Oct 212011

Someone emailed this picture to me of the Occupy Melboune protest.  It shows the progressive stack in action and the misandry of the Occupy protests in a very subtle way.

  3 Responses to “The Progressive Stack In A Picture”

  1. It’s a very revealing thing that the men don’t appear to weigh much more than their women.

    • Are you saying that because the women are fat, the men are weak, or both?

      • Both. But not just that.

        I’ve been co-opting/building on MacCloud’s theories. Reading between the lines with my own biology background.

        The political left basically represents the (more) masculine in females and feminine in males.

        The right: the (more) masculine in males and feminine in females.

        And that this phenomena is evolutionary not just social or political. (Or rather the evolutionary underpins all that is social or political.)

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