Nov 012011

A White Nationalist said this on Dalrock’s blog:

Here is a somewhat unusual, anecdotal point of view on this subject. In my professional millieu, I am around a lot of smart, attractive late 20s / early 30s girls who have long term boyfriends that to my best judgment are greater betas to lesser alphas, but no marriage or children on the horizon. Further, those girls are really wanting to get that ring and start a family. I talk to a few of them, and overhear conversations of others. The boyfriends won’t shit or get off the pot. And I want those girls to have children.

Now, I understand the legal perils and other things that are causing those guys to hold off on getting married, or having a kid. But somethign must give, or entire crops (LOL at my econ-speak) of smart, beautiful girls will not have children like themselves.

Seriously, those girls ought to tell their boyfriends that she wants to start a family, and to give him a way out if he is unwilling; And if he doesn’t take the exit door, to just get herself pregnant wiht him. I’d rather those girls have out of wedlock chilren than no children at all, especially knowing that the boyfriends woudl come around to assuming th eresponsibility of fatherhood.

It’s a tragedy that the “Knocked Up” movie is a model for girls who look like Katherine Heigl to not go extinct.

If you scroll down, this fool reiterates that white women should trick white men into knocking them up.  I’m sure this white nationalist hates me as I am preventing multiple smart and pretty white women from reproducing.

If you’re reading this blog carefully, you should know that white nationalists think white women tricking white men into pregnancies is a good idea.  Several months ago Irrational White Nationalist said:

I hope Sabrina and Kate both successfully trick you with multiple oops pregnancies, PMAFT, if you’re all white. You have lots of money and power. White men like you should have children and if you refuse with your MGTOW mental degeneracy your white goddesses should force it on you. It’s your duty to the white race. PMAFT, I know you don’t want glorious white children but you will understand why having white children is important after having them.

You should be excited at the possibility of reproducing with multiple white goddesses. You have the opportunity to be more evolutionary successful than the losers of this so called manosphere with their lack of reproduction or minimal reproduction with one woman. That is being a white alpha.

This is just another reason why white nationalism is really just a goddess cult and should be called white knight nationalism.  White nationalists are not actually opposed to feminism in any meaningful sense.  They are only against something they think the Jews did which means they provide no real opposition to anything feminism does.  And as this example shows, white nationalists are enablers of misandry.

  26 Responses to “White Nationalists Want White Women To Trap White Men With Oops Pregnancies”

  1. Not to be a dick, but I think you meant to say “Trap White Men” in your title instead of “Trap White Women”. But anyway…

    “It’s a tragedy that the “Knocked Up” movie is a model for girls who look like Katherine Heigl to not go extinct.”

    Ummm…. Did he even see “Knocked Up”? As I recall, in the movie Seth Rogen was the one who wanted commitment and marriage, and it was Katherine who turned him down. She certainly didn’t try to “trap” him with a baby, in any case.

    • Yeah, he meant say “Trap White Men” – it’s quite obvious in the body of his post.

      In the movie “Knocked Up” Rogen plays the sort of man-boy Peter Pan that Kay Hymowitz whines about. Heigl’s character is shown as the responsible one – other than having drunk sex with a guy she just met [which, in modern feminist-inspired social memes is actually considered an irresponsible think for sexually empowered women] and (more importantly) not ensuring that he had a condom on (he tried and failed to get one on, but she didn’t confirm [just as an aside, can’t women feel the difference? Perhaps being drunk, she couldn’t tell?]).

      And, after finding out she was pregnant, it was she who pushed him to “grow up”. I found the movie a very poor treatment of young men in general. Sure, many men don’t see any value in growing up, yet, when push does come to shove (i.e. their girlfriend turns up pregnant, the vast majority can, and do, pull themselves together so as to be able to be responsible fathers.

      The idea that men – most all men – are irresponsible bumbling idiots, while quite popular with female audiences, fails to capture the true essence of the young men who’ve supposedly “dropped out”. they are usually quite smart and competent, they just chose not to invest themselves when they see no potential rewards in doing so.

      Which, in turn, suggests an underlying issue present in the relationships the White Nationalist Knight was speaking of. If the men hadn’t decided to marry the women of declining fertility after being with them for years, it suggests to me that they actually see these women as unworthy choices to be either wives of mothers (lot’s of women fit that description today) who simply aren’t worth the risk of making them other of those things.

      The White Knight Nationalist’s only consideration seem to be that they were white, and he believed them to be smart and reasonably attractive – or, in other words, good breeding stock.

      That sort of human ‘husbandry” might be good for breeding armies of cannon fodder, but not particularly good for building healthy societies.

    • Yes, I did mean to say that. It’s fixed.

  2. There’s a guy called Bartholomew down at Oz Conservative who says the same things.
    Conservatives/Traditionalists/Liberals are people looking to blame men at every step, and to yoke them to unsatisfactory women.

  3. Thanks for the linkage PMAFT.

    I was stunned at what this guy was saying, and that he doubled down on it when called out. This crosses a huge, bright line, and is not all that different than suggesting women use false rape or false DV claims to get what they want.

  4. I wonder what the WN-friendly crowd over at In Mala Fide has to say about this.

  5. This strategy strikes me as quite insufficient. Presumably the recommendation for WN women to preg-trap the men their with is to bolster the number of white babies (which, being born to a WN female would presumably adopt her ideology). But how effective would this strategy be, as a tactic to outbreed the competition, as it were?

    I don’t think very much. So I’m left scratching my head as to why this fellow actually said this. It doesn’t make much sense to me.

    • I have to wonder just how well PA knows these women. He says that they want to get married and start families. But, I what I’m wondering is if they didn’t enter into their relationships with an entirely different understanding – that there would be no marriage and no children. Lot’s of young career-oriented woman hold just such attitudes…at least until they hit their late 20’s/early 30’s and they start to sense their biological clocks ticking. For them, they likely realize that due to the “foundation” on which their relationships were built, that their “I wanna get married and have a baby” change of heart is probably going to be a deal-breaker should they try to foist it on their boyfriends.

      Along these lines [but, probably more so off-topic], I think the new TV series Whitney demonstrates what I’m referring to regarding women in relationships which are based on an understanding of no marriage, and no kids. On that show, she’s a competent, yet neurotic women from a broken and highly dysfunctional family that’s left her damaged to the point that she is dead-set against marriage. It is a glimpse into the truth of what is going to be happening more and more due the wide-spread adoption of No Fault Divorce.

    • I think the WNs are more concerned about getting white babies produced by any means necessary than making sure they get WN ideology from the day they’re born. That can come later. WNs are paranoid about being “outbred” by other races so anything that causes a white woman to have a white baby is good even if the white woman isn’t a WN.

  6. I booted the White nationalist crowd off my blog list quite a while ago.

    They are nothing but trouble.

    Studies show that where racism is present, male-hatred in general is also present. I think that Alek Novy did the research on this.

  7. Elusive Wapiti wrote:
    This strategy strikes me as quite insufficient. Presumably the recommendation for WN women to preg-trap the men their with is to bolster the number of white babies (which, being born to a WN female would presumably adopt her ideology). But how effective would this strategy be, as a tactic to outbreed the competition, as it were?

    It just underscores how desperate and marginalized the WN movement is.

  8. I was actually going to mention what EW said, that this is not a “winning move” if one were to win any sort of “race war”. At best it is a tie-ing move that assures the war will continue into the future (and that’s assuming the children adopt WN beliefs), but does little to actually win any fight, you’re just doing what they’re doing. You’d think that they’d realize that any change starts with them, and that they need to vote/advocate/cause whatever they want to happen to happen.

  9. “Mental degeneracy…white goddesses…duty to the white race…glorious white children…reproducing with multiple white goddesses.”

    The ship is sinking and the desperation is palpable.

    • Yes, their ship is sinking, and they are desperate. That’s why they’re in the manosphere. They’re trying to control the direction of the men’s movement which is on the rise in a pathetic attempt to save their own sinking ship.

      • Havent really noticed them in the manosphere, apart from the anti-racism crowd

        Which is what i understood inmalafides stance on racism, more anti-racism then wn

        Same as on spearhead, yes they believe whites are under attack, but more as reverse racism then all out wn

        It is pretty hilarious when they do post, as pa, especially the extreme type

        There was another hilarious commentator on dalrocks, who literally created a whole thread on blowjobs in the karma sutra as gay

        & another guy & a whole thread on porn is adultery in a marriage … dalrock to his credit gets the best commentators lol

        It’s interesting as you dont see this sort of crazy where you would expect them, ie walshs site, which i presume she moderates the crap out of

        Dont even get me started on the divorcees who swarm to dalrocks their commentaries borderline comedy gold …

        • Dalrock’s blog is one of the most unintentionally hilarious for that exact reason rmaxd.

  10. I really do believe white heterosexual males should have equal rights, but WNs and other types of conservatives/moralists are batshit insane. They really want turn the clock back on progress and regulate personal behave that doesn’t necessarily harm anyone. People like that PA guy on Dalrock’s blog are one of the sole reasons why the world is overpopulated as it is. They all belong in the middle east.

    Even though I believe immigration should be somewhat limited, esp. for economic reasons, black women are usually loud and obnoxious and that’s why I’ll always support the right to racemix.

  11. Just to piss him off you should knock up a bunch of black and Asian women.

  12. […] contention that interracial relationships are anti-Christian, instead taking a typical WN tack of white – knighting – nationalism, arguing that vulnerable young white women need to be […]

  13. […] also the fact that white nationalists want white women to trap white men with ‘oops’ pregnancies, which, as a man, I find abhorrent. It’s pretty obvious that white nationalists have no actual […]

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  15. Yeah, he’s not strictly a WN, but he’s pretty close.

    I think he was operating under the assumption that the guys would marry the girls in question, so it was a way of forcing them to marry and “man up” for the white race by producing attractive and smart white kids.

    It’s a curious perspective, really, but there it is.

  16. It surprises me PA is from Poland. WN doesn’t make sense in the European context because there WN would be just a slightly more conservative version of the EU, and WN are against the EU usually.

  17. I believe in pan-Eurasian mixing, and personally have about 20 children in that regard. This is because sperm banks pre-2010 followed official US census classifications of race, and used a broad ‘White/Caucasian’ category to combine all white, Persian, Arab, and North Indian men into that one group.

    So any woman (of any race) seeking white sperm could end up with sperm from a man from any one of those groups (North Indian, in my case).

    And such babies would be a bit duskier than expected.

    WNs go apeshit insane when I point out that sperm banks have been doing this for years (even though it is more scientifically correct than a lot of WN beliefs about where the racial boundaries lie). Thousands of babies have been created like this (again, 20 from me alone).

    Do you realize that you just gave several WNs heart attacks with this comment? In fact OneSTDV was just talking about you:

    As PA alludes to, MRA does lean towards the political left, especially when one notes the leftist anti-racism and anti-white racism often expressed by commenters. I’ve long suspected that many MRAs are motivated primarily by a pathological hatred of white women and not women in general. For example, one MRA who I will not name gave a sperm sample and listed his race as Caucasian despite being East Indian – and then bragged about getting back at some white feminist when a brown baby comes out. This might be one of the sickest things I’ve read on the Internet, but it fits well into the pathological hatred of white women. Further, blaming (white) women for our troubles partially absolves “people of color”.

  18. SS-men had to he only 6 generations white. Exceptions were allowed like Heydrich if They otherwise matched. Finns were taken in as acceptable brothers (in USA this kind of tolerance was unheard of. Finns were hounded By KKK). Summa summarum, Being bit mixed is not troublesome but should be avoided. The halfbreeds are not immune to illnesses and need specific organ transplants and a german father might be disappointed with a son who cannot drink beer with because he has allergy to alcohol.

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