Sep 252011

I hope you have all been buying Ben and Jerry’s Schweddy Balls ice cream and telling Ben and Jerry’s how much you like their Schweddy Balls ice cream.  Last night, Alec Baldwin was hosting Saturday Night Live and mentioned the boycott of Schweddy Balls ice cream along with Ben and Jerry’s new flavor, Go Fudge Yourself:

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  1. OT but I don’t know where else to put this, and I want it to get as much visibility as possible. We know that traditionalists aren’t real allies of the MRM, but they have been planning on stabbing us in the back all along:

    The vast majority of MRA’s are tools(there are a few exceptions like W. F. Price and Welmer). The men in the PUAsphere have noted so and so have the men in the Tradosphere and the AltRightsphere. Now that they’ve served their initial purpose it’s time to Night of the Long Knives them.

    • Benq: “We know that traditionalists aren’t real allies of the MRM, but they have been planning on stabbing us in the back all along:”

      Well, I’m skeptical of traditionalists, but I think there really are MRAs who have delusional expectations for what they can accomplish. No, it’s not most as Svar erroneously asserts, but some advocate a completely new social order; one in which, for example, women are just as likely to work in coal mines as men.

      They don’t only want to address misandry and legal inequalities, they want to “stick it” to women by advocating the negative side of “equality” in every ways. They support the true, absolute equality of men and women.

      I argue for the negative side of equality because it’s useful in attacking misandry and feminism’s myth of supporting an equal society. It is not because I think it will ever be possible for men and women to be interchangeable, nor that if it were possible it would lead to a strong and successful civilization.

      Some MRAs have deluded themselves into believing sex equality is a desirable goal, and that men would be willing to allow women to suffer and fail to the same extent they would other men.

      Even when women “work” and get their own “jobs,” they largely do so in unproductive fields, thus requiring men to do productive work which is taxed away to maintain women’s make-work jobs. Men support women either way. For the time being, men supporting (directly or indirectly) women is an eternal and unavoidable fact of life.

      I disagree with Svar’s comment that “the vast majority” of MRAs are like this, but some definitely are. Their visions will never come to pass, so I don’t worry about it. Their work fighting misandry is what I support.

  2. oh my god! who the fudge cares?!?

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