Sep 302011

I’m really disappointed in the lack of Dilbert Award submissions.   The reason why we only have Dilbert Awards one a quarter instead of once of month is because of the lack of submissions.

The Dilbert Award is all about successful men who stupidly put themselves at the mercy of a single mother and her children.  In most cases these men are successful on their own merit and accomplishments.  However, some may have been born into success like my submission this quarter’s Dilbert Award winner, Crown Prince Haakon of Norway.  Being royalty and heir to the Norwegian throne, Haakon would have his pick of women, but instead he decided to get married to a single mother, Mette-Marit Hoiby.  Mette-Marit had one son before meeting Haakon.  The father of this son spent time in prison on drug charges and was a drug addict.  Mette-Marit before meeting Haakon was also involved in Norway’s rave subculture which includes a lot of illegal drugs which is almost a guarantee that she was doing drugs in the past.

While it might be debatable whether Haakon deserves a Dilbert Award because he didn’t generate success on his own, being born into royalty, in principle his situation is what the Dilbert Award is all about.  Plus, there is no better example of a woman getting knocked up by a thug and then finding a chump to raise the kid.  Being a truly royal chump means that Haakon is deserving of the Dilbert Award.

Normally, there would be voting like with the Entitlement Princess of the Month, but due to the lack of submissions, Haakon wins the 2011 Third Quarter Dilbert Award by default.

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