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There’s a new show on the Discovery channel called Bering Sea Gold.  It’s one of those reality TV shows that show blue collar men working in remote regions of the world.  In this case, it’s about men from Nome, Alaska who are mining the seafloor of the Bering Sea for gold.

I’m not that interested in that type of show, but I usually like to catch an episode or two of these shows to confirm a theory I have about them.  That theory is that there will never be more than one woman who is a regular on this kind of TV show.  The reason for that is because when there’s real (and hard) work to be done, women are nowhere to be found.  It’s men who get real work done.  Sometimes, you will see one woman on this type of show, but no more because she’s the token chick.  This is probably because the producers didn’t want to feature men exclusively.

My theory held with Bering Sea Gold.  There’s only one woman who is mining gold, and she clearly is the token chick.  This chick is trying to earn money so she can pay to get a Masters degree in opera in Europe.  Apparently, she thought gold mining would be a good way to get cash.  Her main purpose seems to be showing cleavage to the camera (which she has done a few times) and screwing up.  To mine gold from the seafloor or the Bering Sea someone dives down from their boat and takes a massive vacuum to suck the top of the seafloor into a machine that sorts the gold from the dirt.  This works because the gold is in tiny pieces and on the top of the seafloor due to various natural processes.  The first time the token chick dived down, she wasn’t careful, and her arm got sucked into the vacuum.  She was able to get her arm out and was fine, but right before it happened anyone watching could tell she wasn’t being careful and was going to get her arm sucked into the vacuum.  Later she said that she is absent minded and not very safety conscious.  In other words, she an a direct encounter with reality that slapped her in the face.  The gold mining boat she is on is just her and the captain/owner of the boat.  The captain even said that her contribution to his gold mining operation was pretty minimal.

Beyond the token chick, there were some very interesting metaphors in this show.  The captain/owner of the boat that the token chick works on seems like a he could be a MGHOW.  At one point he talked about how he doesn’t have a girlfriend (the token chick isn’t his girlfriend and there is nothing going on between them at all), and how gold is really his girlfriend right now.  He also does things like live in a Mongolian yurt on the beach, etc.  Given the size of his boat and mining operation, he is also the one making the most money so far.  (There is a boat that is making more money than him, but it’s much bigger and has more overhead so this guy is coming out ahead so far.)  Of course the token chick is working for the possible MGHOW.  He has the gold (literally) while everyone else is tapped out.

On one of the other boats, the captain of that boat owes a lot in child support payments.  He has talked about how if he doesn’t get some money to pay child support, he’s going to jail.  In other words, he is practically mining gold to hand over to his ex-wife and her increasing demands.  That’s a real good metaphor for the feminist anti-family court system.

Even in Nome, Alaska, you can’t get away from feminism.

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  1. Gold Rush Alaska has no token chicks … its also better then hoovering the beach for gold … whatre they gonna do next iron a beach & fold their undies for gold …

  2. On the TV-show Deadliest Catch I haven’t seen any chicks, apart from the wives and the office chicks and on the show about heli-logging the only woman I remember was a pilot of the helicopter which comes in to pickup the wood. So not all shows have the token chick.

  3. Off-topic but you’ll love this stuff. I got banned from HUS for posting ‘toxic shit’. See page 9 of the comment thread:


    The entire comment thread is a sight to behold, I might add. All the rationalization hamsters at play, Susan even denying that women have tendency to bo continuously looking for a better mate, claims about ‘male hypergamy’ and so on.

  4. there was a chick on deadliest catch. she was the wife of one of the captains, and was the cook on his boat. hildegard or something like that.

  5. Yeah, I have seen this show and think it is kinda interesting.

    Another one to check out wold be Gold Rush. The only woman I saw on that show was the teenage miners mother, although I haven’t seen but a handful of episodes.

    TV really sucks these days. I dont really follow sports anymore and if you take sports and the news out of it, what is left? It’s all reality based chick shows or singing shows or fucking glee(which I haven’t watched but still somehow know about) or what?

    I used to watch a lot of Scifi but then they changed course and name(syfy?? WTF?) and it seems to pander to nothing but females. I tried watching a few episodes of some of their stuff that came out after they got rid of Stargate and those franchises and it all pretty much sucks. The syfy channel has gone to shit these days.

    I followed fringe for a bit but am about to stop following it because the plot doesn’t really change and they haven’t explained a damn thing. Whats worth watching? I follow The Walking Dead but am getting tired of all the female whining on it. There are a few shows on HBO or Showtime or Starz that I follow online or maybe get on DVD when they come out(dexter, spartacus, etc) but there really isn’t much.

    Breaking bad was good, but its not on right now and it even had a little too much female emotional based plotlines. Even the more manly Sons of Anarchy pandered way to much to the female view but it did offset tha with soem hot chicks and gunplay here and there.

    The lack of any male oriented, besides sports, programming is interesting. Especially because the networks are offsetting it with all these blue collar based reality programs. I am not interested in most of them but some aren’t too bad. I find it more interesting though how there are so many of them and practically no shows that are fictional that are oriented towards men.

    My theory is that guys are catching on and the networks are having a hard time coming up with shows and story lines that aren’t the same old shit.

    I am sick of tv shows and movies where the guy, or main male character, is only doing what he is doing due to his wife or gf getting killed or kidnapped or due to some woman somehow.

    • I’m pretty much in the same boat as you with TV. I don’t watch sports for the most part either. I still have the TV service on my FIOS, but I’m constantly thinking about if it’s time to drop it. There used to be a lot more I watched, but as I have talked about channels like Scifi Syfy, have suffered from network decay. There’s still the odd good thing on TV, but that’s about it. Even with these blue collar reality shows like Bering Sea Gold, my main reason for watching them as much as I do (which isn’t much) is to see if they try to shoehorn women into them. A big reason why I watch some TV now is because I want to keep an eye one the sewage that women are watching. Plus, it makes for good blog fodder.

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