Feb 272012

Not exactly, but he did say that many signifigant MRAs are Jewish:

And eight out of eight of them are white. Eight out of eight are male. There are some very significant Jewish MRA’s. So I suppose there is a really good reason that “nobody is saying it.” It isn’t worth saying. And a word of caution, mein herr. Every once in a while someone shows up in the comments to sell the Big Jew Conspiracy. It’s bullshit. And the last thing I will allow is for the comments of this website to serve as a platform for that kind of crap. Don’t bring it here.

I hope this leads to all of the white (knight) nationalists to thinking that the Jews run the MRM.  That way we don’t have to deal with their white woman goddess cult on MRM blogs and websites.  Not only do we not need the white (knight) nationalists, they’re a hindrance to everything we want to accomplish.

  11 Responses to “Paul Elam Admits That The Jews Run The MRM”

  1. Jews run the media …

  2. “Paul Elam Admits That The Jews Run The MRM”

    What a relief! I was afraid that the leadership had been taken over by you reptile aliens (conspiring with whatever branch of the elite that S. Walsh and others have exposed).

  3. You’re just saying what the CIA pays you to say.
    The kikes run them too.

  4. Aren’t Jews white?

    And aren’t White Nationalists huge fans of Stalin, even though he killed a not of (non-Jew) white people?

  5. what’s wrong with saying there are different kinds of jews?
    and that some make up a considerable portion of the mainstream media and leftism in general while others like that savage guy are rightists.
    moreover who’s to say that those on the right might actually generate more misandry with manup and marry and etc. than those on the left?

  6. Actually, it makes sense. Jewish men where the first to really have to deal with rabid feminism. Look at the state of the Synagogues, most Churches aren’t that far behind them.

  7. No matter who runs it as long as we can restore things the way they must be, whatever it takes. Let us not just let opportunists seize control of such a legitimate activism, no matter they are Jews, politicians, bankers (same thing, different name) or whoever. We, men, shall pull the strings!

  8. What wasn’t mentioned was that many Jewish men in the manosphere are not Western born but Soviet born who have no power in society because they have seen society where men are drafted and thrown in Gulags that resulted in overwhelming male alcoholism an total societal disfunction.

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