Sep 232011

Recently, Ben & Jerry’s came out with a limited edition flavor of ice cream called Schweddy Balls.  The name, Schweddy Balls, comes from a Saturday Night Live sketch with Alec Baldwin.

A group called One Million Moms, a division of the American Family Association, is trying to launch of boycott of this flavor of ice cream because they think the name is “offensive”.  What flavors will One Million Moms go after next?  Perhaps Karamel Sutra, because it’s a reference to the Kama Sutra, or Maple Blondie, because they believe it’s offensive to people with blond hair, or Dublin Mudslide, they believe it’s offensive to the Irish.  Who knows what else these moms will come up with as “offensive”?

This is reminiscent of Prohibition.  A lot of women with too much time on their hands formed groups like the Women’s Christian Temperance Union which were eventually successful in making alcohol illegal.  Now we have women complaining about ice cream flavors.  Whether it was alcohol back then or certain flavors of ice cream now, women do not have the right to block production or consumption of alcohol or ice cream.

In response we should all buy as much Schweddy Balls ice cream as we can.  (Remember you don’t necessarily have to eat it.  Buying it will have the desired effect.)  Also, tell Ben & Jerry’s that you love the Schweddy Balls ice cream.  The Schweddy Balls ice cream is a limited edition batch of ice cream, but if it’s successful enough, Ben & Jerry’s will produce more which will infuriate the One Million Moms group.  Let’s show One Million Moms that they don’t have the right to dictate ice cream flavors.

  9 Responses to “It’s Time To Buy Some Ben & Jerry’s Schweddy Balls Ice Cream”

  1. These conservative female supremacists are probably only doing this because Ben & Jerry are hippies in Vermont.

  2. PMAFT, there is no way i’m licking anyone’s “Schweddy balls”

  3. Reminds me of Goldmember saying “shmoke and a pancake”.

  4. Not possible.

    They are my favorite flavor and I get free samples . . .

  5. The women protesting this can munch on my schweddy balls.

  6. […] hope you have all been buying Ben and Jerry’s Schweddy Balls ice cream and telling Ben and Jerry’s how much you….  Last night, Alec Baldwin was hosting Saturday Night Live and mentioned the boycott of Schweddy […]

  7. I’ve put up a letter to send to Ben & Jerry’s asking them to stand up to One Million Moms. Feel free to sign it!

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