Nov 162011

I have encountered some weird conspiracy theories, but this one from no more mr nice guy at El Manboobo takes the cake:

Furthermore the manosphere is recruiting guys that are unsuccessful with women in dating forums because they want them to fail and encourage guys in the manosphere that find a woman to leave her. As an example, a 25 old virgin found a girlfriend and the Inmalafide crowd told him to leave her :

We’re recruiting guys in dating forums who are unsuccessful with women now?  Was this before or after we were supposedly recruiting homosexuals?

This person also doesn’t accurately describe what was happening ta that IMF link.

All right I admit it.  I’m recruiting an army of sexually frustrated males to destroy feminism once and for else, and the I will turn that army to make on the world so I can reveal how the world is ruled by reptile aliens.

  12 Responses to “A Conspiracy Theory More Silly Than Reptile Aliens”

  1. No, commander Zogthor, the Earthlings must be kept in the dark!!

  2. I am not recruiting an army of sexually disenfranchised men…

    I am however, building an army of robot monkeys.

    And, this is not a joke.

  3. No More Mr. Nice Guy? That guy’s hilarious. He’s a middle-aged shut-in who claims to have avoidant personality disorder, meaning he can’t leave his house and talk to other people without getting panic attacks. His entire experience of the outside world comes from Internet forums. And yet, he thinks he has women and social interactions figured out – enough to attack MRAs, PUAs and manospherians and suck up to feminists. (Yeah this is shaming language, but I don’t care – a guy who can’t interact socially without having a heart attack has no place dispensing advice on social interactions.)

    NMMNG is also an associate of Lady Raine’s, and probably the last standing member of the Gaping Hole Gang now that Escapist, Raine herself and that other chick have vanished.

    • My post tomorrow is also going to be about NMMNG. He has said something else that’s also outlandish and we’re going to have some real fun with it.

      • Is that really a good idea? My standing policy with insects like NMMNG is to ignore them except when people I respect start wasting their time with them. And everything the guy says is outlandish. I’ve clicked on his blog from time to time, and in his posts “debunking” MRAs and manospherians, he never actually cites or links to MRA or game arguments; he just erects strawmen and tears them down in his mangled Franglish (another testament to how sad he is – he’s pushing 50 and his English is on the level of an illegal Mexican, even though he lives in a bilingual city).

        The saddest part are his fangirls, who create threads hundreds of comments long consisting of gossip about manosphere bloggers and how much they hate them. Nonstop obsessing over people they’ve never met. Do they realize how pathetic they look to everyone else? No one in the manosphere devotes nearly as much time to hating on people as they do every day, because we have lives.

        I can’t stop you, but you should think carefully whether you should give this guy the exposure he craves.

        • I’m not planning on making a habit of talking about him. He provides a good jumping off point for another thing I want to talk about. Also, I think that a couple of these things will be more common tactics used against MRAs/Gamers/MGTOW in the future, so I want to talk about them first.

      • If you have a life, why do you have a blog?

        You’re doing to No More Mr. Nice Guy what his purported fangirls do to everyone else. Are you really lowering yourself to his level by posting about him on every blog you see? Don’t you have a life to get to?

    • NMMNG is also an associate of Lady Raine’s, and probably the last standing member of the Gaping Hole Gang now that Escapist, Raine herself and that other chick have vanished.

      Oh, Raine and Escapist are gone? Sweet!

      One of the best things about the Internet is the occasional discovery that people you could never stand have just quietly dried up and blown away while you weren’t looking. It’s the upside of the phenomenon that takes down guys like Solomon II.

      Now if DD would just pack it in …

      • Oh, Raine and Escapist are gone? Sweet!

        Yeah, Raine vanished last July. Her blog hasn’t been updated since then. Escapist made both her blogs private around May, I think. There was another obnoxious termagent who hung out with them who deleted her blog over the summer too.

  4. The manosphere is big now. Too big to keep up with.

    Oh the weird stuff I miss by not venturing outside my own corner of it.

    They say that we’re ALL just “MRAs”, but we have so little in common with each other that we might as well be on different planets.

  5. […]  (They’re connected more deeply than just being absurd.  There have been previous conspiracy theory based accusations that the MRM was recruiting sexless/virgin men, and that the “elite” is recruiting virgin men.)  This isn’t due to a MRM vs. […]

  6. […] I work for the Illuminati and that the MRM is some sort of Illuminati program many times before.  We have even heard variations on the “virgin/sexless recruitment” idea before.  Many conspiracy theorists are afraid of transhumanism so that isn’t new […]

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