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The number of people who think I work for the Illuminati continues to expand just like the universe.  Here is the latest:

This website, along with Pro-Male-Anti-Feminist-Tech, are psychological operations – pure and simple. You guys made websites with flashy titles to get people’s attention, especially MRAs, and then you spew globalist-tinged crap. Worse, you call down conspiracy theorists and their findings, preaching in effect “Hey folks, nothing to see over there – just crazy people”. The guy from PMAFT even brags that he works for a defense contractor, and that he has security clearance.


Read the above link and weep. A confession is the best evidence – which makes your stunning honesty in this argument a clearer portrait of who’s interests you truly represent. I’m on to you, and I hope others are too. The New World Order is the real assault on masculinity, and those who wittingly divert attention from the grandest threat – are also those that serve it.

Yes, I work for a defense contractor, and I have a (really high) security clearance.  I fail to see how that’s a “confession” of anything.  This guy has probably watched too many movies and thinks that there are “above top secret”, “cosmic top secret”, and “majestic” security clearances.  That and I’m not sure why the Illuminati would use government security clearances.

Another person added their two cents (although it could be the same person):

Finally someone else is willing to come here and point out the obvious. White and Nerdy works for the NWO just like PMAFT. All of them have a globalist agenda under the direction of the NWO. I suspect others in the MRM are working for the NWO.

I can’t believe my “globalist agenda”, whatever that is supposed to be, was discovered.  No one should be surprised that accusations of Illuminati membership (and being a reptile alien) would happen to other MRAs.  I knew this would happen sooner or later.



  16 Responses to “Haters: My “Confession” That I Work For The NWO”

  1. Well you appear to be right PMAFT. The CTers are starting to shame the MRM and that’s fucking bullshit. Of course it’s just a few dipshits, but I wonder if it will start to happen on a massive scale. See I think you and and W&N mocking CTers is whats causing this.

    • I didn’t really start mocking CTers until I was called a reptile alien. One of the other men listed wasn’t mocking CTers until today, so why was he being included? There is also plenty of CT misandry where I’m not involved. This case where a CTer quotes Andrea Dworkin is a good example. The only reason the MRM wasn’t mentioned was because that person probably didn’t know about the MRM. It’s not just me or White & Nerdy.

  2. Easier to blame alien reptiles than the Holy Venerated and Blameless females & their worshipful enablers.

    After all, if conspiracy theorists were to actually investigate the truth, it might endanger their supplication to musky & hairy Conspiracy Theorist vagina.

  3. hey thanks for fessin on the james randi shtick, dont see that often

    most conspiracy-debunkers certainly arent “working for anybody” they’re just too lazy and/or prideful to do their own research, or examne anybody elses

    again cheers! on yr confession no doubt you feel a new man!

  4. “I can’t believe my “globalist agenda”, whatever that is supposed to be”

    You’re the boss aren’t you?

    And you don’t know the agenda!

    Either you’re running a really shonky ‘organisation’, or you have truly impressive security.

    Which is it, O Glorious Reptilian Leader?

  5. I dare say this may actually make the number of conspiracy theorists go DOWN, like some sort of reverse-recruitment deal. Men know from experience the kind of REAL assault Men and all of masculinity is under all the time (and it doesn’t try to hide itself, feminism is very open about hating Men and wishing them dead). Because Men can see the truth before them, and these conspiracy theorists spouting nonsense about anything to give Men a break from the misandry as part of the NWO when they can plainly see women getting hired because of their sex, women getting away with murder because of their sex and layer upon layer of addtional privileges just for being female… they know who “big gubmint” favors and it’s not Men.

    • I suspect a lot of it depends on a particular man’s circumstances. For example, take a man who was taken to the cleaners in a divorce and had his kids taken away by an anti-family court. He comes across David Icke who says that anti-family courts are fronts for pedophile satanists who are trying to steal your children. However, the man knows it wasn’t pedophile satanists. It was his ex-wife. Or he sees conspiracy theorists claiming women are victims of Jews, the Rockefellers, etc. Of course, effectively, it’s only the men from those groups doing that.

      Another example is with MGTOW, or more specifically ghosting. Many conspiracy theorists are of the type where you must have as many kids as possible and the conspirators have a “depopulation agenda”. That is directly opposed to ghosting.

      I could give you example after example of why more men will become anti-conspiracy theory, but there are two problems. First, a man needs to identify feminism as the source of his problems. Feminism being the source of his problems may not be clear to a man. Second, even after being attacked and pummeled by feminism, many men remain manginas despite what has been demonstrated to them. It’s the same thing here.

  6. Hi…this is Norge. I’m not sock-puppeting or using multiple user names – I only need one ID to defeat opponents, especially fools like White & Nerdy. I am pleased to see you already accuse me of sockpuppeting, it goes along nicely with White & Failing’s accusation that I am a white knight. Any more lame tricks? Maybe you want to alter your post thread so that I cannot directly reply to your posts, the same way White & Sucking did? Hopefully not, hopefully you are more macho than that.

    So, you admit it, freely admit it – GREAT, I’m glad that I activated your cognitive dissonance to confess to both the readers here and at Omega Virgin Revolt the truth about your government involvment. I want everyone to understand that this time PMAFT isn’t bragging, he is confessing – a big difference. I’m glad you didn’t backpeddle out of it and try to pass it off as some kind of tongue and cheek gag against conspiracy theorists. I’ve been frequenting your site for some time now and I’ve read such unprovoked admissons of your complicity – so I think we both agree it would’ve been futile to make denials. Can you also go tell that fag White & Nerdy that he can stop gloating now, and that you weren’t joking or kidding when you bragged about your government ties? He may be too busy to respond to you though, as he is preparing his anal canal for Dominique Strauss Kahn’s homecoming.

    I utterly destroyed White & Nerdy, so maybe now I’ll start talking to you and get to the bottom of what you so-called Men’s Rights guys have against conspiracy theorists. I feel it is like this – we are all reading the same book, only conspiracy theorists are smarter. We have read further and faster, and while we are on page 250, the majority of people are stuck on page 82. When we tell you on page 200 that a New World Order, led by Freemasons, the Jewish Heirarchy, and Satanic bloodline familes, along with their lapdogs and affiliated members of the Good ol Boys club, are taking over the world and destroying your freedoms – you tell us that is too unbelievable, and you instead flip to page 83. It is an intelligence issue – a matter of understanding all of the data out there, and being able to read through it faster since the enemy has had a magnificient head start as far as planning and execution. While some of us are smart enough to detect the danger, others are dumbed-down into falsely believing such vile forces do not exist, even at a time when they are making their evil selves more and more obvious to the world. The good thing is, it is not too late to change and put aside your stupidity – if only to save yourself and live a better life, aside from any specific theological or philosophical lean. I’m saying that last part to your readers and not to you PMAFT. You and White & Nerdy have already made your allegiance clear and known. You are not stupid, or unaware – you are complicit..

    Where as your men’s rights movement acts to clip the fingernails of your enemy, their hands are still locked around your throat. It is a misdirection, and it makes you into a running dog for the NWO because you are towing their line and making yourself an asset to them. Many of the men arriving at this site are victims of feminism, which this last 100 years has been the 2nd most successful NWO policy for damaging their opponents – the human race. By giving readers misinformation that feminism doesn’t have its roots being start by the NWO, the Jewish Heirarchy, and Satanist bloodline families like the Rockefellars who have many charities and organizations for women established – you set your readers up to take a fall. You have them avoid recognizing who their real enemy is, but instead have them save their hatred for 3 group entities:

    1. Feminist Authors – Dworkin, Marcotte, etc.

    2. Men who defend feminism – manginas, white knights, pussy addicts – and including men who devalue themself and marry a lesser woman – like the Dilbert guy – and male politicians who support feminism to get the woman vote.

    3. The legal system and woman who get away with crimes and dishonesty, from outright criminal behavior to no-fault divorces, cheating, etc.

    I agree that all 3 types of people are shun-worthy, and should be called to task for their behavior and crimes – but they are also a product of a system created by Globalism and Feminism – the tools of the NWO. This doesn’t give them an excuse for their behavior or a sympathetic pause from us, at the least they deserve our pity for being duped and at the most our severe hatred for damaging humanity. Writing about them is fine, but it would be proper to occasionally point to the architects that infected these people with such stupidity and malice in the first place – if only to create a context of feminism’s origins.

    I’m not telling you to make this website another anti-NWO website – because I think that would defeat its purpose and there are already enough websites like that out there right now. However, I think you should acknowledge and rebuke the evils of NWO instead of telling people that they do no exist, and only that crazy people believe in such things. Whether you choose to do this again is subjective, because at the least you are clumsily unaware of the world you live, and at most a complicit pawn of the NWO / member of their techie disinformation branch. I think you qualify for the latter..

    The lowest of the low is promoting the idea that acknowledging the NWO as an evil force in the world makes the person who does so a feminist – or supporter of feminist ideals. That is a ridiculous extrapolation to make about one person or a group or person, expecially when many like myself will point out that feminism was created, driven, and funded by the NWO. The fact that some conspiracy theorists support feminism is because they realize to a certain extent that you shouldn’t attack the finger, but the heart. They also don’t want to cut off and alienate themselves from a wide viewing public by attacking feminism outright before claiming a victory against the NWO – isn’t it better to fight one opponent at a moment instead of two?

    I will summarize that the entire DSK affair has less to do with false-rape allegations and more to do with him being replaced in a grand media flourish. There is now heavy talk that he should run for Prime Minister of France – which would be a remarkable rebound for someone who was under the suspicion of a felony. And while the world is watching that happen, the IMF loans another 3 Billion to Greece, to further corrupt the birthplace of democracy into another banana republic.

    Traitor. I’ve said it, and I think it should stand up as a clear namesake for you until you choose to rebuke the forces of evil and ease off your assault against those working to expose and indict them. I welcome a response from you, because unlike White & Nerdy you will actually be able to hold your own in defending your undefendable position as a turncoat. You will still lose to me, but the volleys will make interesting reading for visitors to this website who may take the same issue that I have with you hating Conspiracy Theorists.

    You are still not as bad as White & Nerdy though, who wants to see jailed conspiracy theorists put to death before they even have a chance to appeal for their life.

    So, why do you hate conspiracy theorists? Or should we just accept the evidence at hand that you are running misinformation for the NWO?

    I await a response from you Pro Male Anti Feminist TRAITOR.

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  8. […] Norge decided to post a long comment accusing me of working continuing his nonsense about how I work…: Hi…this is Norge. I’m not sock-puppeting or using multiple user names – I only need one ID to defeat opponents, especially fools like White & Nerdy. I am pleased to see you already accuse me of sockpuppeting, it goes along nicely with White & Failing’s accusation that I am a white knight. Any more lame tricks? Maybe you want to alter your post thread so that I cannot directly reply to your posts, the same way White & Sucking did? Hopefully not, hopefully you are more macho than that. […]

  9. Probably the most aggravating thing are these female celebrities who suddenly decide they’re nerds but who never associate with nerds. Talk about conflicted, just another indication of the feminist’s lust for resources and attention while enduring cognitive dissonance like a masochist.

  10. […] is particularly notable now.  We have heard the bit about how I work for the Illuminati and that the MRM is some sort of Illuminati program many times before.  We have even heard variations on the “virgin/sexless recruitment” […]

  11. […] A commenter, who was revealed to be a member of the Illuminati a few days ago, decided to reveal the existence of the Voluminati: […]

  12. This had me laughing so hard.

  13. I have a few ideas on this. First, remember that the second guy I quoted (assuming that it isn’t the same person who authored the first quote) suspected other MRAs. You, me & W&N were just the ones he knew were Illuminati for a “fact”. Beyond that the three of us have taken strong MRA positions. While G Manifesto, Roosh, and Bhetti are around they really aren’t strong MRAs. That leaves the question, why not Delusion Damage or better yet Welmer or Roissy? This is assuming that they’re focusing in on MRAs.

    While a lot of conspiracy theorists overlap with the WNs are similar people, many don’t. Many are leftists. The David Icke crowd is full of leftists and feminists. David Icke, the man who invented the idea of reptile aliens, is a leftist and a feminist. He used to be a member of the British Green Party before that party expelled him from the party for being insane. This conspiracy theorist who quoted Andrea Dworkin was from the David Icke forums. This made me look at the David Icke forums again and within just a few minutes I found this post where someone else posted a video on how there’s a conspiracy to destroy femininity and force heterosexuality which included men being superior to women on everyone. I watched part of the video and it’s filled with standard feminist BS.

    I suspect what’s going on with conspiracy theorists is similar to the feminist/socon dynamic. You have the feminists that pedestalize women, but there are the socons that pedestalize women just in a different way. Both sides are misandrist and anti-MRM. Both the leftist and rightist sides of conspiracy theory map pretty well on to the feminst/socon dynamic. Like you said, it’s “Anything except see fault in a Western feminist”.

    Another thing that might be on their radar is financial success. I’m financially successful and so are you. From what I read W&N owns his own business which is supposed to be successful. The three of us are also single men. With the current recession I’m sure that more people are likely to believe in conspiracy theory to look for someone to blame. This leads to thinking that anyone who is financially successful during the recession must be involved in something shady or criminal. For the types that think there’s a conspiracy to destroy families, financially successful single men are evidence that the Illuminati is favoring those who aren’t reproducing or some other similar nonsense.

    It could also be something smaller such as pointing out the fact about the DSK false rape cape. A lot of people who claim to be anti-feminist declared him guilty on the basis that he worked for the IMF or that he was Jewish. I just took a look at W&N’s blog and he had been recently talking a lot about DSK.

    I’m sure I’m off on what these people are thinking since I can’t help but come up with at least somewhat sane explanations for what they’re thinking. More likely than not what they’re thinking is more insane that I can imagine so I probably haven’t figured out the real reason they grouped us together.

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