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A post over at The Spearhead a few days ago brought up how men under 30 are more clued in about women than anyone other age group of men.  Several comments basically communicated the fact that men under 30 are increasingly fed up with women:

Thanks for mentioning us younger guys. As a under 30 millenial, I will tell you exactly why most of us have this outlook.

We are the divorce generation. Even if we grew up in families that weren’t divorced we were still latch key kids.

Not only did I, a little over a decade ago, have more friends with single mothers by choice but also with divorced parents than intact families I also went to school with girls and came of age during the grrl power of the 90s.

This idea of women as victims falls on deaf ears when you spend year after year dealing with fucking cunts.

Team vagina can tell me all day long about how women would never lie about birth control or use men for child support and so on.

But, I know better. The high school I went to, a little over a decade ago, had a Teen Mom(watch that show on MTV if you want a realistic look) or two in almost every single class I had.

I literally only had one class in high school that didn’t have a pregnant girl in it. Several had two or three, out of 30 or 35 students and not enough book. Gotta love shitty high schools in the south.

That is just high school. If you look at reddit and the mens rights section in particular you will see that most of the guy are about my age(maybe a few years older) or younger.

Even the guys that aren’t in the MRA section on reddit have a very warped view of women and relationships. I think this is due to being born in the divorce generation.

Who needs to burn their own hand to find out that fire is hot when you can watch dozens upon dozens of older men burn their hands and scream in pain? Who needs that, so to speak?

This doesn’t even begin to talk about growing up in a feminized education system or the entitlement issues run rampant that most young women have or all the other issues.

To put it simply: You can’t kick a dog and not expect it to eventually bite the hand that feeds.

Guys of my generation have been kicked since we were puppies, and we were kicked constantly and from everyone who supposedly loved and cared for us.

There is a groundswell of MRAism and misogyny and just a lot of pissed off guys for one reason or another.

I haven’t, for example, met a single guy in his 20s who hasn’t had alteast one or more psycho bitch crazy ex gfs.

There is a reason that guys on reddit have a saying that goes like this: “dont stick your dick in crazy.”

There is also a reason that feminists have gotten so angry over young men and what young men say that they have created a very hostile troll group on reddit called Shit Reddit Says, or SRS. This SRS group exists to do nothing more than attack MRAs and other young men and mock them.

I suggest you don’t spend too much time looking at their shit, but if you haven’t heard about them before then I do suggest you head to reddit and search for them and take a look at their subreddits. They are a perfect example of the crazy cunts that guys like me have had to deal with growing up. They have no argument or abilit to even discuss topics, they simply mock and jeer.

As far as this article goes, I agree. Not only that but the MRM is making headway as far as getting out message out.

This article is full of female projection and female hope but it also uses the term hypergamy, which I first read about in Devlins work and the MRM.

Marriage Suits Educated Women:

THe comments are interesting to say the least. All sorts of older single women complaining about how the article isn’t true, cause men are afraid of educated women(lol). I suggest you all check it out.

The simple truth is that I, and I suspect most guys (especially of my generation), simply get tired of the constant competiveness and bitchy demeanor of western women. Especially the hyper educated (with liberal arts masters) who want to rub it into our faces constantly.

Unlike men of older generations I have had more girlfriends than most older guys had in their entire lives before I turned 21. I can honestly say that women do not add any value, outside of the value of pussy and sex, to a mans life.

Even with great sex it gets fucken old, it wears you down and makes you tired, having to constantly deal with the power struggles in modern relationships.

I haven’t even lived with a girl and I am sick of it. After I got out of my longest LTR a few years back, it only lasted about 3 yrs, I was just drained. It felt like my soul had been sucked out or something.

Women aren’t companions these days. They are ruthless competitors at work, at school, and even in our relationships.

Why would I or any other guy, especially us younger guys who learned this the hard way, give one fuckin shit about women?

In the last three weeks I have had three times where a group of young women, college girls from the University down the stree, asked me for help while I was driving. Each time I told them to fuck off.

One of those times was last night. I was at a drive through and it was cold and raining out. This hot blonde chick tapped on my window and asked me if I would give her and her friends a ride down the street so they wouldn’t have to walk home in the cold rain. I told them to fuck off. I am not a limo or taxi service. They could have offered to give me a group blowjob and the most that would have happened would have been me jizzing on their face and then riding off. TBH, I wouldn’t have even done that. Last thing I want to deal with is a false rape claim.

Women have pissed away any good will guys my age used to have towards them. If you don’t believe me then simply look at markets and see what sells to young men and see how young men view women.

Go and look at online forums based around video games and you will see young men talking shit about girls their age. Hell, get on some feminist sites and you will see feminists complaining about young guys, teenage guys, talking constant shit about women. Look at reddit and you will see it too. Look at any male oriented areas and you will see it.

Look at rap music or the proliferation of the word gold digger. Women are worthless these days, especially after or before sex. I think they are realizing it too. There is no happy ever after. There is no ’till death do us part’, cause we all know that women are branch swingers or monkeys. They won’t let go of one branch until their hands are firmly planted on another branch.

Oh and Branch = cock. Females tend to call it serial monogamy.

Fuck that shit. They won’t love you. They will just treat you as a utility object. A fucking ATM or sperm donor or human shield or emotional tampon/shrink or a dildo or a rock to lean on and so on.

My point is this. What do women have any more??? Pussy is cheaper to come by, especially if you know some game, than candy on halloween. They can’t cook or clean worth shit. They are honest. They aren’t equal to any degree, especially 99% of them.

What do women have to offer besides a funhole to play with for 45 minutes? They suck as friends, shit they give their own friends eating disorders and call them frenemies.

WTF do women have to offer? I think it is very little and I think young men are figureing this out every day.

I think women are realizing that their gravy train is coming off the tracks and are scared shitless. I think many, if not most, young men wouldn’t allow a woman to go back to the kitchen and be barefoot even if the women begged for them to be allowed to be kept. I think women know this and I think that is why they are getting even more bitchy.

I think this will only backfire for women as a whole and I am looking forward to seeing it all fall apart. This comment is long enough, so I will just say nice article.

Here’s another comment agreeing with the previous comment:

I will agree with Troll King’s assement of the men of the Millenial generation. We have seen a lot going through high school, but especially college. We have seen women engaging in hypergamy and relastionship games without them even keeping up the pretense of “Romance.”

It could be put down to the bitterness and schadenfruede of the “famous dateless losers.” But then we ask, “why are we dateless?” Because we can’t compete with the vapid game of the player, okay but what does that say about women? Because we cannot compete with the empowered career female to satisfy her hypergamous needs, okay but doesn’t that then mean love and romance are hyporcitical games and thus make woman a liar?

Back in college my one buddy was really into a band, Reel Big Fish, and we were driving aroudn once musing when he put on a song of their’s in whcih the story is about a girl who snubbed the band leader when he was starting out, but since he has been successful has returned to seek his attention. So my friends turns to me and says, “fuck these bitches, they go to college and slut it up, then expect to find a nice guy who makes money after he gets a career. Who wants a used up whore?” Remember this was the mid 00′s so we thought success would be ours, if not for the mancession.

The problem from the female perspective is their narrow focus, there are still little bitch men who will put all there energy into a relationship just to have pussy validation. So when these females have their girlfriend with a dick, they make sure their social circle consists of other attatched females. Even other females who are not at the same standing as them do not exist in the her world. These are also the type of men who are so debased as to have no self-respect, virtue, or honor.

An example, a buddy of mine had this female friend from high school who was the biggest slut you could know, if she went out drinking she was out fucking. He has a fuck buddy relationship with her, and she starts dating some new guy, some bouncer who is a shy mangina. One night they are out drinking, bouncer boy goes in the back to lay down, and my buddy starts banging her on the couch, bouncer boy comes out afterwards to see them naked on the couch. Now this guy is such a mangina that he can’t accept what just happened and buys the excuse that it was just drunken making out.

This was about two years ago, mangina bouncer is still with the slut. I guess he is the loser who will marry her.

However the inbalance will still get to them as there are still large numbers of unattached females (because guys like Troll King, at least six of my buddies, and me are not taking them on) who will compete with the attatched female for her man. Women have no inate sense of right and wrong, so there is no level they won’t sink to, us Millenial guys noted this when younger when we learned “the best way to attract girls is to have one already.”

I have one friend who was a little weenie science dude back in college, only got ass once when some born again virgin girl in his Bible study group tunred into a cock-snatching harpy on him, needless to say when the group found out she became the victim and he the evil leacher. He had another relationship with a psycho woman who ultimately rejected him because he didn’t measure up to her previous soccer playing boyfriend. So now he has bulked up, gotten into adventure sports, and is getting a masters in engineering, and rutting through the university girls.

We can see that our inate value as a person for reasons of love, does not matter except for maybe a pump and dump. So why emotionally invest in some joke, we are not women who change with the wind. A romantic blow to our psyche’s are not solved by wine parties and shaking our asses in public.

My generations of fellows are at heart nihilistic, vicious, and with very little pretense of conscience. This is because we are informed by a type of moral philosophy, brought on by the moral degeneracy in family, society, law, and relationships. We implicitly understand social contract as it applies to relationships.

They can fight back with all the laws and shaming they want, but we are men and we will adapt and survive. Let us maintain the imbalance and drive it to a fever pitch.

Another comment:

Really? I don’t know how old you are, but I can promise you that guys under 30 are fed up with women. We had to grow up next to the most entitled and bitchy group of females that ever walked this planet.

Just look at popular culture. Whether its rap music or rock music or TV or movies.

Just compare film from 50 years ago to film today. Or music.

Were there concepts back in the day similiar to gold diggers? Were men writing music about how horrible and slutty women were? I know there are some types of music that are fairly old that deal with those issues….namely some blues and jazz and country. But even that stuff doesn’t hold a candle to what you might hear on the radio today.

And another comment:

Male, 26.

I agree 100% with what Troll King has said. This mirrors my experiences (in AUS). More than half my friends in school didn’t have fathers, and although it wasn’t quite as bad as 1-2 per class, there were several girls I knew who were pregnant before 15. Some of them even knew who the father was… occasionally. Heck, one of my female friends had three children by the time she was 16, and all to different fathers.

Whatever good will I had for women ended in high school. I’ve had a few GFs since then, hoping I’d find one that wasn’t crazy, but they all are. NAWALT? Fucking yes they are.

My folks don’t help either. I tried to talk to them about it when I noticed it towards the end of high school (age 15-17). Dad could see the problem but still (even now) believes that the women who do this are in the minority. mum just refuses to see a problem and says I’m being silly. Her favourite word is misogyny. I have no idea how they’ve managed to stay married for almost 30 years.

Women are emotional vampires. They don’t bring anything of value to a relationship (I’m a qualified Chef, so I don’t need a cook. Washing machines are literally 2 button pushes) except for sex, and quite frankly, I don’t have to hug my Fleshlite afterwards. I also don’t have to worry about it lying to me about contraception. Also the sex is better!

No, women don’t have any social currency left. Girls are stupid, throw rocks at them.

And a portion of another comment:

One of the major things I have noted is the disconnect between the 30 something men and the 20 something men. Especially in regards to women and relationships (I am speaking in the general population, not the MRM): my group are functioning nihilists, while the older men still have the delusion of hope. My initial thought was a difference between the Gen-Xers having lived their lives during relative prosperity and influence from a resurgent social progresivism. Then I realized that there was a major cultural shift, similar to the rise of Jazz and the roaring 20′s in the early 20th century.

I recommend reading the full comment thread because for brevity’s sake I only included a few comments.  Men under 30 are getting fed up with women at a very fast rate.  There are a lot of men who decided to go ghost after getting fed up with women, but getting fed up with women took these men decades.  Paul Elam has talked about how he has gotten emails from teenage boys, 16 and 17 year olds, saying that they’re fed up with women.  The younger a man/boy is, the more feminism and crap from women he has had to deal with each day.  Teenage boys have now experienced the same amount of crap from women that an older man wouldn’t have gotten until he was at least 40.

As these men and boys have gotten exponentially more crap from women, women are doing less.  First, women stopped learning basic life skills like cooking.  Now, many young women are giving up on showering and basic hygiene (like I talked about recently).  I imagine that the many boys in the next crop of teenagers (if not current teenage boys) are going to get even more disgusted with women and girls than they are now because they are literally getting FILTHIER.  The smarter teenage boys will keep their dicks away from these cesspools of God knows what.  This will be helped along by technology like VR sex because technology can’t give you a STD or some other disease.  (Plus, it will probably be cleaner as in a lack of dirt/filth.)  Add that to the fact that these young men have been assaulted constantly by feminism since the day they were born, and the results as they get older will be explosive.

The good news about this is that the MRM will in the coming years and decades get a massive infusion of manpower and energy.  The bad news is that the men in charge of the MRM right now don’t really get what young men are going through now so they are ill prepared to handle the influx of all these young men.  Maybe that’s not a bad thing because these young men don’t need help figuring out who is causing them trouble.

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  1. I hear from my buddy Don, whose wife died and he married a Bulgarian woman. Sweet, warm hearted gal who respects a man for being a man. Where the hell do you find that here? Cunts love the NAWALT bullshit, the perpetual carrot on a stick or search for the holy grail of womanhood, HA. I want what he has, a woman way out of this fucking female toilet culture in the USA. Let the worthless American whore & pig have their cats, only relationship they deserve.

    • Well I am a 44 year old retired military guy never married abs no kids. I read this article and just chuckled. These young guys are wise beyond their years as I put up with the same shit since I was 15 in 1985. I recently stopped dating a woman my own age who is a therapist that I had an infatuation with since 6th grade. After 5 years of spending money on her and her daughter who played the victim like a champ. Although I never bought into it I was good to them simulate because I was raised to be polite and treat others with kindness. The funny shit is that she thought she was giving me the mindfuck and holding pussy over my head like what she had was a bar if gold between her legs. How rediculous. She demanded that I lift her up and run after her like a pussy starved little bitch. In 5 years she never contributed anything to the friendship or relationship . My parents both had major medical issues where I had to spend over a year in the hospitals all over the state. She or her offspring not once offered to help or at the very least come visit. It’s utterly astounding enough only called me when she needed something . I am not gonna use the words self absorbed cunt but it comes to mind. It’s nothing new really . Tou mix emotional issues and estrogen with psychology background and that is the atomic bomb of wacko crazy bitch. Guys stay away from this combination. It’s recipe for disaster. I think these blogs are very good to read and post a view. In the grand scheme of things , women are a game that you play and the reward is pussy. My advice to all young Guys is to concentrate on school and success in life and place no importance on relationships with females who do not have the mental balance to engage in such. They Do not support you. If they do , it’s a farse and it’s only the appearance so they can maintain a relationship to get their needs met . If the money runs out and your at the bottom then they fucking vanish. They butch about being treated like a piece of meat but that’s what their actions dictate . Don’t get into them , just fuckem and concentrate on yourself. They want a man that they can not mentally control. Be nice and act like their pussy stinks and they will run after you like a pack of dogs. Yes it’s dumb and annoying but it’s the sad reality today.

      Signed ,
      The insightful male

      • Yup. I got a buddy who got divorced a year ago because his old lady cheated on him and would constantly abuse him not only verbally but physically as well and of course it was all his fault – even though he never realized she was sucking and fucking all she could right under his nose, she was to blame for her guilt of her cheating on him and lying to his face and her worry of being found out caused her to do all sorts of crazy shit. To this day, he still thinks well of her and recently started talking to her again – can ya say mangina too scared to walk away and realize there are plenty of others out there who WILL treat him the way he should be treated? Well he can’t, not yet. We have a plan in place to heal this guy from this “woman” – who is 40 years old by the way and has 5 failed marriages already… which should have been his first clue… that he can’t fix self chosen to be stupid women. All I ever tell him is “a man can’t fix stupid – it’s a woman’s right to choose” – just to piss the whore off because after all she did to him and all the crap he suffered from her she goes and gets with a local Abused Women Society with other women who have been found out and who also do not know themselves and want to point fingers of blame for all the shit they’ve pulled and can’t have the community knowing about – so hence, gasp, it’s a man’s fault for the broads not being whole with themselves and thinking they’re something special when they’re just whores who got pegged for that they are… oh, but it’s a man’s fault, all-ways is with bitches like these. It’s a funny story, it really is, and it’s sad and pathetic that women want what they want without knowing what they want – or need – and only know they can get mad if they don’t get it. I encourage men to use condoms a man invented to protect themselves from The Great Whores if Babylon… because intelligence, and self respect and making good choices to pass up on broken for life meat, or suffer the consequences because ya can’t control your dick.

        Hell hath no fury huh?
        Well Heaven Hath No Wrath CUNTS.

        Women have no respect, even for themselves.

        Smarter than men, huh?

        • Do women even love? Or is it just for support and child? And now they remain single because of govt. Or is it their feminist attitude?

        • Aaron, a VERY good question but restate it as, do they truly love men other than their sons and sometimes their fathers? I firmly believe they do not. Once they have money, how ever they can get it , that is there love. Ever seen how many middle aged women get a bhigh off travelling? Most don’t want sex…it is wiser to leave the white women behind and if we truly need a woman, a foreign non-white will expect less.

        • Very funny…true but funny

      • But their pussy does in fact stink. I went down on one once and my boner just went glay I had to make an excuse as to why I didn’t want to fuck lol.

        O love women but the sad truth I learned a long time ago is that women can’t love and never will. Sad but at least it’s better than being dillusional

        • Damn spell check I hate the spell check technology. It doesn’t even help u at all. How does I turn to O and how does flat turn to glay come on.

  2. Women nowadays seem to want the ‘Perfect-inshape-intelligent-smart-whocooks-drives-anddoesthechoresathome prince’ and have them at their will and command, exactly like a puppy. But what they really dont realize is that most of the time we have to put up with all of their emotional bullshit and psychological baggage, and that would be enough to balance everything out. Those so called ‘feminists’ are against the roles of a relatiionship, especially the ones focused on women like chores, but tell me if in a long term relationship there are not responsabilities, roles and jobs to do what is it even the fucking point of having it?

    After all they have to understand that some things women can do and men can’t, and viceversa.. But these days girlfriends and wives seem to want us me to be both the woman doing chores and keeping them happy and the men supporting them and the household at the same time

    • Any wonder men are looking for women outside of this culture?

    • That is their pickiness! It takes so much to arouse them because their bodies are badly out of shape…2/3rds of American women are fat. Their hormones are lower than any time in history thus, low arousal yet LOTS of mouth. If a woman is easily aroused she would not demand so much, right? It is an epidemic health problem. If younger I’d fear cohabitating because they divorce left right and centre so easily and don’t suffer the consequences.

  3. American Women Are Very Pathetic Today.

    • … women need to learn to respect men… instead of thinking they can do what they do without accountability… it’s a two way street and a lot of men and women need to both figure it out and get back to the established gender roles in the Western World.

      … by the way, as a little known fact… the biggest porn watchers are females between the ages of 15 and 39… 68% is watched by women… now isn’t that interesting so see, men, THEY ARE TRYING TO ADAPT! ” )p

  4. The reason you had no fathers is because your fathers got systematically devoid of you. I am a father who is in absolute distress from the torture of my children being taken from me and guess what? They hate me and blame me for it all because i am de-voiced. All fathers are and the scam that prevails has destroyed our society just to feed a feminist regime. The system is created so that no man can ever reclaim his rights. There is only one outcome now and it is coming for sure. That will be war between the sexes and you can guess who will win that. Even with their little lapdog cops, protecting them. Men are sick of it. We have had it with these spoilt brats still whinging about things that are not there. For instance the “workplace inequality.” And what pisses me the most is these cunts can whinge about this while it is men who are the ones suffering in the entire scheme of things.

    A woman will complain her entire life about it because men are no longer bowing down to her every whim. She created this as well because men now have no place in society with all the oppressive laws. Men simply, can not be men anymore. We have to be women and none of us are ever going to be women. Even gay men, will never be women. Even transvestites will never truly be women.

    Women have ruined society for men and they have also ruined it for themselves and than blame men for that. It is never going to stop because women are selfish. They will go from one man to the next, without any emotion about it. It will be manipulative sobbing of some sort – but it will be fake. She will be already screwing the other guy but telling everyone you are the cheater or seeking approval for it. No guy will accept that anymore. We are not disposable heaps of garbage.

    For all you young guys and girls who never had a dad, i am sorry your feminist mothers never saw reality and only saw vindictive manipulation. I am sorry they saw you all as pay checks. A society that treats children as a win or loss is disgusting. Nearly all children say that dad walked out and was never heard from again. Kids are waking up that how could it possibly be that all dads do that exact same thing. Kids are awakening to the fact that dad was systematically removed from their lives and threatened with jail and all sorts of rubbish to satisfy this disgusting feminist society.

    I was one of those children as well and when the child support stopped, my mother has never had anything more to do with me. I wish to sue all of these pigs for leaving me in that situation in the fake best interests of the child. But of course i can’t because i have not the money to fight in this corrupt oppressive capitalist regime. Not many of us can. Since the 70’s fathers have not been anything more than pay checks and oppressed. It gets worse by the day. The law is so corrupt that it words things to manipulate the outcome. It is made to look like, dad had every opportunity but dad never did have any opportunity at all. Dad will be defamed, manipulation, guilty until proven innocent, which will never happen. Slowly eroded from his children’s lives.

    The mother is rewarded for perjury, defamation, kidnapping, extortion etc. You look up what jail term perjury gets and than tell me any mother who has lied, that has ever received any jail term at all. The entire thing is a scam and uses our children as the job. These feminist bitches are so self centered that they can not see what they are doing to their own children.

    • Esther Vilar – author
      The Manipulated Male – book… search it up, free PDF available… it’s ALL there… like it;s their handbook or something…

      • Will do but i certainly don’t need a book to tell me how manipulated us men are. Dote on little miss princess, if she doesn’t get her own way she chucks a tantrum. Ruins lives.

        Apparently and it is true if you really sit and think, that women begin manipulation as tiny tots. They learn quickly to pout or cry or sob to get what they want. They typically cause trouble and others get the blame for their actions.

        If you have ever had a sister that tormented you and than your parents would blame you and tell you to leave little sis alone, thsn behind their back she would make faces at you, that is the type of manipulation. Or when they do something naughty and pout to get attention for being naughty but boys are frowned upon, that is how they learn quickly to be manipulative.

        It is in their natural traits or instinct.

        In caveman days, a woman needed the strongest male to protect her. She would manipulate the male with sex or food or something like that so he would take her in. That is because men are the stronger physical species and it doesn’t matter what anybody says about that, it will always be true. Why is it that men are the slaves or able to do the physical contact sports more so?

        Women haven’t lost their trait either but now they use it in nasty ways. In fact this is why they go from man to man without a care. They want the strongest male and once she sees weakness in her male she will search for an new one. She will constantly manipulate and bring you down, so that she is causing herself to lose that bad boy in the first place. Every test a woman does is to piss you off, which wears you down.

        Thing is they are so callous that they find an new man before they leave their old one because, it is better to have one than none at all.

        When God created women he was only joking

        • … it’s just reference material, written in the 70’s and sticks true today, nobody HAS to read anything, the fem-broads have had it banned in America for over 40 years… it’s just interesting to read it to see why… but younger guys would do well to be exposed to it to give them an advantage of not wasting their time trying to figure gals out… that’s all, cold care less what ANYBODY does with it… everybody always has a choice… ” )

        • Do you think women have ever really loved? Or is it just this attitude which causes their singlehood?

        • most women are completely incapable of real love. take a male bathroom symbol and a female bathroom symbol and place them side by side. now on the male symbol place a brain in his head and a heart in his chest… on the female symbol place a $ sign on their crotch and you’ll have the undeniable answer to your question. all women are whores. they just don’t want you to know it because you my fine friend are the Apex Predator on this planet. and they just want to punk your power. ignore all whores, train your bitch right from the get go and do not ever accept disrespect of your GOD given authority over them and their feeble weak bs.

          but do not loose hope! real women are out there… sadly most are just hookers masquerading as real women. be careful and ignore the natural born gaped out lying losers in life.

          they’re just whores… by choice.
          but it’s always a man’s fault… sure… sure.

  5. Yeah i know i don’t need to read it because i am aware of how manipulated us men are as slaves etc. Dote on women, provide women this and that, Destroy our lives and it is funny, destroy hers and we are the worst evil. But yes i have downloaded it and read the first 21 pages so far HAHA!

  6. 30M here. From the age of 3 I have known nothing but abuse, manipulation, deceit, and emotional blackmail from American Women; starting with my own mother, who was an abusive narcissist, and eventually involving female teachers in the public education system. Frequently I would be separated from the other students (either by having my ear pulled, the back of my arm pinched, or a boney finger pressed into my collar bone) and told that I need to behave myself – when I was doing nothing other than playing with building blocks with the other kids, or just playing tag peacefully at recess. I would be held from lunch and forced to eat PB&J in the classroom. Any fun, sociability or curiosity I had was quickly squashed out by the (female) teacher. I was given detention, suspension, and sent to the school psychologist for as minor an infraction as walking with my hands in my pockets. Frequently I was taken to the front of the class, put on display for the other students, and criticized by the teacher.

    Female classmates began to bully me by 2nd grade, and the female teacher would always take their side and team up against me. Later, when male classmates would bully me, the same pattern would repeat. I was the one who got in trouble, since, by female logic, “I was the center of the disturbances”. In counseling, the (female) counselor exercised some victimblaming and asked me “What do you think you can do to stop getting picked on?” If I ever fought back, the hammer really came down from female authority, and I would be sent to psychologist, etcetc. I was put on Ritalin for “ADHD”, which I have come to learn doesn’t actually exist and is better described as “Male Student of Incompetent Female Teacher”. I learned to hate women. Women taught me to hate women.

    Now I am 30. After a string of relationships with this manipulative, selfish, dishonest and disloyal creatures, I am done with AW. I do not lift a finger to interact with or aid them, no matter the emergency. I have since begun dating women from SE Asia who treat men with kindness, respect, and dignity. I am so happy and proud to be the fiance of amazing and nurturing woman from the Philippines. Whenever American women read that, their claws come out, their racist, bigoted, evil comments begin to spew, but I just ignore them. They have no place in my life and it drives them to fury.

    • it’s simply because you were a threat to their “education curriculum”… and as you know, you’re quite a bit different… if you are curious, get at me. ” )

    • I know many men who have Philippino wives and are very happy. They are very loyal and happy women. They are happy to be by your side and are extremely fussy when they clean and cook. They are quiet and not bitchy. I mow a few yards and one comes out with sandwiches and a drink. Another cleans all the paths with her little broom, even though i will blow all the paths off later. I have seen all the racist remarks and bitchiness from other women and the usual, he is abusing her because her nature is a quiet person. They also come to our countries and think they are living in heaven. Lovely people. Usually the younger girls go for a lot older men and this is seen as – the new husband being a pervert but it is ok when a cougar attaches herself to a 20 year old right? This is their culture, how they are brought up. I have heard how 18 year old women are with 50 year old men in that country. Apparently those women choose the older men because of the same reason western women choose their man. SUCCESSFUL. The older men are usually not into party mode, which these women prefer, is what my friend tells me. He regularly visits the Philippines with his wife of 20 years.

  7. Well, what else can I say? American women (especially whites) absolutely suck. They are rude, selfish, irrational, bitchy, shallow, materialistic, spoiled, self centered, disrespectuful, fat, liars… you freaking name it… and yet they wonder where all the good men have gone!!! No more white amerian women for me, I´m done, I´ll date girls from other races who are feminine and who know how to build a true and happy relationship.

    • It’s really quite sad, the cultural marxists are achieving remarkable success in destroying europeans as an ethnic group… It really is a shame because those of European ancestry, and the civilizations they’ve built, are the best in the world, and driving a wedge between the men and the women is brutally effective for destroying the race itself.

    • American women and here in Oz they’re the same. .but don’t be fooled..Asian women Can be worse. In Sydney we have millions..they’re just as b itchy and self centerd especially the Indian and chinese

  8. Let me all ask you this……………..and be honest…………….if they didn’t suck your dick or have sex with you, REALLY, what use do they have on this planet other than popping out kids? NOT A THING. I’m a 48 year old male and have seen the decline of female quality in the 70’s, 80’s,90’s,2000’s and now this disgusting decade. Take note boys…………”hit and run”……………

    • I concur. Real men know… these little boys don’t and are going to learn some hard lessons that women aren’t women… they’re vacuums that suck what they can when they can.

      the other night I had 3 “babes” come up to me and act all interested in me and I played along until they asked for drinks… then I looked at each of them and said sure… which one of ya is gonna suck my cock… and they all left, but the one broad who thought she was going to have some kind of conquest… while I was the one Kinging her all weekend long… then ASAP this morning she asks me if I can help her pay her bills so I told her no, she’s a “strong woman who doesn’t need a man” and oh boy did she ever get pissed – glad I video taped our sex-fun so I can’t get falsely accused of rape because a little natural born whore didn’t get to use her body to get what she wants… but I sure did.

      See, women are incapable of anything they say they can do… it’s just an excuse to get you to do it for them.

      Walk away and let natural selection take its course… that’s what it’s really all about.

    • Nice post. Very F***ing true and spot on!

      • The only thing women are good for is what is between their legs…. And you better hope to God you don’t knock up the stupid bitch

    • I would think someone as wise as you, being 48 would have a better argument than that.
      I don’t understand your comment. Women don’t just “pop” out kids on their own….usually a man also helps, so one could ask the same about men. If you’re talking about some cracked out whore who does nothing but monkey around amd spread diseases, then I understand, she obviously can’t contribute to the world. But everyone on this planet has a purpose. It’s not always important but its a journey we must all go through. I’m not a feminist or even a woman, but as a lawyer your argument has no base. Like I said, you said besides sex, a woman is useless. As if women don’t have jobs or go to school. And if you think that males them useless, then aren’t we just as useless?

  9. I’m 17 now. It’s been a very dificult few years. I found red pill when I found out about circumcision.
    Never before have I been so angry. Now I’m just Zen mode.
    I’m finally having fun, I don’t have to worry about women and it’s just… Peaceful.
    I don’t worry so much about success just happiness. It’s funny how much pressure goes away when you stop seeing marrage as the goal and start seeing happiness as the goal.
    My mom is a good person but a traditionalist. I’m not, if a woman wants to work let her. I don’t care. I don’t care about much XD.
    My dad is a tamed bad boy. He’s smart. I didn’t learn red pill from him. He’s a natural alpha I guess.

    I never had luck with women. Finally I got a girlfriend and was incredibly let down. She just didn’t care about me at all.

    Women don’t love. They love how men make them feel.

    I’m now a member at MGTOW hq.
    It’s not just American women. It’s female nature.
    Female nature is hypergamy.

  10. I’m 44 and I have no woman. I have had more girlfriends and one night stands than Solomon but not one of those women were capable of logic or reasoning. The only logic they know is to blame every problem on me and then suck the next cock. I have never had issues of domestic violence, verbal abuse, or cheating. I am good looking and I have been a carpenter/welder for 22 years… yet I am single. My room mate owns his own house, is really good looking, and is self employed……yet he is single because he hasn’t found a date in years.

    I used to think that I just need to find a fat woman, or one who is not a “10” or even a “6” but the plague of narcissism has permeated every woman down to the last bar troll. I give up.

    I now have a German Shepherd and a 4×4 truck. I couldn’t care less about some cunt and her day of sucking cock. Not one woman could hang with my intellectual conversations anyways. Now give me and the boys some beer and burgers and we’ll talk all day about planets, animals, molecules, engineering, social issues, philosophy, music, and anything else that requires thought and isn’t bitching and whining. In fact, ALL of the best times of my life have been with men. In my 44 years of living I have very few good memories of women. (I could count them on one hand).

    So who is to blame for all of this? I don’t know. I grew up in a time when hitting your wife was perfectly legal. We need to get back to that.

    • Exactly! The best times of a man’s life is with the fellas! Then use them later 4 a release and drop them.

  11. Perfect timing. My son will be turning 30 next year. He has all the arbitrates you would “think” a women would be attracted to. He’s bummed out because every relationship he’s had with women have crashed and burned, leaving him feeling like crap.

    I’ve told him countless times he’s not alone that in today’s society, things are shifting for men. Men are beginning to see that pitfalls with relationships with women/girls and men are avoiding committed relationships. They’re realizing that life can be good without. Sadly, most of his make friends are either in committed relationships or are married, which compounds his frustration.

    What’s sad is that he would make a great husband/father but the picking is slim. I look at his friends relationships with their partners and I can viably see that they have had their testicles removed. I’d rather he keep his and not give them up for the sake of a women.

    Indirectly, his mom and I haven’t made things simple in that we’ve been married for almost 40 years. We hold a traditional marriage … my wife was a stay at home mom, I have been the bread winner. I’m the leader of the family, always have been and always will be. What we have is rare at best and certainly hard to find.

    I wish the best to all you single guys. Keep strong health an d strong mind and you’ll live long and prosper.

    • Should have said “attributes” … I hate spell check

    • A divorcee here myself…. IMO life is *not* better without a woman in your life when they are behaving as they should….. God made Eve for Adam, i.e. a companion to alleviate loneliness. Yes folks, women are “liberated” now. Mark my words, if society were to break apart at the seams, eventually were to collapse, and all hell breaks loose, women *will* be subjugated once again. They will have to be because men are physically stronger than them. It is our f***ed up legal system that gives them these “rights” to act like whores… That’s “freedom”, if that is what you want to call it. I am not saying it is cool to beat women, but when you start promoting too many indians to chiefs and their aren’t anymore indians (i.e. gender “equality”, which is just not a feasible from a biological/physiological standpoint), wtf do people do? FOR ALL OF YOU GUYS OUT THERE WHO ARE MANGINAS and are in relationships where you’ve allowed the p*ssy to whip you, GET THE F*CK OUT ASAP…. Tell that bitch off and get the f*ck out of the relationship. YOU are the man, YOU are the alpha. Stop being a wuss and have some self respect. It may hurt immensely for awhile, but you become numb and it will not sting as bad in the long run. It is NOT worth it, I’m telling you. My two cents. If a woman reads this and is offended, guess what? F*CK YOU. Go out with as many guys as you can. I hope you contract a lethal STD so other women *might* learn from your stupid mistakes

    • I came across this sight by accident, Wow its interesting to read this as a women I am 51 and I too have boys that say women aren’t the same these days. My husband and I have been married for 31 years and I have to say I love him and respect him as a man. I am a stay home mom That loves a clean house and good food. I would have to say a lot of this is true because of social media I see it everyday smart phones, computers take away much needed time to keep up with house hold chores especially if the women works. My husband was self employed and worked long hours and I raised the kids. But I also helped him remodel two homes for us through out the years. I always help him dig ditches lay pipe haul stone on top of cleaning and cooking. So I’m really upset to be called selfish or a whore I’m the one afraid he is looking for a younger girl. Funny he always says I’m not that stupid. I’m glad they cant clean or cook I might keep my husband. Thanks for the info. But let me say there is some good women in America you just have to look hard.

      • You remind me of my mom. Which is why it pains me to say… f**k you.

        “But let me say there is some good women in America you just have to look hard.”

        ‘There is a safe path through a minefield you just have to look hard.’

        What a horrible thing to say. You’re encouraging men stumble through the minefield that is modern women. You should be encouraging them to avoid the overwhelming odds of a horrible outcome altogether.

  12. not all are like this, as a woman i’m tired of getting burned by people in general. Bad people give bad names to good people. I’m tired of being bashed on the internet for other jezzebels or self proclaimed assholes. it goes both ways!

    • It is probably true for a minority of women. But the vast majority of women are assholes. And they brought it on themselves. Want to stop being burned? then convince the rest of your gender to toe the line and start acting like women again. Until then, men are going to react in a way that protects men. It’s not going to be pretty, but women caused this problem – it’s women who have to solve it.

      • American women are pathetic, fat, always on there phone, go for the a hole, selfish, unapproachable, lazy, slutty, and entitled B ch es. If you ever get a good woman overseas stay there with her and learn the culture Before going. I met a colombian woman here who has been here for 8 years and she learned a really negative way to be a feminist r tard. women who come from overseas to live in the US get worse because they think they have more entitlement.

        • “I’m a woman, I can do anything”. “Im a woman, I knew how to do everything before I came here to the United States, but now since I live here my other american slutty friends tell me how to live. “I’m a woman, in America I learned that Twilight is the best book ever, Cosmo is where I get facts, The Notebook is my favorite movie, I don’t have to cook, it’s the guys fault for everything, I am on my phone all the time even when having a serious conversation at the restaurant with the man I “say” I support…..yeah right. “I’m a woman and I can tease him and use him to get me presents and give me money then dump him. IM a woman, I’m going to date and screw guys even I’m still married. Im never dating another american slut again. I’m staying wherever she is at. Bitch.

    • Jennifer, one thing you have established with your response. You have established that you are like all other women in that when men talk about women in general you immediately think those men are talking about YOU. You think this even when those men are not even aware that you exist.

      Now when men are being attacked in general they take it because they look at themselves and compare against what s being said. “Am I like that?” “No?” “Oh well it’s not me that is being spoken about hence no need for me to respond.”

      Women cannot do that. They feel that they must respond.

    • Jennifer, it’s not your fault… The legal system has brainwashed you into thinking you are “equal”…. In the makeup up societal roles, this is the case. However, you have to agree that your ” rights” were not earned….. Our government handed them to you. You have a vagina and you have “equality”….. How on earth can it be so bad for you? You are sitting on a pot of gold?!?!?!?!?

      • High-functioning autistic women are the good ones, and if they don’t have diagnostic papers in hand, you can pick them out by the slightly dazed look in their eyes. If they say that you’re beautiful, you can bet that they really think so, and if they say that they love you, you can believe it as well. If they stay with you as opposed to disappearing very swiftly, that in itself is a declaration of love, and even if you aren’t beautiful to see, have no money to give them or even a transmissible disease, if you have any redeeming qualities at all, they will love those. They will not go after your money, and will be horrified at the thought of doing so. They will bring their own peculiar and genuine interests with them and share them with you, and they will likewise share yours in exchange for you being patient with theirs. Even if a man has hurt them, they will only hate that one man, not all of them, and not take it out on you or anyone else. They will do their best to be logical and comprehensible by sane standards. Even to be friendzoned by such a woman is better than to be ‘loved’ by another, for they will do their best to give you the best of what they have. They will give you their hearts right away, indefinitely, and rather than having to win and impress them, all that you must do is not lose them. Tell them that they are equal to men, and they will spend the rest of their lives trying to imitate what they think is the best in you, and to prove it by returning to you what was done for them by you and by others.

  13. I don’t think all women are mean but I think there is an unrealistic expectation in the USA and England that women are a lot nicer than they are. I have noticed over decades that younger men fall victim to women are are game players but when the is trouble their girlfriend will throw him under the bus to save herself. Even if she is the one that orchestrated the situation in the first place. Im not saying guys don’t play games too but all too often women are the ones playing control games. For example lets say you have a group of friends. A women in the group will play games with other women to control the men around them. Be it a simple issue of who owns what, money, love, or even drugs the women in the group will trick men into taking action that way if the guy gets caught he is up poop-creak without a paddle. Often too if a woman wants another woman’s man she will start playing games to push people around and even try to break up the couple. She will convince her friend that her boyfriend is abusive and try to instigate abusive situations. etc etc etc… until the couple breaks up and then she can swoop in. All in all I noticed this at a young age since I was gay, I hung out with more girls than guys and when I was older I had more female friends than male friends. I was intimidated by other dudes because I thought they were meat heads and brutal. But in the end I learned that a lot of them are a hell of a lot more friendly than women. They are a lot more obvious and sincere as well. Again I know guys can play games too but I don’t think it’s half as much as women do. Usually if stuff is going down there is a woman somewhere behind it. Even if it’s cyber bullying women are much more mean. Also all these TV shows and Movies about how abusive men are vs women is just brain washing… for example statistics by agencies such as the FBI and DHHS prove that most abused children are actually abused and even killed by their mother not the father. The stereotypes of women being good all the time, friendly, and nurturing all the time helps with the mask they hide behind.. Usually after decades of mental abuse there is a divorce or breakup and the young man grows tired from games, drama, controlling situations, and lies. Men grow tired of the hypocrisy as well. For example if a male clerk behind a store counter was complaining about his x girlfriend or saying mean things about women he would be fired asap and maybe even sent to court… But in the USA and England women will stand behind the counter all day doing their male bashing… All men this and All men that and blah blah but aren’t fired. If anything it’s encouraged. Even though I am gay I didn’t dislike women because I hated them because I believe I was born gay but over the decades I’ve learned to fear a lot of women – not because they are strong, confidence, empowered women but basically because they are evil manipulative monsters (again I don’t think they all are but can safely say it’s got to be at least 80% of them ha ha). I noticed that a lot of men are turned bi or gay by long streams of women are turn out to be creeps and seek the comfort of other men. Not usually when they are younger but I have seen this a LOT when men reach their 40s. Even if they still like or love women most of them meet in secret simply to have FUN without any strings attached, without games, drama, or feeling manipulated. I mean decades of being thrown under the bus, sent up the river, and being treated like a puppet does take its toll.

  14. I’m nearly 40 and know exactly what my younger brothers are feeling. I got screwed over by a carousel-riding whore, and then I woke up.

    There is a disconnect between guys in their 20s and guys in their 30s, but it’s not that big. We had grrl power during the 90s and the nihilism of the grunge movement, and many of my comrades in their thirties feel just like the guys in their twenties.

    So long as the next generation sees this shit for what it is, feminism is doomed and it’s dragging all the western women down with it.

  15. Where are the good old fashioned women we once had? They just don’t exist anymore.

    • You are correct they no longer exist . Look at your blonde bimbo nowdays with kids from ghtto thugs, who wants that trash, not me.

  16. Male, 25
    Since my country (The Netherlands) tries to impersonate the United States, things have gone down the shitter. Women have become very entitled, manipulative and strong. Guess it’s one of the symptoms when they watch hours of American series like Sex & the City and read magazines like Cosmo.
    Now economically, things have going pretty good for me. Because western women are so shit these days there is a growing demographic problem in our large cities. Rotterdam has 100 men for every 111 women. Amsterdam has 100 men for every 124 women and on top is the city of Utrecht where 100 men are available for 138 women. This calls for many single apartments, many of which I own.

    My biggest concern with women these days is that they are so goddamn useless. Massive numbers of women might be college educated in my country, that doesn’t mean their value to society becomes any better. As partners in life, they are not meeting our expectations at all. They are lazy, cannot cook and tell you they’re not your personal slave if they have to do some household chores. Therefore many men are living single lives and enjoying themselves, and that’s the reason these apartments sell like crazy. Whenever they feel horny they hook up the internet connection or better yet get some random slut to suit their needs. There are still many men that settle down, some with our native women, which mostly turns to crap in a few years. Some of them looking for a long term relationship search Eastern Europe for some lovely women, heck, they even live happily ever after.

    My point being; We are men. We don’t like to be controlled. Just earn your living, keep in touch with your buddies, and try to live a happy life. You don’t need these women, they have always needed us, and over here in Europe, they are starting to realize the bitter reality of earning a women’s salary (yeah they still make 70% over here, suits them right) and living a single life, they aren’t Americans and they are starting to understand that Europe is littered with beautiful women that do want to have a meaningful relationship. If they don’t adapt to our needs, they will lose against their Eastern counterparts.

  17. Male in my forties, from the UK, who sees the crap going down with ‘women’.

    Many are bitchy, and very entitled as well as useless in every way. All the shit that I experienced in life are from this particular gender. I’ve been the victim of slander, name calling, social shaming, ostracised, ect. At least if a bloke did this to you, you could go toe to toe (fight him) and set it straight. With a woman; you lay a finger on her and you’ll be spending time in the clink!

    I feel more at peace now I’m doing my own shit (MGTOW), and I just enjoy the days that roll by.

    Stay vigilant!

  18. Women suck, pure and simple. They are stupid, vapid, and have nothing really to contribute to society other than the fact they can get pregnant. Who the hell cares?! They have nothing intelligent to discuss, are emotional and moody, love gossip and bullshit…Want ” equal rights ” but still want men to cater to their needs and want chivalry, despite having absolutely nothing of any value to bring to a relationship. I would rather jerk off into my own hand, it’s easier, doesn’t demant money or ridiculous discussions on stupid topics like the ” Kardashians ” or ” Housewives ov whatever ” Women are useless and I have no respect or tolerance for their B.S.

  19. This bullshit is called “Crazy Making” and you can read about it right here……http://www.lifehack.org/articles/communication/ten-examples-crazy-making-relationships.html

    • I’m late 30s and fell into the marriage trap in college. Here I am 16 years later with an 11 year old. I have a solid job but my wife makes twice what I do and she’s mean, cold, witholds sex and then says I need to be nicer to her and we’ll “see what happens” in the bedroom.

      She goes nuts every about two months and hits or kicks me.

      I’m going to have the last laugh though. I have archived pictures of every bruise she’s given me and every texts where she’s aplogized and when I’ve got enough saved up for a good lawyer she’s going to be paying me alimony and child support.

      • No you won’t. You can’t just stockpile evidence and sit on it and do nothing about it. The first thing they will ask is why didn’t you do anything? It will look like you are just being vindictive. This strategy WILL NOT WORK.

  20. Good god. What a bunch of narcissistic group of men. Guys. Why don’t u learn to cook and clean? Women aren’t damn slaves and YOU need to learn to do the drudgery that you THINK women should do
    How dare u harp about women when u guys cheat lie steal and break trust for years. WOMEN aren’t scared. They r sick to death of u pitiful men having all the power. They want it too and u guys keep them from having it. Why NOT BE BITCHY when constantly held back from a patriarchal archaic way of life. We aren’t going to stay barefoot and pregnant anymore and u GUYS NEED TO DEAL WITH IT. U SAY WOMEN ARE WORTHLESS. NOW U KNOW HOW WE FEEL ABOUT U GUYS AND CONSTANT NEED TO BE IN
    CONTROL OF EVERY WOMAN. Go screw yourself because that’s what u deserve instead of a good strong woman. Start respecting us instead
    Of seeing us solely as a

    • why does any guy need to deal with anything he doesn’t want to deal with? You say that women are going to do what women want to do – well guys will too. And if a guy wants to cook then he will cook. Or if he wants a woman who is barefoot and pregnant than that’s what he wants. And if he can’t find what he wants then he decides not to settle for anything else. That’s his right. He goes his own way. Sorry that you can’t find a guy to cook for you.

    • Congratulations! You have just proven the point of this article.

    • I’m a great chef – I don’t need a woman to ‘cook’ a microwave meal for me.

      In between servicing my own vehicles, doing my own house repairs, cooking, cleaning, finances and hobbies…

      The only thing I really want from you is between your legs. And I can take it or leave it, frankly.

      Life’s too short.

      • it’s too bad that more men don’t feel like you. The power of the V used to be awesome. But decodes of over use and leveraging it to get what they want has left it with very little value. And it’s really the only thing that makes women desirable these days. Too bad there are still white knights and manginas around who believe that worshiping pussy will somehow create a favorable impression on women. They make it harder for the real men to do what’s necessary to restore the balance. Manginas and White Knights are as much of a problem as feminists.

        • These men will come to me for advice, nod sagely, and then completely disregard it.

          They are not the enemy, but they sure aren’t our allies

    • So many things wrong with your post. Mainly how you are lashing out irrationally. I guess troll, but that’s ok, I’ll play your silly game.

      I’m only going to focus on one of your comments:

      “Go screw yourself because that’s what u deserve”

      First, thank you, I do deserve that and it’s great- see you girls aren’t getting it- men prefer that now- you’re shit is so fucked up that it’s not just better to do it ourselves- it’s WAAAAY better 😉

      Second, that’s it? That’s all women have: sex! It always comes down to that- even while you are trying to justify yourself and make a stand- you point out the truth in your own words. You’re only threat is to “go fuck ourselves”. And you can’t even see how much of a joke that is?

      Men have been learning for decades now how to do both roles. I raise my daughter myself, I cook, I clean, I fix things around the house, take care of the lawn, teach her how to grown into a capable adult. I do the driving, I go to her activities. I earn the money and I take care of the family and the home.

      Women have not been learning how to do both roles…. they (and by they I mean the majority not all) have been learning how to use a gullible man until he figures out what’s going on… then move to the next sucker…. I got some bad news for you: American is running out of suckers!

      • Holy crap, this has to be the best thread I’ve ever seen. I wish I knew about this a long time ago. I normally don’t get into conversing on the net but I have a lot to say on this subject.

        To the lady talking shit, Well, I do cook and I also clean. Unfortunately, I’ve only dated two women that knew how to do it too. My first girlfriend and now my wife, which I often question her capabilities. Like these other guys, I don’t need you to be the only one doing all the chores but it would be nice to have you freaking pitch in! I can’t count the number of girlfriends I’ve had (30+) that have no clue how to wash clothes or cook. Seriously, they couldn’t wash clothes! How the hell do you not know how to wash clothes? And cook? Making a box of shells & cheese isn’t cooking.

        Every single one of these girls were completely useless. They had nothing to bring to the relationship but laying on their back. I couldn’t even have a real conversation with them. The only thing they knew how to do was party and bang. Every one of them cheated on me and went right back to being a ho. I’d see them out with a new guy at the bar and I’d get a smile. Then when drunk, come up to me and rub on me asking if they can come over later. I’d say “What about your new man?” And I’d get “What about him. I like f***ing you more.” Well I wasn’t about to say no to that haha! Stupid chicks, only care about the yolo, partying and banging! And these weren’t nasty trashy stripper types with knife wound scars. These were extremely pretty women with degrees that appear on the surface to have their shit together.

        To Lamarcus, You’re so right my friend. I learned how to cook and take care of myself at an early age. My mother worked two jobs so I was alone a lot. In my house, I cook, clean, do laundry, mow the yard, fix things, and change the oil in the cars. Like you, I have a daughter, two actually, and I teach them how to be little ladies. I teach them how to cook & clean, mow the lawn and be productive members of the household, I refuse anything less and when at a dating age, I’ll hold no reservations about beating their ass if I find out about them slutting it up!!

        I have so much more to say on this subject but I’ll save it for another post.

  21. Angry white American males… Please continue to go abroad and find your destitute foreign doormats to marry. For American women, it’s good riddance. You’re not the prizes you think you are. I’d rather die a spinster than play mommy to any more of you whiny, lazy slobs who bring nothing to the table but your entitlement.

    • Besides I think it’s well known that we are now more educated than you, earn more money than you and are more successful than you. And I’ll take a vibrator over you 2 pump chumps any day of the week.

      So who is it that is actually becoming obselete??

      • So you’re planning on taking yourself out of the gene pool? Sounds good to me. Darwin was right: given enough time, the natural order of things is for the defective and imperfect lineage to disappear. I guess that’s why you call yourself “The end”

        • Seriously that’s the best you can do? At least throw in some cat related insults!

      • no need to add cat insults. Your original post told us all we need to know about you. Enjoy the vibrator.

    • [The End]- you make some good points. However, unfortunately, your good points go to waste because the focus is taken away by your comments about foreigners. Not sure if ignorance or emotional, but I think you are unfairly judging a large portion of the worlds population. And that’s pretty shitty- cutting down others, which you probably no very little about- in order to promote your point.

      I think it’s safe to say American’s of both genders are pretty much fed up with each other. I see the same coming out of the U.K. as well. Fortunately, I don’t see too many men bashing the opposite sex from the entire “rest” of the world… this leads me to believe, many White women will just stop producing. Not sure how far that will go, but I don’t see the trend changing any time soon.

  22. We’re all victims of depopulation. Don’t blame women blame uncle Sam

    • There’s a lot of truth to this. We are headed for a demographic winter and all it took to get here was selfishness and materialism. I’m surprised so many people fell for it. Not surprised women did though. They are easily influenced.

  23. So much hatred and misogyny here. Everyone has had bad experiences with either sex. I agree that feminism has done women a disservice and are no longer feminine and caring towards men and are in constant competition with each other. I hear of guys expecting women to be self sufficient career minded and successful all of the time. Sorry but you can’t have both!
    Why can’t we work together anymore? Why does it have to be a struggle. I believe people get together for the wrong reasons now.

    • El, I agree with your assessment; very well put. Except perhaps men wanting women “to be both”…. I don’t doubt you’ve seen guys who expect both, but I have to believe that’s pretty rare, in fact, I’d but most men want women to only be one of those ideals…. and that’s not good either as that ideal would be the in the kitchen and uneducated. I see a lot of that from the older generations and most of the time they are trying feebly to joke about it, but we all know there’s a lot of truth in peoples “jokes”.

      Anyway, I also see a lot of men posting about how women don’t do any of that anymore. They don’t clean, they don’t dress up, they don’t cook, etc…
      And what I think is getting missed is in the detail: men are saying that’s ALL women should do- men are saying they do those things now, plus earn money. They are saying women wanted equality so they got educated and got jobs… AND THAT’S AWESOME!!! However, they stopped doing those other things because they were taught those things are just men’s way of holding them down. SO men stared doing them all…. and that creates an imbalance in relationships where men feel like they are doing it all and women have nothing to add. I guess there’s a lot of women out there that don’t make much money (some of that is no doubt due to pay for women still not entirely balanced) but still expect the man to cook, clean, work, and treat her like a queen- not because she has earned it or deserves it, but simply because she’s female.

      There’s a lot of women out there like that now- so many in fact that the balance has shifted to where this is the main impression men have of women now in this country (America). So they are learning this main thing: I’ve had to to handle both roles (those traditionally handled by men and those traditionally handled by women) but all women have learned is to demand…. expect…. complain….. and if expectations (realistic or otherwise) are not met- they can walk; women believes this makes them strong and independent.

      The problem with that… it’s wrong. you see, men have been doing strong and independent for a long time now, most of them have learned that giving up and walking away and telling yourself you deserve more is not strength- not even close; in fact it’s a weakness.

      BUT! I will say this: it can be hard to tell the difference between thinking you deserve better because you have unrealistic expectations and thinking you deserve better because the other person really does under value you. The problem is, this culture of being strong has taught women to walk away without putting in any effort into the “team”. Women just sit back and judge, I don’t see much effort being put into trying to understand or work out differences… just judging.

      You’ll see a lot of men, especially younger ones saying they are so tired of being judged by women as inadequate.

      Maybe it’s true- maybe ALL men are now inadequate. Or maybe, just maybe…. there’s a culture of unrealistic expectations and man-hating going on…. as a result of women who grew up in the 50’s (who were unquestionably treated unfairly) trying to teach their daughters to be stronger then they were, but doing it in a harmful way.

  24. Just look how the way these women were raised very poorly today, and years ago Most i would say were raised by very good parents. A very good reason why many of us good men are around today thanks to our Good parents which today their parents really Stink. Real hard to find a decent woman today which i really do blame their parents why so many women are very Messed up now.

  25. I am 43 been married for 23 years have 7 children. My wife stayed home for the most part our entire marriage, because that’s what I wanted from the start and most importantly that is how SHE was raised. Her mom stayed home as well and dad worked. It hasn’t been easy and obviously been a lot of challenges both financially and typical married stuff. No I am not in a high paying job, actually a mechanic working for a shop. What I noticed from my dad when I was growing up is one he was a single father. Two he did put up with a whole lot from us or anyone else for that matter. He was tough, short tempered, sometimes went over board when disciplining. But he loved the stuffing out of us. But he brought to my attention when I was in high school that society is training boys to be women and not men. And I see it even more so now, boys are taught to be women and not manly. Whether it is ” Getting in touch with your feminine side”, or “it’s not her fault if she is bitchy when it’s her time of the month” men have let themselves be turned into women and I think women really hate it, and that’s why the can be cunts. They want to be taken care of as mentioned in the article and comments. Talk to your grandfathers and great grandfathers, WWII era if possible. Of coarse you have to respect your wife but there can only be one leader not two. You must listen to her input, but she is looking to YOU to take charge and stand up for your decision. Men must be manly and give the appropriate amount of attention to a women, and no you don’t have to be at her beck and call at all hours. It’s ok to be unemotional at times, that’s how we can do some of the things we have had to do at times. Also stop looking for women at bars, clubs, at work, etc… You will keep finding the same kind of women and so repeating the same angry cycle over and over. If I was to find myself single again. I more than likely would stay single, or find a traditional oriental woman. You can find women that fit the bill, you just gotta look for the right ones and stop settling for what our society has spewed forth. Also some of the women’s rights agendas were the fault of MEN, because we were not doing the things that we were suppose to be doing as men. One example is physical and verbal abuse of the women and children( and I don’t mean today’s definition of abuse) I mean knock down hard core abuse which my father and mother were privy too when they were kids. Basically men were not holding themselves accountable for there actions. But we can correct this and be real men that society and women truly desire. But you 30 and younger gotta stand up and call yourselves to the task and quite friggin crying and bitching like little girls. Be the man you were born to be. Wanna know more ready history of great men you will get a glimpse of what it takes and read the bible, Old Testament preferably. Even if your are not religious it will help tremendously. There is so much more but that’s what I got for my part, may not agree and think I’m full of it. But it’s up to you to be the men not wanting women to be women first. You do your part and they will follow that’s how it works guys sorry.

    • Just remember, you were very lucky to meet a good woman years ago to have a family with, and Most of the women in your time were very faithful and were very Committed to just one man which they had No reason to cheat especially when they were very happy. But as you can see that Most women today are certainly Nothing like the good old fashioned women were since many women today are very high maintenance, and many women years ago along with many of their men really Struggled to make ends meat. And years ago there was No such thing as a high maintenance woman since the women back then Never knew the meaning. Very obvious why there are many of us good single men out there looking for a good woman since many of us men are Not single by choice, and we’re certainly Not to blame either.

  26. There’s no issue with having an alternative view point. But if you knew anything about legible arguments you would understand personal testimony doesn’t back up your argument it’s subjective. It sounds like your making yourself the victim, not women.

  27. All i have to say is where are the real Good old fashioned women that we had at one time that were very faithful to their men? And many men were just as Faithful too. Boy, those days are Gone.

  28. This article! I can not agree more and I’m only 17… I’ve dated whores and sometimes not know they are because they’re afraid of their own filth. I’ve dated psychotic weirdos. They change SO MUCH when the boyfriend/girlfriend relationship starts. Like, whoah. What the hell? I’m so sick and tired of all of the feminine men. They degrade their own manhood in order to have the approval of a woman. I don’t think anything makes me sicker to see. You older guys would agree and probably have things to add to that. I hate what this world has come to. I’ve never once chased after a girl for sex. I’ve always been the “nice guy”. Well… The ” nice guy” is actually the honorable guy. I really do want a woman that would put effort into a relationship. But lately it seems like there is no such thing. It kinda hurts… Recently I asked this girl to prom. She was AMAZING when we first started talking. I thought I found that type of young woman that I wanted. Nope. There was still things that bugged me. Like, she has a history of leading guys on, she called herself the dick fairy. (Huge red flag. Also she is older than me). A big part is the distortion of what sex is really for and immaturity. As a kid, I’ve always had the saying, “Never hit a woman. EVER!” Shoved down my throat. I believe it. You shouldn’t. But what about us? Don’t we count? Why can a filthy whore have all this sex and expect not to run into some loser that’ll abuse her. It’s not my mother fucking fault she can’t control herself. Am I right or am I right?

  29. Well i do have to certainly say that Most of the women out there now are very sad and Pathetic just by the way they dress and act nowadays, and finding a good one is very hard for many of us Good men that are looking now which years ago the real good old fashioned women were the Best and certainly much Easier to meet at that time. That is why our parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles were born at a very good time back then which made it very easy for them to meet one another and have a family too, and today Most women are sleeping around with all different kinds of men which they just Can’t settle for just one. It is very sad how women have changed for the Worst over the years, and with so many women being very independent, spoiled, and very selfish now certainly tells the story which many of them are real Losers too.

  30. I am tired of a breed of woman leading the world in America in obesity,single motherhood,obesity,divorce,aboriton and probably also debt,while women use no fault divorce,lifetime alimony,child support and maternal presumption to outright destroy us.BUY A DOG AND PUT YOUR NUTS ON ICE.

  31. im a 55 yr old dude and i gotta laugh at this stuff.i knew that about women in my 20s.to validate what im saying ive probably slept with a bout 500 women in my life.why?because im the asshole that they like.even at 55 i have long almost no gray hair .not fat at all and workout and look much younger.not according to me thats according to them.now i never fancied my self a stud(thats probably why i got laid alot)and ive always refused to get caught in the trap(even when i was crazy about some broad.i let time teach me about there true nature)most women will cheat with a good looking guy.i know.if your woman goes to a concert and the singer wants to fuck her then her panties are gonna come off lickity split.you will never hear about that one.thats her little secret.i never married and wouldnt marry an american woman.ive only seen a couple of good marriages far and few between but i dint live in there home so i cant be accurate to what there lives are like.i dont have a small dick so brush that aside.i just look at your young women and my older women and just draw a small smile to what i see daily.if these women could read my mind they would tell me to go fuck myself.ive never chased women.and if i asked them out i only did it once .i get a no im out of there.next.u can take any below average skinny girl and shes being asked out daily.she could be mentally retarded and there are complete morons lining up.they dont cook,clean,help,work,comforting or sensitive towards men.there rough and un loving and demanding.even the super fat distgusting women are demanding and order there men around.there comes my smile again.so how would u find a gourgous feminine women who would love you?im financilly well off but not rich rich.all those women do is show up.thats tghere job just show the fuck up.there day consists of a bath and there nails and hair and clothes and talkking on the phone cause they think they have something to contribute to society,which the dont.so ou better entertain them always for there attention.hahaha theres my smile again.i also love when women read our comments.they complain we are assholes and in correct when we are spot on and that truth hurts them and deep down the know we are right.now i agree there are alot of men assholes out there but im not one of them and the men ive known in my life arent either.us men we cook,clean,laundry,fix everything,try to entertain you work on being sensitive to your needs and undrstand them.we keep our selves in shape so our not fucking a bag of bones or a fat slob.i had a woman sa when she entered my home wow your house is so clean who cleans it for you??i said i do.she said what do you need me for?theres the smile.ill just cum and you can be on your way.this is wh older men look at 20s bitches and think hey ill just pay her to fuck her with out all the words and bs.me ive never did prostitutes.not a turn on for me i have to have at least some stupid dialoge.but even at 55 i still can fuck a 20s bitch in the right scenario.it would be wonderful to find a good looking 55 yr old women that has manners and takes care of her body and dont have a group of drunken drug addict kids.good luck with that.or at least a woman whos not super fat and says she needs to loose a couple pounds.it alwas boggles my mind as to why they think i would want to be with them.its cause im polite in my words cause i was raised that way.i work in the health field and i work with all women.im the guy women love to hate.they think by them hating me right out the gate ill soften and ask them why they hate me and we can start a relationship of love an understanding(ya ok)just makes me hate ya more.all women say women are back stabbers.do they have to tell you anything more.so if all are then all are.there is no sense chasing trash.alot of women dont think men are smart enough to see through there bs.being with so many women i can say women say all the same stupid pick up lines as men do.nice hair nice eyes nice teeth hot body all basically bullshit for the narcisist.ive looked elsewhere to find a good women/bride/partner/freind/helper.even the bible says man should not be alone.and that he n eeds a helper.we dont breed women like this in america anymore.there angy mothers who chose wrong has been creating little slutty monsters to take take take.they say what ever you do marry a rich guy and if it dont work at least you will have money.ive heard this all my life.guess what ladies really rich guys dont marry sluts they fuck them for a few years pay for there shit them as soon as you go from 100 pounds to 120 your out…next.he can buy u for pennys on the dollar.then again sluts are enamored with fancy cars and houses and parties and expensive dinners.gentlemen just dont marry this bitch unless she gets up early in the morning and changes the oil in your porshe by hand cause she wants you to save money.also dont forget that tv has influenced there trolls into there non reality lifestyles.all those reality shows accomplkish one thing.makes the producers rich and makes the average american look like a complete fools which they are.i dont know about you but my father raised us in a house that he controlled and didnt allow screaming matches for hours.he was a very good man,but you werent gonna wreck his home.he was alwas a gentleman to my mother who was also a lady.caring.cooked/cleaned/advised/they werent above each other they were even across the board,they both were tireless workers for a better life for them and there kids.all the women talk shows are dispicable and sound like a bunch of cakling cunts talking over each other.women see me now and think .hes too much work.i gotta find a stupid one.and thank you for that.any way i could go on im at williamwstyles@aol.com id love to hear some feed back and i encourage women to question my validity on these subjects.

  32. I had a friend in high school, I’d known him forever. He had been raised by a single father. His mother just left them one day when he was young. My friend was very good at baseball (a tall left handed pitcher) and he was drafted by a major league team his senior year. Somehow his mother got wind of this and tried to force her way back into his life by basically kissing his ass. He knew what she was doing and took full advantage of it. This just shows how women have no premise of right and wrong. She left a man to raise a child alone and now that child is successful she wants back in. It’s just kind of disgusting to me.

  33. I’m an autistic person, and I’ve ended up with a carer who seems to hate everything male. She treats me badly, but not only that, she often won’t help me with taking care of my dog because my dog’s male. Yes, that’s right. My dog can take two people when it comes to disinfecting his sleeping area or washing him, he’s excitable and happy so someone keeps his attention.

    The carer looks after the cat plenty well though, because the cat has a vagina. I really wish I was joking about this. I try hard to be pro-feminist, to support women. In fact, I’m one of those guys who says that we should have more women in dominant roles in entertainment that aren’t male power fantasies, because after the pendulum swinging so hard one way and damaging the self-esteem of young women, it has to swing the other way just as hard before it can settle in the middle. I support women.

    And yet sometimes there are women I hate, women who really do bad things for the image of women everywhere. Like women who hate male dogs just because the dog has a dick instead of a vagina, this is the kind of irrational bullshit that really hurts the image of women and creates an anti-feminist sentiment.

    The truth is is that there are women who’re absolute jerkbags and then there are women who’re victims. I think it’s introversion and extraversion at work. Especially since extraverted women can have masculinised minds. Yes, introverted women can very well lack self-esteem, and they can feel justifiably and quantifiably victimised by how everything wants to make a male fantasy out of them. I understand that, I sympathise, and as you can read above, I’ve actively fought against women portrayed only as male fantasies for most of my life.

    The women who hate anything that has a dick, though? They’re making it WORSE. They’re acting like men of the ’50s who dominated and owned women, and considered them inferior for having a vagina. They’re doing the same thing.

    You shouldn’t look at gender so binary. In fact, whether a brain is masculine or feminine is important, and we can actually measure that scientifically through brain scans. And I’d be willing to bet you that dominant, extroverted, hate-filled women have masculine brains; Whereas quiet, introverted, passive men will have feminised brains by comparison. In other words, a woman with a vagina might literally think with a dick, and vice versa.

    And I’m not even going to paint all dominant personalities this way. You can have strong, independent, intelligent, introverted women who’ll stand up for other women and help make the situation better. I stand with them! Their agenda isn’t to hate anything that has a dick, it’s to swing the pendulum back the other way so that it can settle in the middle. This is also MY agenda. I want to swing that pendulum with them.

    But then you have butch, extroverted, hate-filled scumbags who want to OWN the pendulum. I’ve met women like that who’d basically want to commit genocide against anything that has a dick, without even being intelligent enough to realise how stupid that is, and how much of a parody of everything they pretend to support they are. These women act like unintelligent men.

    And yes, I’m a man. I’m an autistic man with a feminine brain. I’ve had scans. I know this to be a truth. Like I said, though, my carer hates me because I have a dick. She only shows up because it’s her job, and she barely does any work. She hates my dog because he has a dick. And it’s hard to complain about this because autistic people aren’t ever really listened to.

    If I ask a person with a vagina to repeat what I’m saying at her, she’ll listen intently and act like everything that’s being said is of utmost importance and utterly rational. Yet if I say the same thing to her first, she’ll verbally assault me as just some retarded man, and if I say it after she’ll act as though I’m just mimicking a smarter woman.

    And despite this, I have the fortitude to not hate women. I don’t. I hate persons. I hate individuals. I hate certain groups of douches who ruin it for everyone else. The problem with feminism, as I see it, is that it doesn’t separate itself from dick-hating, extroverted women with masculine brains. The kind of woman who’d abuse an animal and disabled person for having a dick. Who do you talk to about that, anyway?

    So it’s not a good situation for me, but there you go.

    I get the shakes, I have trouble picking things up because of bad motor control, there’s a lot of things I can’t do. I get bad panic attacks. And this is the situation I find myself in. And still I don’t hate women, plurally. I hate that one kind of woman. The kind of woman that acts like because she supports a disabled person, she’s naturally superior and all those poor, disabled people she supports should obey her and treat her like a Goddess despite her abuse of them. That she’s doing something for society, and they aren’t.

    There are plenty of women not like that, the majority aren’t. I’m an activist with that majority on sites like Tumblr (sorry if that offends you) and I’m here, speaking out, right now. What hurts feminism is that kind of woman.

    It’s a kind of woman that even feminists should hate. They’re sociopathic, controlling, manipulative, and hateful. And they’re creating this divide of hatred between the genders, because I think that every case of a man hating a woman or vice versa could be traced back to this kind of individual. A dominant extrovert with a masculine brain that acts like they should own everything, and both genders have them.

    The thing is, though? Like I said, I don’t think that these ‘women’ have feminine brains. They have masculine brains, they act like men, they act like those douchebag alpha males that all other men either hate or follow obediently. They’re just the worst kind of man in a woman’s body.

    Because no one can say that hating a dog for having a dick isn’t wrong.

    No one. Unless they’re a complete psychopath.

    My dog is lovely and loves everyone, he’s a hyper-friendly spitz (and spitz are so friendly, if you’re aware of the breed) and he’s just this cuddly bag of white fluff. He’s beautiful. And some days I can’t properly disinfect his sleeping area because the vagina-man that’s supposed to be my support thinks he’s not important, despite cleaning the cat daily.

    This is my life. And I will still support women. What I won’t support is vagina-men.

    • You, sir, are 100% spot-on. I am a female, and I have huge, unending respect for you because of that comment. I am also autistic, so I understand the whole misunderstanding thing by other people. My dad is the one who doesn’t get me, and insults me when I don’t do what he wants. However, I am high-functioning and don’t have the problems you do, so I feel bad for you. As I was reading through the comments on here, I was smiling because so many of them were pathetic and even poorly written. Man, I had more sense than these douches when I was 9. I was smiling when I read your comment, too, because it’s right. I agree with the pendulum thing you speak of, how it truly has to swing as hard in the other direction to boost the confidence of girls. Even though that will almost definitely never happen, that is so true, and I love the way you described it. I’m so amazed at how much sense you have compared to the rest of these ‘men’. We autistics usually have better sense of the world than the average person. Every last sentence in your comment was spot-on. Ever thought of writing a book? It’s something you could do, especially since your writing flows and your grammar is amazing. I’m happy you don’t hate all women just because of some jerks. The men on this site act like they’re supposed to not hate women, just disagree with feminism. Yet…they obviously don’t have much of a liking for women. Let me tell you, both my dog and my cat have dicks, and I love them both to death. My dog especially, since he’s been around longer and is super sweet and adorable. He’s a big dummy, which is cute in dogs. I get the whole gender thing, too, because my dad prefers my brother over me, even though my brother’s younger, and you usually hear of dads spending most time with the oldest child. He gives my brother more attention and talks about him all the time. He also has him mow the lawn, even though I mow it better. I’m actually kind of happy about this, though, because I hate mowing. But I wasn’t happy when I saw my dad’s confused look when I did a better job than my brother. He’s like ‘w-wow…she did a better job…’. I just hate it when people treat others differently because of their privates, and I hope the situation with your carer gets better. Wish you luck and happiness, dude.

  34. I had a lot of bitchy whore girlfriends.I also dealt and had problems with my mother and also I had nothing but just issues with women so basically I was like one day fuck it. So right now, there’s one girl that actually has a crush on me but, I could care less because, now I don’t care of their crying, I don’t care if they are Pleasant, and last I could care less what the fuck they do with their worthless dip shit life. Because, all American women are just bitches. Me personally.. I’m willing to go ahead one day I’ll my own business but right now, working in blue collar trade and I will buy my car that I really want the most and just enjoy my life away from these Americans fucking cunts!!!! If I want to date again, I’m pretty much just going to go date women abroad because it seems so many European women, Scandinavian women, and asian women only care aboutAmen for who they are and don’t care about their fucking wallet. They want a man for a man. While American women fantasize about these fucking metrosexuals in that 50 shades of gay and Twilight bullshitand all this retarded brainwashing pop culture. I say let’s go ahead box up all these fucking an American women and send them off to these Middle Eastern countries and see how they’re going to live off there by being the way they are to us men.

  35. The door is meant to swing both ways in relationships but seems to only swing one way with women these days who use the equality card when it best suits them (to get free feeds and to avoid housework for example) I know of blokes who work all day to come home to no dinner and a messy house when the mrs is home all day, who wants to put up with that? Regards another single under 30 male.

  36. The reason women are the way they are is due to the way society raises them. Just like society raised you to think you’re all high and mighty and superior, when you’re not. The female is the superior sex. Hard for a society-raised person to digest, but it’s all science and common sense. Males start out female in the womb. That’s why men have nipples. So men have female parts, but women don’t have male parts. Strange, right? Because men are just inferior women. Testosterone makes a man a man. Without it they are worthless. Yes, women need estrogen, but look at this. Before hormones kick in, girls are stronger and smarter. They learn to talk and walk earlier. More girls survive infancy than boys, which is why more boys are born. Nature knows they’re weak. Girls are XX and boys are XY. XY is weaker. They get X-linked diseases more. The XX are two full chromosomes; XY is only a chromosome and a half. AWW. X is the female chromosome and Y is the male. Wait….So women aren’t XY and men YY?! I thought women were just inferior men?! Nope. Men are just inferior women. Women are morally superior. Even Ghandi agreed. He said they are FAR morally superior. Men rape more, rob more, kill more, are just awful sadistic assholes more, beat more, and hate on women for the smallest things (I’m talking to you, morons). Females can do everything males can do AND have kids. Basically, all that is needed from men for the human race to embrace the earth is SEMEN. No one needs your souls, your minds, your bodies, anything. Women can replace you. In fact, in several animal species, males used to exist but went extinct. The females learned to reproduce on their own. It may take longer or more women to move a giant rock, but they can still do it. As the names suggest, male is just a part of female. You guys don’t seem to get that women have subconscious feelings of inferiority that discourage them from doing everything and anything in life. Girls watching TV and listening to music and watching adults have it constantly drilled into their heads that they aren’t as good as boys. It makes me sick, because they are better. It is found that women get more depressed as they climb the ladder and men less. Hmm…I wonder why? As more and more encouragement for women arises, they accomplish more and more. And eventually, they SURPASS men!!! The average IQs of women surpassed those of men a few years ago. The female college graduates surpassed males. And when business offers more encouragement for women, they will surpass men there, too. Women live longer. I often hear people claim men die earlier because of stress, but it’s been shown women are more prone to stress, and it seems they manage it better. So you can scratch that idea. Men die earlier because they are biologically weaker. Sorry guys. Muscles don’t help when the diseases come flying in. Also, women are not to be sex slaves of men. It’s the opposite.
    Nowhere in nature do you see females being the sex slaves of males. However, males are quite often the sex slaves of females. If you look at nature and then back at humans, you would see that males are muscular so they can build for females and fight off other males. So basically, in a natural human society, the women would lead, do the mental work, raise the offspring, do basically everything, and the men would build, work, and come home and give the women their sex. The men would be SLAVES of women. And don’t you idiots call me sexist, because a lot of the things said by men on this thread are way worse than what I have just said. And another difference is that you are wrong and I am right. Donate your semen and disappear from this earth. I don’t want to hear your stereotypes, I don’t want to hear your sexism, and I don’t want to hear you bitch. Although it is funny when men whine after I burn them to a raw crisp.

    • GhostB is online at 11:30 PM on 8/15/2015? Here we have another nasty and bitter feminist sitting home on a Saturday night. Instead of being happy and enjoying her life with friends or a significant other on a weekend like normal people she is at home, alone, in front of her computer spewing venom. She recites so many “facts” – I suppose she figures the more trash she throws – the more we will believe. Honey – no one here believes anything you say. But I will admit I had a nice chuckle – especially the part about burning men to a raw crisp….Your post reeks of desperation. You want a real man so much it hurts. But you’ll never snag a fella with that attitude. Just sayin’

      • Dude. You call that a comeback? ‘No one believes anything you just said?’ Dude! Those were scientific FACTS! Just ask a doctor, scientist, or psychologist. And just so you know, I’m asexual and don’t want a man. I fell in love once and it ruined my independence and the time I could spend on my own, doing what I want, creating and pondering and having a jolly good time. Love ruins you. So screw that. I love how you acknowledged none of my points and instead said ‘oh, she must just be desperate for a man.’ And I’m not desperate for a man. I guess that’s the only comeback you know because you can’t beat me in this argument. My career comes before love. A lot of guys are jerks anyway, from what I’ve seen. I’ve been bullied by them. And I’ve never seen any website so hateful and so degrading of women. And have I ever seen a website as hateful and degrading as men? Nope. Meninists are far more bitter and hateful than feminists. And anyone can claim another sex is superior. The only difference is that one person is right. And that’s the female. And apparently because I’ve commented once, I’m wasting my time on here. Just look at yourself, John. You freaking commented tons of times. And I’d have to guess you’re a grown man. How pathetic. All of you are just pathetic. Stop looking at the sticks in the eyes of women and focus on the logs in your own.

        • You focus on your career, because you’re a fat hideous morbidly obese retard

          Face facts youre too retarded & morbidly obese, to form a relationship with a real high status man

          Your fake independance & fake feminism, proves you’re a deperate retarded bitch

          Successful hot pieces of ass, career women dont use retarded shit like feminism, to hide their obesity & retarded downs syndrome

        • You may be right Rmax. Being asexual is bad enough. But proudly admitting it to is just makes me feel like the only reason she is asexual is because she can’t get a man. She mentions that she was in love before and it ruined her independence and the time she could spend on her own. This is meant to convey the impression that her guy was at fault. But she chose him, so it’s on her. She states facts – but they are only facts because she said they are. And even if I am willing to concede some of the stuff she mentions, it is easy to explain WHY things are the way they are. For example – I can agree that there are more women college graduates than men. But it has nothing to do with women being smarter. We still have quota programs here; women are offered the vast majority of college entrance slots, so it’s no wonder that there are more women graduates. And women are still listed as minorities in the eyes of the federal government when it’s time to dole out college assistance funds! But what’s really important is: what do women do with those degrees? Not much. Women are more expensive employees: they don’t work as hard, they take more medical and family leave, and they leave their careers earlier. If women truly earned 77 cents to every man’s dollar, then US corporations would hire only women. But they don’t. Society would grind to a halt if every man stopped working tomorrow. No one would notice if every woman stopped working….

          I tend to agree with your last point: Feminism is for the less desirable females of the world. Hot women who are smart and pleasant to be around don’t need feminism.

        • Excuse me, guys, but I’d like to point out that your childish insults are ridiculous. Also, I’m not overweight at all, and I’ve never been called ugly in my life. By the way, I’m asexual because I have Aspergers; it has absolutely nothing to do with men. And I love how you’re all making fun of mental problems like Down Syndrome. I’m sure people with Down Syndrome have bigger hearts and fuller brains than any of you self-centered shits. Also, the reason females graduate college more is because they are more sophisticated and organized. Also, businesses would not just hire women, because not only would that make it OBVIOUS what they are doing but it would seem like illegal discrimination when men would be constantly turned down.
          Maybe think a little before spewing out crap, shit-fer-brains. And keep it up, ignoring so many of my points. Keep going. You’re on a losing streak.

        • Asperger’s syndrome has nothing to do with sexuality. But it has everything to do with awkwardness and an inability to interact in social situations. Couple that with your bad attitude and it’s no wonder you don’t have a man. But men are remarkably forgiving. I bet you could find a guy (a real man – not a mangina) if you just toned it down a bit; especially if you’re as hot as you say you are. But challenging everything men think about and calling us all shit-fer-brains won’t do it. You can be successful if you acknowledge that the man is the leader in the relationship, defer to his decisions, be pleasant, and listen to what he has to say (nobody in this discussion thread said anything about Down’s syndrome and it’s not relevant to the interaction we’re having anyway!).

          Your heartache is obvious….Too bad you probably won’t take my advice. Oh well – I hear that cats are good company when radical feminists get old.

        • Look, John, I’m young and have just started my life and I don’t want a damn man. So many are so demanding and expect you to suck up to them and bow down to them like they’re gods. And don’t tell ME about a disease I have. I know all about it, and more than you. It can affect sexuality. I’ve never once masturbated. I DO NOT WANT LOVE. I don’t care what you say; you automatically assuming I’m desperate just shows how clueless you are. Don’t criticize me; I’m not the one on here all the time hating on half the world. Obviously you don’t like American women because you want a woman who will be your pretty little floor mat. Well women want just as much as men want. They can and WILL rule their own lives. What you don’t realize is that the venom you get from women is the kind of venom women get from men, only not nearly as bad. The fact that you have flipped out over the stupidest things and are radically opposed to a rights group just shows how pathetic you are. You’re not a woman. You’re not even a man. You’re a useless piece of testosterone-ridden trash. I seriously hope this website disappears, because not only is it useless, but it’s a cesspool of hate.

        • You clearly don’t possess the thinking skills to interpret what I say correctly. So let me be your teacher, baby sperm. I never said all Muslims are violent and horrible. Most aren’t. I’m just saying that they are MORE violent and horrible, something the liberal media refuses to acknowledge, and the liberals attack Christianity because apparently Christians are “homophobes”. They completely ignore the fact that Islam is a worse religion. Therefore, I am comparing you and your anti-feminist buddies on here to the liberal media, men to Muslims, and women to Christians. Men (Muslims) are more violent and rude but you are all pissed at the women (Christians). By the way, I did acknowledge your comments. Don’t you freakin read what I say? Like how I responded to your college graduate and 77 cent claims? It’s you that wouldn’t acknowledge mine, like I kept pointing out and saying ‘keep it up’. First chance you got, you and your buds made personal attacks on me such as my experience with men, my appearance, etc, rather than respond to each of my points. So who’s flipping out? You. YOU. How old are you? You’re childish as heck.

      • Also, testosterone-ridden-piece-of-trash, look at the comment by Rmax. He said ‘retarded down syndrome’. So guess what? You’re WRONG! That’s right, soak it in, buddy, like a poison.

        • oops. you’re right. I apologize. But why don’t you respond to any of my other comments? You zero in on downs syndrome? When we’re talking about gender relations? Tell me again – who’s flipping out over the stupidest things ???

    • Congratulations! Your ignorant narcissism has proven that women are nothing but bleeding cunt rags. You make me grateful to be a man.

      • Ignorant? Ha! Okay. You have nothing to back up women being so-called worthless. You’re the ignorant one. It’s like you’re the Muslim and I’m the Christian. Men are Muslims and women are Christians. The Muslims are the more violent and horrible religious group and look down on Christians who are, somehow unbeknownst to them (though it should be obvious) the more forgiving, peaceful, and nice group. You pathetic pieces of sperm need to do something real rather than fuck around on the internet spewing hate comments. You’re, I’m guessing, adults. I don’t know what women did to you to make you look so lowly of them, but I know of women who have been beaten and raped and verbally shut down by men all their lives and still turn around and show love to men. They’re not on the Internet. They’re out changing the world and making use of themselves. They lift everyone up. And guess what? They’re feminists. Please, sperm, take a damn look at yourselves.

        • actually most Muslims are quite peaceful. It’s only the radical Muslims that are a threat. Are you a bigot as well as a feminist ?

        • You clearly don’t possess the thinking skills to interpret what I say correctly. So let me be your teacher, baby sperm. I never said all Muslims are violent and horrible. Most aren’t. I’m just saying that they are MORE violent and horrible, something the liberal media refuses to acknowledge, and the liberals attack Christianity because apparently Christians are “homophobes”. They completely ignore the fact that Islam is a worse religion. Therefore, I am comparing you and your anti-feminist buddies on here to the liberal media, men to Muslims, and women to Christians. Men (Muslims) are more violent and rude but you are all pissed at the women (Christians). By the way, I did acknowledge your comments. Don’t you freakin read what I say? Like how I responded to your college graduate and 77 cent claims? It’s you that wouldn’t acknowledge mine, like I kept pointing out and saying ‘keep it up’. First chance you got, you and your buds made personal attacks on me such as my experience with men, my appearance, etc, rather than respond to each of my points. So who’s flipping out? You. YOU. How old are you? You’re childish as heck.

        • Muslims are worse? Let’s see…I’m thinking about Timothy McVeigh – David Berkowicz – Ted Bundy. All modern Christians. Want some historical perspective? How about the crusades, the inquisition, or the Salem witch trials? And let’s not forget American slavery. All christian inspired. Your thought processes are all over the road and you don’t think clearly. I saw your answers to the 77 cent question and others. But they made no sense; they were just immature rambling. Maybe it’s because you’re young and inexperienced, but I can’t debate someone who doesn’t know how the world works. This will be the last time I answer you. I’m sure you will respond with more personal insults and feminist inspired venom. You will claim to have won the argument because I’ve chosen to stop responding to you and that will be the end of it.

        • Oh yeah, all that stuff that happened hundreds to thousands of years ago? And most of it was committed by the Catholic Church, not modern-day Christians. And slavery has been around forever, and it really has nothing to do with Christianity. It’s an ancient practice. And guess who’s STILL practicing it? Muslims! Muslims are out there acid burning, gang-raping, capturing, pillaging, burning, chopping peoples’ heads and hands off, marrying 8 year old girls, committing sex slavery on women, threatening to destroy entire counties, etc. The fact that you are defending them and attacking Christianity is absolute proof of your SHEER IGNORANCE. So it turns out you’re a liberal AND an anti-feminist? Absolutely USELESS! Feminism is the only redeeming quality of liberals. And it wasn’t even originally a democratic thing, so I don’t think I can even give them much credit for that! I really hope all of America sees your patheticy and shuns you so you go broke and starve. That’s what a jerk like you deserves. Move to Antarctica, PLEASE! I’m sure the skuas would love you as a meal. Honestly, you are one of the stupidest people I’ve ever come across. And I didn’t win because you left. I won with my very first comment, a reply to all on here. You can all limp away with your bruised asses now, sperm.

        • Ghostb not only are your morbidly retarded, you also dont know how to form a paragraph

          You’ve obviously infected your keyboard with downs syndrome

          Try not to sneeze, downs syndrome is infectious …

          Pro tip, space out your paragraphs so no one mistakes your aspergers for herpes & aids & itchy ball syndrome …

          Also christians are thousands of times more repressive then muslims, the catholic church murdered billions of white people in britain alone

          Then theres all the red indians christian puritans wiped out in the u.s

          Christians also destroyed & banned most science’s creating the dark ages, setting civilisation back millions of years

          Christians also happen to be pussified faggots & retards … ever heard of creationism …

          Just like you, christians are infected with downs syndrome, herpes & aids …

          Theres also all the paedophilia by the catholic church, fucking 10 year old kids is a speciality of the catholic church

          In fact, im pretty sure you were fucked as a 10 year old by the catholic church, which is why you’re nipples love being groped by catholics …

        • Relax Rmax. GhostB’s grammar skills are the least of her worries. She’s admitted to us that she has Asperger’s syndrome (which means she’s awkward and socially inept, along with other “less than desirable” traits). She tries to compensate by dazzling us with her acumen, but it’ so easy to see that she really doesn’t know what she’s talking about. And she admits that she’s never masturbated – which tells me that she’s never enjoyed the wonders of sexual contact with another person either. She can’t get a man and her heartache is plain to see. I actually feel kind of sorry for her. I tried to help, but she doesn’t want help. Oh well. Another one of feminism’s failures. It would be nice if she realizes that feminism has screwed her while she’s still young enough to change her attitude. Sadly, I don’t think it will happen. The only good news here is that she’s asexual, so she probably wont be creating any children.

        • The problem with ghostb is that she hides her misunderstanding of how the world works, behind a veil of female supremacy & the male hatred created by christianity

          She’s basically pissed all feminism has done is get her pump & dumped

          She actually thinks hating men, gives her a higher quality of life

          The irony is men run the career she’s on, her bitchy attitude will get her fired, demoted & kicked out of any career

          She’s coasting on her vagina & the pussy pass …

  37. Since it’s blatantly obvious you two are DESPERATE to get another response out of me, I will give you one last response. I don’t hate men. In fact, most men don’t deserve to hear my first comment proving they are inferior. Pretty much all the guys in my life are nice, as are the women. I just wanted to give you a**holes a death punch because YOU are haters of women. Do I waste my time going around on an anti-male website and saying how worthless men are and how much I hate them and spitting out stereotypes? Nope. Do I “misunderstand” how the world works? Nope. I’m a conservative Christian, so I’m more clued into it than any other group. Say what you want about us. Someday you’ll be proved WRONG. My intelligence is above-average, just like everyone else with Aspergers. Heck, Einstein had it. I’m not pissed about feminism. I’m happy about it and I think it hasn’t gone far enough. And just look at how women are treated in the Middle East. Like slaves. You guys are pathetic wastes of space and time in this world. Worse than all the women you’re hating on. And one more thing. Stop defending the religion that encourages massacres, terrorism, sexism, rape, and acid burning. Idiots.

  38. One more thing. Everyone deserves the chance to Heaven and God will welcome you if you change. You still have time to change your life and accept Jesus Christ as your savior. Good luck.

    • Oh look the bitch is back …

      Only an idiot follows someone stupid enough to get himself nailed to a cross …

      You still havent addressed the fact christians set back the sciences & human progress by millions of years, & created a literal two thousand year dark age, plunging millions back to the stone age for over two thousand years …

      Then theres retarded shit like creationism, which proves christians are just as insane as muslims

      Also christians have been massacring millions of muslims in iran & iraq for the past 20 years

      Also jews are sick fucks who suck childrens dicks, & slice their foreskins open in backward barbaric horrific rituals

      Christians call these dick sucking, foreskin slicing sick fuckers, the chosen race …

      You’re not a conservative, you’re a dim witted woman who calls dick sucking, foreskin slicing jewish sick fucks, the chosen race …

      Is this not insane & just as severely retarded & fucked up as islam?

      Christians are a hate group, thousands of times more violent then islam

      • We think it’s about us because it IS about us. There’s not a single comment on here that doesn’t talk about women. Most of them are just guys bitching about women. Read the paragraph before this terrible thread. It degrades women and basically calls them worthless. Anyone who disagrees with the fact that women have it a lot harder in this world is an absolute ignorant idiot. Also, circumcision benefits health and is not detrimental in any way. It decreases the risk of STDs and infection, so to think of it as awful and evil is ridiculous. Female genital mutilation is the real problem, practiced by moronic cultures in Africa and, you guessed it, MUSLIMS. The girl isn’t a baby anymore, but has a full and aware conscious, and some are early teens. They are sliced up, SCREAMING from the wretched pain, as one hole is left, the peehole, and the decreased vagina so the clitoris is gone and the woman will therefore feel no pleasure during sex. Many of the girls get horrid infections or even die from this practice. Think that’s not cruel, go fuck yourself harder than humanly possible. Think it’s not as bad as circumcision, go fuck yourself again. Until you put yourself in the shoes of women, you have no right to bitch about them. Retard. You sound very aggressive, like a black 16-year old ghetto thug. And no matter how hard you try, no matter how much you bitch and whine, feminism will always be more popular than the meninism crap you guys pull, and it will kick your sorry ass.

        • Oh look its team woman, backing up another vagina

          Youre so vain you think this posts about women, when its about the affects on young men because of useless women who refuse to work, spend their teens slutting it up & expect men to pay for everything

          In short a living hell for young men

          If circumcision is bad for women, its bad for men

          You’re so vain you think women shouldnt be circumcised but men should … while claiming theres nothing wrong with circumcision

          If circumcisons so great go circumcise yourself & all the baby girls around you … in fact i’ll help, ill bring the scissors & personally slice your vagina & clit off … im all for helping women with their march to equality & vain glorious stupidity

      • Do you realize what a dumbass you are? Women and men don’t have the same genitals. You act like they do. There is nothing to be cut off of a woman’s genitals for any benefit, only harm. Cutting the hood of the penis off is beneficial. Alluding to female “circumcision”, a.k.a genital mutilation as the same as male circumcision is like saying a friendly punch to the shoulder is the same as beating someone to death, or a kiss to a loved one is the same as violent rape. If male circumcision is so bad, why do millions and millions of men have it done with no ill-effects and have proper sex and the same amount of pleasure? My brother and dad had it done. No problem for them. However, women with their genitals cut around can actually get infected or die or have troubles with urinating and almost all feel ZERO pleasure during sex after that. That’s like getting your penis chopped in half and sliced up while you’re conscious and then later getting infected as hell, and when it clears up, which it might not even, you can’t feel pleasure but your mate can. She asks for sex, you better obey her, even though it’s no fun for you. Sound fair?It’s because their stupidass cultures believe women don’t have the right to pleasurable sex. If there was a culture against male sex, you’d go ballistic. We’re talking about two completely different situations here. White and Black. Heaven and Hell. Your brain must have shot out of the holes in your head when your testosterone overload sent you bellowing and raging like a gorilla over something pointless. I’m guessing it happened a long time ago, too.

        • Disagree. I think this site is very uplifting – for men. Feminism definitely had the upper hand before the internet. So many men were emotionally or financially devastated by self-entitled women. But they kept their mouths shut and simply figured that the bad stuff that happened was all their fault (feminism is very good at assigning blame to men for just about anything, or acquiring significant power without any corresponding level of responsibility). But now – because of the ability for men to share their stories – more and more men are discovering the truth: the problems that exist with gender relations today are mostly the fault of women. This is a good thing for men to know.

          One example (but there are many): Divorce. No-fault divorce has made it so easy for women to cash in when they grow tired of their man. There is a 50% divorce rate in the USA and women initiate 75% of those divorces. $10 billion was extracted from men and given to women in the form of alimony last year. I leave it to the reader to determine which gender has the bigger financial incentive to destroy a family.

          A whore is a woman who trades sex for money. Sad to say, but there are too many women who manipulate the marriage game to do just that. Women are supposed to be equal? Then why do we need alimony at all? Heather mills is a fabulously successful woman in her own right, but she asks for millions of dollars in alimony from Paul McCartney. And what did she do to help him accumulate his wealth? Nothing! All she did was screw him for a few years. She traded sex for money.

          The same argument can be had for any “modern” woman who demands money from a man after their relationship ends – especially if she is the one who chooses to end the relationship. I agree that not all women are like that. But there are enough of them around in western countries and choosing the wrong woman has devastating consequences for a man. That’s why we have to assume that any woman we meet is a gold digger unless she can prove otherwise. It’s a protective measure. Many guys would not have the benefit of this knowledge without the internet and sites like this one.

          Finally, it’s very interesting to read your statement about the gravy train. You say that most women would not know what I’m talking about, but you obviously do…..

        • I get what you’re saying. Sometimes women screw men over financially. But it’s actually quite uncommon that this happens! And saying bad gender relations is the fault of women is saying domestic violence, rape culture, sexism, all that is the fault of women! Men have the bigger end of the stick in almost everything, even today. Yes, they have problems, but you guys act like they have a thousandfold more than women!
          And I am just assuming that by the gravy train you mean women sucking off of men’s wealth, work, etc. The reason I assume this is because you’ve been (or Rmax) talking about women riding the coattails and sucking off of men this entire time. If I hadn’t read that, I’d not know what you’re talking about. Also, the divorce thing. What does women initiating 75% of divorces tell you? It tells you that men are the problem in the relationship 75% of the time. And with all the violence initiated by men, if you assume every woman is a gold digger, then we can assume every man is violent, sexist, or a rapist. You shouldn’t assume anything about a person before you even meet them. Throw away stereotypes.

      • Also, it is about women. If it was really about men, you’d all be encouraging each other on how to get around women you find the need to complain about. This would be an uplifting thread if its true nature was about men’s rights. Instead each and every comment talks about the “horrors” of women. If you go into a thread with feminists, you hear horror stories about men beating the women and raping them and holding them hostage, or limiting their career experience or not even bothering to listen to them because they’re sexist. The other women reply with uplifting comments, encouraging the victims to find help and explaining how to get it. Then Is there degrading of men? Nope. Nowhere to be seen. Why is there no encouragement here? Oh, I get it. There’s no real problem worth fighting about. You’re all bitching because some skanks took some of your money, and now all or most women are horrible and worthless and suck and have too many rights and bla, bla, bla. You don’t know what a rights movement is. And since you favor men’s rights over women’s rights, you don’t really seem to understand what a problem is, either. And especially not how to solve it.

        • We are encouraging each other about how to deal with women. We are advising guys not to do it! Especially with western women. There is a substantial movement in the western countries: more and more men are refusing to marry and keeping their hard earned wealth to themselves. Women are beginning to realize that the gravy train is coming to an end and they’re terrified. Men are only reacting to the situation at hand; they didn’t create it. Women take note: your V has been overused and leveraged to the max. It is not as valuable as you think it is anymore. You started this nonsense; it’s up to you to clean it up. Want men back in your life? Then start acting like women again.

        • Men are superior to women, we pay more taxes, we built civilisation out of scratch while you bitches turned into over priced useless whore’s

          Mens rights over womens or society turns to shit, in fact considering how women shit on men we need to ban womens rights completely

          Are you women ready to create a military & ACTUALLY fight us men for your rights, are you women ready to die for your rights?

          We need to ban women from participating in society altogether until women learn how to struggle & WORK for their right to exist

          Women have no right to exist in the 1st world civilisations men have created, women have zero rights to exist in a civilisation created & run by men

          Until women LEARN how to do HARD LABOUR, work on construction sites & die in the millions in the work place, & die in the millions on the battlefield, women can go fuck themselves

          Take your useless vaginas & get the fuck out of civilisations created by men & maintained by men

          We need to kick women out of civilisations created by men until women learn how to fight men on the battlefield & build their own civilisations

          Take your weaker sex & shove it up your ass, WE KNOW youre capable of dying in the millions, we know your capable of hard labour

          Until women learn how to do something constructive with their vaginas, ban all rights for women, kick them out of all 1st world civilisations created by men

          FORCE WOMEN to learn how to build civilisations & DIE for their rights, its the only way women will ever learn to stop leeching & parasite off men

        • That’s it. You’re a horrible piece of worthless sexist trash, and you don’t deserve anything you have in this life. Your comment needs to be exposed to the world so you don’t get a job anywhere but ISIS. And you’re wrong about men being superior, moron. Just cause they did more work doesn’t mean they are biologically, morally, or anything else superior. Maybe in muscle mass. So you score 1 point. The whole male superiority thing is ages outdated and has been debunked millions of times. You just won’t accept it because you’re either weak or too stupid to see past your own small life. You want the whole world to revolve around you. Why don’t you take your nasty, useless, misery and rape causing penis and jump off a cliff with it? And no one deserves to have their rights taken away, exceptions being mass murderers and rapists and sadists. But if one gender had to, it would be the male. Time to take their turn, after putting women through so much crap and pain. If men were all locked up, imagine how much crime and misery would dissipate in a hurry. Men commit like 80% of bad crimes. And don’t even say they don’t, because you absolutely know it. It’s probably even more than 80%. More like 90%. And seeing a whole group of people as nothing more than vaginas that need to be tamed is nothing short of Hitler. Women are just like men, with the same feelings and ambitious, just in different bodies. Society has WARPED and MANIPULATED the pea-sized brain you have. You should be ashamed that there are 5 year olds more polite, happy, nice, forgiving, intelligent, etc, than you. Speaking of intelligence, you really need to get your IQ test done so you can get your list of diagnoses. You are RIDICULOUSLY immature, impolite, selfish, aggressive, unforgiving, misunderstanding, ignorant, pretty much all things bad. Only the worst kind of people have such a profound distaste for HALF THE WORLD’s population. I would hope to God you are just a troll. And thank God you’re not American, which I can see because of your rerarded ‘our’ spellings.

        • John, my point is that this website is not nearly an uplifting one, even if a few guys gave each other some advice. It’s mainly a place for men to bitch about and degrade women. If it’s such a men’s right’s website, then explain to me why there’s crap like ‘Entitlement Princess of the Month’ and women this, women that. You would never find anything remotely like this on a feminist, women-oriented website. There is no such thing as an ‘Entitlement Prince of the Month’. If there was, I can assure you there’d be like 50-1,000 princes of the month. And no woman is terrified of the ‘gravy train’ ending…most wouldn’t even know what you mean by that. You act like each and every woman is a whore who wants to manipulate men. The majority of them aren’t. So ignorant…

      • Christians did not set science back. Christian monks discovered the first living “cells” within life. You need to crack open a history book.

  39. 99% women of are so vain, they think this posts about them …

    This post’s about young men & the hell women put them through …

    Women stop talking about yourselves & start addressing the needs of the men in this article

    • Personally I think just about everyone on here is a moron. Male and female alike. No one sex can exist in the world of higher life form (higher life form in human case being questionable) without the other. If male or female disappears so does the other. As far as religion goes, everyone has their own beliefs, but I believe the killing or mutilating your body (or someone else’s) is against god. Personally I want my partner to enjoy sex as much as I do. Anyway, to say one sex is more or less than another or to think one can survive without the other is just stupid being stupid.
      What really needs to be addressed is not who is superior, but how each sex treats the other. Respect is earned, not given. I respect a 30 year old virgen (male of female) then I ever would a player or slut. Society is what both sexes have made it. You want to know why it is fucked up. Go look in a mirror.

      • You’re here. Does that mean you’re a moron too? Have you looked in the mirror today? Or are you just trying to convince us that we are not as good as you ? Just kidding.

        FWIW I agree with you – neither gender is better or worse than the other. But they are different; they have different roles in evolution. And they will always be different. You can’t fit a round peg into a square hole. Feminism doesn’t understand that. They want to insist on an equality that will never happen. You can legislate all you want, but at the end of the day women will still be women and men will still be men. Despite all the advances that society has bestowed on women in the last 40-50 years, they are still not happy. It’s because feminism wants to abrogate the difference between the sexes when they should be celebrating it. It goes against our basic human programming.

        God made two sexes for a reason. And I still think that a woman is one of God’s most beautiful creations. But that image of feminine perfection quickly disappears if she opens her mouth and starts spewing feminist venom….

      • The problem with women, theyve had so much privilege for 1000’s of years, theyve become useless to technologically advanced societies

        Women are basically an extinct useless leisure class, because they refuse to evolve any useful skills necessary to a technically advanced society

        Women have no culture of science, art or philosophy, preferring primitive feral behaviour, leeching & parasiting off men

  40. I believe in equal pay for equal work between the sexes. I believe women should be protected from the violence that some men commit. After all, we need to protect our mothers, daughters and nieces. Know what else I believe, no compliments ever, no opened doors, no free drinks. You don’t get to have it both ways. When men make a conscious choice to treat women as they would other men, I think there will be respect all around. Until their lives are just as throw away as a man’s is considered, there won’t be.

    • I dont believe women should be protected, I believe women should be stripped off all protection by men

      Forcing women to defend their own useless vagina’s & actually do something useful other then talking shit on womens gossip sites, ie facebook

      Also we need to stop rewarding women for hating men

  41. The truth is feminists wouldn’t know what the fuck to do with 100% equality.

    They would only feel oppression as the vagina perks they took for granted would be gone

    And only through hard work, charisma, and displays of intellect would anyone give a shit what they thought or how they felt about anything

  42. The way that women have changed for the worst over the years certainly tells the story.

  43. I know better than anyone about how shallow women are! I have a prosthetic leg. I done experiments with on-line dating. If I talk about my disability in my profile, women still respond very well to me! But that’s only if they respond before reading my profile. Once they read it and learn I am disabled. They stop talking to me almost all the time. And if I don’t mention my disability, they never stop responding?! This is sickening.. I have to have very thick skin to continue, but I do.

  44. Don Corleone: I hope you don’t mind the way I keep going over this Barzini business.

    Michael: No, not at all.

    Don Corleone: It’s an old habit. I spent my whole life trying not to be careless. Women and children can afford to be careless, but not men.

    BE A MAN.

  45. […] Back in February 2012, I wrote how young men were getting fed up with women faster than any other gr…  Since then, that entry has become the most read page on this blog.  It still gets plenty of hits and even comments occasionally which is impressive considering that old content here typically only gets comments in the rarest of cases.  It’s because that page speaks to what a large group of young men are going through in dealing with women.  Young men’s frustration with women is only increasing so I wasn’t surprised by this comment I found on Dalrock’s blog: […]

  46. The main problem is that men have lost their power and are forced to tolerate women’s bs. If more men showed women that they will not tolerate this crap and if a b***h gets out of line then you have no problem rearranging her teeth even if I get a domestic assault charge then this shit wouldn’t happen. Women use their innocent and helpless persona to their advantage too much when in reality they are manipulative sadistic sluts who always want their way or the highway. Power and I mean real power is the only answer you think some cunt can pull this shit on a high ranking politician or crime boss? I don’t think so. Shell find herself on the side of a road or under some bridge somewhere. Sounds harsh but we are men we built this world and we dominate it sorry women by that’s how it is I don’t remember women contributing anything with almost a damn to our world. And the fact that you can live in peace in this world without getting raped and ravaged by any yahoo with a dick is only thanks to us so don’t think too much of your own self sustaining. Stupid cunts is what you are that’s it I’m moving to Saudi Arabia where women are put in their place. Cook clean suck and shut the fuck up.

  47. I believe this problem about women are not just western side. I live on the other side of the world and I travel to live (not just a tourist). I noticed that locals have the same core problems regarding women (numbers vary). They..the women according to locals are mostly materialistic and selfish. Some men blame it on western media but some men debunked it, for example in the islamic middle east anyone can read the hadith saying that the Prophet saw that there was alot of women in hell and explained it because they were materialistic and show no gratitude to their husbands (He explained it as if this was the general case among women). They were scrutiny about they authenticity of the hadith because some says it was just an addition to the Koran..but still its a very old text..referring to old ways of women. And you think that in muslim culture women are submissive to their husband? think again..they are just more clever in hiding. I’m a christian but i understand their side why they want to control women from head to toe. because if we leave women handle their lives you will have Kardasian type women being the norms. Even decent women won’t have the power to stop the vast majority of whores.

    When I lived in Europe.. same case. Men are fed up but learned to shutup their mouths because its not politically correct or just troublesome to say something their girlfriends whose making out with other men in front of them (Believe me I saw). I felt the hopelessness in the air. I saw more women going to the pubs than men. More women smoking but drink less. More women looking for action.

    Alot of men nowadays are realized the deceit but unfortunately they have to suffer the experience first before they would know. Ive been there..I was extremely painful.

    In Asia..women idolize white westerners..which clearly are fools and mangina. Men thought that asian women are different and best mothers. Asian women don’t prefer their male counterparts..why? ..bcoz men already know their tricks. Especially in poor asian countries when its very hard to get money from men..So women turn to western maginas.

    My advise to young men. Learn from your fallen brothers. Read, study and make a decent living. Save most of your salary, invest if you have to. Do not have a relationship with a woman. Hire a constant prostitute. (not hire a prostitute constantly). Always protect yourself not jut sexually but also economically etc. Someday you will become a brother too to most of young men in the future. Don’t keep your virtue to yourself but share it to them.

    Forgive my english, its not my first language

  48. Well most women these days were raised very wrong by their parents while they were growing up which is the real reason why most of them are very Pathetic, and when you compare the good old fashioned women of years ago to today what a difference since most of the good old fashioned women of years ago really had to work very hard compared to the spoiled and selfish ones that are all over the place today. Then again many parents years ago did raise their children so much better which made a big difference. Now that we have so many Career women out there today which turned out to be so very Money hungry which really speaks for itself since many of them now think their all that which their Not.

  49. Yes young teenage girls aren’t tainted yet, its usually when they get a little older. Maybe we should make marrying tweens legal and when they get older and rude then cull them to keep the pool pure. Lower the age of consent to 13. But in the same regard girls at young age learn to manipulate men with smiles and sweetness, we can’t let that cloud our minds cause we know where that goes.
    Teenage boys do talk of problems with about half of teenage girls also but generally they are sweet until about age 18 then they flip the switch.
    The main issue is westernized women with american women leading the reigns while trying to input their feminazi values on foreign women unsuccessfully most the time cause all the foreign girls I’ve had all speak of the bad mannered american woman.
    The only american women who have a real grip are women who have seen the light and are humbled from problems they have caused starting with eve until now. But usually girls are damaged goods by age 25.
    Women past the truelly innocent ages are angry and crazy psychotic that will cling to a double standard equally as a cake.
    Women at this stage turn everything on men and blame men for their inadequacy As the first line of defence and clamour after feminism and gather in their feminized gaggles saying its not them that are like this, its the first thing you’ll see them saying they are pure and perfect. This comes from their natural need to be accepted in public acting sweet but are defiled under the exterior. Its a shame since eve tricked Adam that they have whored society to the state its in. The bible predicted this since eve.

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