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A post over at The Spearhead a few days ago brought up how men under 30 are more clued in about women than anyone other age group of men.  Several comments basically communicated the fact that men under 30 are increasingly fed up with women:

Thanks for mentioning us younger guys. As a under 30 millenial, I will tell you exactly why most of us have this outlook.

We are the divorce generation. Even if we grew up in families that weren’t divorced we were still latch key kids.

Not only did I, a little over a decade ago, have more friends with single mothers by choice but also with divorced parents than intact families I also went to school with girls and came of age during the grrl power of the 90s.

This idea of women as victims falls on deaf ears when you spend year after year dealing with fucking cunts.

Team vagina can tell me all day long about how women would never lie about birth control or use men for child support and so on.

But, I know better. The high school I went to, a little over a decade ago, had a Teen Mom(watch that show on MTV if you want a realistic look) or two in almost every single class I had.

I literally only had one class in high school that didn’t have a pregnant girl in it. Several had two or three, out of 30 or 35 students and not enough book. Gotta love shitty high schools in the south.

That is just high school. If you look at reddit and the mens rights section in particular you will see that most of the guy are about my age(maybe a few years older) or younger.

Even the guys that aren’t in the MRA section on reddit have a very warped view of women and relationships. I think this is due to being born in the divorce generation.

Who needs to burn their own hand to find out that fire is hot when you can watch dozens upon dozens of older men burn their hands and scream in pain? Who needs that, so to speak?

This doesn’t even begin to talk about growing up in a feminized education system or the entitlement issues run rampant that most young women have or all the other issues.

To put it simply: You can’t kick a dog and not expect it to eventually bite the hand that feeds.

Guys of my generation have been kicked since we were puppies, and we were kicked constantly and from everyone who supposedly loved and cared for us.

There is a groundswell of MRAism and misogyny and just a lot of pissed off guys for one reason or another.

I haven’t, for example, met a single guy in his 20s who hasn’t had alteast one or more psycho bitch crazy ex gfs.

There is a reason that guys on reddit have a saying that goes like this: “dont stick your dick in crazy.”

There is also a reason that feminists have gotten so angry over young men and what young men say that they have created a very hostile troll group on reddit called Shit Reddit Says, or SRS. This SRS group exists to do nothing more than attack MRAs and other young men and mock them.

I suggest you don’t spend too much time looking at their shit, but if you haven’t heard about them before then I do suggest you head to reddit and search for them and take a look at their subreddits. They are a perfect example of the crazy cunts that guys like me have had to deal with growing up. They have no argument or abilit to even discuss topics, they simply mock and jeer.

As far as this article goes, I agree. Not only that but the MRM is making headway as far as getting out message out.

This article is full of female projection and female hope but it also uses the term hypergamy, which I first read about in Devlins work and the MRM.

Marriage Suits Educated Women:

THe comments are interesting to say the least. All sorts of older single women complaining about how the article isn’t true, cause men are afraid of educated women(lol). I suggest you all check it out.

The simple truth is that I, and I suspect most guys (especially of my generation), simply get tired of the constant competiveness and bitchy demeanor of western women. Especially the hyper educated (with liberal arts masters) who want to rub it into our faces constantly.

Unlike men of older generations I have had more girlfriends than most older guys had in their entire lives before I turned 21. I can honestly say that women do not add any value, outside of the value of pussy and sex, to a mans life.

Even with great sex it gets fucken old, it wears you down and makes you tired, having to constantly deal with the power struggles in modern relationships.

I haven’t even lived with a girl and I am sick of it. After I got out of my longest LTR a few years back, it only lasted about 3 yrs, I was just drained. It felt like my soul had been sucked out or something.

Women aren’t companions these days. They are ruthless competitors at work, at school, and even in our relationships.

Why would I or any other guy, especially us younger guys who learned this the hard way, give one fuckin shit about women?

In the last three weeks I have had three times where a group of young women, college girls from the University down the stree, asked me for help while I was driving. Each time I told them to fuck off.

One of those times was last night. I was at a drive through and it was cold and raining out. This hot blonde chick tapped on my window and asked me if I would give her and her friends a ride down the street so they wouldn’t have to walk home in the cold rain. I told them to fuck off. I am not a limo or taxi service. They could have offered to give me a group blowjob and the most that would have happened would have been me jizzing on their face and then riding off. TBH, I wouldn’t have even done that. Last thing I want to deal with is a false rape claim.

Women have pissed away any good will guys my age used to have towards them. If you don’t believe me then simply look at markets and see what sells to young men and see how young men view women.

Go and look at online forums based around video games and you will see young men talking shit about girls their age. Hell, get on some feminist sites and you will see feminists complaining about young guys, teenage guys, talking constant shit about women. Look at reddit and you will see it too. Look at any male oriented areas and you will see it.

Look at rap music or the proliferation of the word gold digger. Women are worthless these days, especially after or before sex. I think they are realizing it too. There is no happy ever after. There is no ’till death do us part’, cause we all know that women are branch swingers or monkeys. They won’t let go of one branch until their hands are firmly planted on another branch.

Oh and Branch = cock. Females tend to call it serial monogamy.

Fuck that shit. They won’t love you. They will just treat you as a utility object. A fucking ATM or sperm donor or human shield or emotional tampon/shrink or a dildo or a rock to lean on and so on.

My point is this. What do women have any more??? Pussy is cheaper to come by, especially if you know some game, than candy on halloween. They can’t cook or clean worth shit. They are honest. They aren’t equal to any degree, especially 99% of them.

What do women have to offer besides a funhole to play with for 45 minutes? They suck as friends, shit they give their own friends eating disorders and call them frenemies.

WTF do women have to offer? I think it is very little and I think young men are figureing this out every day.

I think women are realizing that their gravy train is coming off the tracks and are scared shitless. I think many, if not most, young men wouldn’t allow a woman to go back to the kitchen and be barefoot even if the women begged for them to be allowed to be kept. I think women know this and I think that is why they are getting even more bitchy.

I think this will only backfire for women as a whole and I am looking forward to seeing it all fall apart. This comment is long enough, so I will just say nice article.

Here’s another comment agreeing with the previous comment:

I will agree with Troll King’s assement of the men of the Millenial generation. We have seen a lot going through high school, but especially college. We have seen women engaging in hypergamy and relastionship games without them even keeping up the pretense of “Romance.”

It could be put down to the bitterness and schadenfruede of the “famous dateless losers.” But then we ask, “why are we dateless?” Because we can’t compete with the vapid game of the player, okay but what does that say about women? Because we cannot compete with the empowered career female to satisfy her hypergamous needs, okay but doesn’t that then mean love and romance are hyporcitical games and thus make woman a liar?

Back in college my one buddy was really into a band, Reel Big Fish, and we were driving aroudn once musing when he put on a song of their’s in whcih the story is about a girl who snubbed the band leader when he was starting out, but since he has been successful has returned to seek his attention. So my friends turns to me and says, “fuck these bitches, they go to college and slut it up, then expect to find a nice guy who makes money after he gets a career. Who wants a used up whore?” Remember this was the mid 00′s so we thought success would be ours, if not for the mancession.

The problem from the female perspective is their narrow focus, there are still little bitch men who will put all there energy into a relationship just to have pussy validation. So when these females have their girlfriend with a dick, they make sure their social circle consists of other attatched females. Even other females who are not at the same standing as them do not exist in the her world. These are also the type of men who are so debased as to have no self-respect, virtue, or honor.

An example, a buddy of mine had this female friend from high school who was the biggest slut you could know, if she went out drinking she was out fucking. He has a fuck buddy relationship with her, and she starts dating some new guy, some bouncer who is a shy mangina. One night they are out drinking, bouncer boy goes in the back to lay down, and my buddy starts banging her on the couch, bouncer boy comes out afterwards to see them naked on the couch. Now this guy is such a mangina that he can’t accept what just happened and buys the excuse that it was just drunken making out.

This was about two years ago, mangina bouncer is still with the slut. I guess he is the loser who will marry her.

However the inbalance will still get to them as there are still large numbers of unattached females (because guys like Troll King, at least six of my buddies, and me are not taking them on) who will compete with the attatched female for her man. Women have no inate sense of right and wrong, so there is no level they won’t sink to, us Millenial guys noted this when younger when we learned “the best way to attract girls is to have one already.”

I have one friend who was a little weenie science dude back in college, only got ass once when some born again virgin girl in his Bible study group tunred into a cock-snatching harpy on him, needless to say when the group found out she became the victim and he the evil leacher. He had another relationship with a psycho woman who ultimately rejected him because he didn’t measure up to her previous soccer playing boyfriend. So now he has bulked up, gotten into adventure sports, and is getting a masters in engineering, and rutting through the university girls.

We can see that our inate value as a person for reasons of love, does not matter except for maybe a pump and dump. So why emotionally invest in some joke, we are not women who change with the wind. A romantic blow to our psyche’s are not solved by wine parties and shaking our asses in public.

My generations of fellows are at heart nihilistic, vicious, and with very little pretense of conscience. This is because we are informed by a type of moral philosophy, brought on by the moral degeneracy in family, society, law, and relationships. We implicitly understand social contract as it applies to relationships.

They can fight back with all the laws and shaming they want, but we are men and we will adapt and survive. Let us maintain the imbalance and drive it to a fever pitch.

Another comment:

Really? I don’t know how old you are, but I can promise you that guys under 30 are fed up with women. We had to grow up next to the most entitled and bitchy group of females that ever walked this planet.

Just look at popular culture. Whether its rap music or rock music or TV or movies.

Just compare film from 50 years ago to film today. Or music.

Were there concepts back in the day similiar to gold diggers? Were men writing music about how horrible and slutty women were? I know there are some types of music that are fairly old that deal with those issues….namely some blues and jazz and country. But even that stuff doesn’t hold a candle to what you might hear on the radio today.

And another comment:

Male, 26.

I agree 100% with what Troll King has said. This mirrors my experiences (in AUS). More than half my friends in school didn’t have fathers, and although it wasn’t quite as bad as 1-2 per class, there were several girls I knew who were pregnant before 15. Some of them even knew who the father was… occasionally. Heck, one of my female friends had three children by the time she was 16, and all to different fathers.

Whatever good will I had for women ended in high school. I’ve had a few GFs since then, hoping I’d find one that wasn’t crazy, but they all are. NAWALT? Fucking yes they are.

My folks don’t help either. I tried to talk to them about it when I noticed it towards the end of high school (age 15-17). Dad could see the problem but still (even now) believes that the women who do this are in the minority. mum just refuses to see a problem and says I’m being silly. Her favourite word is misogyny. I have no idea how they’ve managed to stay married for almost 30 years.

Women are emotional vampires. They don’t bring anything of value to a relationship (I’m a qualified Chef, so I don’t need a cook. Washing machines are literally 2 button pushes) except for sex, and quite frankly, I don’t have to hug my Fleshlite afterwards. I also don’t have to worry about it lying to me about contraception. Also the sex is better!

No, women don’t have any social currency left. Girls are stupid, throw rocks at them.

And a portion of another comment:

One of the major things I have noted is the disconnect between the 30 something men and the 20 something men. Especially in regards to women and relationships (I am speaking in the general population, not the MRM): my group are functioning nihilists, while the older men still have the delusion of hope. My initial thought was a difference between the Gen-Xers having lived their lives during relative prosperity and influence from a resurgent social progresivism. Then I realized that there was a major cultural shift, similar to the rise of Jazz and the roaring 20′s in the early 20th century.

I recommend reading the full comment thread because for brevity’s sake I only included a few comments.  Men under 30 are getting fed up with women at a very fast rate.  There are a lot of men who decided to go ghost after getting fed up with women, but getting fed up with women took these men decades.  Paul Elam has talked about how he has gotten emails from teenage boys, 16 and 17 year olds, saying that they’re fed up with women.  The younger a man/boy is, the more feminism and crap from women he has had to deal with each day.  Teenage boys have now experienced the same amount of crap from women that an older man wouldn’t have gotten until he was at least 40.

As these men and boys have gotten exponentially more crap from women, women are doing less.  First, women stopped learning basic life skills like cooking.  Now, many young women are giving up on showering and basic hygiene (like I talked about recently).  I imagine that the many boys in the next crop of teenagers (if not current teenage boys) are going to get even more disgusted with women and girls than they are now because they are literally getting FILTHIER.  The smarter teenage boys will keep their dicks away from these cesspools of God knows what.  This will be helped along by technology like VR sex because technology can’t give you a STD or some other disease.  (Plus, it will probably be cleaner as in a lack of dirt/filth.)  Add that to the fact that these young men have been assaulted constantly by feminism since the day they were born, and the results as they get older will be explosive.

The good news about this is that the MRM will in the coming years and decades get a massive infusion of manpower and energy.  The bad news is that the men in charge of the MRM right now don’t really get what young men are going through now so they are ill prepared to handle the influx of all these young men.  Maybe that’s not a bad thing because these young men don’t need help figuring out who is causing them trouble.

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  1. I’m a young, Western woman (25) who has had feminism rammed down my throat, and I honestly feel that there is a lot of truth in what you write. I feel that this is a cause I would love to devote myself to, as I feel that we women are destroying our own happiness AND undercutting the happiness of the men in our lives. I’m trying really hard in my own marriage to go against the grain. While it’s often hard and I stuff up quite often, I am finding more joy in choosing peace over picking fights, letting things go, and knowing most of all that it is not my job to make my husband into a decent person. It is not my business what time he goes to bed, how he spends his money, how often he goes out. I don’t pretend to know more about his career or about life than he does. I truly enjoy cleaning and cooking for him, folding his laundry, packing him lunches, not because I’m his bitch, but because he works hard all day for me and our son and I want to give back something…womanly. I admire traditionalists and read a lot of their work. Has anyone here read fascinating womanhood? I think it’s wonderful. It teaches female submission, not as a political ideal but as the most useful role that we women can adopt if we want peace and harmony with a masculine man. The feminine woman. Com is another great resource,

    Oh and I hope I didn’t sound braggy, I was just tryin to express that doing those little tasks can bring us women true joy and peace in our relationships.

    • Very good thank you. I wish all women would see this way as its true. But i think this problem is stuck like glue.

      • Sadly, painfully for us few real men left.. it is. Females will NEVER change for the better. Ever. Unless its the usual, Until AFTER they are fat, 3 kids and used up. THEN they want to change. Smmfh

    • Everybody here appreciates your comments. You know how to act like a wife and you treat your husband like a man. But you shouldn’t be telling us about it here. You should be telling all of your other feminist sisters. Women need to hear this message. Men already know it. And by not broadcasting your feelings to other women you’re actually perpetuating the problem. Silence and inaction are statements too.

    • Women don’t need to be totally submissive to men. It’s not 1950. Men want companions… someone to share in life’s ups and downs, someone to believe in them when things don’t work out and someone to celebrate with when things go well. I am 37, gainfully employed, married to a woman from europe who has a phd from an elite school and works for a major univeristy. Sadly, i tend to agree with the young men that a lot of American women have become difficult beyond belief. A man doesnt want to work all day in highly competitve environments and come home to someone who treats him like an a $$hole. Men are simple… love us, feed us and we’ll work our asses off to make you happy. My wife is my best friend. I feel very sorry for the millenial generation. The divorces destroyed their sense of what a healthy relationship is. Possible solutions could be counseling, reading on relationship health from experts and adopting their practices, or making friends with people in healthy relationships and emulating them. It’s a very sad state of affairs. My youngest brother is in his mid 20s and he’s a good guy, but he’s had lots of trouble finding a nice girl. The girls in our city move fast, talk fast and are more interested in competing with men than being their companion. Also, many of them are way too easy sexually. This dynamic is a huge contrast from when I was in high school in the 1990s and older women were preaching that all men are rapists and dangerous. Getting a kiss from a girl in the 1990s was harder than going to the moon. I remember sitting around with buddies talking about how silly the whole thing was. We sought companionship with each other when the girls our age wouldn’t reciprocate our romantic and sexual feelings. Now that I am a home owner, have a great job and live well, I look out on the dating world of young people and truly pity them (calling it that is a sfretch because getting together for a shag on tinder is not a date). The whole dynamic is so screwed that it will take another generation to transform it and bring healthy interactions to the center of relationships once again.

      • “It’s not 1950”. Don’t quite understand this comment. What was wrong with 1950? My parents grew up in the 1950s, and they BOTH insist it was a wonderful era to live in…a time of much stronger moral and family values, social cohesion and community, without many of the crippling problems which beset us today (such as the ones discussed in this thread). I think there is actually a lot to be said for the 1950s…a time before our society started coming apart at the seams.

      • You get it bro! That is exactly how I feel. I don’t want a submissive girl, I just want a companion. But in this day an age, that is apparently too much to ask for. The thing is, making lunches and stuff doesn’t even have to be seen as submissive. Taking care of the house and meals is like giving back for what the guy does to support a family. BUT, it can be the other way around if the woman makes the money. Or maybe both make the money! It’s all about balance.

        When it comes to taking care of kids, I think the responsibility should be more averaged out. It shouldn’t be the sole responsibility of the woman. But outside of these roles, I don’t think men or women should be submissive at all. They should be equals who communicate, experience, and enjoy life together. Whether they like to relax and have conversations, or go out and have grand adventures.

      • If by submission you mean doormat, no. However when it’s 2 people, a democracy doesn’t work. You want a submitted wife, you’re just afraid to say it. You use codes like not competing. If you’ve talked about it, and have different opinions, and sometimes no compromise is possible like where to live, somebody has to be default decision maker, else there is competition.

        • I think a relationship should be like a kirk and Spock relationship. 99% of the time Kirk listened and followed Spock’s advice, but ultimately the descision was kirks .

        • Thank you! We don’t want slaves but we DO want women. Sick if these women who want to be the man. Which is all of them smmfh

    • I thank you for having the ideals that you have. It is extremely rare. I was given a phone number by a woman, when I called her I was very respectful and friendly. She said she had to go, and that she would call me in a half hour. An hour later she sent me a text message saying she doesn’t want to talk to strangers. Except for family, we are all strangers when we first meet someone .do you see how crazy women are? No logic, no respect, they are their own worst enemy.

    • I would like to point out to you that doing any of the traditional woman things does not make you a weak woman. Not that you said you were – but i am just stating that by doing what you do makes you strong and unified with your husband. Sure there are pig men out there who bash their wife for not cleaning or something insignificant but when you place a man above you, like he would you in certain ways (natural love), than i bet deep down that you feel better and more comfortable as he probably does. I guess if a man has to go out and work for himself and for someone else, shouldn’t that someone else help him any way she can to make life easier for both of them, and perhaps enjoy some leisure time together if she utilizes the time he is at work to do those helpful things?

      Women claim they are objectified but objectify men also and also spend hours everyday objectifying themselves by making sure they are looking good, even if it is the false claim they make “for other women or themselves”. No – it is for men and they know it. Women love the attention. Men love it when a woman dresses up HOT! Why does she see this as a threat. It is attraction, just like a Peacock sprouts its feathers for a mate. It doesn’t mean it has to happen but it is nice all round when it does happen. Yet the threat bit to me is just her way of victimizing herself and nothing more – she loves the attention from all men, unless they are ugly to her. You can’t tell me that a woman does not like it when a man dotes on her or makes her feel good about herself by saying she looks stunning or hot, or whistles at her or something similar. In fact women even ask the typical questions – “Do i look good in this?” “Is my bum big in this?” And every man knows that she is doing it for other men and not him because he knows she doesn’t care how he sees her now, she has him. She only cares how other men see her because in the back of her mind she always has one foot out the door and the other follows when she does not get her own way. In fact these days, if she works, she can just go whenever she pleases and has no responsibility at all for any of the abuse she commits.

      I can’t see why so many believe there is something wrong with the values of stay home woman and working man? To me it is called respect for one another and compromise. Not only that, it is your own choice and nobody should tell you how you should feel or act or do things, which is a major problem in this world with everything we do. You may, after awhile feel it is boring and you may feel unappreciated but rest assured, not many jobs that men do get appreciation or are a picnic either. Most jobs are just for survival.

      When my ex and i were together, i had a job delivering the same route everyday. It was hard work, fast paced and heavy lifting all day. It was the exact same route so you can imagine how boring it was. It was so boring i knew every number of every house in every street and could place 300 parcels in exact order for delivery. Just like staying home doing the dishes, would be boring and get you riled up. Of course you are more free however. You can go out at anytime or go to the shop for a coffee or watch a midday movie, to break the boredom and even not do the dishes, if you don’t have a man that i mentioned above. A man in most jobs can’t do this with a boss up his ass all day long. Women now know this since they are in 9 to 5 jobs. It ain’t the picnic they believed it was and still a lot of women are not happy and continue to blame men for their unhappiness.

      Anyway my ex used to meet me for lunch with toasted sandwiches and our baby at the park, which was the best surprise all day and made the afternoon go great. I appreciated her for this and what i earned was hers too. It was what we had to do in this world with fake monopoly money as our enslavement for survival. This is compromise. There isn’t anything we can do about it unless we take out the ones enforcing it upon us. At one point i stayed home with our second child, while she went back to work, for reasons i won’t go into but i stood by her with something not so good, and the thanks i get is disgraceful. Let’s just say women abuse children by denying fathers and this is seen as a normal thing to do. Oh! and then they also go on about how a man is abusive to them or deadbeat for not looking after the kids, even though she is denying the kids. It has been going on long before i was born also – not just in today’s world. True INSANITY.

      Another thing from a mans point of view – He goes to work, he comes home, he greets you or whatever happens. He doesn’t know there is any problem unless you tell him. He also has had a crap day. There is nothing he can do for you, whilst at work, even though he probably wishes he could. Take his job away by being spoiled and you also take away your income. His income is both your income, even if you believe it isn’t. You go to the stores to buy all the food that you eat too; and the electricity that you also use gets paid out of this wage. It is both of yours for survival.

      This feminist garbage that a stay home woman is being taken advantage of is nonsense. Isn’t he getting taken advantage of as well? This is how the inventors of money wanted it. We are all enslaved and kicked down. If we weren’t, they wouldn’t be able to take advantage of us all and make huge profits, while they sit on their asses doing nothing. It is designed and is not the fault of the average working man or stay home woman. He has been conditioned to go out and work for the family or fight in designed wars. He thinks he is doing what is right and; he is in reality, it is called balance. There will never be equality ever. Tell a person with no legs about equality. Not many women go out and build buildings or slop around in mud and guts. Not many want to because deep down they know what us men have to go through, to keep this world from falling apart, is not some fairy tale. Imagine if they were made to. Do you really think this world of buildings and infrastructure would be the way it is now? Maybe over thousands of years from adaptation or evolution, it might be but then men would have to be able to give birth as well.

      Today however, all i see feminism doing is making women weaker. It is victimizing them and when a woman takes advantage of all the rewards that this does, she becomes weaker, than what she claims she wants to be. Men seem to be getting stronger and bigger, i guess because we are becoming more and more enslaved in hard labor jobs everyday. Women are getting all the easier jobs and pushing men out of them, while still complaining about inequality to themselves, yet don’t want to do the same jobs, only the selected jobs.

      This is why men get riled up at feminists. These women claim they are oppressed, yet do not want to do the same jobs needed for humanity to continue. They want the lavish jobs and leave the not so lavish to men. In fact nothing has really changed throughout time, except jobs can now pay men less because women also work and we are all working harder then before to cope, while governments get more tax, some families suffer because others have all the jobs and banks get richer and big bosses capitalize even more. Feminism is ruining it all and nothing is seen of value anymore. If we had less workers, one gender perhaps, then the worker would be seen as more valuable. Is any of this equality? Not from a mans point of view. It is domination and lies. It is wanting their cake and eat it too. They refuse to see how men were oppressed also in history, especially white men being oppressed. Apparently ALL white men had it easy. I would you to tell that to the millions who suffer just like the rest of you. In fact all these women are trying to be rewarded for past events that have been manipulated through media. And proof of this is how we now have female and black leaders who continue to oppress us all. It is just like whites oppressing blacks, yet there are plenty very well off black people compared to white people also. Africa is still not very civilized and white men have not done this – they have done this to themselves. It does not matter who you are, we are all oppressed, except for the bank owners and thieving governments, whether they are men or women, white or black.

      Think about this – Over the years we have heard how white men destroyed the Americas and Australia. Okay it sounds legitimate but the white people of today did not do this. In fact we are being oppressed now because of what our ancestors did or were made to do.

      Made to do? Convicts were enforced to inhabit Australia, they had no choice so they were oppressed as well. They were enforced to build on this new land and would receive far greater capital punishment then what people receive today. We are talking – lashings and beatings, starvation, chain gangs of hard labor. They got this dealt to them for stealing loafs of bread to feed their families. So the reality is, white people are still being oppressed as they were in those times. Is it our fault today that we build civilizations, yet Africa still in this day live in huts and use spears and if they get a hold of guns, they murder much easier? I never gave anyone a gun. I never made any guns. I have never owned a gun. In fact i am sure Asians also made guns long before white people – so who is truly to blame? We should be just moving on instead of all this waste over history. Greed is killing us all.

      Speaking of Asians – China oppresses its own people, yet still today western or whites, if you will are to blame for all of mans wrong doings, even if we have medical ships that sail the seas to foreign lands, where we could be killed for trying to help sick people. This entire world is fake and is portrayed in the media however they want it portrayed so they can gain a profit and take over control. Hell, a white person may capitalize on all the oil but still all other white people are bound by the cost so they can survive. The richest man in India is the 3rd richest in the world. This is not a white man. Even in war times, white men and black men were enforced to go and murder. It doesn’t matter if a white man enforced it or not. The ones who were enforced, whether white or black or women or Asian are the oppressed ones and a lot of them were the murdered ones. I wonder what the ratio is however? How many whites blacks and Asians were killed in warfare to see just how sad it really is for white men glorified as over privileged, yet suffer the same agonies. In fact it seems that White men are paying for almost everything these days, while the rest lap up all the easy inventions for themselves. There are only racist and sexist white men and white men are made to slave to please every other minority that cries how hard they have it.What they fail to see is a white man slaving his guts out and still only having what a woman of black man has, that sit on their asses all day. In saying this, it isn’t always the case and it can be vice versa or a black enslaved man paying the way of a woman or another black through taxes. My point being it is so out of control that this is where the manipulators want it to be so they can sneak underneath the radar and profit and control via all the chaos they have created through manipulation. Don’t tell them a white man told you this though….

      If a woman is going to want to do what a man does, then she should do it all. In saying that, when a woman goes butch in this way, she is less attractive to most men because she isn’t an attractive woman to him. She can dig around in the garden or mow the lawn or fix a car but if this is occasional, it is cute and attractive. This has nothing to do with domination or any of that nonsense. It has to do with attraction. Suddenly she is more like a man in hard jobs and unless you are gay; and even gay men are not attracted to the butch woman; she does not interest romantically. I guess natural instinct tells a man that he is looking for a woman, who is able to carry his baby without hurting that baby, by doing strenuous activities. He also needs a woman who can take care of the home while he has to go and forage for food or in modern times work for paper money.

      Looking after the home is a territorial trait. It is to stop other tribes from taking over. It is also to make sure the home is safe for baby. These are very noble jobs and makes sense because men are built strong to labor and fight. Women are built strong to cope with baby and nesting. I believe a natural woman is also more positive in nature. They are the ones who be cute, play, cuddle, kiss. Tell men how strong they are. Imagine a man who arrives home from battle to a happy woman. Suddenly the battle does not seem so bad and is worth the effort. Come home to a complaining woman after being complained to all day and life is shit.

      Women are also brilliant manipulators. This is why men are blamed for everything that happens, yet women commit much the same things. Men in today’s society are waking up to this though and are sick and tired because we are being treated like shit continuously. We get no reward anymore. We are just the slaves. We are the ones to laugh at, to bash, to murder, to lay all problem on behind our back (while we are at work doing what is needed) to be cheated on, to please her without her pleasing you. That is why i am a MGTOW now. I am not interested in being gay and every woman i now meet is over privileged so i am not interested in even sex anymore. It is too risky. However i yearn and pine for a companion every waking second. I awake in nightmares about my stolen children. I have Chronic PTSD from the way i have been treated and at most times wish a plane would fall from the skies and take me because i see no point to any of this anymore. I guess this is what feminism has done to me and oh! yes, contrary to what women of today are told, i endured this radical disgrace of feminism as a child too. What is a child? Whether a boy or girl, a child is reliant on parents and other adult figures. There is no escaping this so as a boy i was oppressed (used) by my mother, to who i have not seen in 27 years after child support (maintenance) stopped. My step mother worked and cooked for me, while my mother did nothing but blame men for everything, even with her talents. My dad work 70 hour weeks to try and get a home and i have no relationship with any of them. That is what this world is about. And while adoring my own children i am denied a relationship with them too. You could probably imagine how wild i am and most of us are with this. It is time for war.

      • Youve nailed most of it.
        Right on.
        The world is crazy. Women are insane.
        Stupidity and greed reign supreme.
        Women are not men and vice versa therefore by nature are not equal in a perfrct sense- they are better at certain things than men, and men are better at certain things than them. The two were designed to be combined to form a whole.
        Satan tempted woman, not man. Man would have used logic and reasoning to refute the temptation. Woman was not designed to think at that level. That’s why to this day women are illogical, ever changeable, easily swayed and influenced.
        And they are still blindly doing satans bidding. A woman can’t be reasoned with because she lacks the required mental circuitry. She was designed to help; to please, and her sense of pleasuring has warped to focus solely on her. So she seeks attention, having lost all sense of responsibility and faithfulness, ever seeking to either totally dominate her man or jump ship if it’s lights seem brighter than the current one. She has no sense of moral righteousness and she will happily compete with any other female and even share the man she currently has her sights on if she thinks theres the slightest chance of winning him over her competition. At which point she will for a time be happy but then look to jump ship once more and reinvent herself and her beliefs likes and interests as though she was a completely other person, in the attempt to be attractive to her new interest. She is the whore of babylon, that prostitutes her own soul out of greed and vanity, and her greed and selfishness are insatiable. Wo to man. Woman. Woe to man indeed.

        • Excellent comment!!

        • Yes, that is how i feel as well. Although, my reply was to Sara for saying she wants to be at home and cook etc. I applaud her if it is true but am very skeptical because she still has all the benefits that automatically are given to her, whatever she says or does. Honestly, it all sounds good and well that she is like this but I have been in enough relationships with women who have said the exact same thing; and it has not been true. They are extremely manipulative liars who hang from branches and have their eye always on somebody else, where the “Grass Is Greener!” They call them nesters but that is not true either – Most are schemers and bed hoppers, popping out children for profit! They will destroy you if they do not get their own way; using every sexist government scam possible. Hence the reason I refuse to be in any relationship with any woman ever again. I also refuse the sex advance by all of them as well. I am not being played any longer or used for some profit scam.

          The absolute pain in my heart they caused me, they are finished, no matter what crap stories they spew to me. I ain’t gay either – so in reality I see nothing left on this piece of Shit planet. I am just here until it ends and can’t wait. Governments use this blatant disrespect of men to fund their own criminal activities by manipulating everything this fake movement called feminism does. They go as far as to deny equal rights to men, while claiming Misogyny by men to women, causing huge tax payer funded BS. By denying men like me and mostly the apparent “absent fathers” (yeah right – absent by enforcement) of generations before – our children, they are sick and demented and really need dismantling. This denial of our children alone, shows that men are treated very poorly and not equally; and I knew it would not be long before young men would know the truth and be very dubious about dealing with women. I have an idea – let’s take their children and make them pay us to do that. Sounds familiar doesn’t it?

      • I’m a therapist, and I see exactly what you guys are talking about when I counsel young couples, and individuals. I’m not a religious counselor, but I am a Christian (not one of those anti-gay, ram it down your throat Bible-thumpers, though).
        There is a verse that I use, though, to try to help women and men understand how to work together and see their roles in a relationship. It says that the man is the head of the body in a relationship. The woman is the neck. That means the MAN is the one who leads, he has the responsibility to make the final decisions, to be the one who thinks about the problems and takes the burden of authority.
        But the woman is the neck, she is important too! She has to support him! Without her, he cannot stand tall, he cannot turn to see front and each side. When he is burdened, she must be strong and help him. Without them working together, both will get lost and off balance and fall.
        Men and women are both important and equal but very different. That’s what the millennial women have lost in their education. I’m not only a therapist, I am a mother of a 26 year old daughter with many friends her age. I see and hear them and I see exactly what you describe in your comments and it makes me sad and worried. There seem to be no morals anymore. They see nothing wrong with swiping right, texting for a few minutes and then meeting up with a stranger to ‘Netflix and Chill’. They have no value for their sexuality or modesty- they think nothing of sex on the first meeting and then moving on to the next hookup. Sex is as casual as getting a cup of coffee to go, and I thank God that my daughter is married to a good guy and is waiting to have children!
        I think it’s my generation’s fault. I’m a Gen-Xer, and we grew up with parents who fought for Women’s Lib, and our mothers all worked and we all were latchkey kids who had to start dinner and clean house and babysit our siblings all while being pushed to make perfect grades, be in all the sports and be popular-we had to be perfect. Our clothes had to be the right label, our shoes the right brand, and we all had eating disorders (God help you if you were fat!) and anxiety. All of this was so our parents could brag at the country club and various social clubs.
        We swore we wouldn’t do that to our kids, because it was awful.
        So, when we had our kids-the millennials, we treated them gently. We put mulch in all the playgrounds where we’d had concrete so our kids didn’t break bones every year. We wanted our kids to be emotionally secure, we told them we loved them and they were special every day-because our parents never said it. We put our kids in sports, but gave you trophies for trying your best. We wanted our kids to be happy! We didn’t hit our kids or yell all the time. We wanted you to have it better than we did. But we overdid it.
        I did teach my daughter to keep house and cook and do the things she would need as an adult, but she enjoyed it. So many of her friends, though, never did as much as clean their rooms or do their own homework. They cursed their parents and had no boundaries. And when kids have no boundaries, they don’t think they are cared about. They don’t learn to work for anything, and they don’t know that relationships take work to maintain. And worst of all, they don’t care about themselves enough to take care of themselves.
        I see girls piling on makeup like they were going to make a YouTube video, but not shower or wear deodorant for days. They live with roommates and none of them even wash their sheets once a month or clean the bathroom or take the trash out. They live like pigs. But they have thousands of dollars in makeup and sleep in it.
        I blame the parents…we failed. Most all of us were divorced when they were young-I was. I had to escape my parents, so I left at 18 and went to Europe (on my own money as an au pair) to school then came home for Christmas and married a guy who asked me. I was a mother two years later and divorced by her fourth birthday. He is a shitty father and person. She got married young because I did. She’ll be divorced probably, too, because she’s never satisfied with anything-I hate to say that, but I am being honest.

        She’s one of the few of her friends without several kids. I think one girlfriend is married and none of the kids are her husband’s. I feel so bad for all of you guys, I would be fed up too.

        My advice is to really get to know someone before you even think about getting into a relationship with someone. I tell all my patients that you can only mask who you are when dating for a month, and that’s seeing each other three times a week. Wear condoms ALWAYS!!! You don’t want a child or a disease. And if you’re in a LTR, wait at least two years before even thinking about getting engaged. If she’s pushing for a ring, RUN!
        And my last piece of advice (and for a therapist this is very unorthodox) ‘Crazy in the bed, Crazy in the head!’

        Take care of yourselves.

    • 35 years happily married BECAUSE we’re old school, I provide, protect and lead, she spends (carefully), raises our 4 kids and advices. She knows that with honey and respect she gets most of her way, but she knows the final decision is mine PERIOD. It’s easy to love her. I come lie down the other day exhausted. She says, “Ramon, you are the man I respect most in this world.” It takes very little to keep a man happy, believe me, I would gladly die for my wife.

      • Truer words have never been said…. I’m starting to find my possible divine feminine a.k.a. my goddess over in the Philippines…. Just want a normal relationship again instead of needlessly having to play the field that favors American women’s constant need of validation and greed…. I say as 28 yr old divorced man leaving the army there is about 5% of American women who still hold to feminine values such as your wife…. I hope all goes well with this girl in the future and if so I hope she says the same exact thing your wife said…. I would gladly return the compliment and lay my life down for somebody like that…. Romance and normal relationships aren’t dead, but its getting harder to find…. Take care and God Bless

    • You want something, tell your husband you respect him above all men in this world. He will bring you the moon if he can. We men need RESPECT, and I have a wife who knows that. Her friends call her the lucky bitch, but they don’t respect their husbands. My wife is not lucky, she is wise. The Bible, unlike the unholy koran, has the perfect balance. Men are to love, women to respect.

    • I just noticed that you said it’s not your responsibility to make your husband decent. But why do you think he’s not decent already? Why do you think that you have to accommodate his “lack of decency”. If you don’t think he’s a decent man already then why did you marry him? That’s one of my biggest issues with women in general and the way society idolizes them. It’s somehow okay for the man to be the only one who needs work.

      The rest of what you said is fine and I think that a traditional marriage could be great if that’s what works for the couple.

    • I never thought I would see the day where a woman knows what s really going. God bless you sister.

    • I really think men and women should be kind to each other and try to treat each other with respect, I myself want a women that I can love and treat kindly and to have that reciprocated , no power struggle just two friends that love each other that can stand against the world and allow no one or anything to come between them, bit of a dream I know.

    • The beauty of feminism is the human female is easily reprogrammed on a mass scale.

  2. The whole point of submission is to control your emotions, submission is a womans version of logic, it allows women to solve problems while keeping their emotions under control

    The other major problem is marriage, as long as your husbands married he’s forced to support the feminist state

    If you want a family, have kids out of a marriage contract, & put unknown father on their birth certificate, to prevent the government from forcing him to pay child support, even if you dont want him to

    Either that or sign a surrogate contract with your husband, outside of marriage, again preventing him from getting divorce raped by the government & their cronies

    If you really want a family, & care about your husband, you have to fight the system & take those steps

    Also your husband should have the freedom to bang hotter women, when you become infertile & out of shape

    That is if all you’re doing isnt bragging about the paycheck he brings home, so you can live in comfort, while he lives under the threat of having his entire life destroyed by the government

    Take real steps at protecting your husband & his rights, if you dont all you’re doing is bragging about stealing from a man, under threat of a brutal government

    • please castrate yourself, troglodyte.

    • You are as much of a problem as the feminists. My wife and I have put forth 4 sane conservative children, 2 already in very traditional marriages, and now I’m enjoying 2 granddaughters. We will out breed your kind of troglodite. However, I fear the other extreme of feminism, Islam of the accursed Mohammed pedophile, is out breeding us all.

  3. Girls are very picky and are statically the ones that initiate divorce. They think they’re cream of the crop now lol. That’s going to change though. The generation after millenials are seeing baby girls popped out like crazy. Women are going to drop their standards in America. Because it’s going to pretty much be 3 options. 1 go lesbian. 2 lower standards because men of my generation are very scarce. 3 just date a millenial or generation x guy. Suck it

    • Females will never change for the better.. if they are attractive slim white or other races. Females are what they all are if they are attractive white or other races.. assholes and racist shallow stupid arrogant stuck up bitches and impossible

  4. Hi Guys.
    To those of you who are “inexperienced” in matters concerning the Gluttony of the “fairer” sex, let me explain. I am 54 years old, have been married ONLY once (I’m a quick learner). You don’t need to have a regular female, way way too expensive, and completely VERY VERY bad or your health and $$$$.
    You are a guy, you can fuck any woman you want, it only takes one bull to fuck 50 cows, soooo, no particular cow is special. If you get lonely, that’s what your mates are for. If you need some one to clean your house, hire a bitch to do it, or, better still do it yourself. If you can’t cook, eat junk food, or get a crock pot. Elaborating on the above. A wife costs you a shit load of money, just to have her on hand (listen to her whinge and whine, raggy mood swings, menstral madness etc, etc..), she probably doesn’t do too much that you can’t do yourself, say, like washing your own clothes. She is going to demand babies, a house and much much more. This is her right, OR, so she thinks. Once you have given her the above, she is of no use to you…(so, you think you are still going to get sex from her, you poor ignorant soul) BUT, you are still required to pay pay pay, for her and the kids, what for?, what is in it for you?, NOTHING, NOT a god damned thing, YOU are just her meal ticket, once she has finished with you, she will get rid of you, NO, you don’t think so, because she loves you…hahaha, if you believe this, you are an idiot! The courts will award her ALL your possessions, make no mistake, you will NOT have a say in this. If you need to get laid, and who doesn’t, hire a hooker (always wear a rain coat, condom, stinky fannies carry very nasty diseases, smell it first, if it smells off, it DEFINITELY is!). There are many many slutty females out there, who are only too willing to open their legs for a couple of lousey bucks $$$, after all, that’s what females do right, blood suck men for $$$$. Only thing is, when you have fucked the prostitute, you can wipe your dick on her curtains and leave… no maintenance, no whinging etc. and all the other crap, nice hey! Go home have a beer, lay back relax. Bitches on th other hand need men. NO, don’t believe other wise. A man can do a females work, BUT a female CAN NOT do a mans work. If you take away her power to hold her stinky thing between her legs over you, YOU have the upper hand, simple. If I could suck my own dick, females would be obsolete, cheers. Have a nice day.

    • Yep that’s about what it’s come to.
      And this is the true stupidity of women – they dug their own graves. Rise up men. Don’t marry them. Don’t sleep or flirt with a women with a husband or bf – that is only feeding the problem with women. And you may be the next victim. Let women discover for themselves that they will die without us, and should rightfully humble themselves. I can cook. I can clean. I can wash clothes. But she can’t wage wars, hunt, or have the muscle and intelligence to build, maintain and operate “the machine”

  5. Well with so many women today that are very high maintenance, independent, selfish, spoiled, greedy, narcissists, and very money hungry, they really have Ruined us Good men.

    • I agree 100%
      I feel for you younger men
      I know of many older men that have been ruined by women also
      So at 59 I hit the gym everyday and work on my portfolio
      Meanwhile my ex lives in another state in a home she bought that needs a lot of work and it constantly rains
      I’ve had no shortage of dates but I am very careful on who I want to bring in to my life
      At this point I trust my dogs more than I would any woman

      • A dog is a true companion and gives pure love. Women should never be called dogs – they could never measure up. Hornets, snakes, sharks yes.

  6. Guys on this forum: I am currently a second year Comp Sci major and live in Femi-central known as Canada. I was never a nerd until about grade 10, I have lived in 3 different countries come from a wealthy family in which my Dad works mum stays home and she raised kids, maintained the household and I played every sport from ice hockey to bowling as a kid and was normally quite popular and manly until grade 10. Due to family issues as a result of my mum going pshcyo due to my older brother whom I never saw after the age of 9, I am 20 now, she treated me like trash and went out of her way to ruin my life to the point that I turned to drugs etc. My dad is very successful but he works for it so he was home maybe two days a week during which he watched news and sorta talked to me. As a high schooler I had a tough time dealing with my mum and my dad did not have the time to care so to make his life better he sided with my mum which set me off the deep end. As a result I went full nerd pussy validating faggot and my dad grew up as a farm boy so he let me know i was acting girly. I was rebellious as a result and got into bad stuff. After realizing that club women really didn’t care about the guys they talk to and found me being a nerd kinda lame. I was trying to fit in so I did drugs and did them well and was very well informed so girls were all good with my awkwardness and called it cute or whatever since i got them good shit. So I dated a semi obese girl who was from an abusive family and she was more of a man then me this got me thinking…..I was at a local community college still debating what to major in since I was really just doing drugs to avoid my family I am not a delinquent at all I ended up getting my parents to agree to move back to my home Province, i was previously in North Carolina which the high school system not only made me racist I was as anti women as you can get and I think someone mentioned this earlier but I thought Id say it again. I am now surrounded by feminists in Canada and holy fuck did I have to learn all over agian why women are cunts. I have since lost weight and still am nerdy I love nerdy shit but I am a man and I have started acting like it. I dated an Asian women since they are the few races that are still interested in men not faggots who want pussy validation. I was able to act like a man to her and I realized that I was still a girly guy because she had me going to dinners just because I didn’t want to keep listening to her complain. She let me do lots on things you see in Asian porn and even wore her school outfit which she brought from asia but it was all manipulation. I started to say to myself oh she did that for me i should skip my homework tonight to eat I FUCKED UP. The second you start compromising is the second your relationship is compromised….I have started to say Asian women are much more supportive and better in bed and I would rather marry an Asian then anyone if I do get married it WILL be an Asian but the fact of the matter is, ALL females are manipulative cunts. Asian women are better but they are just smarter about how they manipulate men. They still feel worthless but they use that by acting all cute and being great in bed to manipulate men. It is sorcery at first but I realized it is fake and am single again. I will try to date again when I am employed and live alone and support myself financially because right now, the only thing I cannot due is pay for things. I was a better cook then my ex because she came from a wealthy family that had Thai maids cook for them and so I was a better cook then her, I think most asian girls can cook very well thought, I do laundry but if I had expensive clothing or suits that is what “5 dorra clean clothes 4 u” stores are for and I am a very hard working man who has a cleaner place of residence then she did with Thai maids cleaning for her. I wanted to suggest some books for men who want to be real men: All the kings men by Robert Penn Warren; The fountainhead by Ayn rand. I really appreciate these forums because my dad and I aren’t like father and son’s should be because a women made him choose between her and I. I am no longer apart of my family but my 27 year old sister who graduated with a teaching degree and couldn’t answer a question at a job interview that was “what was the demographic of your high school”..she didn’t know what the word demographic meant yet my dad sends her to Vegas and lets her buy name brands and she drives a new lexus and lives on my parents money while working at an inner city school and using her salary as party money while I am not asked to come home for Holidays and barely have enough money to eat let alone pay for gas prices in my sisters old car. I know this sounds like bitching but the purpose of saying it on here was to explain that even older 60 year old men are giving in to Cunts even if it means essentially abandoning their own male offspring. I am glad I can understand this is an opportunity to learn to survive and adapt as another person said men do. I am surrounded by the bitchy cunts who have sociology degrees daily and as a comp sci major I can say they are beyond stupid and yet they act all high and mighty. It is utterly pathetic and I am disgusted by the effeminate men who cater to these cunts. Hopefully this forum helps others like it has me.

    • Forgot to check notify me, ignore this one.

      • God damn!…learn how to make a paragraph.

        • Jawohl, Frau Grammar-Polizei!
          If you don’t like it don’t read it…haha

        • If nobody can read your words then why did you waste all that time to write it? Why don’t you write something that people CAN read. You make men look like barbaric idiots.

  7. The only woman who will ever love you is your mother.
    Its that simple.

    To all other women you are an asset and no more emotionally important to them than any other asset.
    If you pay dividends you get rewarded.
    If you dont they will look for a better asset.
    Even if you do, after a time they will tire of you and look for a new/different asset
    Every reward is recorded in their mental ledger and they expect to be compensated, often well above market price.
    If they dont think they have been compensated for every little thing they have ever done they hate you.
    If they do think they have been compensated accordingly they will loose interest in you.

    Older men (like me) know this, but most still considered the emotional and psychological toll of long term relationships worth that price for the benefits of making some of you millennial children.

    However, now that you have left our homes and moved on we are free to part ways with our wives, and actually enjoy the remainder of our lives.

    This is life, some are givers some are takers and the rest watch as it all goes buy

    P.S. used to be called the seven year itch, thats about how long any relationship should last, anymore than that and you are foolling yourself

    • I would argue even your mother may not love you; I’m convinced at this point women don’t really ‘love’ anyone. They simply see potential usefulness in men. Some like to argue that women possess “opportunistic love”. But that’s not really love at all, is it?

      Mothers don’t love their sons. They simply see us as future workhorses to support them in old age and/or additional males to give them attention (attention is basically what every woman thrives off of).

      • Attention is what women thrive off alright. They will willingly prostitute their soul for it. And once they’ve received it, they will moveon to the newest source of attention.
        Men can’t win this battle. We must accept that women are programmed this way, and protect our hearts accordingly.
        “Shes the one” is the biggest lie we can tell ourselves. She isn’t the one because there has never been “the one”. She will either try to dominate you totally or get fed up and seek outside attention. All the while insisting its all your fault and remaining blind to her own responsibilities. She “loves” because she wants her ego stroked and her greed satisfied. She will become bored and jump ship. And it’s very easy for her to do so because she has no true roots in a relationship. It’s all smoke and mirrors, an elaborate act to convince you that you’re loved. But she has the knife perfectly sharpened. She’s always had it there, hidden just out of sight, and like a trained assassin will figuratively thrust it into your heart in your sleep.
        Don’t get married.
        Give her enough kindness and attention to get warmth, companionship and sex, but never too much else you’ll outsource your own value. Acccept that women will never give you true love. Never put her on a pedastool because she’ll have gotten what she sought and immediately think she can do better. She is an attention whore.

    • Sometimes not even your mother .

    • Thats the truth of it. What a sad world we live in.

    • What planet are you on? I haven’t seen my mother for over 30 years now. She abandoned me after the Child Support stopped. I left to live with dad because she was a useless no hoper who would never cook, or clean and only abuse. I got a job – decided to live with her, going against my better judgement (should have listened to my gut) and not only did she want me to pay for all the food, also half the rent on a measily 16 year olds wage. It would have used all of it. She basically wanted to manipulate me like I was her husband and I said fuck that so she never spoke to me again. She after all this time, when I did talk to her over the net, still says men get everything handed to them and she gets nothing but fails to see that she gave me nothing and everything I have, I built from the ground up by myself without help from a single soul – certainly not her. She was to busy using me to get back at my father. For example – I got selected for a soccer team. My dad paid for the uniform, she got jealous and would not take me to training. You know how that affected a 6 year old? It broke my heart. What a selfish bitch. She sits on her arse and will not do a god damn thing and always said she wanted to be with a rich man. She has not worked a day in her life.

      In saying all of that, these dumb bitches become grandmothers after their son has a child and then can’t see the irony in their own selfishness, when their son is denied his child by his ex wife, even though she did ithe exact same thing to his father (denying him his birthright to be a big – not 2 day per fortnight) part of his dads life.

      When she complained about men, I lost it and told her – never talk to me again. I was done with her Bullshit.

  8. I love when my wife does “Traditional” wife duties… HOWEVER, I also feel guilty when she does; I’ll explain why.

    My mom was a stay at home mom; she took care of ALL the traditional wife duties; she did not work outside the home, except for one year as a school custodian’s assistant, where she cleaned various areas of an elementary school. She worked during school hours and was home taking care of us, when we were home.

    I NEVER saw her happier than during that time. In retrospect, my mom suffered from depression most of my childhood; what can I say, if you knew me, her youngest son, you would understand… ‘nuf said. I can’t help but think that she would have liked having a career instead.

    Later, my wife of fifteen years, had a dream of doing something other than being a stay at home mom. She started out as a stay at home mom, but found she was depressed doing so. Thinking about what I saw in my own mom, I encouraged my wife to return to school, she did.

    My wife, not knowing what she wanted to do, she studied in several fields for about two years; constantly changing her major. She worked hard in school, and I STAYED HOME AND CARED FOR OUR KIDS. Yes, I am officially to blame for who they are… sorry world, I hope it works out in the end.

    My wife eventually decided to attend nursing school. Wow, a natural, to say the least. She was on the Dean’s List every semester, and graduated with honors. I am still impressed by her efforts. She was accepted for a NICU position in a well respected program straight out of school. For those that are not aware, this is almost unheard of.

    She has since returned to school to acquire her masters degree, and now as a Nurse Practitioner. In addition, she works a second and third job as an Adjunct Professor, and a clinical leader for a prominent nursing school and a state university. She has done all of this in six years time!

    Every time I see her doing traditional wife duties, I am reminded that she has accomplished so much, and yet feels that she has neglected us, her family. I could not be more proud of her, and let her know every opportunity I get. However, I can see in her eyes, her smile, and her attitude, that she feels she has forsaken her duties as wife and mother to follow her dreams.

    I believe there is no happiness for women, regardless of which path they choose. Or, maybe it is just the ones that have had to live with me.

    • I believe there is plenty of happiness for these women in your life. The sole reason being they are permitted to make that choice in the first place.

      How many men on the other side of the coin can simply decide to quit their job and find another that pays less, but they enjoy more? Or just stop and allow the woman to become the breadwinner without her becoming resentful?

      Speaking of which, the medical industry has many high earning males. Many of which would be above your wife’s station. Heard of the term Hypergamy? With you abdicating your ‘traditional’ male duty of being the provider and proving you had status over her she’ll look to the attractive doctor at her workplace. Over time she’ll slowly lose respect and sexual interest in you as her interest in these men grows.

      So, women win regardless of which path they choose. Should they stay home, they get to use their time as they wish and kick their feet up while the man works himself into an early grave. Should you stay home and she works, then she’ll lose what little respect for you she might have had and start screwing the doctors at work. Eventually she’ll divorce you.

      Its time you woke up and stop believing women are victims in way, shape or form.

      • I believe this – because time and time again, when the woman goes out to work she comes home ranting and raving about you getting off your fat ass and getting a job because it is a tough job for her to stay home with the kids and watch midday movies and cheat on you with the postman – but if you stay home that job suddenly becomes insignificant.

        Even today where many more men are single – MGTOW perhaps, doing all the duties of taking care of the house as well as working, we are still deemed as not anything in the home or looking after the kids, yet once again we witness just how piggy women are at cleanliness and how men seem to be more in tune.

        I believe this stems from our natural way, where the man is the stronger and should be doing the labor. If you stay home you are weak and she wants a big tall dark haired strong man but don’t ever objectify her, that is a no no! Only she is able to do that.

        I believe that it is not worth being with any women ever again because unless they are getting their own way with absolutely everything than you will be with a raging nightmare. This includes telling you what to do but wanting you to tell her what to do. It includes all decisions of the children and home. It includes being able to cheat at will but deny you even looking at another woman.

        My neighbor as i predicted by me, is going through exactly what i have seen over and over.

        He lost his job – she works. He is 25, she 40. Mummy and Daddy give her the job she has. Since losing his job, the arguing began and has gotten that bad, the entire neighborhood can hear it. He told me a short while ago it is always about something trivial and escalates into a doomed ending in my opinion. It maybe about the dishcloth on the sink. Which is my point – It isn’t about the dishcloth at all. It is about him staying home while she works. Hell, he even keeps the house spotless and she isn’t happy.

        Women want their cake and eat it as well, yet they are not happy with that also. There is just no use being with them because they will eventually destroy you and have the law unanimously in their favor, whether they are the criminal or not. Once you have kids with them, your life is over because those kids will be used against you forever and subconsciously every man knows this. In this country, you only have to date them a couple months and she can take more than half the house that you worked for 22 years to build, without her ever doing anything significant to own it. That alone tells me it is time for war and to remove the scum in power.

        We know if we don’t do as she wants, even though her natural instinct is to want you to control her as her mind is like the kids you have, you will lose those kids for sure and be forever fighting for your birthright to be a parent to no avail. She also knows this and is why she treats you like dirt. SPOILED BRATS. No woman will ever go out and do the real labor, or very little will. They still want the nurturing easy jobs like nursing or childcare or cooking. They instinctively are for these job. They believe that staying home doing these jobs, someone is taking advantage of them, yet they insist on doing these jobs elsewhere, while regurgitating that they are oppressed. They like comfort so will sit in an air conditioned offices typing, thinking that is true work that we all need.

        • Right on. Women are the very definition of hypocrisy. And filthy pigs who don’t clean up after themselves but by f they sure tell you about it if you leave a mess even a tenth the size. Time for war indeed.

    • Her knife is sharpened just out of sight. Only a matter of time before she thrusts it into your heart if shes anything like 99% of them. And Iif she does, well at least you can console yourself knowing you spent quality time with your kids

  9. You don’t know my mother than.

  10. Just too many Loser women out there nowadays that are Good for Nothing.

    • Everything in this thread id true im 37 yrs old and seen time and time again women run around like alley cats in heat getting it on with every stray that comes along. Men are part of the problem and heres why , years ago a women who was deemed a slut or whore was one of the worst things or position to be in,
      Most men wouldnt touch one out of self respect.
      Not today , women label themselves as little whores and even call each other those names because Men today even im guilty of this lost all value of themselves and will still mess with women known to be whores or sluts or even if we get those vibes because we dont know her past will simply try to change them or play their little dirty games which we lose 99 % of the time.Think about it we lowered are stanards of women by even given them the time of day and when and women are followers by nature ,and see that their girlfriends are getting diff.guys
      money,bills paid,free dinners,tons of gifts and dates, all by the same men on this site complaining. We as men basically encourage them to be the little whores because of the benefits they receive, if we could have that there wouldnt be a faithful male soul on the planet. Stop treating the whores like ladies and use them like useless pigs then and only then will the future generations of these filthy creatures finally learn there is no benefit in being a whore but in being a good women then they become entitled to all the goodies that these whores get today

  11. Being 59 and having being married 3 times
    I use to think I was the problem
    Then looking back I realized my choice in women were very bad
    I was there for my wives but they always thought the grass was greener on the other side of the fence
    They always came running back
    I told them you made your bed now sleep in it
    Yes even older women today are selfish and self-centered

    • Don you are right. The attitude is the same. Married at 27 was all about money. I am on 3 now. I made her pay 1/2 the bills so I would not be broke all the time. One year after married she starts to complain. It has gotten more progressive. She is 54 years old and my health is not what it was. She went to school and did not pass her license test and has to wait a month and take it again. Even she tries to tell me when to go to bed. She also complains about dishes. She cooks and cleans and nothing is out of place. I left a plate unwashed after I ate something at 9pm and put it in the sink and was going outside to smoke before I washed it. She sees it and has a fit. I just put my smoke down, wash it and then go outside. In todays world your are damned if you do and damned if you don’t. She can not understand why I don’t listen but when it’s the same topic over and over I will not hear it again. Today she started on an old topic and she said she would start a new life and I told her to move, leave, I don’t care. There has not been any sex in years and I sleep in a different bedroom for the last 2 years and I can tell you that it is very peaceful. Women are the same, north, south, east and west in all countries. All I want is peace and quiet in my life. When we divorce I will never marry again. Live with a woman so when she starts her shit she can leave. I see many nice young, middle age and older women who talk how shitty women are but they are all divorced. I woman is only good for fucking to relieve stress. I will not do this until I am divorced. Stupid me.

  12. Many of us Good men today have made very bad choices with the women that we were married too at the time since many of us were Cheated on by them since they really turned out to be such Losers which we never knew about at that time. And it is a shame that we never met the right Good one at that time since we could’ve been all settled down by now with our own Good wife and family which many of us still Don’t have now.

    • They are all bad choices. The one I chose will be the one you choose after we divorce; and you will be manipulated to believe that I was the problem – but in a few years will see how crazy that bitch really is.

  13. Submission? No. Respect for each other? Yes. I believe that young women behave as they do from fear, insecurities and low self esteem and that pornography use by men and the constant sexualization of women in society have caused those issues. If men don’t want women to sleep around, then neither should they. Schoolgirls don’t impregnate themselves. The human brain isn’t developed until the late twenties so younger people will often make poor judgments in behaviour. If men show respect for women by treating them well then the reverse will be true too. Casual sex is very damaging for both sexes. If self constraint were practised by both sexes; if alcohol use reduced; if pornography use stopped altogether; if the fashion industry took the pressure off young girls to be sexy – then I think men and women would find romance and love again and society would be so much happier.

    • They why do they say females mature faster than who the hell thought that up. Obviously it is not true.

    • You are confusing submission with subservience. Submission is a wonderfully feminine thing to do, while subservience is degrading. I agree that young women suffer from fear, insecurity, and low self-esteem. But it is not because of pornography and sexualization. It is because feminism has put women in a place they don’t want to be: it encourages promiscuity and hypergamy. Our biological programming – in place for millions of years – commands men to spread their seed wherever they can while women are supposed to refrain and wait until the one man comes along who she thinks will provide her with the best offspring. Men are supposed to try and women are supposed to resist. It really is the best way for the human race to survive and flourish, since the woman’s contribution to reproduction is so much more important than the man’s. It’s no wonder to me why 90% of the anti-depressant medication in the US is sold to women. They are just not equipped to handle their new expectations in the sexual marketplace. Submission means that the woman should accept the man’s role as leader of the family. And as long as she chooses the right man, her participation in the family is ensured, since the man is programmed to provide for and protect his family. That can only be done when the family operates as a unit and both partner’s needs and wants are considered. They have a saying in Russia: men are the head of a family and women are the neck that guides the head and helps it function. Men should be the leaders in relationships because men accept more responsibility. But women have always have the ultimate power: they get to choose who will lead them….

      • The “spreading your seed” evolutionary theory has been debunked as it makes no sense. How would a man be able to provide for and protect his children if they were scattered to the four winds? And, presumably, other men would have been with those same women both before and after him so how would any man actually know who his children were? It also means that women would not have been monogamous, either through choice or by force. It is very sad to read many of the comments here; the pain is palpable but I feel part of it is of your own making. Yes, women can hurt, reject and belittle men but men also do those things to women too – and worse. We don’t have the same capacity to physically and sexually damage men the way they do us. Pornography destroys women psychologically. It causes immense pain, self doubt and disgust towards men. Sex has been devalued so much. In one generation, we have gone from “making love” to “shagging” to “f***ing”. Women should not have been encouraged to have casual sex; men should have been discouraged from having it. As for feminism, it really is about men being able to show their feminine side and women their masculine side so that the sexes aren’t poles apart. Submission can’t work because years of suppressing your emotions and having to capitulate to your husband would create a maelstrom of repressed resentment, hurt and anger. Feminism has also taken away the burden of men having to be the sole financial providers for their families – how many men nowadays earn enough to do that? Intelligent, well-balanced women (not young girls) think in ways that men don’t. We connect everything together and often see consequences better. Men are better at the physical stuff, women at the emotional stuff and it takes both to make a good world. Many of the men here sound immature; maybe they’re very young and will gain insight into themselves and women as the years go by. There’s really no point in condemning women for displaying the same traits which you’re displaying yourselves. I have 4 sons in their twenties and thirties and I have never heard them talking about girls and women like this – I would be so disappointed in them if they did. If you wish to meet a nice girl, be a nice man. Using terminology like “pussy”, ” c***”, “whore” and “bitch” would make any decent woman run a mile. And you don’t need to be, or pretend to be, an alpha male. Most women I’ve known throughout my life prefer beta males although it’s ridiculous, really, to categorize men like that. So many of you sound disappointed, bitter and depressed but so many girls and women feel the same way. I wish you all well and hope you find happiness but sometimes the change must come from within.

        • You hit the nail on the head when you say, “any decent woman would run a mile…”. I agree. The problem is that there are so few decent women in the west anymore. You worry that men would over-reproduce, copulate with multiple women, and not know who their children are. This would not happen if women were decent and resisted all except the one man who will give her the best children. Sex would not have become devalued if hoards of decent women simply kept their legs closed until marriage. Women are the gatekeepers of sex and reproduction, and with that power comes a responsibility that most women do not understand or will not acknowledge until it’s too late. Feminism has nothing to do with masculine-feminine expression; it’s all about power and money. I’ll be more willing to listen to your explanation as soon as I see women petitioning the government for a repeal of no-fault divorce. Shouldn’t supposedly “equal” women be outraged at the fact that $10 billion is extracted from men annually and given to women as alimony? Or the fact that more research money is spent on women’s issues despite the fact that men have the shorter lifespan? Where’s the equality? And there is absolutely a reason why so many men condemn women for acting like us: they are not us: they are not men! I already have a penis; I don’t want a woman who envies that fact or worse: wants one of her own. Men want a woman who acts like a woman (that doesn’t mean we want subservience or suppression – we want proper submission. Please know the difference between the words). And I bet that if women started acting like woman again, they’d be a lot happier and the use of mood enhancing drugs would plummet. Personally, I’m done with western women as a potential bride: I’m going foreign. And lots of other men agree with me. There are about 30,000 fiancee visas issued annually in the US; the vast majority of which go to women. So that means there were over a quarter of a million men in the last 10 years or so that wanted to get married (and probably would have married an American woman if they could find one who was “decent”). But there was none to be found, so they went overseas. And the statistics indicate that these marriages are happier and last longer. Western women should think about these facts when they wonder, “Where have all the good men gone?” Well done ladies….

        • B.S Pauline

          Its obvious that men are programed to spread their seed… They don’t need to care for or protect their off-spring… They just have as many babies as they can. Some will survive.

          You sound naïve to how men’s bodies work. Men don’t want to sleep with 1 women… That’s a fantasy you wish for… Not reality. All the self delusion in the world wont change that.

          Men are programed to sleep with many women… Not 1… To spread their seed…. Strength in numbers….. No-man-is-happy-sleeping-with-1-women… Almost none… Get out of your fantasy world. Men only pretend to want 1 women because women always beg for us to pretend, and so men play pretend to get the women to spread her legs faster.

          And no, obviously women would not have the same matting habits as men. You are foolishly assuming men are like women, a common delusion women have to make an excuse to beg for more pity without feeling like a beggar. Women want to leech off 1 man at a time, to be baby sat. Men want to sleep with many women at once. Obviously women are geared to be with 1 man, and men are geared to be with many women. That’s just basic common sense. You are coming off as delusional.

          Just because you are trying to delusion yourself, or cant make sense, does not mean the evolutionary fact that men are programed to spread their seed is not true. You not being able to make sense is not important. Anyone with a brain, who is not trying to lie to themselves, can see men are programed to spread their seed. That’s why men don’t want to be with 1 women, and just want to sleep with many hot ones. Men typically only stay with 1 women to use her for easy sex all the time, but attractive men will sleep with many women because they can.

          Your claim that common sense and plain as day evolutionary theory is “debunked”, is just you lying to yourself, nothing more. That’s-why-men-want-to-sleep-with-every-hot-girl-they-see…. You claiming that common sense evolutionary theory is “debunked”, just because you cant make sense, is just your own self delusion. Nothing more. Men are programed to spread their seed to as many women as possible. Its called making sense, something you clearly need help with.

          And stop blaming men,,,, It is obviously the women that is the problem here.

          Its women that are the leeches… Not men… Its fair for men to trash talk women… Because women are the legal human parasites, and kiss men’s feet to be allowed to be leeches. Your B.S claim that its fine for women to be hostile to men, because men are making valid complaints about women, are just another delusion your making up to yourself, nothing more.

          Women are the ones who beg and kiss feet for special treatment, women are the parasites, not men. The problem here is women. The only fault of men was feeling sorry for the human parasites that most women are. Because we pitied them for being weak beggars. But that stops now.

          Women are the ones who beg for pity. Women are the ones who beg for special treatment. Women are the ones who cant be equal. Women are the parasites. Legal ones. Because they kissed feet and begged for it. Its women who are mostly at fault. 90%… Get out of your female fantasy world.

        • “As for feminism, it really is about men being able to show their feminine side and women their masculine side so that the sexes aren’t poles apart.”

          Pauline, if the sexes aren’t polar opposite, then they are not complementary.

          It’s when they become too much alike that they are unable to get along.

          If we’re both good at the same things, it’s we’re two magicians trying to impress each other. But if I’m good at what you’re not and you’re good at what I’m not, then we complement.

          Masculinized women is a perversion caused by feminized men.

          Ultimately, men are at fault because they are the head of the family. If a factory has problems, you blame the management, not the crew. Men not being men is why women are not women.

      • I meant men shouldn’t criticise women for displaying vitriol and hostility towards men when so many men here are doing just that towards women. As for women keeping their legs closed, do you honestly think a woman could stop a man who wouldn’t take “no” for an answer from raping her? Do you think you could fend off someone 8″ taller, 70lbs heavier and with twice your upper body strength? And my dictionary defines ” subservient” as “compliant, submissive and obedient”. I don’t understand why any intelligent, well-adjusted man would want that. My sons, husband, brothers and brothers-in-law would laugh at such a notion as would just about every man I currently know. 40 years ago, maybe but people evolve (I.e., adapting to suit your environment). Submission would come under domestic violence laws here once the woman started feeling the terrible effects of it as it would be classed as emotional abuse. I live in Northern Ireland (part of the UK) and men and women are equal now and mostly get on well together in the workplace without rancour or aggression. Hegemony would have been common decades ago but would be virtually non-existent now. There are as many female junior doctors as male in our hospitals, for example.And divorced couples often make a clean break with only money paid for the children (by women too, sometimes). (Some ) men’s aggression, lack of empathy and only seeing things in black and white has caused practically all the problems in the world – wars, massacres, genocide, mass rapes, concentration camps, torture chambers etc. 92% of the prison population is male. Men need women’s voices and reasoning. Btw, I would advise against the foreign bride. One of my neighbours did that and he said it was the biggest mistake of his life. He said they had nothing in common, barely conversed and all she wanted to do was shop with his money. He had hoped she’d get a job and contribute financially, like 85% of immigrants here do, female and male. They are now divorced and she’s pregnant by a younger man. The bottom line is, there are nasty people about, both male and female but most people living here are basically nice, even with our political struggles and accept equality now as a given. Our First Minister is female and I haven’t heard one man complain about that! If you move with the times and change your attitudes, I believe all you men here would be much happier (and far less bitter). Good luck.

        • I think you’ve missed the point by what a lot of these men are saying here. They’re not saying we should move back towards the 50’s with women being submissive to men as in their property or any less equal to man.

          What I think and what I hear from a lot of guys I know is that women have lost the art of being a woman. When I was single, I dated a lot of women. I had a lot of ups & downs and it took me a long time to figure them out.

          When I was younger, I was kinda shy and followed my heart and I got severally burned for it. This one girl I was head over for, I treated her like gold (never do this) and she left me in the middle of the day, she packed her bags and moved out. Turns out she had some tough guy on the side. She moved somewhere with him, he knocked her up and later left her. That killed me, I reached out to her once and asked why she left me like that and she said I was too nice to her. Don’t think that was an isolated incident, every woman I’ve treated great has cheated and left me for someone else.

          So I started to be like the other guys, I let it be known that I didn’t want to date them, I only wanted to have fun. I started getting more popular. Then I became friends with some jacked guys at the gym who helped me bulk up. Well, my popularity went thru the roof after that. I had women chasing after me. Many knew I went home with a different one last night but they would still wanted me that night. My buddies and I ran thru these women nightly and they didn’t care.

          I was hooked and started trolling dating sites, bars, school, my neighborhood pool, friends of friends, married, single, older & younger. Most were all the same, its crazy that a 20 yr old is on the same level as 35 yr old. It didn’t take much to get their attention either.

          What I found is that 90% were useless for anything other than looking pretty and laying on their back.
          They put zero effort into the relationship, they felt they didn’t have to. I showed up, I’m here and I’m pretty! The box has been checked!

          Most were college educated and they had good jobs, so it wasn’t that. Not one of them knew how to cook a meal or clean. Their place was a mess and piles of dirty clothes, no food in the fridge because they ate out every night. They had nothing to bring to the table for a relationship.

          Then I met my wife, she cooked and she kept her place clean. It’s weird that something so small could show you good it felt like to be around a real woman. (Hint for you ladies reading, men find it attractive when you cook for them) You might laugh but when I think about settling down, the last thing I ever wanted was a woman who can’t cook. What happens when we start a family, are the kids going to feed themselves or the wife open a box of mac & cheese for the 1,000th time. Maybe I cook every night? No, I don’t think so! That would get old quick!

          Real men want real women, they want an equal but she has to act like an equal. Not a pretty object with no basic skills. We want someone who appreciates us for being men and lets us be men. We want you to help us cook & clean, give 100% and not think that basic household chores are beneath you. See how I said “Help”, it’s 2016, us real men understand it’s not the 50’s. So we have no problem doing our part.

          I find it funny when I take my two year old daughter places and I get compliments for how good of a parent I am. I don’t see it that way, I’m a father, that’s my job! Of course I’m going to do my best. From what I’ve seen, men are doing this more than women and we enjoy being fathers, we take pride in it.

          If I was to be single tomorrow and left to take care of my kids alone for the rest of my life, we’d be just fine. I can’t say the same if it were the other way around. I don’t think women in todays American society can handle the task as well as a man. I don’t mean to put ALL in the same category, I know there are still some good mothers out there. But when I look at the younger generation of single mothers, I cringe.

          So many of them just had to date the tough guy or a thug and got left on her back with a baby that wasn’t planned and a D-Bag father that splits. I blame him but not as much as her, she’s the one who chose to fool around with a loser, it’s written all over their personality, so don’t say they didn’t know. If you’re somewhat smart, you’ll know within a week. I was a nice guy and women wanted nothing to do with me but when I played their game, I got it all. Bad news is, she’ll repeat this process again and have two unwanted babies.

          Then who comes along, the white knight and he jumps right in to save the day and help the single mother. Because NOW she wants a nice guy to help her raise her unwanted babies. Unfortunately she doesn’t have anything to bring to the table and because he’s the knight, he’ll do everything for her and she’ll do what she does, look pretty and lay on her back!

          We need more women, real women, the ones who want real men. The kind who use protection when sleeping around so she doesn’t have unwanted babies with men that one wanted a piece of ass and to move on. Also stop sleeping around and giving it up to men you just met. Take pride in being a lady and stop listening to your slutty girlfriends saying that men do it so why can’t we.

          Being that I am a father to girls now, this is what I plan on teaching them when the time is right about men and sex:

          Men don’t want a woman who’s slept with 20, 30, 40 men by the time their 30 years old. Keep it tight, don’t give it away for free, meaning, make sex an added value to a relationship with someone you love, someone you’ve dated for a long time and understand that it could lead to babies. Please don’t have babies till you’re married. Don’t let sex be cheap or a single serving situation, demand respect. Speaking of respect, don’t dress like a cheap slut, I know your friends do and some of their mothers but don’t be like them. Take pride in your appearance, dress for success and always look like a lady. IF you need help, ask your mother, she’s a lady! Men love this 100 times more than the slutty look. If you get passed by a man because he went after the easy slutty one, that’s cool because he wasn’t worth it anyway!

          There’s a lot more but I’ll save that for my daughters!

        • By “Good luck” she really means “fuck you” lol.

      • Isn’t that the point that I’ve been making – that women shouldn’t sleep around? But I believe that neither should men. You dealt with your pain and mistreatment by doing just that but did it ever occur to you that the women you slept with were doing the same, dealing with their previous heartaches and mistreatment by men by using you and that they thought that you were only good for one thing too? Misguided on both parts, but what’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. Sexual double standards need to be challenged. Personally speaking, I would not have wanted to marry a man who had slept with a lot of women – I didn’t want an “easy ” man but I don’t condemn you for what you did; you sound like a good, decent husband and father so why can’t men extend the same courtesy to women who have behaved in the same way but who have eventually become good wives and mothers? The days of women being responsible not only for their own sexuality but men’s too should be over – it makes men out to be extremely weak willed. As for cooking and cleaning, my husband and I share the cooking. I appreciate it when he cooks me a meal and vice versa but I now do all the housework even though we both go out to work; not because he thinks it’s beneath him but because I’m so much better and quicker at it. I can do 4 tasks in the length of time it takes him to do one! He makes up for it in other ways like decorating, gardening, etc. As for women behaving like women, I totally agree – they should not be docile and submissive but behave with quiet dignity and have good manners but I would expect the same of men! Back to teenage girls……it is part of their development to be attracted to “bad” guys as they crave attention from them but they don’t want sex – they want romance but are coerced into having it because they learn that that’s what a guy wants and then they’re literally left holding the baby, emotionally ill-equipped to deal with parenthood. Once their brains have developed in their late twenties, they realize that nice guys are preferable. Over here, it’s against the law to have any sexual activity with a child under 16 as the law recognizes that they’re not mature enough to make sensible decisions about sex. Women as well as men have been imprisoned for having sex with children under 16. Anyway, it’s nice to see sensible discussion here rather than horrible, nasty remarks. Gotta go – the floor needs scrubbing!

        • I hope you scrubbed those floors so good you can eat off of them ha. Yes your point is that women shouldn’t sleep around but they do and quite often with many partners. Men shouldn’t either, you’re correct again but it’s hard not to when 90% of the women I’ve encountered in my life have been either sleeping with you till the next best thing comes along or their straight up slutty. I could go on and on about the behavior I’ve seen. In my early 20’s, I worked in a very popular nightclub in south Florida and I’ve seen women (more than once) on their “bachelorette party” get tag teamed by security guards in the vip bathroom. Girls on spring break getting naked on the bar for free drinks. Giving us bartender’s numbers on napkins with their name, phone number and hotel to come over for sex at 5am. You can’t blame men for treating women like whores, I swear to you, that most like it! Not all, for the normal ladies reading, you have to see this as well!

          As for your point about women being mistreated like I was, sure, some were but I’m not stupid, I know the difference. The ones that were, still showed signs of attachment/ wanting a relationship but once in said relationship, they either had one foot out the door for the next guy or they couldn’t maintain a relationship for reasons in my other post. I’ve also lost out on some women that I really liked because I didn’t sleep with them. Being that I really liked them, I tried to take it slow and get to know them. Wine & dine, courtship etc. but I didn’t close the deal soon enough. She moved on and I fell into the friend zone. I learned from those experiences and always tried to have sex, not once has a woman wanted me to stop or take it slow.
          That doesn’t make me easy, I have standards and high ones. I have and did extended the same courtesy to women, no one is perfect. I’ve never expected a virgin when I was looking for a relationship but when I find out that you’ve slept with more guys than I have girls, it’s not attractive. I’m sure some of them settle downed just fine, I hope their husband never learns about their distinguished list of male partners. I dated a girl who was 25 and I found out she had slept with over 30 men. Two of those men were at the same time! Needless to say I dumped her that same day, not only because she was loose but because she had no self-respect and I lost all respect for her right then and there. So do the math here. If she became sexually active at 15, and the new partner frequency was even, that’s 3 guys a year. Let’s pretend she settled down at 30 yrs. old, that’s over 45 men. Not much left for her husband at that point, she gave it away to everyone else. Nothing special there.

          As for cooking and cleaning, you should share the responsibility, that’s what normal people do but were no talking about normal people. If I recall, you don’t live in the US and I’m not sure if you’ve been here or not or have friends here. So it’s hard for you to grasp what some of us are talking about. Most American woman are useless. They don’t possess the dignity you speak of and it’s not just the women, we American’s are heading down the toilet drain. Don’t anyone give me the “you can leave speech”, I served my country so I’ve earned my opinion.
          Yes teenage girls are stupid and like losers but like I stated in my other post, there isn’t much of a difference between a teen and a 30 yr. old woman. They both act the same, I’ve seen it countless times and I swear by it. My wife fell for a bad guy and got burned more than once by him. I judge her for it and she knows it, it’s not a secret. I think the one up bad women have is they hide it better than men and in some cases, you never find out till it’s too late. Men on the other hand, wear their douche bagginess as a badge of honor and it’s proudly displayed on their sleeve. So women are the true idiots if you even remotely find a loser attractive. Hence why I judged my wife for her poor choice for a man/child in her past.
          I think it boils down to shitty parenting, broken homes and society selling sex. Everyone seems to be beat down about what’s a morally sound way of life. The family structure is broken! We have in our neighborhood, teen girls wearing shorts so short, I can see their ass cheeks and almost their vag lips out the front, at our pool, same teens wearing thongs. I’m not ok with that, why allow your teen daughter be slutty or try to be sexy. Try to be cute, yes that’s great but not sexy! Everyone else is doing it so it’s the norm right, why try to fight it right. It’s our job to teach them modesty, dignity, self-respect and how to be a lady. If I had a son it would be the same way and I’d make sure he always treats a girl the right way. Hopefully parents are seeing this downward spiral and are actively taking a stand on their parenting like we are, staying married and raising kids to be morally sound adults.

      • “submission vs subservience”

        Good point, John. I never considered that.

    • Written by a woman. Didn’t even have to read the name to know it – the minute all the blame was laid on men lol. Typical woman. You are flawed by nature. How then can you possibly understand the true source of the problem? You can’t. All you can revert to is offloading all responsibility and blame shifting.

    • They in so much fear they whore their arses off all over the internet to get paid money. Yet another manipulator.

  14. Well with the kind of women that we have out there today certainly tells the story. Doesn’t it? I would really say so unfortunately.

    • Don’t be too hard on your wife. You fell for the wrong girl, she fell for the wrong man. We’re all human and make mistakes. I agree with you that the way society (i.e. big business) sells sex is ruining everything between men and women. Just think of the mixed messages young, impressionable teenage girls are getting daily, year in, year out, drip, drip, drip so that they don’t know what’s expected of them. Men say: we want you to dress demurely, but we’ll ogle the “sluts” in front of you (thereby teaching girls who dress that way that that’s how they’ll get attention and is where their worth lies), we want you to behave demurely but we’ll watch all the boobs we can on HBO; we want you to remain virgins but we’ll watch pornography where your gender is being abused and degraded and tv shows with graphic rape scenes. See the hypocrisy? Not to mention huge billboards ( no longer over here, thank goodness) of semi-naked women, constant TV and magazine adverts bombarding women with air-brushed perfection; lotions and potions to stop wrinkles, reduce fat, slow down the aging process, ad infinitum – always creating and feeding on women’s insecurities and affecting women of all ages. Do you men realize that before the mid 1960s there was not one sexualised image of women in TV, films or magazines? Glamorous, yeah but not sexual. The constant media message now is that women should be sexually available for men and then are criticized for it when they are. As you say, men wear their douchebagginess (succinctly put!) on their sleeves like a badge of honour but only because they’re allowed to – a woman is shamed for it. Why not shame both sexes for it? A 15 year old girl who is sexually active has been abused, not just by men but by the cosmetic industry, by the fashion industry, the TV and movie industries (although I have noticed that things are beginning to change for the better , that even Game of Thrones is changing its policy towards sexual violence because of intense criticism). I could go on and on about the social and sexual injustices meted out to women both globally and historically but I also recognise that men face certain injustices too. We should all be railing against the systems in place rather than against each other. Be the change you want to see.

      • I’m not too hard on her, more of a poke here and there. Teasing her about it is fun sometimes.

        I agree with your comment and I’ll add that its a parent’s responsibility to teach them about what they’re being spoon fed. I reproduced, I’m their father and it’s my job to raise them right.

        Well it’s hard not to ogle when it’s in your face but if you were to teach your kids that ladies don’t dress that way, you’ll be labeled as slut shamming. So the cards are rigged against you unless you’re willing to fight for your moral values. Which I am! I don’t care about being politically correct or what people think of me when it comes to raising my children, I take pride having standards and expect nothing less from my friends, family, wife and children.

        I think it’s sad that so many 18 yr. old girls are recruited into porn. We’re so fucked up as a society that many openly seek it out as a way to become famous and make some easy money. As for the tv, yeah that’s true too. We notice it and limit tv time to only what we watch. Yet even in appropriate viewing, our kids still have to see Victoria secret models in tiny panties trying to be sexy. So we mainly watch movies or Netflix to control their viewing.

        I don’t see anything wrong with a woman applying a little makeup but it doesn’t have to go as far as it does sometimes. Looking like a lady is great but not appearing to be readily available.
        No their not criticized for it anymore, that’s slut shamming.
        We’re not allowed to call it what it is.

        Like I said, I would apply the same standards for my son as my daughter, sleeping around is trashy and leads to unwanted babies with unmorally sound people. The last thing I’d want is my son paying child support on an unwanted kid to a slutty girl he just met at a bar. Then try to raise that kid with a woman he’s not in a relationship with will undoubtedly make it a lot worse and repeat the cycle of people having kids in broken relationships. So the message is and will be, keep your pants on for both sexes!

        Honestly, society is pretty shitty and only getting worse. Rallying against the system is a pipe dream. We’ve gone too far to turn it around and anyone who does see it for what it is, turns a blind eye. As for me, I see it and I am being the change I want to see. Unfortunately, I have my hands full with my own family and I don’t have the time or energy to fight the system by myself. I’ll always voice my opinion and I’ll continue to get snide comments for it but I don’t care. I refuse to raise shitty people and support a shitty society. I only spend time with quality people and allow those types around my family.
        You’re only as great as the people you surround yourself with.

        • So I’ve persuaded you that both sexes should keep their pants on! I forgot about Victoria’s Secret, selling thongs with sexy slogans to mid-teen girls and pop stars like Miley Cyrus and others (themselves manipulated by the middle aged men in control) gyrating in next to nothing in front of their 12 year old fans. So sad. A bit of make up is nice but young girls use trowels to put it on now because they’re told to by magazines, etc and no young girl wants to be different from her peers. Another important thing – a third of females are sexually abused before the age of 18. This changes their perception of themselves, men and the world around them. Their world is no longer safe (if indeed it ever was for some of them) and can make some of them promiscuous as a way of regaining control although that’s likely to backfire on them as it just allows more abuse to take place. They’ve learnt that sex is a hateful, contemptuous act instead of the precious thing it was meant to be. 5% of boys are abused, too and some of them become rent boys. As for 18 year olds going into porn, they probably foolishly think they’re getting men’s admiration and don’t realize they’ll be getting their contempt instead. They also don’t realize what they’re getting themselves into until it’s too late. I would urge men to Google the following articles and their eyes might be opened to a world of pain that many girls and women experience and the psychological, physical and moral damage that is being done to themselves too by viewing porn: Porn On The Brain; How Pornography Affects Wives; Men Create The Demand Women Are The Supply and Ex Porn Stars’ Stories. Also, The Neglected Heart -The Emotional Dangers Of Premature Sexual Involvement. I don’t know if I can say any more other than to ask men to try to develop understanding and compassion for people whose history might make you think differently about them if you knew about it. And don’t think that one person railing against the system won’t make a difference. A small pebble thrown in a pond creates many ripples. Good luck.

        • While I agree with your descriptions of some issues, I totally disagree with the cause. It’s true: many (if not most) young girls have a warped sense of self. There are many negative influences; the media, peers, men, girlfriends, etc. But what is the root cause of all of it? Feminism. Since the 1970’s, women have been told – by other women – that they can do anything they want, wear anything they want, and screw anyone they want. TV and businesses are only responding to women’s desires (women make up to 80 percent of the spending decisions in the US). Guys have always liked women in bikinis and lingerie. But Victoria’s secret would not stay in business very long if women chose not to buy their products. Women are the gatekeepers of sex and reproduction, but they choose not to accept the responsibility that goes with that power. How is that a man’s fault? I agree that women who have been abused may find sex contemptuous. But they are in the minority. Most western women these days view sex as a weapon or an inducement to keep men in line and get what they want. Until recently, it was a fairly successful strategy. The vagina’s effect on men has always been powerful (it even got Adam in trouble with God at the apple tree!) but we are starting to see the limits of that power. Guys don’t want a pump and dump receptacle for a wife. It’s no wonder to me that the marriage and fertility rates are plummeting. Pornography? Why is that a man’s problem? I’ll happily look at any woman who chooses to take her clothes off in front of a camera. And there are certainly lots and lots of women happy to oblige me. Want to get rid of pornography? Have the girls stop participating, keep women pure until marriage, and have the women provide their husbands with all the sex that they want – whenever they want it. I guarantee you that money spent on pornography goes down by a factor of 10 or more. These are all supply-side problems, and you have the audacity to blame men for any of it? Women have totally destroyed gender relations, and now you say that men should help solve the problems? I don’t think so. For fifty years women have craved power. We are now seeing just how incapable they are of harnessing that power to improve society. Older women should be warning younger women about the dangers of feminism and sexual freedom. But they don’t because they don’t want to admit that feminism is a failure when they get old. When was the last time anyone heard anything about feminism from Gloria Steinem? Why do you think that 80% of the anti-depressant and mood altering medications in the US are sold to women?

        • Pauline, what are you talking about? You never persuaded me to anything. It’s common sense that people shouldn’t be fucking so many partners. You’ve already lost me, “manipulated by the middle aged men in control” are you serious or trolling here? I’m sorry but everything comes down to parenting your children and personal responsibility. It’s my job to teach them about what’s ok and not ok. Miley Cyrus isn’t ok. My kids have never seen her shenanigans and it’s not a man’s fault she’s a skank in heat, it’s HERS!!! She is a grown woman and makes her own choices.
          Again, it’s a man’s fault that girls get into porn? Really? You know another thing I dislike about women? You all like to play the victim too much. The only reason girls get into porn is because they like to fuck and want to get paid for it. They also think it’s cool among their peers, not men!

          The only thing I agree with is for some of those girls they don’t really know fully what their getting into. Obviously they know they’re going to have sex and be in a video but later realize they made a bad choice and are getting beat up by the guilt. Either way, it’s still their fault for being stupid and slutty.

          So all I’m still hearing is the blame game and woman are the victims here. NO Ma’am, it’s 2016 and the only people to truly blame are themselves. Everyone has a choice!!

        • That was a tongue-in-cheek comment about persuading you! My apologies for the “middle aged men in control” comment. I worded that wrongly – I meant ” middle aged men in control of the music industry”. A famous British pop star says that that manipulation happens a lot. As for pornography, it is morally reprehensible as you have no way of knowing how many of those girls have been threatened or coerced into it or worse, trafficked. That has become a huge problem. So men (and women) who view it are feeding a multi billion dollar industry which exploits girls and women (and boys and men too, to a lesser extent) and is often run by organized crime syndicates. If a problem between the sexes exists in society, then it should be up to both sexes to try to resolve it. I advocate completely that both men and women should not sleep around and keep themselves for someone they love and who loves them. I gave my 4 sons and my daughter that same advice. Feminism didn’t advocate sleeping around – it was formed purely to give the same rights to women that men had enjoyed throughout time and was not a movement against men but against the established order that kept women in line, aided and abetted by religion (but that’s another discussion). I think it’s wrong for women to sleep around but I defend their right to do so if men keep defending THEIR right to do so. As for women being sexually available to their husbands 24/7, it is indeed 2016 and such attitudes are outdated not to mention immoral. So if your wife is sick, stressed, bereaved, upset – she is to be used and treated like a robot and not a human being? Feminism has helped men in so many ways (Google ” 23 ways feminism has made the world a better place for men”). And as for 80% of anti-depressants being given to women, maybe it’s because of the men they’re married to! (Joke!) I’m not replying again. It’s been interesting but it’s time-consuming! I bid you adieu and wish you well.

        • So you choose not to engage me in further conversation when faced with reality? Typical. Feminist dogma can never stand up to factual analysis or common sense. Usually feminists end the conversation by hurling personal insults at me (calling me bald, fat dickless, a misogynist – choose your adjectives) or simply bailing out of the conversation when the feminist paradigm faces the stark truth. You chose the latter. But it’s really not your fault. You drank the kool aid years ago. You won’t find out about feminism’s failings until you’re older. FWIW I’m glad that you choose to educate your children in “proper” gender relations. But you’re not the only influence in their lives. It’s doubtful that any of them will seriously listen to you, and I guarantee that your daughters will fare much worse than your son going forward (especially if he chooses not to marry) – no matter what decisions they make about their participation in the sexual marketplace. You can thank feminism for that. I’m not going to address your other points because you have made it clear that you don’t want to. But being the last one to state a “fact” does not make that assertion correct.

        • Ok, I’ll engage one more time. (I’m going on holiday this afternoon to a remote part of Ireland where there is virtually no signal). I wouldn’t dream of hurling insults at you just because we disagree on certain matters – very undignified! We’re all entitled to our opinions. I have 4 sons and one daughter, all in their twenties and thirties and all easy-going and good natured. They’ve always been very open with me and I know for a fact that none of them slept around. Two of my sons are happily married and my daughter is getting married this year to a good man who respects her. I also advised them when growing up not to take people at face value and to try not to judge people. I don’t know why you are against feminism – radical feminism, yes, I could understand you being against that. I don’t know if you read any of those articles I suggested but could I suggest one more? Google “Chapter 6- The Intimately Oppressed – History Is A Weapon” (written by a man). It’s a chapter about the women’s movement in a book about American history. In an ideal world, I would agree with you that all women should remain virgins until married because that would mean that all men would have to, as well but it’s not an ideal world, never will be and we have to be pragmatic. But I do think we could all do our part to get rid of the toxic sexualized culture which we have ( things are beginning to change for the better in the UK thanks to many campaigns) and which I think would improve all young people’s sexual behaviour. Right, I’m away to pack my bags – Happy Easter!

        • Saying women are oppressed by porn (and the modeling industry for that matter) is hilarious. How is getting paid just to fuck oppression?

          Pauline’s arguments are so nonsensical and her posts so asinine as to be considered trolling.

        • Agreed. When I engaged Pauline I thought she was younger. But she’s got adult children, which means she’s probably 50+. She drank the Kool Aid a long time ago. Despite her feminist mindset, she’s still married – which tells me that her husband is an extreme beta (or maybe even a mangina). She’s got a good thing going for herself and I’m sure she’s happy. Can’t say the same about her husband though.

        • Ergeniz…Yeah it’s comical to think that women are oppressed by porn. Young girls are lining up on their own free will to do it. They sign their name on the consent form. How much do I get paid? If I take a load on my face I get extra, yeah ok lets do that. Oh and anal is even more, heck yeah I want more money!

          So no one is doing it to them but themselves!

        • I wonder how they can do that but you don’t hear a peep from these feminist group who they stand firm for respecting women when obviously just degrades them

  15. Low life Loser women are everywhere these days.

  16. How bout you work on your ‘abilit’ to fucking spell properly so the people reading your misogynist bigotry can actually understand why you have nothing of value to say and cite ‘crazy bitch’s’ as evidence for a valid argument. Your a fucking moron and your making the rest of us look bad.

    • All you marxist communist faggots have are buzzwords, no truths no facts, just hiding behind your indoctrination as a pussified mangina. No amount of grovelling to women or using minorities as shields will change reality.

      You’re ideology is wrong. Reality dictates women are inferior, africans are barbaric aborigines, & white men created western civilisation & the advanced technologies we use today.

      Your hatred against men & the truth, facts & hard data, are what makes you inferior to white nationalists & libertarians everywhere.

      When we win, you will bow to us, the same pussified faggotry which causes you to grovel to women like some boot licking slave, you sheep following fucks will bow to us.

      All you marxist faggots are mindless populist conformist herd, grovelling to mere buzzwords & catchphrases of the day.

      Once nationalists & libertarians become the mainstream, & we take back the media & society, you will lick our boots.

      Women will become our property, where they belong, you pussified faggots will lick our boots.

      Pucker up marxist faggots, get to licking our white nationalist boots.

      • Well Gee Wiz, so many very stupid women on this topic that is for sure. And such Losers too. How very sad.

      • @Roonymax, Bless you. Well said. I am a Asian (legal !!!) immigrant and what you said is 100% correct. Men built the civilization.

        As long as there are “manginas” and the “Societal & Legal Double Standards” favoring women, these women will continue to be bitchy, arrogant, irresponsible, entitled, slutty and whorish. The double standards allow them to “get away” with their shitty actions. They MUST be held responsible & accountable for the consequences/repercussions resulting from their shitty behavior and attitude.

        Women should find themselves lucky to be able to “effortlessly” live and bask on the “effort, hard work and success” of MEN, ever since the evolution began.


        Power/Current/Electricity, Generator, Transmission/Vehicles/Cars, Locomotives/Transport, Telephone/Communications, Firearms/Bullets/Guns/Rifles/Pistols, Engineering, Stove/Refrigeration/Miro-wave/Washing machine/Dryer/Dish washer/Vacuum cleaner, Camera/Lens/Bio-Scope/Telescope, Medicine, Surgery, Diagnostics (X-Ray etc.), Computers, Typewriter, Press/Printer, Xerox/Photo Copying/Scanner, Web/Internet/Router/Modem/USB/Bluetooth, Television, Watch/Clock/Batteries, Fans/Air-Conditioner, Martial Arts/Karate, Radio/Tape Recorder/VHS/CD/DVD/Blue-Ray, Musical Instruments, Mathematics, Physics/Chemistry/Botany/ Zoology/Geography, Sewing Machine, Aeronautical, Shoes, Cigarettes/Matches/Lighter, Plastic/Couch/Sofa/Blinds, Sewage System, Tampon, Toilet paper !!! … Oh My GOD, the list doesn’t seem to end …

        I really don’t understand when the “Feminist” manipulated Media proclaims “woman” president. Why the fuck you need a woman president ? Are there any women working in Coal Mines ? Are there any women working in Sewage department (doing the dirty job) ? Are there any women Drilling the Concrete for Roads and Bridges on a hot sunny day ?

        I pray my GOD to shower good health and people’s support for Mr. Donald Trump and make him the next PRESIDENT of the United States.

    • To Trent, you’re a Real Loser just like the rest of them.

    • Oh the fukkin irony…calling someone out for misspelling “ability” when the cunt doesn’t even know the difference between your and you’re. It’s you’re as in you are. Dumb bitch.

    • Its you’re you dumb bitch. Learn how to spell yourself…fukkin cunt.

    • HAHAHA! Citing somebody for calling women crazy bitches and also belittling their spelling mistakes; and then calling them a Moron, goes to show a lot about you. Who is making whom look bad?

  17. You’re a stupid mother fucker. I’m a 47 year old woman. Learn how to spell, learn correct grammar, quit your fucking whining, and burn in hell for EVER using the “c” word.

  18. What a bunch of pussies.
    Don’t worry, you’ll probably be dust by the
    time the balance of power is complete.
    Until then just lie back and try to enjoy the
    ride. Cause like most of you pointed out, women out number men so it should be easy finding one that suits your needs.
    Unless of course it ain’t me, it’s you.
    And I laugh and laugh.

    • It’s true that women outnumber men. But women can’t really create or maintain a society. They respond to emotion, not fact. And they really can’t stand living with each other. A woman-dominated society will tear itself apart in no time….

      • It kinda is now “Tearing itself apart” – RE. The more they get dominating sexist laws granted and positions of power, without any justification, it is tearing apart by the second.

        For example – guys are fed up – that so many young ones refuse to work now and go to a life of drugs and crime. The young women are also going to drugs because of this depression. Child abuse is getting more violent, particularly at the hands of women. There are many more poverty stricken kids to multiple fathers and yet the so-called law can’t see a problem with this. And no they can’t because they are wreaking all the benefits of this chaos. They love it the sick fuckwits. People are giving up because in reality, you can’t fight an evil disease by yourself. Eventually the whole lot will implode but the ones wreaking all the benefits, such as women in denial about their overwhelming biased rewards and the criminals in the government system, can’t see this because they are narcissists. A narcissist can not see the menace they are creating. Eventually they will all turn on each other when we are not here to take their shit anymore. That does not necessarily mean, we die off. It could also mean a massive war, where we take over a part of the land and rid all the women and government scum who do not accept our right as men.

        If women were the only surviving inhabitants because of this, they will perish because they can not do as men do. This means they will die out. Knowing the selfish women of today, they will still be living in dreamland, thinking it is all roses, candy and cock, when in actual fact they will be the cause of human extinction and their own demise.

        If you were to separate women and men, placing all women on one side of the country and all men on the other, eventually women would die out because they would not be able to produce the amount of food they would need, repair anything and so on. Even if we left them a pristine modern environment, they would eventually self destruct and ruin it all or come back trying to manipulate us again.

        On the other hand, it maybe that only the strongest of the men would survive and unless there were ways to produce male offspring ‘only’, they would eventually die out too. I am sure however, men would be able to produce incubators (ovaries) for sperm.

        Whatever the case, more and more men are giving up on women and can’t be bothered with the selfish cows. They are giving up on governments and not giving a fuck about any of it anymore. Hell, just the other day my neighbour around the corner, in his 50’s, necked himself. He like I feel most days – think why bother with it. There is no reason for any of this and it is really just a prison planet or hell. Who really wants to stay here putting up with this shit all the time? Men are so sick and tired of being a woman’s fallback or her blaming ground for her own self absorbing shit. We are sick of people telling us how we should live on this planet and paying other peoples ways and being slaves. Paying for things that are not somebody else’s to sell. We are sick of our feelings being taken for granted but told in the next breath to be more loving. Accused of everything.

        Here is an example. One day I was riding the train back to my suburb from the city, when a young bloke got on the train with his push bike. Who know’s he could have been working and the train did not go directly to where he wanted to go. A fat cop started abusing him for bringing a bike onto the train saying all sorts of shit about safety. I mean the young bloke did nothing wrong. wasn’t abusive or anything. There was barely any people on the train and he got off 2 suburbs later.

        The cop – the big fat idiot who thinks he is above everyone and can abuse whoever he likes, creating problems, took up 2 seats and had his shit sprawled out on the seats in front of him. Not only that, i have been on those trains, when the isles a full to the brim and nobody else can really fit. So much for safety! He wanted to go on about safety? The truth is, he was picking on a young bloke to create a scene and to show how he is above anyone and can do whatever he feels like. It seems to be a common thing these days.

        If you do the right thing, you get kicked in the guts. If you’re a male labouring worker, you are treated like shit. An example – work is scarce so not to be a drain on society, you rack up a few lawns. Some bitch thinks she can just come out abusing you because you won’t weed her garden, even though there are the right protocols to go through so that you get paid and she is not following them. She thinks you should be at her beck and call when she isn’t your customer, her real estate is. You barely can survive and she is one of those self absorbed, lazy bitches, who won’t get off her arse and do it herself – but has the nerve to think you are her slave. Needless to say, that bitch got told to go get fucked.

        Or the real estate who thinks they can pay you 6 months late or not care about the damage to your machinery, with their ridiculous long grass and objects in the grass. You have people come out abusing you because you use a blower, yet you are doing something constructive and keeping their neighbourhood looking good, while keeping out of mischief. This world will soon implode. Getting a few dollars to barely survive only to be treated like a piece of shit, why keep going on with it?

  19. I really wish women werent such whores. Why is it soo easy to get laid but soo hard to find a girl that hasnt whored herself out? Feminism destroyed women. I want to respect and be chivalris but its impossible to find any women deserving of respect. They blame men for all theur problems yet seem to ignore that fact that their lies and sleeping with 20 guys by age 21 might be the actual root of their problems.

    • American women don’t like it when you respect them. Being a nice guy by exhibiting chivalry, respect, and good manners gets you nowhere. Threat them like whores. Use them only as pump and dump receptacles. That’s what they want. When you’re ready to settle down, go overseas. There are still places where women act like women, look like women, and treat their men like men deserve to be treated. There’s plenty of them still available – just not in the US.

  20. Narcissists women are Everywhere nowadays Unfortunately and such a Waste of humanity too.

  21. suggest everyone read “Men are on Strike” Free pdf. As an older man I could never put my finger on what was going on and this book filled in the gaps. Men are at war and I have my own story. It is not pretty. in marriage it supposed to be 50/50. Well good luck with that. the laws are written against men. So why get married? if anything can destroy a marriage it is contempt. 58% of marriages end in divorce of the 42% that remain married of that only 14% are the couples truly happy. If you think you may be one of the 14% I would suggest both of you read the bible and what is expected for marriage. Not doing so, and she doesn’t agree with it, is why we have such a high divorce rate. but that is why we have the problems. In my case the love, romance has been sucked right out of me. So if I really want a woman I just go to Nevada for the week. Prostitution is legal there and monitor for health and safety. Everything said so far is right on. If this does not change the human race and its infrastructure will become extinct

    • No wonder so many of you men on here aren’t happy in your relationships; you appear to have no insight into, understanding of or empathy for women. Using prostitutss is acceptable? There wouldn’t be prostitution if it wasn’t for men. Studies around the world show that about 90% of prostitutes have been abused as children. And have you seriously not heard of human sex trafficking – millions of people, mostly female ( and many of them children) trafficked around various countries ( and at home) to have vile things done to them on the internet? Read about it on the FBI website. So, no, everyone doesn’t have a choice. Lawyers say that two-thirds of marriage break-ups are caused by pornography use. I know many men have been hurt by women but so many of you men don’t seem to accept that many women have been hurt by men, often in ways that are not just hurtful but downright terrifying. We are all human beings; let’s just try to have a bit of understnding for each other. You have your own wee pocket encyclopaedia with you everywhere you go (Google). Instead of accessing porn sites, why not look up scientific, psychology and medical websites giving you information and insight into what women really want and need from men and apply it, thereby giving you some chance of happiness. A lot of you don’t seem to realize that it’s quite apparent that you are helping to create the very type of woman you despise. Believe it or not, I do wish you well. I don’t like to see anyone depressed or unhappy – it creates negativity towards yourself and therefore, towards others. Read the’ Desiderata’. It might help you.

      • er… paragraphs? Another functionally illiterate butt-slut comes here telling her betters what to do, without even mastering the concept of paragraphs.

        • I understand perfectly the concept of paragraphs but I’m typing on my phone and cannot be bothered with them. What your reply should be explaining is why I’m illiterate, why I’m a butt – slut and why you’re my better; in other words, a logical, rational and coherent argument. I’m not telling anyone what to do – I’m only making suggestions and trying to help you see things from another perspective which is imperative if you want to be a well adjusted person and to find if not happiness, then relative contentment in your life.

        • Hahahaha. This . You started your last comment in a “heated” “against men” tone. Yes, many of us males here are fed up with women, for varying reason. But you have not kept things rational or calm. So why do you get special treatment? .. you whiny ass bitch

      • Men aren’t happy because women are evil manipulating bitches who get away with blue murder and have no appreciation for men whatsoever and continue with lying about oppression of themselves by men when they are the oppressors of men and themselves. And why do you still keep blaming men for what women do to themselves? Empathy = allow women to get away with their childish lies and self inflicting acts!

  22. As a millennial woman in an LTR, I never found it difficult to find a good man that values me as a partner. I’m a nontraditional woman, but I still find it important to give back in my own ways. There are many more ways women can give to men other than cooking and cleaning. I have always loved nontraditional men who won’t mind sharing both household responsibilities and financial responsibilities, as well as sharing close to equal child care time as well. I’m glad we live in a time of more blended gender roles. It’s been working for us for almost a decade.

    • Ash,

      If you really care about equality, then you should be fighting to remove alimony and CS laws. The party that leaves a marriage unilaterally should get no money from the other. The abandoned spouse also has to pay – that is too unfair.

      Plus, if children are involved, divorce should be extremely difficult for either party to get. If divorce is approved, the parent leaving the marriage unilaterally should relinquish all child custody rights. That is fair and equal.

      Deal? Or do you still want special treatment for women when it suits you?

      • These issues are things I have started studying and researching a couple years ago. Right now I can tell you that when it comes to divorce and alimony, it should be treated case by case. There are often many factors that weigh in with divorce, and it’s often not black and white. A better equality can be reached, yes. In regards to child custody, I same concept, except I think we should work towards doing what is ultimately best for the child’s needs and well being.

        • er… the BEST thing for the child’s well-being is for divorce to be very hard to get. Only ~5% of marriages should end in divorce. The status quo today is that the woman can cash out of the marriage, take assets from the abandoned husband, and use the children as cover for money that the mother spends on herself.

        • 5%? When taking into consideration how many marriage have abuse, neglect, cheating, and addictions at play, that figure seems very low. I think marriage should be harder to get.

        • You have started studying and researching? Well good for you. I wonder how long it will take you to understand that men are getting screwed in this country? And I wonder how much longer it will take you to try and make a difference by commenting where it really matters: on the feminist web sites? I’m not going to hold my breath waiting…..

        • Commenting on feminist websites is the worst thing one could possibly do. The ones who do that aren’t trying to change anything. They’re just trying to pick arguments. Let me know when you have ideas for some real change, thanks.

        • Ash, No. If children are involved, divorce rates should be 5%, period. If the child comes first, that is the only sensible policy. ‘Abuse’ and ‘cheating’ is from the woman more than half of the time.
          It is obvious that men put children first, but women put women first.

        • I see. Where do you draw your sources and citations?

        • There is a link on the upper left side of this blog, under ‘Must Read’. Over there, click on three links and read :

          Wedded Abyss
          The Misandry Bubble
          The Truth About Child Support

        • Interesting. Thank you.

        • Why is it my job to come up with a method for change? Women created this mess – it’s up to women to clean it up. All I’m saying is that spending time here does no good. Men already know that feminist dogma is full of shit…..

        • I just thought you might have more of an opinion.

          “Women created this mess – it’s up to women to clean it up”

          I wonder how many logical fallacies this qualifies under.

          Are you interested in change for men, or are you more interested in, something else?

        • No woman leaves a happy marriage in order to become a single parent and get money from her husband. The chances are that hurt, resentment and unhappiness have been brewing for some time. I agree with Ash that blended gender roles create happier relationships. John, do you think that women are going to suddenly collectively say “oh, we’ve created this mess; we’d better clean it up”? I don’t think so – not after millennia of being disregarded, used and abused and being written out of history ( there is plenty of documented evidence of this available on the internet). In England and Wales, 1 in 4 women and 1 in 6 men will suffer domestic violence; over 100 women and 30 men are murdered annually by their partners or ex-partners and women have sexual violence thrown into the mix too (UK government statistics). I’m not denying that men suffer at the hands of women but women suffer far more at the hands of men. They are bigger and stronger, after all! There absolutely had to be a feminist movement which has actually helped men in many ways too, quite rightly. Evolution can’t be just biological; it has to be psychological, behavioural, familial and societal too; in other words, attitudes and behaviours change to adapt to a changing world. Most women don’t want aggressive macho men any more – we want kind men who consider our feelings and who will support us emotionally and physically, especially at times of vulnerability in our lives ( like, for example, after having a baby or losing a parent) and we will then willingly reciprocate. The Serenity Prayer comes to mind: “Lord, grant me the grace to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference”.

        • I tend to agree that no woman will leave a happy marriage. The problem is that women get to use their definition of happiness – and that changes over time (sometimes it’s different every day) since women make decisions based on emotion rather than logic or reason. And the gyno-friendly legal system we have fully supports the notion that it’s better to destroy a family than allow a woman to ever become unhappy. In the past, anyone who wanted out of a marriage had to prove there was some injury (violence, infidelity, etc.). But with no-fault divorce being the standard these days, a woman can choose to leave a marriage for any reason – or for no reason at all. “He can’t support me the way I want”, “I’ve found someone with more stamina in bed”, “I want a change”, or even “I don’t have to give a reason – I just want out” are all valid excuses for destroying a marriage in the eyes of the courts. And with that destruction come all sorts of benefits: alimony – often for life (why do supposedly “equal” women need this anymore?), favorable property division (she almost always gets the house), primary custody of the children, and the full power of the state to back her up. I leave it up to the reader to decide who has the bigger incentive to destroy a family and who has the bigger incentive to work and try to save the marriage. It’s no wonder to me that women file 80% of the divorce petitions in the US.

          You’re way off in your recitation of the DV statistics. Last I heard, men are the majority of victims in the US. But just for the sake of argument, let’s take your numbers: 1 in 4 women victims and 1 in 6 men. So 250 female victims for every 1000 women, and 167 male victims for every 1000 men. This hardly fits into the definition of “far more”. Now add the fact that there is virtually no support for male victims (no safe houses, no funding, no “violence against men’s act”) and it’s clear that men are, once again, handed a raw deal.

          I agree that women want kinder, gentler men. But only those women who have passed their sexual prime years. Younger women want the excitement, the “gina tingles”, and attention from every alpha male they can lay their hands on. And feminism certainly encourages her to “go for it!”. But once they hit 30 or so, the double whammy hits: they begin the lose their attractiveness and their ovaries start screaming. At the point the alpha men disappear (they were happy to screw her, but they were never going to marry her) and she is forced to find a “nice guy” (a euphemism for sperm donor and meal ticket). The problem is that men don’t want a used-up pump and dump receptacle for a wife or mother of their future children. There has been explosive growth of the MGTOW phenomenon, the PUA phenomenon, and US men marrying foreign brides. Men are adapting to the state of gender relations; they understand that marriage to an American woman is not in their best interest anymore. Hence the lamentations of, “where have all the good men gone?”, heard primarily from older women who had their fun when they were younger, and now can’t understand why no one wants them. The good men were were always there, but they were invisible to her when the biker boy who just got out of prison was available…..

        • Pauline, I definitely agree with you that women want kind men who are softer than what this sphere typically considers an ideal alpha male. I never was attracted to this type of alpha, personally. In fact, I’ve been attracted to a large number of men who turn out to be gay, because gay men produce that softer, more sincere personality I find sexy. I just love a guy who is nontraditional, I think is what is comes down to. But I’ve never had any problems finding good, straight men either.

      • Me too, Ash. As teenagers, my friends and I thought the “edgy” type attractive to look at (never knew any biker boys) but they intimidated us and we knew they would have wanted sex so we stuck with the nice, quieter boys and I never had any trouble attracting nice men. And as for women being past their prime at 30? That’s Hollywood and the sexualized media putting that nonsense into too many men’s heads. I’ve looked after myself all my life and I still get many compliments from men much younger than me! And I don’t base decisions on emotion – I’m a very logical and analytical person. Besides, aren’t most of the men on here basing their decisions and assumptions about women on their emotions of aggression, bitterness and hatred? I’ve known hundreds of women throughout my life and the very few who got divorced did so, with deep regret, after many years of trying to make it work. I would think the only ones who would easily and quickly walk out of a marriage are silly young girls who married for the wrong reasons and who just had their heads filled with being princess for a day. However, there has to be no-fault divorce because no-one knows what goes on behind closed doors. I do think it’s wrong if alimony is paid for life; as far as I know, that doesn’t happen in the UK and the house would be sold and proceeds split in 2. I could understand why men would be bitter about that. Men can get custody here too or joint custody. John, I was quoting UK government statistics so they are accurate but you haven’t taken into account sexual violence which men don’t experience at the hands of women. Unless you’ve gone through it, you cannot know the horrifying, humiliating and devastating consequences it can engender, sometimes for life. I do agree that there should be more safe houses and support for male victims of domestic violence. I would make one last suggestion: instead of coming onto this website and depressing each other, why not try The Good Men Project website where men inspire each other to become better men and to try to understand women, thereby creating better relationships and a greater chance of happiness for both sexes. It might help to change the entrenched mind-set that so many on here display and is more uplifting.

        • When they talk about hitting the wall at age 30, it’s just a scare tactic and revenge fantasy. If there’s one thing I have learned since reaching that age, is that the vast majority of women still look 5-10 years younger than they are. Most women who don’t age well are the ones who excessively smoke, drink, or do drugs. Nearly every who estimates my age guesses about 8-10 years younger than what I am, and have also been hit on by teenagers and 20 somethings. Most women who are hot 20 year olds are still hot 40 year olds, as long as they keep up a healthy lifestyle.

        • Part of being conservative means conserving feminist progress,
          Ash is effectively claiming that the vast majority of women are above average compare to other women.
          This level of delusion is both ignorant and mathematically illiterate.

  23. I’d have to agree.

    My whole life I was brought up to respect women. Not treat them bad. Be nice to them, be kind, just like I would want to be treated.


    That was shattered as soon as I hit 13 and was in high school.

    All I saw was the rude assholes getting all the girls. It seemed that EVERY girl wanted to run off at partys and kiss the “bad boys”.

    they run back laughing and giggling to each other whilst me and most of the other guys are like wtf is going on here ? (we never actually said that to each other tho, however we all thought it)

    To me, women sprout a message of “treat me nice, treat me fair, treat me like a woman and you will have my respect”.

    Yet all i have seen and experienced is

    “treat me nice and ill spit in your face, then go fuck the guy who will never marry me, will never stay if he got me pregnant , will end up beating me but ill stay with him anyway because he loves me etc etc etc”

    Seriously, women are fucked up.

    You cant say you want 1 thing, then live most of your life going for the OTHER thing , then decide when you want to have kids that the thing you originally said you wanted was what you actually need to have kids and not be a single mum…….

    I mean, imagine if men lived their lives like that.

    We would be f**king persecuted and hung!! Called manwhores and worthless, not worth marrying etc etc…………..

    Wow….just wow.

    I seriously cant wait for virtual reality to become so real it IS real……then I can live out my life in a real world where women actually treat men like men and not toys to use when they want sex, use when they want a child, use when they want money, use when they want marriage.

    • Welcome to the real world yousef. Trust me – you’re not the only one this happens to. Almost every “nice” guy has gotten screwed (I mean that figuratively – not literally!) by women in the past. But the internet has brought all of us together and made us realize that it’s not our fault. It’s no surprise to me that MGTOW, PUA, and foreign brides increase exponentially every year, while more and more older women wonder, “where have all the good men gone?”. But in the long run it woks out better for us as we get older. No woman will every get anything from me that I don’t want to give to her. I have a woman: a wonderful woman from eastern Europe. She enjoys being a woman and enjoys treating me like a man. She’s in the US with me now and my biggest fear is that exposure to the gender relations in this country will turn into one of those horrible American feminist monsters (my best friend calls it “getting bitchified”). But I’m ready. She knows that if she wants to marry me she’ll have to sign an iron-clad prenup. Children are not an issue (I got snipped a few years ago and she knows I’m not interested in raising someone else’s kid) and we already live in a state that doesn’t routinely invalidate prenups in furtherance of feminism. Marriage is a business and like any other business, you have to protect yourself first. “Trust but Verify”, “Keep your friends close but your enemies closer”. I will let her stay with me as long as she keeps acting like a woman and satisfying me. If that ever ends – she’s gone. It’s unfortunate that woman can’t really handle the power that feminism has given them. But I’m certainly not giving up one inch of my strategic position. I have money and security, and if she wants to share it she will do so on my terms….

    • Yousef, that has also been my experience with men. Nice guys aren’t the only ones that finish last. It’s nice women too. Men can say they like sweet, wholesome women all they want, but they go for the ones who are more self important, edgier, bossier, and don’t even get me started on the crazy ones. Guys seem to think all women are crazy. Truth be told, men are just attracted to crazy women. They’re interesting, mysterious, and they keep men on their toes and on the edge of their seat, and that’s what drives men to chase them.

      • but they go for the ones who are more self important, edgier, bossier, and don’t even get me started on the crazy ones.

        Completely false. You simply have no idea how women think.

        • You do realize I’m not talking about women, right? This is my experience with men.

        • I can never understand the “logic” that many men on here apply but I do understand the hypocrisy! Here’s how it goes: nice guy feels side-lined by the hot girls going for the bad guys and feels envious because he’s not getting lots of casual, meaningless sex so he becomes a bad guy too in order to get it then after a few years wonders why he can’t find a nice girl to settle down with. Or else he becomes cynical about all women, tarring them all with the same brush. Why, nowadays, would a girl who hasn’t put herself about want to marry a man who has? Meanwhile, the nice girl feels side-lined seeing so many guys having casual, meaningless sex with all the hot girls but doesn’t feel envious because she realises it’s shallow, immoral and self-destructive. So she hangs out for a genuinely nice guy who wants to form a meaningful, loving relationship, eventually leading to meaningful, loving sex and the chance of a happier marriage. Studies have shown that men who have a lot of casual sex in their youth are far less likely to have happy marriages (women too, probably). John, I hate to say this but I give your new relationship 2 years max., not because she might be “stricken” with feminist ideas but because of your selfish, cynical attitude to relationships, wanting everything only on your terms. Doomed from the start……. Ash, I wish you well. Nothing you, I or any other woman commenting here can change this sexist, boorish mind-set so I’m not commenting again. I’m going elsewhere for meaningful discussion with intelligent, educated and enlightened men. What are they called? Oh yes, manginas!

        • Pauline,

          You simply have no idea how women think. You are just trolling for male attention, which you cannot live without.

        • Of course Pauline is going to bail out. She realizes that her paradigm is full of shit. It would make perfect sense if the sexes were evenly matched in terms of ability to attract a sexual partner. But they aren’t. Most woman can get sex whenever they want; all they have to do is open their legs. The most recent NIH study I can find indicates that the percentage of college-age women losing their virginity between ages 18-23 is down – to 69%! It used to be higher! Among males, the number is 38%. And since (in most cases) sex requires one man and one woman, that tells me that fewer guys (the hot ones – to use Pauline’s term) are having sex with most girls. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to opine that there are lots of guys out there who don’t have the same opportunity. Men try and women resist. That makes women the gatekeepers of sex. And with power comes responsibility. So any problems that arise as a result of unbalanced gender relations is solely the fault of women.

          Pauline says that a woman who hasn’t “put out” is not interested in a guy who has? hogwash! Women flock to guys with experience. They figure that if another woman wanted that guy, then I must want him too. how screwed up is that ?

          Meaningful, loving relationship? That’s what the older, used up women say they want (after they’re done riding the cock carousel and can’t get any more of the hot guys – the decide to “find themselves”, “I don’t do that anymore, I’m a “born again virgin”). All the younger girls are interested in is screwing their way to the top (it even has a name: hypergamy). All this nonsense, coupled with the gyno-friendly legal system we have, makes the playing field for men more of a minefield. And men have had enough. Hence the explosion of the alternative lifestyles for men.

          And Pauline, even though you probably won’t respond to me, I know you’ll look at this reply because I know the type of woman you are. For your information, my relationship has already lasted for 5 years. And I don’t keep anything from her, including what I write here. She giggles when she reads items from women whose heads have been screwed up by feminism. She makes me promise to correct her if she ever exhibits toxic symptoms of western civilization that might affect our relationship. I’m a real man and she’s a real woman. Care to give me another one of you pearls of wisdom? Care to banter with a real man anymore? Or are you satisfied with your new mangina buddies? Do they make you feel equal: Like a man?

          Women must really hate being women if acting like a woman is so abhorrent to them…..

        • Pauline, we can’t directly change men with bad behavior and poor attitudes about women. What we can do is change how we respond to them. I have learned there is great power in that alone. We can talk more in depth about this if you want to. I have my blog linked in my name and my contact info there. Have a good one. :)

        • John, if you think you’ve riled me enough to respond one more time, you’re right! I’ll tell you the type of woman I was and still am ( to a lesser extent) – the type you say you admire, ironically. I was brought up to be gentle, sweet – natured and to defer to men. I didn’t ride the “cock carousel” – I was a virgin at marriage and have been married nearly 40 years to a man who says he loves and fancies me now more than ever. He didn’t sleep around either. The bad guys didn’t interest me; I felt intimidated by them (not that I ever met too many as I went to an all girls’ school). I was never a submissive doormat, though and being quiet and gentle didn’t stop me from getting indignant and upset about certain issues. You know when I became a feminist? Not 40, 30, 20 or 10 years ago, but only about 5 years ago when I read an article about internet pornography (which I hadn’t even known existed). The things I read that some men do to women sexually and physically upset and angered me so much that I couldn’t sleep for a fortnight. Then I read about 12 year old Yazidi Christian girls being sold into sexual slavery and being raped and beaten several times a day by those IS monsters. Boys and men suffer so much at their hands too. The Jimmy Savile and Rolf Harris child abuse cases; the Rotherham case; the endless rapes and murders of young girls and women in the news almost weekly; the list goes on. Men have physical and sexual dominance over us – does responsibility not come with that power, the responsibility to treat us well and to not have meaningless sex? As for hypergamy, it’s virtually non -existant in the UK – women hold top jobs too and have their own money. My “mangina buddies” are now men mostly in their mid to late thirties, at work (I work in a major hospital) who have long conversations with me and ask for advice – no hostility or aggression towards women and yes, they make me feel like an equal; an equal human being. At first, they thought I was in my late 40s (I’m 62) and complimented me but because there’s no sexual attraction on either side, it’s liberating and we’re free to act as natural friends. My husband was a bit peeved at first about my becoming a feminist but when he read those articles too, he understood it. I don’t shove it in his face; I just feel I have to make a stand on certain things. (Btw, John, in a March post, you said you were going foreign; you didn’t say you went foreign 5 years ago). Anyway, enough is enough. Goodbye; I wish you well. Ash, I might be in touch…….

      • These guys are absolutely burying these few woman in here. Girls don’t have the same logic and reasoning, they just spew their personal feelings and emotions everywhere and call them facts. Finding a good woman in America is like finding a chest of buried gold. Good fukkin luck men.

        • It’s true that women are lead by their emotions by nature, and that’s a big part of why they find it hard to find a good guy. But this isn’t exclusive to women. Men, on the other hand, are lead by their sexual hormones, which is what prevents them from noticing a good woman if she was standing right in front of him. There are many good women in America, but men don’t see them because they are too busy chasing the femme fatales in the shorts skirts

        • Men, are lead by their sexual hormones,
          Completely false. Remember that while sexuality is only a portion of male thought, it comprises the ENTIRETY of female psychology. That is why women want to turn everything into a ‘woman’s issue’. Women are the ones who write love letters to serial killers.

        • Anon, what you are saying just doesn’t hold up when you look at male behavior. Men’s primal nature is to follow where their dicks point and they overlook overall better women because those women are often not immediately the most physically appealing to them. They have to make an effort to be smart in choosing the right partners, which is why so many of them fail and then complain about women today being so terrible.

        • Ash, that is simply not true. Men are far more capable of exercising better judgement in relationship matters than women. Serial killers get thousands of love letters from women, while a female murderer gets none from men. It is women who see sexuality as 100% of their identity. You simply don’t understand how women think.

        • > Men’s primal nature is to follow where their dicks point.

          Only somewhat true for very young men, when their hormones are in overdrive. And it can be overriden.

          > and they overlook overall better women because

          I’ve known of occasional men who try and ‘wife up’ porn stars, sluts, or whores, but they’re outliers.

        • Anon, men are capable of using better judgement, but they often don’t. Proof of this is all over this very page in previous comments. Oh and yes, there is tons of pussy pedestalization among men towards female inmates. How about “prison bae” Sarah Seawright. And Angela Coates. I do understand women, since I am one and everything.

        • > How about “prison bae” Sarah Seawright. And Angela Coates

          Both pretty underwhelming examples – had to google them before I even knew who they were. They’re two hot women arrested for relatively minor crimes.

          OTOH, every one knows who Ted Bundy and Charles Manson is.

          > I do understand women, since I am one and everything.

          Being a woman doesn’t mean you understand them.

        • Agreed ! Also Pauline seemed pretty post happy once Ash showed up… Thought she was in a big hurry ..easter family stuff to do…or was that not true? …lastly it needs to be said , Johno you are a tool… Seriously mate I think you just need a fishing trip and some beers..way to invested in your own misery… Yep women are nuts and they lie etc etc.. Venting can be healthy but if ya think its gonna change the situation it won’t.. May as well try spitting at the moon..

  24. Ash,

    I do understand women, since I am one and everything.

    Nope. Just like a 7 y/o child is not capable of writing a textbook on child psychology, you are similarly unqualified to discuss female psychology. At a minimum, you should be able to describe why Game and other pickup artist disciplines are so successful in rapidly bedding the most attractive women.

    Extremely few women have any grasp of how women think (as evidenced by an ability to predict the behavior of either themselves or any other women in a given situation). You are not one of those women.

  25. Ash said :
    Oh and yes, there is tons of pussy pedestalization among men towards female inmates

    Nope. If a small-time female felon is hot, men may overlook her minor crimes. But women are attracted to serial killers specifically BECAUSE of their violent criminality. A huge difference. The criminality itself is what women are attracted to, while that is never the case for men.

    Your comments alone soundly prove that you have no idea how women think, and probably never will. Being a woman does not mean you grasp how women think – quite the opposite in fact.

    • You don’t know what background in education I have. You’re trying to tell me that men are successful and happy with women on a page that has hundreds of comments complaining about their woes, failures, and divorces with them. I mean, look at the title of this page for crying out loud. And I’M the one who doesn’t know how women think? Ha. Right. How about focus less on me and more on how to help your brothers.

    • If you’re a man, then perhaps you don’t know how men think just the same. Double standards won’t work on me. I’ll throw them back every time.

      • If you’re a man, then perhaps you don’t know how men think just the same.

        Nope. We know how both genders think, and you know how neither does (as evidenced by your comments). It is not a double standard, it is a simple fact of female inferiority. Just like a child is inferior to an adult. No one is focussing on you. You are just coming here because arguments give you gina tingles.

        • Heh. Mmmkay. I actually came here accidentally in research for a project. I got the info I wanted. Thanks lol.

        • Good riddance, then. It was obvious from the beginning that you only want to confirm your preconceived biases (and collect some gina tingles along the way).

          I predict that you will comment several more times after declaring your intention to leave. Again…….tingles.

        • The only tingles around here are from you boys stalking me on my blog now. Please stop.

        • No one went to your blog, and I didn’t know (or care) that you have one.

          You are just trolling for gina tingles. Go away.

        • This does seem to smell of the age old, I’m a women and “I need attention..” sorry Ash.. I have seen this far to many times now..

  26. I have a question, do you think that men also need to know cook and clean? Personally, I oversee the house, but there are whole weeks where gardening projects are in full swing and my husband will cook and clean the kitchen. Basically, we both do it, it just depends.

    Personally, I believe humans are all meant to garden, take care of a home, and cook well. Those seem like innately human things to me.

    • Men are better at cooking and cleaning than women are. Most master chefs are men. I have never seen a woman who was good at ironing.

      Those tasks were delegated to women just because there are easier, and a screwup does not really cost anything (unlike, say, in military, judicial, financial, and construction jobs that only men are qualified to do).

      • Our outlook is different than yours. We believe those things are paramount importance. Health is directly related to cooking capacity. What is your specific reasoning behind women being inferior cooks in particular.
        A screw up in cooking can easily burn a house down, so I’m not sure I’m buying your logic 100%. Do you mean that it is less likely to cost anything?
        If so, I would say you may be right to some degree, though in he long term, poor cooking and cleaning would result in poor health. So it depends on whether you are looking at long term or short term.

        • Totally agree with Amy. It’s most likely a woman who is responsible for a cooking incident that results in destruction of the house.

        • You agree that cooking and cleaning are important?

        • They are important, but they are easy and low risk, so it is one of the few things that can be safely delegated to women.
          Men are better at cooking and cleaning. This is partly why modern women don’t know how to do them – it requires more training to teach a woman.

        • okokok sexism aside .. LooooLLL that was funny

  27. All women are sluts. They want money. How many dicks has your wife ducked before yours?

    • That is true to the majority. I met this one so called young lady that was 20 and she had a 1 yr old son. She met a 30 something man online and he came to visit her a few months later. They had sex, she got pregnant and he wanted to marry her but she did not want to. She got $3,200.00 a month child support from him. I saw her again 3 years later and she had a second child 6 months old from a different man out of state. She receives $1,500.00 from him for child support, she also told me the father of the first child got a better paying job and his support went to $4,100.00 a month. With receiving $5,600.00 in child support she had quit working. She said she picked the fathers of her children by their income. She is a low life whore whom is smart enough to use her pussy to lure a good man and then fuck him over and lie during the whole process. You got to love it. Children are so screwed up because they do not have the balance of a father. A woman can not teach a boy to be a man they can only teach them what they want a man to be. The biggest problem I have with my wife is that she constantly wants to change me and that will not happen. I am the same person she dated and married and so be it.

  28. The very sad thing is that God made so many Low Life Pathetic Loser women today which years ago Most of the Real Good Old Fashioned women were the Best of all with a very Good Personality as well. And they certainly made a much Better wife too compared to these Losers now which Most women were very Committed to their men and Didn’t Cheat like these Whores. Unfortunately Most women Cheat now more than ever which many of us Good men had this happen to us which i had my ex followed and caught her in the act. It was just too bad for many of us Good innocent men that we Weren’t born many years Earlier which Most of us by now Would’ve been all Settled Down with our own Real Good Wife And Family that many of us still Don’t have today.

  29. BRILLIANT article! Represents how I’ve felt for years and I’m 33. Young Western women of today are selfish, rude and trashy. Not the type I want to mother my kids. In fact, I’m almost at the point now where I dont even want to bring children into todays world. I wouldn’t want to be disgusted with their trashy modern attitudes as their dad when they grow older. For years now I have had sex with different women, pulled out, squirted my load over them (rather than in them – to avoid regret later) and walked away (other than if they wanted sex again after the first time). But I am now starting to accept that my perfect lady, the respectful, loyal, nurturing traditional type doesn’t exist anymore and this waiting game I’m playing is chipping away at my patience. Maybe its time to just plan for my future to live alone without a family. The Western world has been turned inside out. No morals or standards anymore and women are the oned responsible for that, especially white women – Utter bitches! Theyre fuckin idiots the lot of them. Fuck em and chuck em! Theyre worth nothing more.

  30. It’s amazing how many women call in to your place of business and yell, demean and outright tell you what you’re going to do even if you’re not in the wrong. They won’t listen to your expertise saying it’s too expensive or that’s not good enough. They are menyacycle. Bat shit crazy even. Not all customers are good customers and many women are not worth dealing with for any potential dollar amount.

  31. Most of the women out there now are very Horrible creatures since they have a very bad attitude problem and so manors at all. Total Pathetic Losers.

  32. 63 yo here. Article is 100% dead on.

  33. The M.R.S. and the Ph.D.

    Here’s a respone to this pandering BULLSHIT NYT cuntessa drivel;

    “African-American women are less likely to marry than white women overall” REALLY? I wouldn’t have imagined that with all those l”Black Lies Matter” offspring of unmarried American AFRICANS burning down their neighborhoods. Marriage means MALE ROLE MODELS–absent entirely in the psyche of Black Single Mothers. Go figure!?!

    American women face “a radically shrinking pool of what are traditionally considered to be ‘marriageable’ men — those who are better educated and earn more than they do.” Women are “marrying down’ because men are “smartening up”! We are sick of you and your lazy, fat, convenient victim status. Your lack of house training is despicable! Women are too IGNORANT to make a carafe of coffee without getting coffee grounds into the finished product. They can’t do dishes, nor properly wash or fold laundry, nor cook—absolutely WORTHLESS! Nor can they write code, build things, fix things, or run profitable businesses. BUT THEY SURE HAVE OPINIONS, RIGHT?

    “educated wives”…”are more likely to receive as well as give oral sex, to use a greater variety of sexual positions and to experience orgasm regularly”

    To hell with “educated wives”,and their “orgasms” in general! Get your own orgasm! It’s not a man’s job! Cheating whore narcissists, a generation of sick 60’s lesbians, have infected millions of millennial women with their prodigious BULLSHIT FEMINISM, and EQUALITY. Women should take big rubber toys, and go pleasure themselves! They are in charge of their “orgasms”–WORK FOR IT!

    “The most important predictor of marital happiness for a woman is not how much she looks up to her husband but how sensitive he is to her emotional cues and how willing he is to share the housework and child-care”

    What a crock of feces! Having been primary caregiver to my offspring for the first 5 years of her life, (and having had a wife who cheated on several occasions in 18 years of marriage), and taking care of 85 percent of the housework, etc, as a stay at home father, WRONG!

    Look at these worthless shills ; Carly Fiorina, Marissa Mayer, Hillary Clinton for example; NONE of them know about running ANYTHING! All they do is hang at the coat-tails of “feminist equality and lesbianism”, and try to put as many of their “sisters” into positions of power to scream about “women’s rights” and “equal pay”, but have NOTHING TO OFFER in return but driving companies into bankruptcy, and countries into chaos!

    The Feminazi Cult adherents have big mouths, huge egos, gigantic thighs, colossal asses, short hair, and pea-sized backward thinking brains! When you do push the button, and the envelope, you rely on your matriarchal justice system, the police, and other “White Knight” idiots to bail you out of the violent encounters you have sown the seeds of. PATHETIC!

    If my hand isn’t adequate to quell my “needs”, I’ll buy a whore for 50 dollars before I’d spend 50 cents on women. I’m also starting to see the reality of Muslim Culture, and why these countries do not want the emasculation of “democracy” (read white entitled feminist BULLSHIT) introduced to them. The next time some stupid feminist opens her mouth, and is screaming for help, it will fall on deaf ears!

    BTW; The BEST Valentine’s Day I ever had is when I gave myself a $2,200 payday by selling a car to another like minded guy! Both of us laughed at the idea of spending even a nickel on a woman–! –now go reap the harvest you have sown –good riddance–YOU WILL NOT BE MISSED!

    • Women don’t give a shit if you’re fed up. You’re a bunch of selfish, little, whiny assholes. Stay away from us!

      You want everything women have without putting in ANY effort and that’s MAN-CHILD BEHAVIOR. Go gay, go somewhere else, what ever, but leave American modern women alone.

      And to any of you sell out females who approve this piece of shit… you’re disgusting.

      • The definition of an “American modern woman”: A used up pump and dump receptacle with a bad, self-entitled attitude. Nicole seems to fit the definition perfectly.

      • I hope your boyfriend reads this, realize what a misandric feminist harpie you are and dumps your sorry Arse as it so richly deserves.

        • While its true. The hurtful words won’t do anything. I really , really am starting to think that women have no idea what is going on. Shiiit ..

  34. I’m glad the term i coined “monkey syndrome” is catching on. Used it first back in 2000’s when i graduate highschool, to describe women that dont let go of one branch until they firmly grip another.

  35. Women who are a part of the millennial generation all seem to gravitate toward an abusive tendency of claiming victim status, and as such take equally delusional measures to cheat, manipulate, circumvent policy and morals, and neglect responsibilities. This is almost always followed with false claims of a necessity to liberate themselves from the perverted oppressive men who has somehow managed to prevent them from leaving such fictional relationships.

    I am a straight 28 year old male, who has had several relationships (in what now seems like a distant past). Through my negative relationship experiences, every case has failed due to my partner either getting caught cheating or left the relationship to further pursuit of the 3rd party. When these whore ex-partners were confronted, they all managed to fabricate wild accusations or bullshit excuses in order to justify their despicable actions/responses.

    Consequently, since my last failed attempt at managing a relationship (appox. 3 yrs ago), I have completely abandoned any concept of pursuit of meeting, communicating, and/or simple recognition of women around me or in any given scenario. I essentially pretend all women around me do not exist. The mere thought of speaking to or maintaining eye contact with a female makes me sick to my stomach. Unfortunately, as a result of my purging of females in my life, I no longer am in contact with my sister and mother.

    • I look forward to spending the rest of my life single and in solitary confinement

      • Patrick, you need psychiatric help and I mean that kindly. For you – and so many men here – to hate women so vehemently while not seeing any fault in your own behaviour is beyond belief. Men, how about trying not having sex with women you have contempt for, considering that sex is supposed to be an expression of love or at least affection? How about showing some respect for yourselves first then maybe that would translate into respect for women which might eventually lead to a loving, mutually respectful relationship? I shake my head in sorrow at the comments made by so many men here; I don’t know any women who have respect for themselves who would want to marry a man who has had numerous sexual partners. Silly young “easy” women are just foolishly copying the trashy male behaviour that some men have felt entitled to indulge in throughout time. Now both sexes are paying the price. How about changing your attitudes and behaviour and see if you can’t turn your lives around? It might take time but it would be worth it. Next time a girl offers you easy, meaningless sex, say no kindly. You might find she’s relieved and will possibly find a new respect for you and for herself, possibly a respect that she has never been shown before in her life. I believe this is where men should lead the way and we might eventually get back to happier and more loving relationships between men and women again.

        • WE know we have bad behaviour as well .. And we *will admit to it and most of the time, you just need to ask us and to listen to us (properly). Good fucking luck with that and a women “western” at least .. Women will not admit to many faults, so many its crazy.. So who is actually the asshole, who is actually the manipulating sex ? I do sometimes wish I could curve my sex drive so I wouldn’t feel the need to procreate but coitus DOES feel good, crap…… 😮 haha

  36. It’s funny cause of lot of this is actually the fault of patriachy and mens complete inability to adapt to the times. They want to fill the same old roll they always did. Well guess what, woman have wised up and no longer need your ass to be a financial support. Yeah there are pleanty of shitty manipulative women out there, but guess what there are JUST AS MANY player asshole douchebag dudes to balance the field. You have a very narrow and likely small pool of experiences to draw from and to say that women are useless when we are more productive and efficient than we have ever been is just fucking nonsense. Women still play their traditional role and yet manage to play mens role At THE SAME TIME. wtf is mens excuse? Are you mad that women are now equals on a competitive playing field or are you mad that you actually have to work for it and your perfect women isnt going to fall right in your lap without effort on your part? The more I read the more and more it seems like the whining of an insipid asshole who hates that women arent begging to quietly exist in a cupboard in your apartment and only emerge to suck your dick. Get fucked shit head, women are just as sick of your bs as your are of theirs.

    • Gentlemen! Finally! The perfect “modern” woman! I can’t understand why guys aren’t interested in marriage with creatures like this running around the planet. Wouldn’t any of you just love to come home to this every night? The language is so feminine and attractive. I’m sure her appearance and attitude toward life is similarly feminine and submissive. I’d love to find her and propose, but I’m sure I’d have to compete with too many other suitors. Maybe I can sweeten the deal and offer to buy my own stick so she can beat me with it?

      • John, we dare not have any women showing anger, right? It’s ok for men to show their hostility and anger towards women but women can’t retaliate and challenge this horrible male behaviour? Who do you think feels more intimidated and fearful – a man facing a woman’s anger or a woman facing a man’s anger? I say to the lot of you – grow up and try to develop a bit of empathy. No doubt I’ll be called a mangina. Well, if it means I actually care about women and believe you reap what you sow as regards your behaviour towards them, then that’s ok by me.

        • You are a mangina. But not because you care about women. You are a mangina because you support the feminist imperative. I have no problem with a woman showing anger. My post was a satirical response to a woman who is obviously very angry. But she channels her anger towards men with the must unflattering and offensive language she can. She uses swear words and she has a user name of fucku? While I only inject some comedy into the blog? And you dare to suggest that I should change my behavior? That’s why you’re a mangina. Women are supposedly equal – so why should I defer to her – just because she is a woman? I used to be a wimpy beta, but no more. Women want to be equal? they’ve got it from me. And the surprising thing is that I get more pussy now than ever before. You’re the one who needs to grow a pair. Women don’t really like manginas much. They tolerate you and will readily friend you because you support their irrational behavior. But they will never be attracted to you. They much prefer a real man who will stand his ground. I bet I could even get fucku into bed if I had access to her….

        • While I don’t really support the mgtow, redpill, mens right’s movements myself, I do have a lot of empathy for those who do. See, not all women are like that necessarily, but feminism has created a brand of women that is simply intolerable. They’re a nuisance to society and a nightmare to deal with personally. He is referring to women who feel entitled to be angry and berate men, because if the man retaliates, the man can get in legal trouble and the women can usually draw massive amounts of support from other women. They have a superiority complex and believe that women do these godly feats that men could never compare to. They will take everything they can and then blame men for everything they don’t have.

        • Yes, her language could have been nicer but she made some valid points and your own terminology , John, isn’t exactly pleasant. I have been happily married for over 30 years with 3 wonderful daughters, all married to great men. They all share the housework, childcare and bills! Trashy women aren’t created by feminism; they’re created by trashy men. If you read the history of the abuse of women by men through the centuries, you would understand the need for a feminist movement. Any man who feels the need to dominate a woman or thinks he’s superior is just showing his inadequacies. We all feel inadequate from time to time but that’s something you should work on yourself, using self-awareness. As I said before, you reap what you sow and the bitterness, anger and self-pity you all feel about women is down to yourselves.

        • Tom – the fact that you and your 3 son-in-laws are happy manginas does not alter the fact that feminism is slowly destroying the US. Many men (an increasing number every year) have had it with bitchy, self-entitled women. Everybody shares everything? So you are telling me that your daughters bring home more than half of the family income? Or are they essentially living in housing subsidized by their husbands? If the man is bringing home 80% of the income, then it is reasonable for him to do 20% of the work around the house. But you need to expand that concept to everything – not just housework and child care. Who mows the lawn? Changes the oil in the car? Cleans out the gutters? Gets on the ladder to wash the exterior windows? Cleans out the toilet when it’s plugged with shit?

          I’m aware of man’s inhumanity to women in the past. But events in the distant past – in a society that is not as developed as we are – does not justify a over-correction of power now. A logical extension to your argument would have white people serving as slaves to black people today…

          Men’s rights people are hardly inadequate. Quite the contrary – we see men like you as inadequate; doing whatever it takes for access to the elusive vagina. Feminism is not good for the survival of the species because women cannot create and maintain a society like men can. Look at the fertility statistics; in almost every country where women have a lot of power, fertility is below replacement rate. It is nature’s way of eliminating an imperfect society. It’s true in the US; if you take away the immigrant factor, the US population is actually shrinking. Take away women’s right to vote and no-fault divorce and fertility would rise to above replacement again.

          Trashy women aren’t created by feminism; they’re created by trashy men? That statement says it all. Throwing your own gender under the bus. You blame the failure of gender relations completely on men. You cannot see (or maybe you are afraid to see – since you’re married) the damage that women create. Enjoy your happy existence in your small mangina family bubble while society crumbles around you. I’m outta here…..

        • So you say that when a man retaliates with anger, He has to “Grow Up” In other words you think it is okay for women to be angry but not men? And men should have empathy towards women but women should care less about a man? HYPOCRITE MUCH? Just like feminist scum who destroy lives.

    • Quote:

      “Well guess what, woman have wised up and no longer need your ass to be a financial support.”

      This is patently false.

      The social system set up transfers tax dollars from man’s labour to women.

      See “tax gap” on how men contribute over 65% of the entire tax base, yet use about 35%.

      Women today depend significantly on man’s labour.

      Think about what happens when men stop working or leave to a more favourable country (as happened in Ancient Rome):

      – who will drill in coal mines
      – who will run utility lines in freezing cold
      – who will fight in war
      – who will do all the plumbing, infrastructure

      To say that women do not depend on men is completely false and delusional.

  37. Found solution 25 years ago and married Asian from Far East.
    That works.
    Problem is not with women as such but with some shit from our decadent and decaying western “culture”, which is sometimes confused with women.

    • Why are Asian divorce rates rising then, if “Asian women are superior”,
      if white women are so terrible,
      why do people make it a point to stop guys from other races to be involved with them?

    • Asian divorce rates are rising because feminism is starting to infect their cultures. Women in power destroy societies. Giving women the vote is the biggest mistake that governments can make. Look at what’s happening in Japan; marriage and fertility rates in the toilet and a real concern that Japanese culture will die out. And it’s happening in the US too: take away the immigration factor, and the US population is shrinking for the first time in history. Russia recently voted to decriminalize domestic violence. Why? because they are worried about their replacement rate too, and they’re smart enough to know that giving power back to men is the only way to recover.

      Nobody needs to stop guys from other races being involved with western women. 30,000 K-1 visas issued in the US annually, and over 90% of them are issued to women – not men. Foreign men already know about the high risk of failure with American women and they stay away. There are still places in the world where a guy can get a feminine, submissive, and beautiful woman. But bringing her back to the US is a risk. It’s possible that she will become Americanized (my best friend call it “getting bitchified”) and turn into one of those horrible feminazis that every guy here is trying to avoid…..

      • Nobody needs to stop guys from other races being involved with western women
        So, why do Asian pickup artists exist in the West then? It proves there are obstacles, and I’d say, obviously people interested to stop that from happening.

        e.g. ABCs of Attraction.

        At any rate, remember not to denigrate the sons of White-Man-Asian-Female, you might end up with another Elliot Rodger. Those guys suffer badly when the mother has to come up with excuses about why she’s with the White guy. And based on how he accepted things, it’s possible she said “All Asian guys are wifebeaters etc. etc.”.

        How does the West plan on rewarding model minority men, that have contributed to their economic and technical dominance?

  38. I was allways the girl being put down for not looking at boys the same as them ad made fun of for “being prood” by other girls and boys id just look around and see more baby mamas more slots slurp it up in the hallway glued to each other’s mouths with their boyfriends and guys trying to hit on me that weren’t in my group of friends that I cared about most of my friends were guys and girls would make fun of me for not having any friends that were girls and I’d tell them well maybe you should change and I might like talking to you I see you what you do to those boys that you date and then they come crying like they’ve just been massacred and I see some my guy friends in my group get really hurt by these bitches and then me as a girl somehow gets labeled as one of these superficial money-grubbing comes I’m going to don’t I don’t need to be flaunted or attention-seeking to get what I want in life I mostly introvert myself until I had no friends because people would just keep making fun of me or people would just use me for money friendship advice and most of the slits I used to hang out with girls I mean would just use me to try and hang out with my guy friends I had a thing for it’s like stop your middle school high school you don’t need to be putting that dick in you I didn’t even get any anything going down there until I was 25 with my new boyfriend I didn’t even touch myself I don’t know what it is but their sexual desires fight and mine just stayed mellow and I was able to have cool guy friends that actually enjoyed talking to me and rolled their eyes when they talked but still they fall for those tility bitches when they start acting nice so yeah I get it

  39. American women nowadays are at an all time high of being very stupid.

  40. Well the real good old fashioned women of years ago really did put these very pathetic low life loser Whores today to real shame altogether. And God forbid trying to start a conversation with a woman today which she is ready to chew your head off for just saying good morning or hello to get the conversation going which is a very bad mistake right there. Quite a change in the women today which most of them are very mentally retarded to begin with since they really do Curse at us men for no reason at all since most of them are really Gay anyway.

  41. Men grow balls women you to. No excuses and no women don’t go after men just for child support the dickheads are always cheating and women to it equal all grow balls man up take care of the kids you made and get jobs work together and shut up

    • Said the loser herself.

      • Tana is a loser who has no idea how to spell or how to put a sentence together (in addition to being a worthless companion)…..

    • That’s funny, women make it their job to prey on some poor guy to have a child and steal everything he has. They do it multiple times. To many men. It isn’t uncommon for a miners wife to have 3 children to 3 different men and be getting hundreds of thousands per years. What low life scum. Not only that, they continue to say men don’t look after kids, yet don’t give them the chance by setting off to distant horizons like they own a piece of property. Many men continue to fight for their rights to their child and the woman will not budge because she is getting free money. So WOMAN UP and stop using kids as your pay packet child abuser!

  42. Wow. All I can say is, “wow” smh

  43. Today unfortunately there are just too many low life pieces of shit pathetic loser women everywhere nowadays since most of them are nothing but Whores anyway since all they know how to do is to sleep around with so many different men all the time. God forbid if only they knew how to commit to just only one man which is very hard for them to do today since so many of us very good innocent men have had this happened to us already. It is a real shame how the women of today have changed for the worst of all over these years causing so many divorces and these losers will continue ti destroy many other innocent good men’s lives down the road as well. Thank God for the women in the old days since most of them were very normal and were raised very well by their parents which most of them just wanted to find a good man to settle down with instead of sleeping around like all these bitches are doing nowadays. And most of the women back then were very committed to just only one man as well and so were most of the men in those days too. It is real fact that most of the women back then really did put these women today to real total shame too. It is very obvious why many of us good men are still single today and always will be now.

  44. I am so glad that you have chosen the correct, peaceful pathway in life and marriage to be a real, authentic woman and embrace your femininity. I am also very proud of you for maintaining your cerebral integrity by refusing to be brainwashed by the fema-nazi’s in our USA culture. As far as your self respect and marriage, both will be excellent as long as you continue embracing your feminity.

  45. Wow, so much truth here. Don’t know about any of you, but I am going to spill the blood of every yuppie fucking bitch who ever crossed me. Every bastard too.

    Got a feeling all of them are all bark and no bite anyway, but they will all pay, violently. Shame I can kill any of them. Wish the stuff stated here wasn’t true, but it is. Will not give up until I find one that is worth a damn, though.

    Wonder why ones who are worth a damn are so rare? Both ways? And why this part of the world is so awful and evil, and breeds such trash? And everywhere else that has been touched by this cesspit known as the West is too?

    It is also plain bs that anyone attempting to do anything like searching for ones worth a dann won’t even be “allowed” to do so until they have a huge Bank account or something first? Wtf!? Really wish dating coaches and the like such as Dan Bacon would get in touch with reality, and stop spewing lies and bs, and aid ones like me on best how to get payback.

    • Dan Bacon and the others ARE in touch with reality. They’re making a fortune from the betas and the manginas that fork over untold amounts of cash under the mistaken impression that these “dating coaches” can make girls fall in love with them. It’s all hogwash. A foolish man and his money are soon parted……

  46. Most women nowadays unfortunately are real filthy low life pathetic Whores altogether now, especially these days.

  47. I am a 46 year old male that was a teenager in the 80’s. I spent a decade and a half in the service. When I was discharged I thought, now I can have a normal life. I met a woman in her twenties, she had a college degree and a good job. I of course did not have a degree, I enlisted at 17. Which didn’t cause to many problems at first. She encouraged me to go to college. So I went using my G.I. Bill. We were married for eight weeks when we found out she was pregnant. She left the next day. She went after everything. My service pension, my G.I. Bill, everything that she could possibly grab, she tried. When she found out that she couldn’t touch my pension (a marriage has to last ten years for that) she went ballistic. Flat insane. So now I pay child support for a son that I am rarely “allowed” to see. She is currently divorcing her third husband, three husbands, three children. Child support on all three. I am seeing more and more of this behavior. It’s no wonder that so many men have so little respect for women. It is impossible to respect someone who does not even respect themselves. Abortion was a rarity in the 80’s, now it is common place. Get drunk, get slutty, get pregnant, get abortion is the mantra of today’s feminists. My Grandparents were married in 1944, Granny passed away 5 months ago. My Grandmother was the happiest woman I knew. We would discuss feminism, today’s women. She couldn’t understand it. She told me women today have gotten it wrong, that they are throwing everything away that her generation fought for. With Rights comes Responsibility. When a generation of girls grew up using Paris Hilton and her ilk as role models, it’s no wonder that the vast majority of them became spoiled cum dumpsters. A tramp stamp is nothing to be proud of. Someday I may marry again. I’ll find a nice woman from a third world country that eats grubs and berries, and move in with her. American, i.e., Western women, are slicing their own throats. They are good for a piece of ass, if they don’t talk, and not much else.

  48. Very disgusting filthy diseased infested low life Whores are everywhere nowadays which the real way to go now is MGTOW.

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