Sep 112011

I’m doing my part for the Jessica Valenti google bomb.  Find out why Jessica Valenti is a bigot at

  3 Responses to “Jessica Valenti Is A Bigot”

  1. Forgive my E-ignorance; I have heard of google bombs – how do we plant them?


    • Write a new blog post linking to something that you want to have a higher search ranking in google. In this case we want Valenti’s Register-Her profile to be the first item listed on a google search for Jessica Valenti.

      • I’m on it.

        Also, if you type in the google search box, “Jessica Valenti Register Her” – and do repeated searches for like 10 minutes, clearing the box each time – that will effect the “trending searches” thing or whatever it is called – I actually googled, “Google Bomb”..

        Silly me.

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