Oct 222011

I found this at the (Not) Thinking Housewife’s blog from Jesse Powell:

The last thing I will add, withdrawing chivalry from women as a means to punish the woman is never legitimate and is something I would characterize as being abusive towards women

I bolded that last part.  Here we have an example of tradcons using code tangerine shaming language.  The false abuse industry isn’t limited to leftist feminists.

The funniest part of this is if you scroll up to where the (Not) Thinking Housewife has to remind everyone that Jesse Powell is a man.  He’s such a big mangina and white knight that it’s easy to think he’s a woman.


  13 Responses to “Tradcons Say That Not Being Chivalrous Is Abusive To Women”

  1. I have to say, all this browbeating from tradcons is finally making me realize I have it all wrong.

    Thank you, fair gents and ladies, for verbally harassing me into realizing that it’s my DUTY to be a packmule and a bodyguard for some ungrateful fatty.

    PMAFT, you won’t be seeing me around here much longer….I have a ho to save!

  2. I think you’re taking the article out of contest. It talks about how MRAism is feminism on steroids, which is true. It seeks a technocratic system of forced equality on the sexes.

    • I wasn’t talking about the article. I was talking about a specific comment. The only “system” that MRAs promote is freedom. We’re not trying to tell you how to live your life. Thus under the MRA “system”, a woman has to deal with the consequences of her choice to be equal unlike now where her choices are subsidized by men, the government, and the church.

  3. When you fight a war, you fight as your enemy fights. Feminism, however dirty their tactics, however under-handed their propaganda, worked. One does not win a war by taking the higher road. If they butcher 100 of yours, you butcher 200 of theirs. That is how war is waged. It isn’t nice, it isn’t fair, and it isn’t even just; it is war. The primary difference between Men’s Rights Advocacy and Feminism….

    We didn’t start the war, but we will damned well finish it. Bring it on, collaborator.

  4. The Monitor: “It talks about how MRAism is feminism on steroids, which is true. It seeks a technocratic system of forced equality on the sexes.”

    PMAFT wasn’t talking about the article, but a comment on it. But, yes, I agree that this is an accurate description of most MRA thought.

    MRAs are the few men and women in the entire world that are actually willing to enforce the “ugly” side of equality on women.

    Feminism has operated under the assumption that women have had it worse than men in literally every area of public and private life, and thus actions toward “equality” for women would always be beneficial.

    MRAs identify the numerous ways women have it better that need to be either eliminated, or men need to be brought up to the same level.

    I agree that this is how MRAs should proceed, but I definitely don’t think we’ll ever get an genuinely equal society out of it. The same biological processes and tendencies that have caused feminism’s vision to fail would also cause the MRA plan to fail, even though it is much more refined and fair.

  5. uh….wait…what?

    The Tradcons are claiming that the most effective way to fight feminism is to grant feminists all the benefits of Patriarchy and none of the downsides?

    I think we’re getting closer to solving the mystery of why Tradcons have lost every battle they’ve fought….

  6. Since tradition supposedly rules, I’ll cite an 1828 traditional definition of abuse, which is “To use ill; to maltreat; to misuse; to use with bad motives or to wrong purpose”. If a man is withdrawing chivalry he is not using chivalry. If he isn’t using, he can’t be misusing or abusing.

  7. The eunuch powell is obviously short of logic & has zero credibility

    So why is it Laura also forgets to mention shes closed comments after agreeing with this disgusting quote in her own reply

    Laura writes:

    Excellent. Thank you for the clarification.

    This is an especially important point:

    “….in the context of promoting a greater good but at the same time they should keep their duties towards women and children in mind. ”

    Why exactly is this important in this day & age, & why is this ridiculously important to laura …

    Men have NO duty to women & children, in a culture of legalised illegal male witchhunts & a culture which indoctrinates & brainwashes families to hate their male fathers & sons

    Entitled Women like laura obviously dont understand raising a family for a male is an educated choice, calling it a duty cheapens the expensive & the financially destroying choice men make, in even contemplating to raise a family

    Yes raising a family destroys men financially, this is a fact

    Men dont simply raise families because of some ridiculous duty, why should most men even want to destroy their income & finances for a woman?

    Answer that question, eunuchs like powell & laura have no intellectual answer, so they try & state FALSELY & pass it off as some sort of duty

    This is why the eunuchs & traditionalists are running scared, men are finally waking up from the 100s of years of a devolved traditional culture designed by women for women

    What laura will never admit, is the fact feminism is the modern day version of traditionalism

    Traditional women designed a culture for centuries, brainwashing men so women never have to work or design technologies & education to make up for their reduced logical & rational biology

    Traditionalism destroyed women, by sheltering them from the basic requirements to even the basics of life, which are hardship & very real danger from their environment & society

    Instead of having mentally capable women, able to assist men in the very dangers of life, we now have what are basically soft horribly domesticated women

    The proof is compare the hard working farmers wife, with the domesticated retarded wife of the 50s, traditionalists want to go back to

    Why dont traditonalists want to go back to hard working farmer wives, instead of the hoovering ironing 50s drones of soft domesticated women

    Because laura knows full well traditionalism is another version of feminism, FACT

    Fact FACTS, women are SO out of touch with the very dangers of reality, the very DANGERS of modern day life, PRECISELY because of traditionalism & the highly INCOMPETENT Concept of the stay at home mom

    Feminism IS Traditionalism, stay at home moms IS feminism, there is NO difference

  8. You know what, I tried to post the above to Lauras TRADITIONAL website, but the comments were closed …

    Laura for all her pandering to the mens movement, her closure of comments, & her total refusal to allow any debate, on what is clearly an attack on the MRA by a eunuch

    Her Actions obviously speak louder then her words

    • Most “Traditional” women want men to provide for them while doing nothing in return …
      while at the same time screaming patriarchal oppression if held responsible for anything.
      They’re looking for someone to play “House” with.
      Preferably with money, and a low sex drive. So they won’t need to reciprocate with affection.

  9. The reason why I distinguish between socon and tradcon is not out of respect, but to head off the inevitable use of the “no true scotsman” fallacy of “those weren’t real conservatives” or “those weren’t traditionalists”. I’m tired of wasting time covering that ground over and over again.

    I am writing a post about one of my Sunday Morning Nightclub exploits tommorow. You will love it. You aren’t going to believe the chick I picked up.

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