Sep 242011

We all know about how women can get out of things like speeding tickets by crying.  This also works for getting out of punishments for statutory rape.  Debra Lafave had sex with a 14 year old student of hers.  Unlike a man who would have been thrown in prison for the same crime, Lafave was sentenced to three years house arrest followed by seven years probation.  A few days ago Lafave managed to get a judge to remove the last four years of her probation.  Lafave complained that the probation was “too hard” on her new life as an engaged woman and mother of twin newborn baby boys.

If you need an example that proves women are favored by the legal system, this is it.



  3 Responses to “Debra Lafave Gets Out Of Probation Early By Complaining Probation Is “Too Hard””

  1. Meanwhile, you are expected to consider women your equal in all things.

    I just finished dealing with a Youtube commenter on FAILBLOG, a channel that shows people, 90% males, failing at tasks/stunts/etc., often incurring injury.

    The video uploaded today had an Asian teenaged girl faceplanting after falling off a skateboard, and this idiot said the male kid behind the camera put her in that “shit situation on purpose” and that he should have given her safety gear.

    I made a reply stating the simple, obvious, non-controversial (…or so you’d think) fact that she needs to take care of herself. This guy had a meltdown and wrote FOUR angry replies to my two sentence remark.

    Many guys out there are susceptible to their male protective instinct, which necessarily absolves women of responsibility as a prerequisite for them being “deserving” of special protections. The same mental process compels us to find children as perfectly innocent, allowing us to always protect them regardless of the circumstances.

    Unfortunately, this is how the male protective instinct operates for women, too. It is impossible to have the legal system treat women the same as men. They have too much social power. Men have too much desire to go easy on them.

    This guy knew I was factually and logically right, but he didn’t have the conceptual understanding of his own emotional/biological drives necessary to reconcile his instincts with my obviously true statement. Thus, his cognitive dissonance precipitates an emotional meltdown.

    And, yes. Of course when comments are made about the lack of safety equipment on other videos where boys get injured, they are regarded as complete idiots for not wearing the proper fucking gear.

    I don’t care anymore. I challenge this shit whenever I see it, even if it’s a stupid comment to a stupid video. These mindsets are the exact same ones that allow Lafave to get off easy.

  2. Nothing trumps the ‘mommy card’, I guess monopoly should change the ‘get of jail free’ card and rename it the mommy card…..

  3. One hopes her kids will have the good sense to be unattractive teenagers.

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