Nov 172011

If you thought what no more mr nice guy said yesterday was nuts, read his latest nutty rantings:

I don’t believe that MRAs tell the truth about their experience with women. Some of them say they have a girlfriend/wife while it’s obviously false – guys that brags their girlfriend is a virgin supermodel member of MENSA. Some say they have submissive girlfriend/wife and they lie (Dalrock say that he’s a happily married Christian man and it’s obvious from what he writes that he’s not happy and very frustrated).

All right, I admit it.  All the women I talked about banging and being my girlfriends are completely made up.  Who else is making up girlfriends, wives, and sex partners?  Come on admit it.

Seriously?  WTF?  I could post a video of myself in 1080p in 3D having sex with a woman or the time I had a threesome or have sex with a woman right in front of him, and this guy will still claim that I’m not getting laid.  This is how wedded our our enemies are to the idea that all of us are losers who can’t get laid.  First, it doesn’t matter if any of us are having sex or not.  Second, even though most of us are getting laid and/or have girlfriends, our enemies just say this over and over again (if they don’t go the code magenta route of accusing us of preying on defenseless women).

The argument against code purple shaming language is usually about that whether a man is getting laid or not is not relevant to his ideas.  That is correct of course, and the principle we need to defend.  However, that doesn’t mean we can’t fight code purple shaming language in other ways.  Pointing out that code purple shaming language is used against men who get laid regularly really knocks out the legs from under it.  It’s the ultimate way of showing the principle that mens rights ideas aren’t based on whether he is getting laid or not.  Plus, it makes our enemies look like the absurd morons they are.

Now, if you will excuse me, I am going to have sex with a virgin supermodel MENSA member.

  9 Responses to “This Is How Absurd Code Purple Shaming Language Is”

  1. Whatever the groveler wants to believe, that’s fine with me……..

    It’s amazing :

    We can see that the system is broken, and just plain wrong. But these snot-brained people ( I’m refering to the groveling manginas ) are obsessed with sex, and find a way to bring it back to that.

    I liked the way that someone put it when Fat Futrelle said something about ‘Omega Virgin Revolt”.
    “Here we have Futrelle, a highly unattractive man, taking a jab at another highly unattractive man…… except that Futrelle grovels, as well.”

  2. No, see, it makes perfect sense. Because if I don’t like what you say on the internet, I don’t want to sleep with you at that time. And since I am a woman, no other woman would want to either.

    On the other hand, if a woman does sleep with you, or if I sleep with you, it is because i was dominated into it by your evil penis.

    Stop objectifying women. If you don’t stop objectifying women, we won’t sleep with you. And if we won’t sleep with you, it means you’re worthless as a human being. I am more than just a vagina. And if you don’t like it, you must be a bitter 40 year old virgin who can’t get laid. Stop using your penis as a weapon to objectify women!

    I have the pussy, so I make the rules.

    • If women didn’t choose to be in relationships with men who treated women badly …
      all the violence in a domestic relationship would be the fault of the woman.

      … Zing!

  3. GET OUT OF MY MIND!!!!!!!!



  4. LOL, I love it. Naturally, NMMNG doesn’t actually bother to cite any of the claims he makes against manospherians. And I really chuckled here:

    Some say they have submissive girlfriend/wife and they lie (Dalrock say that he’s a happily married Christian man and it’s obvious from what he writes that he’s not happy and very frustrated).

    On what basis does a 50-year old virgin who hyperventilates every time he leaves the house have to determine whether someone is lying about how much they’re getting laid? This guy has literally no experience with the outside world and brags about it and here he thinks that he can make grandiose claims about other guys’ sex lives. There’s something about the Internet that encourages morons to claim to be experts.

    Just wait, PM/AFT. When NMMNG and his fangirls get a hold of your posts on him, they’ll use them to claim that we in the manosphere are just as bad as them when it comes to gossiping about other people, even though they spend 99% of their time talking about us and we spend .0001% of our time talking about them.

    The really ironic part is that while NMMNG’s sycophant squad claim that we manospherians are fat, ugly, old virgin shut-ins and a bunch of other lies, here they are worshipping a guy who actually is an ugly, old virgin shut-in (there’s a picture of NMMNG on his About page) – but because he assuages their cherished prejudices about the world, they conveniently ignore that.

    And yes, this post is full of shaming language, but again, a guy with Avoidant Personality Disorder claiming to be an expert on women is just too much.

  5. (About projection.)

    That is SUPER helpful. Thank you! I know that I for one have some hardcore projection going on myself — guilty guilty — and your words here will help me be able to tell then I’m doing it.

  6. My girlfriend is a 7th level Maiden of the Silver with a +3 bonus to sandwich making. I love her frequently dearly.

  7. “…guys that brags their girlfriend is a virgin supermodel member of MENSA.”

    I swear I hadn’t read that when I wrote the following:

    “This girl was a twenty-four year old virgin when I met her. Her parents were together. She was a professional biologist, recently graduated. We had amazing sex. She bitched about the volume and the speed while I was driving. I told her I loved her. She told me she Loved Me.”

    Okay, I’ll come clean with all of you: She’s completely made up. In reality, I’m a 30 year old virgin whose only sexual outlet is masturbating to cuckold porn. Girls are completely turned off by my motorcycle, and my devil may care attitude.


  8. Nah, it doesn’t really matter, because even when feminists concede that an anti-feminist guy really is getting laid, they’ll just use a different type of shaming language — usually red (“you’re angry and bitter!”), yellow (“you’re afraid of strong women!”) or green (“grow up!”). Roosh and Roissy/Heartiste get lots of the yellow and green shaming language in their comment threads.

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