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Today is December 21st 2011.  One year from today is when lots of people are saying the world will end or mostly end because of some nonsense about the Mayan calendar.  It’s all nonsense.  One year from today, nothing will happen except maybe some morons going nuts.

The “Mayan calendar” only ends on 12/21/12 in the same way a 2011 calendar ends on 12/31/11.   The world isn’t going to end on 12/31/11, and it’s not going to end on 12/21/12 either.  The “Mayan calendar” that ends in 2012 is known as the long count calendar.  The Mayans actually had several long count calendars, some of which have already “ended”.  If you think Mayan calendars mean anything when it comes to the end of the world, then since some of the long count calendars have ended already means the world has already ended several times over.  Everything is a figment of your imagination.

Penn & Teller when they had their Bullshit! show did an episode on 2012.  They talk to various scientists plus experts in Mayan culture and history including an actual Mayan princess.  All of them say that the world isn’t going to end on 2012, especially the Mayan princess.  (The video of that episode is below, but parts of it are NSFW):

Neil deGrasse Tyson, author and director of the Hayden Planetarium, has also been active explaining 2012:

NASA put out this video explaining some of the facts about 2012:

A year from today I am going to write another post title, “We’re Still Here” because we will all be still here.  End of story.

  10 Responses to “One Year From Today We Will All Still Be Here”

  1. Heh. At least the Y2K theory made more sense than this.

  2. At least the Y2K theory made more sense than this.

  3. […] 2012 will come and go like every other year. Published: December 22, 2011 Leave a Comment Name: Required […]

  4. Wanted to stay out of it, but damn, that “you evil nihilists” screed from OneSTD was embarassing to see. And all the Married Beta males seem to be using their midnight porn time to write crappy defenses of it.

  5. Yeah, I saw that. Neither him nor the rest of the white knight nationalists can understand the concept of if you want more (white) men to get married, then you need to reduce the risks and increase the benefits. It’s that simple, but even after having it explained to them in clear and simple terms, they still don’t get it.

  6. I meant the commenters, not OneSTDV.

  7. If he doesn’t even have a woman, why then does he carry on about the benefits of manning up? I’m puzzled.

    It irks him that some colored men actually sleep with more white women than he does.

    So if he encourages more white men to sleep with white woman, is that going to make it more likely for him to get sloppy seconds? Hadn’t thought of that one.

    I notice that people who obsess about their own race tend to be at the bottom even within their own race.

    His blog name suggests a fixation on IQ. It reminds me of this 30-something woman I once debated who bragged about her high SAT scores. It was only too obvious she had accomplished nothing significant after she had finished school.

  8. 1) They say that ‘PMAFT wants men to make brown babies with an Indian surrogate’. They think the surrogate is also the egg donor i.e. they don’t know what the word ‘surrogate’ means. In fact, they don’t know how babies are made. Heh.

    If you tried explaining this to them, I sure they would tell you that “brownness” would seep into the baby because the surrogate mother isn’t white.

    2) They have a low opinion of their own race, because if a white women breeds with a brown or black man, they think the baby will be ‘brown’ or ‘black’, rather than half-way.

    They thus wrongly assume that white genes are recessive, which is interesting because they are overlaying their own betatude and loserdom onto an assumption of how genetics work.

    This is an important point. They are projecting their own loserdom into an assumption that white genes are recessive.

    The funny thing about this is you can find the black equivalents to the WNs who are worried about the same thing when it comes to breeding with whites. In their case, they’re worried about the children ending up white instead of half way. Those people may make slightly more sense in that with there being more whites than blacks in the US, the end result would be primarily white, but it is the same stupidity.

  9. Too funny. They are assuming their race’s genes would lose out in a 50-50 ‘contest’, as the presumption of loserdom is projected outwards into their entire worldview.

    I suspect it’s an artifact of the “one-drop rule” in determining race that is common in the US. So they see any mixing was irrevocably polluting the white gene pool. It also explains their excessive alarm at interracial matings – the actual percentages in the US are much too modest for them to need to worry about whites extinguishing themselves from miscegenation.

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