Aug 192011

Read what Uncle Elmer had to say about business and the economy:

Women with the help of Salesforce are now in the race of setting up small businesses and are competing for jobs but are not creating them. Other than providing a mass market for their vanity products, they are not forging new industries or technologies. They are marginalizing that small percentage of men who passionately innovate, destroy, and create ideas and take the risks to drive them to actualization

Though men shank me and insult me, only men provide me with opportunity. Women can only insult me and deprive me of opportunity. Only men, and only a small fraction of them, take the risks that create industry and opportunity. Women can only serve as mere functionaries in man-created structures. When an organization becomes feminized, priority shifts from efficient and profitable production of goods and services to development of labarynthine rules for the comfort and security of women. Ossification and organizational death are inevitable.

Men have shanked me and kicked me in the teeth, but only men have given me opportunity and employment. No woman can or will provide me or any man employment, yet all western women feel entitled to help and opportunities from men, even as they drive men out of the workplace.

It leads to a nasty conclusion : workplace women are your enemy. They cannot help you but can and will hurt you. Do not look at them, do not talk to them. Extend your hand to men when possible and fight your male rivals honorably. If you are in a situation where you must fight a female remember that she can use any tactic and you will be crucified for merely standing your ground. Walk away from it.

Government studies that make dubious observations on gender differences are produced by self-serving feminist bureaucrats who have no concept about the reality of making a profit in the competitive business world. These imbeciles want the federal government to demolish profitable business structures that evolved over decades in the corporate shark-tank in favor of comfort and security for women and their lifestyle choices. Females want to inhabit man-created business structures as if those structures existed before man appeared on the veldt. They are clueless, and what’s more don’t care. They just want to have their cake and to eat it too. When you have pushed the last man out of the corporation it will collapse under its own dead weight.

  2 Responses to “Uncle Elmer On Business And The Economy”

  1. I’ve seen the short version of Elmer’s Law, but this long version is absolutely brilliant.

    The thread a certain commenter mentioned is good, too.

  2. I think Elmer seems to have a copy of this comment on his hard disks. He likes to plug this one into many topics’ comments sections.

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