Oct 152011

Denise Romano, the woman who thinks that gamers are hypnotizing women into having sex with them, is back and left this comment:

There is also a link to a UK (male) MD who states that “hopefully, using hypnosis as a method of seduction will now be considered as much of a crime as alcohol inhibited behaviour”: http://www.medsci.ox.ac.uk/gazette/previousissues/56vol1/Part8

What happens when you click that link?  You get a, “We’re sorry, but that page doesn’t exist…”  Oops.  Denise Romano is full of BS again.  (And it’s likely she’s clinically insane.)

  6 Responses to “Denise Romano Is Back”

  1. Hopefully there’s a category she fits into at Register-Her.

  2. PM/AFT: “What happens when you click that link? You get a, ‘We’re sorry, but that page doesn’t exist…’ “

    Having a webpage removed that proves him wrong is trivial for a high-level congressman.

  3. PM/AFT,

    Yesterday, someone posted a very amusing comment to your legendary Spearhead article.

    Apparently now most guys aren’t threatened by gays, emotions, and dialogue anymore, as proven by the simple fact that the highest rated shows on TV have these things. It’s not that few men are watching at all, now that programming has completely switched to consumer (female) friendly shows.

    No, no. Men have finally come to realize that emotional relationship dramas and reality shows are the best forms of entertainment. Women were just conveniently aware of that fact before us brutes. Men like you who hold onto enjoying seeing action and triumph and the overcoming obstacles are “retrosexuals.” (See what she did there? He he.)

    • It’s not like there is a boatload of research showing that younger men (and to a lesser extent men in general) have left TV altogether for things like video games. That doesn’t exist at all because a woman says it so men must be watching emotional relationship dramas.

      The real irony is that commenter would not be attracted to any of the men she thinks enjoy relationship dramas.

  4. They changed the website for the Oxford medical school gazette and therefore the old article is no longer available. However it can be found from a web archive cache:


    An increasing number of men are using a technique known as `neuro-linguistic programming’, i.e. using various forms of communication to influence their subject’s thoughts. Armed with these tools the user can make powerful subliminal suggestions. For example, simply marking a word by using a different pitch, touching the subject, changing the volume, smiling, or – wait for it – yawning at the same time as the key phrase, can make a seemingly innocent sentence contain a more sinister command. There are thousands of websites claiming this technique can make the user irresistible.

    Yay, lets criminalize all male behaviour.

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