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We get told to “man up” when we refuse to do something stupid like getting married under current marriage law.  Being told to “man up” can take many forms from being told to take abuse from women, to being told to go to feminized churches, to being told that we must get married.  However, the most bizarre form of “man up” comes from Henry Makow.  It is so strange it speaks for itself:

You’re timing was excellent for this article on heterophobia.  I was helping my landlord photograph one of the apartments and he actually told me that I’m not feminine enough.  Ya think?  I have a big hairy beard and I usually announce to other men that I am a homophobe if I think it is necessary.

Yes, this is satanic and the only solution is to keep God’s commandments.  In the Bible it says that a man is not to cut his beard. (Leviticus 19:27)  When I realized this, I grew mine out and it drives the satanists nuts.  If your male readers start to grow out their beards in obedience to God’s commandments, they could start gaining ground over the evil.

It sounds like a small thing, but it is queer, pagan, and satanic to shave the face.  Some women will not even look at me.  The ones that my beard doesn’t bother are the ones with whom I have conversations.  If you want to drive them nuts, just grow out your beard and then tell them that queers shave their faces.  Don’t cut off anything, just let it grow.  Keep the hair on the long side.

If I see any “Christian” pastor who does not have a beard, I won’t even listen to the man.  The queering of the population came upon us along time ago.  Getting men to shave their faces was to get them to do womanly things.

I’ve had people go absolutely nuts, especially my family, because I grew my beard.  They want me to cut it, but I tell them I’m not queer and that God made women with smooth faces; not men.

One day a man came up to me and said: “Why don’t you shave, don’t you want to be clean?”  I said something like: “Do you shave your ass?”  His face turned red and he said: “No.”  I then said: “Well, don’t you want to be clean?”

Shaving is stupid, yet I did it most of my life because I was feminized since I was a young boy.  A man with a beard can even have a hard time getting a job.  I manage to carry on with business.

In my case, the beard reflects my masculinity; not my inner bitch, nor my feminine side.  I am not feminine in any way.  I love women but I don’t want to be one because God made me a man.  Just trying to be a man can be dangerous.

I took great delight in upsetting people who didn’t like my beard; and I still do.  If you really want to get under the communist-satanists skin; grow a beard, man-up and grow your beard.  There’s a big payoff that comes from obeying God’s commandment.

  11 Responses to “The Most Bizarre Form Of “Man Up” Ever”

  1. I thought it was military culture that made the clean shaven face fashionable. The clean shaven face is necessary to use gas masks and oxygen masks. Aside from those uses, hair is difficult to keep clean, and requires lots of water. In combat theater, soap and water can be in very short supply, making soldiers with excess hair more prone to vermin.

  2. Just a note, as shaving became common, there was no intent to “feminine” men as we understand that term today.
    Barbarians had beards. Civilized men did not. Reason? Identification (I am not a barbarian), costs if shaving (I am wealthy), status (ditto wealth), and the poorer classes ape the riches classes. Also, beards allow place for disease ans parasites (which are less of a problem in places beards are common – deserts, for example.)

    Now, I believe the author’s intent was to show he is undoubtedly male ans masculine, but Leviticus is a LONG way back to reach for justification unless you are an Orthodox Jew (then, it is THE LAW, and we should respect that position.)

    Much of history is actually a gloss to cover the “us” and “them” divisions. Jews have dietary restrictions, such as not eating meat from cloven-hooved animals. Pork carried (carries?) parasites, and was unclean (read: wallowed in mud and shit, ate whatever it was fed, etc., and people who ate pigs sometimes died of unknown but obvious disease.)
    Dairy and meat don’t go on the same plates, but dairy will cause meat to spoil. Not a problem NOW, but pre-refrigeration and antibiotics? Could be BAD news.
    I’d point out that neighboring tribes had ceremonies and festivals different from the Israelites. So this sort of thing made for a uniform culture, and that is one of the BIGGEST problems the US faces with multiculturalism. As an Irish-Italian-Russian-Spanish-French American, well – the American is Second to all the other named cultures. As an American, I am a member to a definable demographic.
    See if (fill in choice of racial epithet) gets that. As a poor but blatant example, African Americans: can’t change the skin color (Michael Jackson excluded), but do they HAVE to define themselves by being ANYTHING and EVERYTHING whites are not? Piss poor way to define yourselves. OTOH, if they were Americans, we’d be brothers in a sense (countrymen), dedicated to common ideals.
    Instead, most of the melanin-gifted are n*ggers. And that’s a pity, I’d rather they reach fir the stars and help build the country. Instead, most are disruptive at least, openly hostile, destructive, many stupid, willfully ignorant… and some of those n*ggers are white, BTW.
    Reach for the stars, not the gutters. Can’t change skin color, so change the attitude. We’re all better off that way, we Americans (and legal immigrants) build a better future together.

    But $10 says I’ll be branded a racist for saying that…

  3. In my previous comment, line 1, “feminine” should read “feminize”.
    Stupid DROID auto-corrected the word and I didn’t notice. 😛

  4. So, now I am a “queer” for not having a beard?

    Batch*t Crazy People need to stop breeding.

  5. “One day a man came up to me and said: “Why don’t you shave, don’t you want to be clean?” I said something like: “Do you shave your ass?” His face turned red and he said: “No.” I then said: “Well, don’t you want to be clean?””

    That’s actually a pretty good comeback.

  6. I support the choice to have a beard and have noticed it being unnecessarily scrutinized and… dare I say discriminated against. However, there is a difference between wearing your beard with pride and condemning everyone who shaves to be a “queer satanist”.

  7. This is so crazy its funny: Man up and stop shaving!

    Which also could be a humorous sarcastic slogan for no shave november (which is when i fully grew a beard and kept it-random information)

    Regardless, as pointed out by others, this is an ignorance of multiculturalism at its finest. But its still so goddam funny…

    I am pretty sure this is the highlight of my day.

  8. […] upon us along time ago. Getting men to shave their faces was to get them to do womanly things. It proceeds to get funnier as it goes on all men by nature desire to know-aristotle Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable […]

  9. This is idiotic. The guy is a conspiracy theorist of course he’s going to say far out stuff. But sometimes he will say intelligent stuff. He was one of the first to talk about the problems with feminism, and he brings it to a different audience. Not to mention problems with the left. Talk about going after easy targets.

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