Nov 062011

Eincrou wrote this about the morality of what I’m doing by going after the “born again virgin” crowd:

Dubious Wonder: “I had a couple of wild years in college, repented, came back to my childhood beliefs, and tried to make things right with God. I understood that I’d sinned in some of the things I’d done in my younger years, but was trying really hard to live up to God’s standards when I married my ex.”

If anyone doubts the morality of Pro-Male/Anti-feminist Tech’s explanation for why he’s picking up women in churches (which I sort of did at first, to be honest), let them read this comment.
If he had been on the “born-again-virgin” prowl sooner, PMAFT could have saved that man from being an “ex”.


  17 Responses to “If Anyone Doubts The Morality Of What I’m Doing At The Sunday Morning Nightclubs”

  1. What’s the endgame, though? Eventually these women will tire of you and move on to a sucker.

  2. So, who is more instructive: Dubious wonder or Doomed Harlot? 😀

  3. “But was trying really hard,”

    But, but, but, PMAFT……she was T—R—-Y—-I—–N—–G.

    Surely that’s got to be enough?

  4. She sounds like another “born again good girl” who expects to find a nice guy to pay full price for the same thing the alphas got for free when it was hot and fresh.

  5. I’m betting that straight a-hole game might be too strong.
    Possibly mix it up with “high income beta” game.

  6. “They are out of circulation for a time, and by the time they are back in circulation they have gotten older. Their ability to lock into a chump is diminished because they are older.”

    Hmmmm….. Dubious Woman has already secured another chump and is going to marry him. Lol..

    Perhaps she’s the chump and he’s the smart one.. DW is earning a pretty penny. Be a good catch for a bloke who wanted to put his feet up. 😉

  7. Don’t know specifics PM, but she has admitted to having a high paying job and earning much more than her ex husband. She receives a token child support of 200 dollars a month.. Although she says it’s superfluous..

    When someone asked why she took it then ,she replied along the lines of.. Well what would I tell the kids re their Dad’s lack of support ?.. Something like that. Basically the impression I got was that she didn’t want the kids to see their father as not being concerned about their welfare..

    Just my impression though.

  8. And I think that men should earn more.. Firstly, in most cases they will generally perform much better than any women.. Physically and mentally..They are not easily distracted like women are.. More logical.. Not prone to gossip and hissy fits etc..

    Secondly, as the breadwinner a man has a family to support.. Men should be given preference for a position over a woman.. Women should be encouraged to do what they do best. Looking after a husband and family.. Supporting their husbands by providing frequent enthusiastic sex, good food , and keeping house and looking after the kids..

    They would be much happier working alongside their husbands as a helpmate rather than trying to compete with them.

    Women know your place!

    I just love this.. Many a true word was said in jest..

  9. The worst has to be when I find out the women who claim to have high paying jobs aren’t making as much as I did in graduate school (working summers and part time the rest of the year). Granted, I was making a lot more than the average person in that position, but if you can’t be that number, you don’t have a high paying job.

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