Aug 132011

There is no better way for a man to announce that he’s a mangina than by saying, “I apologize for the misogynist website” right before linking to this blog (scroll down on that link to find the comment):

lolz. I think Scott Adams nailed it in that controversial blog post. I apologize for the misogynist website, it’s the first one I found that preserved his post. I do not believe Mr. Adams was in any way being misogynist or anti-feminist.

  5 Responses to “I Apologize For The Misogynist Website”

  1. To anyone that arrives here via the answers page and thinks that MRAs could be lying or that they are just whining about losing privilege…

    Invite ANY of those lying feminist scum over to my blog to debate me in front of the world, then we’ll see who is lying.

    The issues we discuss are very real and very serious.

  2. You forgot to apologize for being male and unbending in your own personal solidarity.

    I’m sure some sharp tongued fem will harass you to submission, soon, or whip you with her nasty pussy.

  3. Absolutely correct. I’m now the most misogynist I have ever been, and I’m banging two best friends who are 8’s. Each know that I’m banging the other. Enough said.

  4. Lamentably, one wonders if the same holds true for women and misandry. Jessica Valenti’s one of the most misandrist people around, yet she still managed to find a guy to marry. Even Andrea Dworkin managed to get married for a while, too. I suppose your example is a ‘triumph’ for misogynists/mgtows/etc., but there’s no shortage of man-hating women who get what they want from men anyways, either. :/

  5. Depending on who you ask, there’s no such thing as a “nice woman,” i.e they’re all equally worthless. So-called “sweet and feminine” women are just better at masking their inherent misandry, or they’re just parasites, and so on, and so forth. I assume this is our host’s view, or if not, this is the view plenty of people have, anyways.

    I think you may be correct in saying that men aren’t as attracted to women who hate men as women are to men who hate women, but in the present legal/sexual milieu, the problem is that man-hating itself is more profitable, at least by PMAFT’s metric. If a man wants sex, hating women and treating them like objects will get him what he wants, as PMAFT attests. If a woman wants a free ride from the government, hating men and treating them like disposable ATMs (slutting around/cuckolding some hapless loser and then begging for a welfare check, taking advantage of affirmative action, using ‘sexual harassment’ to get ahead in the workplace, etc.) will get her what she wants. This is obviously not ideal or desirable, but it is the world we live in. :/

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