Oct 172011

A commenter wrote:


I’m also in the process of getting a third chick to string along from a Sunday Morning Nightclub.

Actually, you ARE doing God’s work. You are shielding the innocent from predation. This is precisely what God would approve of – the strong defending the weak from predation.

Reading this should cause the heads of socons and tradcons to explode.

  6 Responses to “Doing God’s Work”

  1. Lol. Indeed.
    As I said here a few months back, you are certainly doing a great service in removing the sluts from the streets. You are giving the decent guys who, unlike yourself, DO want to settle down and marry, a better chance of meeting a worthwhile wife.

    I say again, PMAFT. I salute you!

    Greater love hath no man…… 😀

    • There are so few non-sluts out there that what I’m doing won’t help any man find a decent woman. It will mean that a few men will never get married and thus never get divorced so they will be better off.

      • It will mean that a few men will never get married and thus never get divorced so they will be better off.

        You’re rationalizing. The truth is these women want husbands, their potential betas want wives, if you want to short circuit that, the honorable way is to warn the men openly and be clear to the women where you stand. Your current path is not the way and will only lead to more destruction, pain, suffering and fear in a world that is filled with it.

        Suggestion: If you want to do this, be honest with these people. You have no intention of marrying them because they are damaged goods and you simply enjoy your freedom. Ironically, from my study of game (theoretical only) I have a feeling your game won’t suffer that much if you do that. If not, it’s probably a more honorable experiment than this.

  2. I understand what you mean, but I consider myself a traditional conservative and I tend to support this, overall.

    Here is my take – I think it is acceptable for non-religious men to undertake this course of action. For a truly Christian man to do so might make him a bit of a hypocrite.

    But as a Christian, I have never held non-adherents of the faith to the standard I hold myself to.

    Since I am more or less an evangelical Christian (kinda sorta), the farthest I can go with your course of action is to pursue these women and then when I “find out” about their past, I quietly end the relationship. No explanation given – I would not want to deprive the hamster of its critical place in the procedure.

  3. […]  He would have been completely clueless about her real motivations and in real danger.  I’m doing God’s work, and something very Christian, which the Christian Church is failing to do for these men, by […]

  4. I’m not sure whether you’re honest with these women about your intentions or not, but if you’re intentionally deceiving them into believing that you intend to marry at all, then you’re only stooping to their level of dishonesty and fakery. Saying you’re doing it in the name of “God” does not change that at all.

    It’s really no different from a girl who’s just leading a guy on, only to drop him in the end. You’re leading her on, only to drop her. Don’t become what you’re fighting against.

    It looks like these women you’re describing have some type of self-control issue. If they cannot withhold sex for a long time, then it’s a self-control issue. These women can never be any type of virgins, born again or otherwise, until the root of their problem is fixed…and the root of it is lack of self-control.

    In fact, I’d go as far as to say that women who lack self-control never really were virgins in the first place. Virginity isn’t just the physical state of possessing a hymen. If that’s the case, then any woman could just get a hymenoplasty and be a virgin again.
    Instead, virginity is a trait that requires self-control to be possible. These women who have no self-control may have once had virginity in the physical form, but they didn’t have it in their characters, so it was lost physically very quickly and easily. And as long as these women lack self-control, they can never be born-again virgins or in any way reformed, either.

    Unfortunately, self-control is one important trait that this generation of women have been raised to never acquire.

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