Oct 072011

Many of you may not have noticed by there is an idiot woman responding to my Denying Grandchildren post.  Eventually she gets to saying this:

I finally managed to check this website in detail and… honestly, I find this place repuslvie. There is little to no actual critical comments and reviews on feminism and feminist theory but mainly cherry picking and blatant misinterpretation. And LOTS of hate. Most of it… it’s just pure women hating. For less than 75 articles I have seen the word “bitch” and “sluts” used as a derogatory word too many times to feel fine. Subtle or not so subtle recommendations about sexual and physical abuse and other stuff which made me cringe.

Besides the liberal amount of shaming language she used, she accuses me of “recommending sexual and physical abuse”.  This was no different that when Gordon Ramsay called out that female restaurant owner on his Kitchen Nightmares show for being lazy, ungrateful when it came to her dad’s money that bailed her out, and needing a kick in the ass, and he got accused of being abusive for it.  If you’re a man, and you actually dare to disagree with a woman or worse yet call her out on her behavior, then you’re “abusive”.  Given how often “abusive” gets thrown around against men (to the point of where Terry O’Neill of NOW called the Bush tax cuts “abusive”), it needs its own category of shaming language.  Originally, I had in mind that “you’re abusive” would be part of a shaming language category of criminality but this clearly needs to be separate.

Charge of Being Abusive (Code Tangerine)

Discussion: The target is accused of being abusive.  Generally the accusation is vague about the “abuse” to imply a similarity to something like domestic abuse or sexual abuse while avoiding a specific example of how the target is “abusive”. Examples:

  • You’re abusive
  • What you said is abusive to women

Response: Abuse has a real definition.  It does not involve the simple act of disagreeing with a woman or calling out a woman on her behavior.  Associating either of those things with abuse just cheapens what real victims of abuse have gone through.  Since the accuser can not show actual examples of the target committing actual abuse, it is obvious that the accusations of abuse against the target are nonsense.

  9 Responses to “Call A Woman Out On Her BS And Get Accused Of Being Abusive”

  1. These knuckleheads are so used to everyone nodding their heads to their vagina-centric BS they think disagreement is misogyny.

    No, disagreement is a part of adult reasoning and discussion. Not that you grown-up babies would know anything about that.

  2. Bloody brilliant. I get those comments all the time and mostly don’t even bother to answer as they wallow in hysterics rather than facts. Good response..I do hope that this will be added to the list, if it has notbeen already..

    • Over the next couple of months I’m going to be making some proposals for additions to the Catalog of Anti-male Shaming Language. My goal is that at the beginning of next year to have a 2012 edition of the Catalog.

      There are several important things missing from the Catalog like, “you have a small penis” and “you have aspergers syndrome”. We need to have these added.

  3. You’re using the wrong color for the code.

    It should be raspberry, or blue raspberry.

  4. Funny how these cunts think they are going to make any difference at all with their Shrill Hrpy screaming at us. These MRA Blogs are about communicating with each other, not debating them. Thanks for the info.

  5. How ironic is it that all feminists abuse the word ‘abuse’? The abuse of such a word makes me feel abused too.

    Maybe saying that is abusive…

  6. feminist /= women.

    Hating feminism /= hating all or most women, and hence isn’t misogyny.

    That is however how feminists nearly always use the word.

  7. To feminists, anything a non-mangina man says or does looks like rape or abuse.

    This comment probably looks like both.

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