Oct 292011

From a comment at Roissy/Heartiste on Bill Bennett’s recent man up BS:

– men commit suicide at a rate of 4 to 1 over women. man up.
– men die on average 5 years earlier. man up.
– over 90% of workplace deaths are men. man up.
– men do almost all of the dirty, dangerous, and manually difficult jobs. man up.

– false accusations against men of sexual harassment and rape will rise in our Feminist Indoctrination Centers known as colleges because the standard of evidence has been lowered to “preponderance of evidence”, the lowest standard of proving guilt. man up.

– television is largely misandrist, especially commercials. man up. you can laugh about chopping a man penis off on television and suffer no consequences. man up.
– there are 8 million programs, groups, associations, and organizations to help and support women, about 3 for men. man up.
– more men are homeless than women. man up.
– most war deaths are men. man up.
– women have hordes of white knight pussy slaves and male feminist morons on their side. men don’t have the equivalent. man up.

– don’t ever mention any of the above in front of other men. that’s whining. man up.

  2 Responses to “Man Up. Man Up. Man Up”

  1. Excellent.

  2. Yeah that pretty much says it all.

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