myself a lot of trouble and just posted a link instead…

        • After I finish posting all that, I find this gem:Christo-Feminism is Oxy-moronic over at Traditional Christianity.

          Looks like I could have saved myself a lot of trouble and just posted a link instead…

          No, you couldn’t have since she’s saying something completely different. By her own admission, she’s only talking about Christian women who have admitted to being feminists. The real problem is not them as much as all the women who are AFINOs because they believe they’re not feminist while actually believing in 99.999% of feminist ideas. Half of what she talks about doesn’t apply to Christian AFINO women because it’s so narrow (i.e. abortion). The other half has a similar problem in that the Christian AFINO women don’t believe they’re doing that even when they are. On top of that, she avoids talking about most of feminism.

          Brendan put it well:

          What you see in that person is someone who critiques feminism about sexual morality issues but otherwise thoroughly enjoys living in a feminist world where women are empowered, liberated and independent.

          Anonymous Reader pointed out correctly that Brendan’s statement could be shortened to a “traditional conservative”.

        • ”Brendan put it well:”

          Good thing you included the link, otherwise that statement covers something in the neighborhood of a thousand comments he’s made. Okay, I admit it, I’ve been a fan of his work since he started his old Novaseeker blog. And, when has he ever not “put it well”? He’s not only a deep thinker, but a very thorough one as well. [/pedestalizing Brendan]

          I make that point as (hopefully) a segway into chastising myself for my own ill-thought comment, for which you properly rebuked me:

          ”No, you couldn’t have since she’s saying something completely different.”

          What I should have said, instead, was that Lacegate’s post should be read so as to gain a better understanding of those who DO self-identify as both Christians and as feminists, and why those two identifications are actually mutually exclusive. My apology for not taking the time to think through it before I started typing.

  3. The fact is while this Christian lady has almost certainly inbibed many feminist memes and is a practitioner of female privilege has nothing to do with how important abortion is to the feminist movement.

    it has everything to do with it

    this woman, like most “Christian ladies,” has nothing whatsoever to do with christ, despite her imaginings otherwise

    she pretends that she “has not been able to align herself” with feminism b/c her sexual ethics are Oh So Far Above them . . . bullshit

    i’ve watched over the past four decades as the western churches (and their Ruling Christian Ladies) have trotted out their opposition to abortion as some badge that they arent feminists

    yet, as this post begins to suggest, the vast majority of these women (and their pastors, and their churches) support every other element of the matriarchies — female privilege across the cultural spectrum, female-favoring “justice systems,” using church funds to help community females (while the males are homeless), shaming masculinity and fatherhood at every opportunity, the list is endless

    the “conservative churches” are feminist in every regard except opposition to abortion — aside from this, they support and favor our matriarchies utterly, while pretending exactly otherwise

  4. its about who is ultimately in charge. Who is wielding power over whom. Feminists want women in charge. Patriarchs require the man to be in charge. If she isn’t in full support of patriarchy, she is getting her biblical faith wrong anyway.

  5. I know several women like this. They think they’re anti-feminist just because they’re against abortion, when in fact they’re thoroughly corrupted by feminism.

  6. […] Tech makes the important point that there is very little difference between leftist feminists and right-wing socon women. They disagree about abortion and, well, that’s about it. Every other feminist shibboleth […]

  7. These traditionalist & christian women crack me up …

    Theyre worlds changed, they exist in a hyper-feminist environment, theyre upto their necks in hyper-feminism & they think being a stayathome parasite, & being pro-life makes them traditional

    Since when has traditionalism ever been about the amount the of time you spent at home, & infanticide?

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