Dec 122011

I found this comment on Alucin’s blog (that wasn’t from Alcuin himself):

Please, would you and the others in the manosphere quit using the Jew analogy! The whole holocaust fairytale is complete bullshit. I believed it for most of my life, just like you, how couldn’t we? It is all we are taught, or better said, it is all we are told, thousands upon thousands of times, everyday, everywhere we turn, pretty much from the age we learn to speak. But you’re obviously a bright guy that thinks for himself, so look into. We have the net now, you can educate yourself on so many things, like I am sure you did about the feminist lie. There is a ton of information out there. The Holohaux scam is falling apart, and fast, just like so many of the other scams. Get on the wave so as not to lose credibility. You’re a good writer.

And no, I am not a Neo-Nazi, or a “Jew-hater”, or any of the like…..just someone with a passion for the truth……..

I say keep using Jew analogies.  Not only did the holocaust happen, but what happened to the Jews is an apt metaphor for is happening to men.  I also like how it pisses off white nationalists.

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  1. The manosphere is undergoing a real split. As more normal people become clued in, the lunatic right is becoming excluded. Good thing too.

    • Paul, that is exactly what is happening. Whether it’s the white nationalists, the socons, the conspiracy theorists, the “alt right”, or several other fringe political groups, they are all involved with anti-feminism for one reason only, to recruit an army. The larger the MRM gets, the harder it is for their attempts at recruitment. As they discover that the MRM or the larger MM has no desire to be their personal army, they will turn on us. We have already seen the beginnings of this every time they call mens rights the male equivalent of feminism.

  2. Well, there are those that believe the holocaust is being exaggerated, and then there are guys like this one who say the whole story is completely false.

    I think the latter is highly unlikely. But so much of the Politically Correct history has proven incorrect that I don’t trust any of the stories that were pumped into me by public education at an early age. The holocaust is one of these.

    I’ve so far never looked into the circumstances of the holocaust, but I reserve judgment on the scale and scope of it until I do.

  3. The outlines of the holocaust are true, but there’s a good deal of mythology on some of the mid level details in its popular retelling by Jews. For example six million Jews is a pretty decent guesstimate for how many were killed by Nazis but they weren’t all gassed to death and then incinerated in ovens. If I recall correctly about 1.5 million died that way. Often women and children and the elderly did who couldn’t work hard did. A good lot more were worked to death on low rations at work camp concentration camps, sometimes next door to killing camps. (Germany had a real problem with food shortages during the war – Britain and later to a degree Russia was blockading their sea trade routes.) As well more than a million Jews were shot to death on the eastern front, in Russia, etc. Many were shot as much for being communist party members or deep sympathizers as for being Jews. Eventually this was halted and shipping back to work and gassing camps because shooting them was too demoralizing for many German soldiers. It is true that in late 1942 there was a meeting outside Berlin among top Nazi officials I believe minus Hitler himself in person, in which the “final solution”, genocidally killing all Jews in Nazi held or allied European countries was proposed, discussed, and agreed.

  4. I say keep using Jew analogies. Not only did the holocaust happen, but what happened to the Jews is an apt metaphor for is happening to men

    the tactics are EXACTLY the same

    before physical persecutions began in europe, there was a long and gradual build-up of psychological/media scapegoating that saturated the general populations — so that when the hammer came down, most people would accept that jews were evil and oppression/extermination were the RIGHT thing to do

    the “cartoons” of the early 1930s are particularly instructive

    we see precisely the same build-up of hate and scapegoating in the western world, and esp in amerika, as concerns Those Evil Males — the propaganda literally never stops

    this hardening of the public heart is necessary to rationalize concrete “laws” and policies that discriminate against males, to build endless prisons (overwhelmingly for males), to make males (but not females) subject to the law, and on and on

    the jew-hate meme is v big on the internet — in fact, the source site i used to click to this blog is run by a jew-hater, which is why i dont comment at his place any more — he’s insulated by money, good job, family, and doesnt believe that what was done to jews (and, of course, other scapegoated populations thru history) is being done to the guys he supposedly champions

    • Ray, I agree, and it shows us that the white nationalists don’t really care about anti-feminism.

    • Jews are often their own worst enemy. In the book “When money dies” the author pointed out how jews figured out what was happening during the hyper inflation in Germany before the regular Germans did and used the gold they bought up to buy up everything middle class German families had to sell just to feed themselves. They then proceeded to throw parties showing off all their new gains in-front of the people they bought them off of (Actual eye witness account). Not the smartest thing to do during hyper-inflation. Similar things happened across eastern Europe. For the common person it’s really not hard to go from seeing the jews are profiting from the hyper-inflation to the jews are causing the hyper-inflation which is exactly what all the political parties in Germany where saying while they printed up money by the truck load.

      I’ve read that on eastern front Germans often found villages where all the jews had been killed by the locals before the Germans got there. The locals had been nursing grudges against them for quite a while and the Nazi’s gave them the opportunity to get some revenge.

      The holocaust is 100% real though probably on smaller scale than the history books record and lot of the deaths was simply all of Germany starving to death. There’s no way your going to feed people you view as parasites instead of your own people. A little known fact about WW was how the allies allowed Germany to starve in the millions for 2 years after the war. We wouldn’t allow them to work the land and we re-classed the prisoner of war so we didn’t have to feed them under the Geneva convention.

      Men in general have gotten a short shrift via feminism and progressiveness in general but it doesn’t really track with same conditions that occurred with the holocaust. For one thing there’s no real hate towards men as a group. Lots of decriminalization, but the general public doesn’t actual hate men.

      • What you wrote is demented.

        Because several Jews (who are you kidding saying it was most) acted irresponsinly according to officially sanctioned gossip, that justifies roasting men women and children on a spit? Which is also an eye witness account of US soldiers who liberated one of the camps.

        Get this into your head:

        murder, which is the taking of an innocent life – is WRONG.

        Starving human beings who you have stolen everything from is WRONG.

        Making unprovoked war on a mass level against neighboring countries is WRONG.

        Killing off large number of the populace and enslaving the rest is WRONG.

        Rationalizing who is or is not “innocent” is WRONG.

        Im actually not writing this for you, because i know what you are, but i am writing for those who may not know better.

  5. My Holocaust Problems


    “It is part of the Western tradition in legal, scientific and intellectual matters that those asserting something have the burden of proof and that those who disagree are not required to provide evidence. This tradition however has been turned on its head regarding the holocaust since the “historical truth” of the holocaust has been posited in advance. Furthermore, even to express doubts can result in criminal penalties in at least 11 so-called democratic countries and the ruining of lives and careers in numerous others.”

    • It is part of the Western tradition in legal, scientific and intellectual matters that those asserting something have the burden of proof and that those who disagree are not required to provide evidence. This tradition however has been turned on its head regarding the holocaust since the “historical truth” of the holocaust has been posited in advance.

      No, it hasn’t. You’re full of shit.

      • The burden of proof is on those who first assert something trying to convince others in a debate. Be it an affirmation or a negation, don’t matters.
        If someone say the Holocaust never happened so the other must not use “jew analogies”, it falls on him to prove his point. After all, he was the one who asserted something trying to convince the other.

  6. Ray, I agree, and it shows us that the white nationalists don’t really care about anti-feminism

    no doubt they’d like to co-opt your movement, and whatever anti-fem agendas they have are subservient to the white thang

    it’s sad — and complicated — b/c the multikulti krew certainly does encourage discrimination and hatred against whites — i’ve been on college campuses and seen what goes down there, plus AA etc

    so some of their beefs are valid

    god is not, as they used to say, a “respecter of persons,” meaning race and gender cut no ice, we are evaluated based on our own character and deportment, period

    thx for addressing a touchy subject

  7. Read the books written by Edwin Black.

    Also you want to read “perfidy” by Ben Hecht – you can get that one as a free download.

    Also “first tithe” by Israel Eldad

    Why? Why should you give a shit, right?

    Because people must understand how these things happened. Its been a cruel game of those responsible for the atrocity to claim the sympathies on behalf of the very people they got murdered. You also need to understand who is doing what in the middle east. What are the games, how are things played.

    These are the major players. The multi nationals such as IBM, the early British-backed communists in Israel who hijacked a revolution they actually fought against, the US-based eugenicist movement, British oil interests, etc.

    This isnt alternative UFO speculation, these are books based on fact, not opinion. And they are as important a read as the Peloponesian war. Especially now, when US oil interest are clashing with Russian and Chinese interests, as well as the Iranian desire to become THE superpower.

  8. I don’t think you can really compartmentalize MRA from pro-white advocacy(alt-right). The ruling class right now is Cultural Marxist. Cultural Marxism is as anti-white as it is anti-male. The only way to take down feminism is to take down absurd egalitarianism and Cultural Marxism.

    • Yes, I can compartmentalize MRA from pro-white advocacy because “pro-white advocacy” is filled with manginas who pedestalize and worship white women.

    • Anon dude: “I don’t think you can really compartmentalize MRA from pro-white advocacy(alt-right).”

      A Youtube comment to a video made in response to Meryl Streep’s recent 60 Minutes interview wherein she complains about society’s lack of recognition for women in history.

      I will defend history! But remember. We mustn’t alienate our white women, only white women can give birth to white men, and only white men can give seed to white women. Love your race.

      xxCrazySmooth 5 hours ago

      Love your race more than truth or justice. Avoid alienating white women by avoiding saying or doing anything she might not like. I’m learning that this is a standard attitude in White Knight Nationalism.

  9. What about 911 and jews ?

  10. There do appear to be white nationalists who get Game, and who follow the Austrian economic school, but the WN crowd tends to suspect them of being crypto-jews. E.g. Leon Haller versus the blokes at “uh” a.k.a. “anon/uh” seems to fit somewhere in this category, and he does a beautiful greatbooksformen impression, too.

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