Feb 292012

Deti compiled a list of memes that we hear from (conservative female supremacist) tradcons who claim to be against feminism, but are really AFINOs (anti-feminist in name only):

1. The manosphere is full of bitter and angry men.

2. Because of their bitterness and anger, these men are dangerous and violent, and therefore must be controlled (and punished if necessary).

3. These men are immoral and stand athwart conventional Judeo-Christian morality because they associate and identify ideologically with the Game/pickup artist sect of the manosphere.

4. Game is immoral, even in the marriage context, because it is grounded in fraud, deceit and manipulation of women.

5. Assuming it is true that Game allows men to exploit women’s psychological, sexual and sociobiological composition to ultimately manipulate them into sex (whether married or not), it proves that men are less moral than women, and that women occupy a higher moral plane than men. Women are pure. Men are base.

6. Men are much more to blame for the current SMP mess than women. Even though women were freed from prior legal, social and medical/risk of pregnancy constraints to have sex with whomever they wanted, men are more to blame because they took advantage of it. Men should have restrained themselves from the sexual smorgasbord the women put on offer.

7. Men who aren’t having sex should not be complaining about it. Christian single men are supposed to be chaste. Period, Full stop. Never mind that they see women — including the women in Church — doing literally whatever they want with whomever they want.

8. Christian single women are supposed to be chaste too, but if they are not, it is ultimately some man’s fault. Shaming sluts is diametrically opposed to Christian tenets of love, forgiveness and redemption, so we won’t do it. All she has to do is repent, come to Church and say she’s sorry for letting some man (men) ravage her body, and God will do the rest. We’ll leave aside for later the sticky wicket of natural consequences. Someone else will have to deal with that. We deal in the spiritual, and that’s all we need to do.

9. The divorce culture, the current legal setup in which women are encouraged to divorce for the flimsiest of reasons, men are impoverished and income streams to divorced women are arranged, the destruction of families: these things are bad. But men going around having premarital sex and deflowering precious paragons of virtue is worse, even if the paragons were begging for it. And any man who does this deserves to have a woman divorce and impoverish him, because that’s just and fair, and our God is a God of justice.

10. This so-called MGTOW business is merely men becoming parasites upon society. MGTOWs do nothing and ultimately give nothing back to the society in which they live and feed upon. They need to leave the MGTOW lifestyle, man up, quit playing video games and working at the comic book store, and marry the “reformed sluts” on which we are slapping those coats of Kilz. That way, these men can contribute to society in a way we believe is most appropriate. But if things go bad, or she decides she’s not haaaappy, or decides to EatPrayLove, he’s on his own. It’s his job to be nice to her, be sensitive to her needs, and submit himself to Jesus, the Ultimate Boyfriend and Lover of His/Her Soul. And if she leaves, it’s not our fault. We did our part. We had her pray the prayer. Hey, he f**ked up, he trusted us.

11. (Courtesy of FlirtyIntroverts) If men have it so bad and they feel they cannot get married because of unfair divorce laws, then they need to band together and change the divorce laws to make them fairer. The fact that the vast majority of men are not agitating for wholesale divorce reform means (1) they don’t think they are being treated unfairly; (2) the men who do get screwed got what’s coming to them; and/or (3) men still have all the political and economic power in this country and if they really wanted reform it would happen tomorrow.

Everytime a socon/tradcon shows up in the manosphere, they always end up saying these 11 things.  I don’t expect this to change.

  12 Responses to “Hearing The Same Things From Tradcons Over And Over Again”

  1. Other common features (IMO):

    1) is that they expect to come to the manosphere, talk drivel about not being bitter and then recruit the guys there to their pre-failed crusade. They’ve lost their own churches, but they want us to come on board for the crusade…?

    2) they argue like women. Fling in their opinions as ‘fact’. Interpret (dubious) statistics in their own way. Create strawmen galore. Rarely, if ever, acknowledge refutation of their drivel. Any acknowledgement of error / wrong doing is worded to make the error insignificant, even if it was previously their main point.

    3) wilful refusal to address facts that don’t fit their mental model. Particularly female wrongdoing.

    No wonder young men are seeing religion as irrelevant; it doesn’t address their reality.

    • 1) is that they expect to come to the manosphere, talk drivel about not being bitter and then recruit the guys there to their pre-failed crusade. They’ve lost their own churches, but they want us to come on board for the crusade…?

      This is an important thing. The white nationalists, the tradcons, etc. are here for one primary reason, and that is recruitment. They don’t really care about or understand anti-feminism. They’re only against feminism because they think the Jews are behind it or because they’re against abortion and/or contraception. These people have failed for a reason so they’re desperate to find an army somewhere, anywhere. We’re not their personal army, and we don’t need them. In fact, we’re better off without them.

      • The white nationalists, the tradcons, etc. are here for one primary reason, and that is recruitment.

        It’s pretty funny that they uniformly have a holier-than-thou attitude with respect to the men’s issues sites. It must be frustrating to them when so many of their potential recruits refuse to ‘man up’ and join them.

  2. this is why, despite not being a liberal, I cannot find a way to trust any conservatives, and cannot trust almost any woman. even the ones that claim to be on my side, really aren’t.

  3. The 11th Commandment for women: Thou shalt be true to thyself.

    The 11th Commandment for men: Thou shalt man up and marry a reformed slut.

  4. […] is Detis list of arguments that female traditional conservatives make. There are a series of errors — and hence it is available for a good fisking 1. The […]

  5. Haha… that’s genius man.

    We also need to understand that not marrying sluts is a logical move, since the chances the probability for divorce increases with the number of partners a woman have. It is just too dangerous to marry a slut, you better just slut the slut.

  6. I do see a lot of men who are fed up with women – I tend to think this is because deep down, they still want women to be as they were taught to believe, rather than simply looking at how they really behave, and going from there.

    These tend to be the men who don’t want to “rock the boat”. Basically your Beta through-and-through. Whereas the alpha male looks at the world as it is and says, “How can I use this to my advantage?” Of course, if you do that you tend to be much better off as you deal with the world on your terms and use it to your advantage. You don’t find yourself screwed over, as you never put yourself in a position for that to happen to you. Of course you will be criticized by the Beta males, as well as all of the women since you live life on your terms and apologize to no one for it.

  7. Tradecons mostly are in their late 30’s-40’s. Meaning they are a finite breed that will soon pass to dust as we overwhelm them with new recruits.

  8. 1. True

    2. True.

    3. Bullshit

    4. Bullshit

    5. Bullshit If a woman is stupid enough, its her fault.

    6. Both are at fault.

    7. Bullshit. A man should practice before the good thing.

    8. Bullshit. If she is a dirty slut, she needs to deal.

    9. Again if a woman is stupid enough to have pre-marital sex its her fault.

    10. MGTOW’s just can’t get a date. Or have domineering wives.

    11. True

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