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I have always been skeptical of Roosh ever since he said that mens rights was a euphemism for sexual loser.  After seeing him claim that DC sucks for guys, there is good reason for being skeptical of him.  As someone who lives in the greater DC area, I’m going to comment on what he had to say:

1. There aren’t many attractive women. Most are sloppy, ugly, fat, and don’t care about looking good for men.

If you read the longer explanation it’s clear that he’s talking about nightlife, specifically bars and clubs.  I really can’t speak to the nightlife scene in DC since that isn’t my thing.  Roosh also mentions LA, NYC, and Miami.  The DC area isn’t a magnet for models and actresses, but most areas aren’t.  Plus, it’s not like he is getting any women at that level (just as you or I are not).

If you’re talking about about the whole DC area, Roosh is wrong.  DC is the second fittest city in the US, and it was the fittest city for the last three years.  I could take you to any number of places with hot women starting with my own condo building and the immediate area around it.

2. The city has boring, cookie-cutter people.

How is this different than most other places?  It’s not.

3. Regardless of what surveys or Census figures say, Washington DC is the biggest sausagefest on the Eastern seaboard. This is obvious to anyone who has been out on a Saturday night.

If you read the description under this, this is really another nightlife complaint.

4. It forces you to lower your standards and date low-quality girls you would’ve never previously considered.

The description under this has to do with how guys in DC rarely get married to women originally from DC and when they do the women aren’t that great.  That’s a problem with getting married to women, not DC.

5. The few girls who are pretty have princess attitudes because of all the attention they get from the surplus of desperate, horny men.

Women with princess attitudes aren’t unique to the DC area by a long shot.

6. The city is rapidly exporting cool, attractive people while importing ugly political nerds from the Midwest or upstate New York who insist on wearing flip-flops all the time.

It’s clear from the description under this, that this is another nightlife complaint.

7. There aren’t enough cute white girls for white men who don’t want to date minorities.

All this means is that you need to get out of DC proper.  DC has had a high minority population, but if you expand your horizons outside of DC proper it’s not the same.  Unlike most cities DC is defined arbitrarily.  Places like Arlington, Alexandria, and Bethesda would be in the borders of DC if DC wasn’t the capital.  (Arlington used to be a part of DC before the section of DC taken from Virginia was retroceeded back to Virginia.)  In many ways those areas are “urban”.

As we see again this is a nightlife problem.  And it’s a DC specific nightlife problem.  Because of the unusual borders of DC, it’s important to get out of DC proper.  There’s no reason not to do that.

8. Women who live in DC gradually become status whores, obsessed with what you do and if you’re getting a table at the newest club on K Street.

Other than the part about K street, that’s no different than any place else.

9. Recent implants have sucked all the character out of neighborhoods by supporting soulless corporate chains. Soon the only stores in the city will be Starbucks, Potbelly, Chipotle, or cupcake shops.

Again, this is no different than anyplace else.

10. Adams Morgan turns into an open-air ghetto on weekend nights during the summer. You can’t walk around after last call without wannabe thugs making derogatory comments at your girl.

Even in DC proper there are plenty of places better than Adams Morgan.  Adams Morgan has improved a lot since the 80s even if it’s not that great now.

11. There are not as many young and nubile au-pairs coming into the city as before.

I suspect that Roosh is really complaining about the the lack of bottom of the barrel women like Anouk, who he fucked on a bus.  (I think Anouk was an au pair or had a similar job.)

12. It’s one of the most expensive cities to live in the United States , yet the girls are bottom of the barrel and still expect to be treated like NYC models.

DC is expensive but that has nothing to do with the women here.  Women expect to be treated like models everywhere.  That’s not specific to DC.

13. The subway system is managed by retards, resulting in a high loss of life for a public transportation system in a first world city.

This one is true, but it has nothing to do with the quality or lack of quality of women here.

14. The weather sucks. It’s an intolerable swamp in the summer and cold enough in the winter that most women hibernate with their vibrators.

If you think the DC area gets cold in the winter (on a regular basis), then you have no idea what real cold is.  Again, this has nothing to do with the quality of women here.

15. The HIV rate is the highest in America, exceeding that of many African nations.

This is true, but it only applies to DC proper.  Plus 75% of those who have HIV in DC are black.  Is Roosh so desperate now that he has gone through Anacostia (a very poor part of DC) trolling for women?  I guess so.

Some of the comments to that post pretty much covered a lot of what I wrote.  There were several comments about going to Arlington and taking the orange line (the metro line that goes in Northern Virginia towards where I live).

In the end there’s nothing to be said except that the DC area isn’t worse than most other places when it comes to women.  (Yes, that isn’t saying much, but that’s not the point.)  If I can get laid here, then shouldn’t Roosh be able to?  Guess not.

  21 Responses to “Roosh Can’t Get Laid In DC”

  1. “I have always been skeptical of Roosh ever since he said that mens rights was a euphemism for sexual loser.”

    Somewhat off-topic, but this post on Roissy brought tons of Feminist sympathizer PUAs out of the woodwork to shame MRAs and MGTOWs. Using the exact same shaming language as Feminists use. http://roissy.wordpress.com/2011/07/23/a-traditionalist-manifesto/

    Pussy begging PUA feminist sympathizers are like garden slugs sympathizing with a salt shaker. It also reveals a stunningly ignorant understanding of the concepts of MRA and MGTOW. Ultimately, these PUAs are so needy, they can’t fathom that other men live satisfying lives without putting women on a pedestal.

  2. I live in Fairfax, but there’s absolutely nothing I can say to either your or Roosh’s viewpoints. These are aspects of life that are forever closed to me.

  3. This is why I do not bother reading ROOSHV’s blog, or any other blog devoted to PUA.

    Game is bullsh*t.

    Oh, and so is the whole “move to Asia” thing too.

    All bullsh*t.

  4. I work in Crystal City. There are tons of really attractive single women here in all age groups. This time of year, they are dressing just right. Skirt hems are higher. The neck lines are lower and the halter tops are … um… halting. The only reason I am not gettting any action is because I am married, chubby, 50, and working in a male dominated field. If I were younger, single and fit (like was when I was younger and single) I would difinitely be living it up in a hedonistic sense. I would certainly not be complaining about lack of opportunity.

  5. Funny thing about this… Roosh is actually a closet anti-feminist…


  6. OT for this post, but I thought you may be interested since you had to deal with silly conspiracy theorists in the past saying that the MRM has been infiltrated by government agents. It’s possible Keoni Galt is silly enough to think the MRM has been invaded by government agents too.

  7. Well, speaking as a government agent, I doubt this is true because I am not infiltrating the MRM. Further, Government agents have as many men who have been screwed by the gender bias system as other parts of the population.

  8. Roosh has had some useful information, but I cannot figure out why if he is shagging so many women, that he doesn’t just take up with a 22 year old “9”, and settle down. He doesn’t appear to have gainful employment, so that’s probably a show stopper. However, if “game” is all powerful mind control that women cannot resist, then he should be able to get one of these prime nubile women to have his children and support him too, all the while he lounges around the house enjoying the easy life. That to me is true alpha. Such alphas are about as common as unicorns. Nearly all men have to earn income to keep a woman in orbit. Even inner city thugs have to claw their way up the gangland / drug dealing food chain to gain access to women. Otherwise, they would take the safer path of least resistance, just talk some shit, and then pwn all the women. As for as I can tell, society doesn’t work that way.

    • if “game” is all powerful mind control that women cannot resist, then he should be able to get one of these prime nubile women to have his children and support him too, all the while he lounges around the house enjoying the easy life.
      —lol. And this is why you’re alone tonight.

  9. I would like to chime in something.

    I loved Bang. It’s a great book for game. Simple, solid advice any man can own in a short period of time. I highly recommend it.

    But Roosh’s turned me off lately. First, Roissy/Heartsie/Citizen Renegade was kind enough to post a comment I’d written at his blog: http://heartiste.wordpress.com/2011/07/08/the-bar-girl-ten-years-later/. Roosh took it as an opportunity to call me “creepy” from the story, and repeat it. He was using shaming language from feminist newspeak, and I think he knew it. It was definitely more personal than the usual “the story sounds mean” stuff other guys were saying. Really odd.

    Second, he’s very protective over black people. He banned people who posted (in comments that became black v. white) that black women had extremely high herpes rates, saying that “someone always brings that up” or words to that effect. He claims American gamers are boosted by black participation over other nations. Bizarrely, he also claims he’s nonwhite—except that Persian people as a group consider themselves white and are considered white in most classifications, and, of course, his pictures look conclusively white. I don’t know what his issues are with whiteness and blackness, but he’s definitely down on whitey versus black guys. It’s definitely disconcerting that his hierarchy, for all his hatred of feminists and his game knowledge, he still is knee jerk liberal on race.

  10. I agree with Roosh about the women’s looks being piss poor due to the obesity epidemic, but it’s not just DC. Every time I come back to the US from overseas it’s shocking how few good looking women there are in the US. What people have been acclimated to think of as average here is “heavyset” elsewhere in the world. You get a woman over 180lbs in Spain and people won’t give her a second look. Get one that’s 300lbs and people will stare like she’s a circus freak. The further East you head the more pronounced the effect gets. Go to eastern Europe for a summer and you’ll be depressed when you get back by the lack of what should be average women. Imagine going to LA and all the hotties that stock the city were AVERAGE for the entire country, and then going back to the real world where flabby muffintops are the average. That’s the best analogy I can come up wtih.

  11. I think it’s probably true that there are a higher percentage of hot girls in the upper middle class on up or dating that in LA, NY and Miami than DC. Maybe even in Minneapolis. But I’m not sure that DC fares worse than Chicago, San Fran, Seattle, Portland or Boston. Well the attitudes may be worse.

  12. GMac has a new post up in which he bemoans DC girls too. And he’s been on a roll this year.

  13. […] Here are the two ultimate examples why game doesn’t exist, and gamers are total fools.  First, many gamers flee to places like Eastern Europe and Thailand (as mentioned by Forweg).  Gamers shouldn’t have to go to second and third world countries according to their beliefs.  They should be able to get women wherever they are.  Even uber-gamers like Roosh have this problem.  He once complained about the women in DC, which was obviously an admission that he couldn’t get women in DC.  (That even got skewered by other gamers.) […]

  14. […] to stoke insecurity in other guys, but also deal with his own.  That’s why he comes up with absurd rationalizations for his failures with women in Washington, DC.  After all, if you think the MRM is completely dead, then why spend time writing about it unless […]

  15. […] enough of each assessing the other’s suitability” or “get to know each other, your relationship are valid for jealousy and it is healed with little or no training. Most matchmakers are selling […]

  16. Game is not about social skills. Game is the claim that you can create attraction in girls by acting in a certain way. You can’t create attraction in women, you can only build in attraction that is there.

    Game is a scam. I saw through game, when I saw all the male shaming. Why would gamesters shame men into game driving the price of pussy up for everyone? (If more men chase women, the higher the price of pussy goes.)

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